It Shall Begin and End With Pain chap 1

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Axe and Sin

Chapter 1

"Axe! Aaaaxe! A-hey what's that?" My pounding cranium registered the sounds of someone calling to another and I rubbed my head in the attempt to rid myself of the feeling that my brain was setting off high level explosives in the attempt to leave my skull. Honestly, if it felt as bad as I did then, I wouldn't blame it.

"Could ya please shut it," I moaned in a low tone while I curled up and held my head in my arms. What did I do to get my head hurting so badly? A hangover? No, I don't drink. I'm not that kind of teenager.

"Hey Axe! I think someone's laying over here!"

"A fine observation, lady. Now go away," I muttered lowly and thought back to what exactly would have caused such a horrible headache. The last thing I remembered was the track meet and-Oh. Oh yeah. Someone bumped me onto the field and a badly thrown discus glanced off of my head. It gave me a bad headache and some disapproving stares at the sound of my cursing, but I don't remember passing out.

Maybe I got a concussion and passed out later on? Maybe in a field? That would explain the grass I felt underneath me. But where were the sound of the crowds that attended the competition?

"Hey." A poke accompanied the voice. "Are you okay?"

I bit back the searing remark. She was just checking up on me. It wouldn't do to press my bad mood off onto her.

"Just a bad headache. Could you grab my coach for me? Just look for the balding guy who is shouting at his team in a mixture of profanity, encouragement, and profanity filled encouragement."

"Uh, I don't see anybody else around here. Did you get separated from a group headed to our town?"

How did this girl not see the mass of people? As a better question, why wasn't I hearing the crowds of people? Did I wander off in a haze? Why didn't anybody ask if I was okay? Did they ask?

"Town? We're in the middle of a city. Right?" My eyes opened so that they were just slits and I blocked the light that pricked at my retina painfully. A wave of nausea rose and I curled up a little tighter.

"You really look bad. Did someone attack you? That's a pretty bad bruise on your head."

"I think I have a concussion. Some idiot threw a discus in the wrong direction and it glanced off of me. I think I may need to visit a hospital."

"Discus? Is that an attack? If this is what it looks like if it just glances you, I do not want to see what happens if it connects. What's a hospital?"

I didn't respond for a moment, wholeheartedly disturbed by the fact that she didn't know what a hospital was.

"Oi, Sin!" This girl's name is Sin? I hoped it was short for something.

"Over here!" I covered my ears and groaned. The nausea was getting worse. Hopefully this other person has actual sense and could get me to some medical help. By that point, I would have eagerly accepted some Advil, at the very least. Damn that horrible discus thrower!

"Who's that? Never seen-woah!" The cause for his words being cut off was due to my nausea getting the better of me. I pushed myself up and away from Sin and where I heard Axe's voice coming from. I leaned against a tree and let my vomit fly to the side of it.

I collapsed on my side and started shivering. Voices drifted into my ears, their meaning lost. I felt my world turn as several hands hoisted me and I finally gave up on any pretense of consciousness.

Some sweet scent drew me from the confines of slumber. I still felt awful, but nowhere near as bad as before. Faint sounds that vaguely sounded like voices came from what I thought was another room. A damp cloth covered my forehead and eyes, preventing me from observing my surroundings.

I sat there for a few minutes and tried to get back to sleep. That headache, while not causing me to feel overwhelmingly nauseous, still pounded away with the tune of my heartbeat.

Did that new guy, Axe, know what a hospital was? The reason I assumed I was in a hospital was due to the clinical smell and soft pillow underneath my head. I had never stayed in a hospital for any length of time before, but I felt as though this was what it would be like.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone approaching. Some cloth was pushed aside and I moved a little to let whoever it was know I was awake.

"Goodie! You're awake." A high pitched voice rang out. "I'm Happiny or Hap, for short. Can you tell me your name?"


"Nice to meet you, Ryan," she said in an excited manner that made me want to grind my teeth. People who were perpetually happy and myself did not go together.

"Sin told that she and Axe found you just outside the town and in pretty bad shape. They brought you to the Guild's Medical Room. What happened to your head?"

"Some idiot threw a discus in the direction of the watchers. Thing would have missed me if someone else hadn't bumped me off balance at the last second. But it glanced off of my head and left me with a bad headache. I didn't think it had left a concussion, but I suppose I was wrong."

"Sin mentioned that. A Discus. What is that?"

Had none of these people ever heard of Track and Field?!

"It's a small, very dense, disc-like thing that is thrown in competitions. You've seriously never heard of the it? It's in the Olympics."

