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The raven haired boy stepped out of the specter speeder.

"Tell me again why we left Amity Park and went to Norrisville for Christmas." The raven haired boy complained.

"Well Danny, since Mom and Dad are fighting about Santa constantly and you hate Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to go to a town with no ghosts." Jazz, Danny's older sister replied happily she got out. Just as she said that a giant monster robot type thing came out from the sky and started destroying the town of Norrisville. After about a minute or so of waiting to see a hero a black figure came out of red smoke yelling smoke bomb or something like that.

"Well Jazz, youwere right about something. There are no ghosts." Danny said as he looked around for a place to change into his alter-ego, Dannny Phantom. After he changed he flew above her and after the figure and giant creature.

~Somewhere else on the outskirts of Norrisville~

"Can you please tell us where were going Gramps." The red dragon asked this grandfather. Trixie and Spud looked at Gramps for an answer.

"Because young dragon, it's a Christmas Present. One I think you'll like very much." Lao Shi replied. He saw Jake's eyes light up at the thought of his master giving him something for Christmas. Just a few seconds after that touching moment a loud boom could be heard. Then they saw a giant robot thing that looked like a cross between an alligator, dog and a rabbit. As they get closer they saw a black figure come out of some smoke shouting SMOKE BOMB! Jake's face was in awe. His hero, the person who he wanted to be just like was fighting right in front of him. He was going to fight aside the Ninja.

Randy's POV

"NINJA JUMP!" I yelled as I avoided an attack from the robot. When I looked up he saw a dragon and a ghost fly towards me. The ghost boy knocked the robot down with this green light blast of some sort and the dragon held it down. I took this chance and cut the head clean off. "Umm, thanks for your help umm..."

" JAKE! I-i mean American Dragon. I'm a huge fan! I always wanted to meet you Ninja!" The dragon said eagerly as he shook my hand.

"And I'm Danny Phantom. And I'm guessing your Ninja." The ghost boy said.

"Yeah... SMOKE BOMB!" I yelled as I let the dragons claw and threw the bomb down.

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