"The what?"

My voice stopped for a moment before I remembered what she had said earlier. She said 'Guild Medical Room'. Not Hospital. What guild even existed anymore?

"What is the name of this town?" I couldn't have walked far. Even if I did, I knew the names of all the towns and cities near where the competition took place.


The name rang only an alarm bell in my head.

I reached up to pull the cloth off of my head and the woman said, "You really need to-"

"Ma'am, with all due respect, I've never heard of Ivycross. There is no Ivycross near where I live and I would be really grateful if I could access a phone and have my parents come and pick me up." Maybe there was an Ivycross around in southern Florida. But I didn't remember ever coming to one. So that left two options. One: I had amnesia and forgot coming to the place. Or two: she was lying to me.

"Phone?" she asked questioningly.

I pushed myself up and drew the cloth off of my head.

I was about to respond with something biting when the sight of the 'person' I had been talking to came into focus.

My voice locked and nothing came out. This sight. It was because of something they gave me. It had to be. Was this some elaborate joke?


"Happiny. I had thought it was just a coincidence," I muttered only partly to myself.


"Did you put anything in my system? A hallucinogen?"

"No? Why would we do anything like that?"

"Because the sight in front of me isn't supposed to exist." I could tell it wasn't some sort of costume. And if it was some sort of machine, then it was impossible to tell.

"Maybe you should lay back down," she suggested and moved forward with her arm outstretched.

I leaned away and that was when I saw myself for the first time.

I saw that my legs were much much shorter than what I was used to. The fact that they were covered in black fur and in a shape not like any shape a leg should be in told me that I wasn't exactly the same as I was when my head was hit.

"How's that Riolu doing, Happiny?" a questioning voice asked from what sounded like the next room.

I blanked out and didn't hear what the response was.

This wasn't a dream. It hurt too much for that.

This wasn't some drug induced hallucination. Everything was too vivid and focused for that.

This wasn't a prank. I could feel the aura organs hanging on both sides of my head. I hadn't noticed them due to my headache, but they were obvious right then.

Happiny pushed me down gently and I went without a word. I only heard some mild buzzing in my ears that I assumed was someone talking. Too bad I couldn't understand anything. I think I went into a mild state of shock.

Someone put the cloth back onto my head and the sounds of conversation moved away.

I felt the fur. It was real. I was a Pokemon.

I woke up and felt a mild ache. It was loads better than how I had been feeling before, and I was grateful for it.

I held up what should have been my hand, and confirmed that it was, indeed, a paw. A Riolu's paw. My paw.

I set it down and thought about my current situation. Panicking would have served no purpose, so I made a list of what I knew.

I was a Pokemon. Specifically a Riolu. I had been transported into the Pokemon realm by one means or another. I was almost certain that this wasn't a dream or hallucination or any form of madness. I knew some details about Pokemon from having watched it when I was younger. I could not remember anything substantial after getting hit by the discus, so whatever happened might have been after that point.

Perhaps I could get in touch with a scientist and make my way back to my world? I set that idea aside for a later time.

From what Happiny said, I was in a Guild. That meant I was somewhere that Pokemon are, at least to some degree, civilized. Pokemon could use different moves that could do amazing things. Pokemon also seemed to have a higher healing rate than humans. That could explain the near non-existent headache that replaced the mind numbing one from earlier. Did Pokemon here match the ones from the show, moveset and mannerisms alike? What did-

A growl made me revise my next question: what did Pokemon eat? Was this body able to process meat? Would my stomach reject plants? This needed to be answered soon. Preferably by eating.

As the growling sound hadn't brought someone running, I lifted myself up and turned so my legs hung from the bed. I was dreading trying to walk on my new legs. They were just so oddly shaped.

After some hesitation, I pushed off of the bed and stood. It felt a bit like standing on your toes, but was manageable. I'm embarrassed to say I twisted around in a circle twice before I realized that it was, as expected, a tail that was behind me. Maybe I wasn't as healed up as I thought. I glanced around and made sure that no one had seen me before taking a few steps.

The tail kept me steady and I didn't have to use my arms to balance any. Running might have to wait a bit, but walking was alright. Once I confirmed this, I made my way out of the room and found myself in a long hallway. It looked to have been cut out of solid rock and I saw evidence of tools having been used in its making. Dim light was provided by some odd crystals that gave off a faintly green light. They were embedded into the wall at intervals so that there were no large patches of darkness anywhere. The hallway was about two or so meters wide, by my guess, and only about two meters high. I wouldn't expect any larger Pokemon to be able to fit down here.

I heard a clacking sound and turned to see a figure walking down the narrow hallway towards me.

I saw that it was a Sneasel that walked towards me, looking somewhat absentminded.

"Hello," I decided to speak first. Those claw-like hands looked sharp. I didn't want to be slashed by startling the Pokemon.

The Sneasel looked up and it took a moment for recognition to appear.

"You're the Riolu we hauled here." The voice identified the Sneasel as a female, and it also held familiarity.

"Are you Sin?" It was the same voice I heard when I woke up the first time.

"Yeah. You're Ryan, right? The whole Guild has been talking about you."

I nodded to the question, but said nothing about the other. What had they been saying?

"How are you feeling? The last time I saw you, you looked horrible!"

I grimaced at the memory. "Better. Little headache is about it. Thanks for bringing me here."

She waved her paw in a carefree manner as she said, "It's nothing. We were on our way back from a mission and happened to see you."

I searched my memory for what she could be talking about and came up blank. "Mission?"

"Yes, a mission. You do get that this is a Guild, right? That's what Guilds do: take missions."

I blinked as I processed the new information. It was very Naruto-ish. They take missions and, probably upon completion, get paid. Much like the hidden villages did.

"Right. Was it interesting?"

"Meh. We just restocked the Guild's food supply. Took forever."

Grunt work. This told me that Sin must have been a lower level member of the Guild. A new recruit, perhaps? Or maybe she was weaker than she looked? I would need more information before making assumptions.

My stomach growled at the mention of food, much to my chagrin.

"Just wait in there and I'll bring you something," she gestured towards the Medical Room and walked past me.

I did as she said and went back into the room. Seeing nothing else to do, I sat on the bed I had been using and waited.

Some time later, I heard Sin's clacking steps walk in and stopped examining my paws before she noticed. She was holding a platter with a small variety of food and said, "Happiny said for you to eat slowly and for me to smack you if you begin to chow down like a certain Treecko I know." She grinned like she expected me to get it, and I blinked in confusion.

"Oh right. You don't know Axe. Word of advice: never let him get near your food."

I nodded and resisted the urge to snatch it out of her hands. While very rude, hunger makes one have the worst of desires.

I accepted the food with a thanks and bit into a berry eagerly. If Happiny gave the okay to eat and Sin wasn't slapping it out of my hand, I was going to guess that it was not poisonous to Riolu. I doubted that they would have wasted so much effort in making me better only to kill me off. The berry had the texture of a strawberry and firmness of a pear that had yet to soften. I didn't focus on the taste so much as the relief that having food in my belly brought me.

Per the Doc's orders, I ate slowly.

I realized that Sin was still in the room and was leaning against the wall. I had been chowing down for the last ten minutes or so and she had waited in silence.

"Sorry about the lack of conversation. I'm just hungry." I felt like she deserved some sort of explanation.

"Axe is the same when he's hungry. I'm used to it after being on the same team as him for a few months."

"So how did you two meet?" I tried to keep the conversation going while allowing me to eat in between responses. A meeting story would take some time.

"I kicked his ass for stealing my food and the rest is history."

Or maybe it would take all of twenty seconds. Great.

"How long have you been a member of the Guild?"

"About four or five months ago. Axe joined three months ago and I got saddled with him. Been doing mostly little stuff since then."

Happiny walked in just then along with a green Pokemon I recognized as a Treecko. Was this the Axe that Sin had been talking about?

The fact that he immediately zeroed in on my platter and Happiny slapped him in the head with a, "Don't you dare!" certainly helped answer that.

"I guess that you are Axe? Thanks for bringing me here." I tossed a berry I had yet to eat at him and it was in his mouth almost directly after touching his paw.

"How do you feel?" Happiny asked.

"Mild headache that will probably go away pretty soon is it. Otherwise, I'm fine."

She nodded and said, "Then once you are done, you can meet our Guild Leader. She'll want to meet you personally."

I nodded and finished up what was left. Happiny had Sin guide me to the Leader's office and Axe tagged along.

"So what is the Guild Leader like?" It would be best if I had something to go on before I met her. Better than going in blind.

Sin looked at Axe, who shrugged. They seemed to have a silent conversation with each other before Axe said, "She's very, enthusiastic?"

Sin nodded along. "Yeah, enthusiastic."

That told me exactly jack.

They led me through several areas where the hallways got big enough to allow larger Pokemon to walk through them. We encountered one or two Pokemon and Axe gave the excuse 'Guild Leader wants to see him' to ward them off.

After several minutes of walking through hallways and down two flights of stairs, we stopped in front of some impressive doors.

"We'll wait for you out here." They took up positions leaning against the wall opposite to the door.

I turned to the door and, with some trepidation, pushed the door open.

Out of all the things I expected to see, only two things were fulfilled.

The desk with a mountain of paperwork, check. The large, quite menacing, Feraligatr sitting behind the desk, check.

That's where things deviated from the norm. For one, the smell of alcohol was prominent. Why? Well because said Feraligatr was drunk.

"You must be the brat that Sin and Axe brought! C'mon in!" She waved for me to come closer and I closed the door behind me as I came in.

"Yes, my name is Ryan."

"Nice to meetchya, Ron," she drawled and took a gulp from a pitcher in front of her.

I ignored the mistake and sat in the chair that she waved at wordlessly, too busy chugging away to speak.

So I waited until the pitcher finally emptied into her gullet before speaking again.

"Thanks for taking care of me-"

"Naw, it's nothin kid. Hey, how woulda you like to join da Gu- Guild?" Her words were becoming more and more slurred as the drink went to her system, but I had a feeling the offer was genuine.

I considered it for a minute. I was in a world with no money, no home, and no clue as to where I could possibly go or do to get either of those. Heck, even this world's social structure was unknown to me. It might be a warlord setting for all I know and I just happened to get dropped off near a more civilized one.

"Yes, I'll join. Thank you." If necessary, I would just run. Until then, I would do as I was told.

She nodded and, from seemingly nowhere, shoved a small bottle towards me and held her own pitcher out in a gesture I recognized from my world.

I tapped the much smaller bottle against another pitcher she held, only eliciting a hollow thud, and she announced, "I'm too slammed to actually come up with a good speech, so welcome to the Ivycross Guild!"

She tossed the pitcher back with practiced ease and I just tipped mine back slowly. I had never been one of those high schoolers to drink illegally. I doubted that I, with how small I was, could handle my drink.

I allowed a tiny amount to touch my tongue and thanked G-or should I say Arceus? Whatever! I thanked whosoever was watching out for me that I hadn't chugged it. The stuff was nasty!

I pretended to drink a little of it, then legitimately coughed because it was just so awful.

Finally, she just laughed loudly and said, "Just join Sin an an-"


"Yeah! Jus go with em." She waved me away and I set the bottle down before leaving the office.

"How'd it go?" Sin asked when I closed the door behind myself.

"I can see what you meant by enthusiastic. She's a joyful drinker. She told me to just go with you two. Oh, and that I'm a member of the Guild now."

This was met with silence in which Sin facepawed, Axe groaned, and I wondered what caused those reactions.

"And she saddles us with the rookie," Sin muttered. "Just perfect."

"Sorry. I'll do my best not to slow you down," I apologized. I didn't expect to be put with the two of them, but was grateful for it. They were two of the very few people I actually knew in the world.

"Lets go and talk to Tock," Axe suggested. "He's the one who takes care of inducting new members to the Guild. He'll give you the standard supply kit."

Sin nodded and led the way. We took several more flights of stairs and I asked, "Just how deep in the ground does this place go?" I wasn't getting tired, but stairs do grow monotonous fast.

Sin tilted her head to the side in thought. "Let's see. The Medical Room is on the second sub level. The Guild Leader's office is on the fourth and our rooms are on the third. I think there are six levels total, but the lowest is the basement and is hardly used. We're headed to the first, where Tock accepts new missions and handles mainly finances and paperwork that doesn't concern the Guild as a whole. That's the Guild Leader's job."

I nodded and asked, "I bet it sucks to have to go up all these stairs in the morning."

They both sighed and nodded with a slump.

I noticed that the lighting had changed slightly and looked up to see what looked to be natural sunlight streaming into the entrance to the stairs. We finished the last few stairs and I blinked away the tears that rose from coming out of the dimmer stairs.

Claws wrapped around my forearm and Sin yanked me out of the way of a group of Pokemon that walked past us and into the stairway. One of them, a Sandshrew, muttered an apology.

"This way," Sin let go and walked towards an open door with a sign that read 'Tock'.

We walked in and a tired looking Toxicroak set down a paper he had been presumably reading. His eyes examined me for a moment before he looked to Sin.

"Good afternoon, Sin. Axe. What was the Guild Leader's decision?"

"She said he could join and she stuck us with him. No offense."

"None taken." Very few people would be happy to take on a rookie and I understood that.

Tock reached down from behind the desk and set a tan backpack on his desk. The thump it elicited told me that it already had some stuff inside.

"Inside are the items as follows: a topographical map of the region, compass, basic first aid supplies, the official Ivycross Guild badge, a notepad, and a pencil for writing a report of the mission. Please sign this," he pushed a form forward along with his quill and a container of ink.

"If you sign this form, then you will be an official member of this Guild with all the responsibilities that come along with it. You may leave at any point, but you are required to hand in your badge and announce it personally to myself or the Guildmaster. Failure to do the former will label you as a criminal. The latter is so we can be certain that someone does not try and strip you of your standing in the Guild illegally."

I read the form quickly and nodded once before signing it. It went into a bit more detail regarding the details Tock had mentioned, but the same information was there. It also mentioned that we would only get a cut of the full earnings for each mission, but I somehow expected that. The Guild had to get its money somehow. There were some other things that I read before signing the document with my first name. With how sloppy it was, I didn't want to attempt my last name for fear it would be unreadable.

"Welcome to Ivycross Guild. Represent us with pride and complete your missions well. I expect you two," he nodded to Sin and Axe, "to teach him the ropes."

They made noises of understanding while Tock set the document to the side for it to dry. We left his office after I grabbed the backpack.

The next hour was somewhat of a blur. Axe insisted that they show me around town and Sin had to tell him 'No!' on no less than twenty seven occasions. They introduced me to the Guild's main supplier, Ivysaur, and we looked at what he had for a bit before moving on.

The abilities some of the objects had seemed bizarre. Could a seed really allow you to breath an explosive burst of fire? A small orb had the ability to teleport you to the exit of wherever you are? Those small discs that could teach you certain moves, but only once?

I decided that, until I tested everything for myself, I would treat the logic of this world with caution.

We spent several hours looking through the town before Sin finally gave in to Axe's fifty-third request to stop for food. There was this nice little place that made the food in front of us. The tricks that Scyther pulled off with a small sliver of meat deserved the applause we gave him afterwards.

Sin and Axe asked me some questions about where I was from and how I had come to be where they found me. I redirected their questions about my past for the most part and came up with logical sounding lies when I couldn't. What else was I supposed to do? Tell them that I came from a world where they only existed in fiction? Yeah, that would be excellent team building right there.

As for the latter, I told them the truth. I was hit in the head with a discus and was not sure how I got there. I just explained what a discus was and how it was used when Axe finished eating and it was all Sin and I could do to defend our own food. This left no room for discussion and we finished quickly.

Sin cursed when we walked outside and she looked up at the quickly darkening sky.

"What's wr- hey!" They suddenly started running and I forced my body into the action of running. I was somewhat ungainly, but I caught up to them quickly. I could fix my form later.

"Curfew! Anybody who's not out on a mission or isn't a high enough member must be in the Guild by sundown. We've gotta hurry or we'll be in trouble!" The way Axe said trouble made it obvious that he at least had been out after curfew at least once or knew someone who had been.

I steadily found a way of running that felt natural and was soon matching my new teammate's pace with some ease. I wondered just how fit that body of mine really was. Did I have the same muscle/fat ratio as with my old body? Was it because I was a runner in the other world that this body sprinted with ease?

I spied the Guild, which sat atop a large hill with stairs leading up to it, and wondered if the nonchalant look was on purpose. It looked like it was a simple building with only the sign, 'Ivycross Guild' to differentiate it from another random building. No one would expect the elaborate tunnel system that housed the bulk of the Guild's underground. The big doors were open, thankfully, and we sprinted towards them.

We made it, just barely, as Tock was coming out of his office. He gave us a stern look.

"Just don't make it a recurring theme," he ordered and began to close the large doors. He pushed a latch into place as we escaped underground.

"Close one," I commented, and noticed that Axe was breathing a little hard from the long sprint. Sin was also breathing hard, but not as badly as Axe.

"Why aren't you breathing hard?" Axe asked, giving me a stink eye.

I shrugged and said, "Running is easy. Where are we headed?"

"Curfew means that we have to be in the guild by, or soon after, sundown. We are encouraged to go to sleep so we can be well rested in the morning, but it's not required," Sin explained as we descended the stairs.

"Supper, which is provided in the mess hall, ends about the same time as curfew," Axe added in a forlorn tone.

Sin smacks Axe and I snort at their antics.

We got down to the third sub level and I saw that there were a lot more doors down the hallway than I had seen elsewhere.

"Is this where everyone sleeps?"

"Everyone who doesn't live in the guild, yeah. Some decide to get a place of their own and just come to the guild building to accept missions. The Guild Leader usually sleeps in her office and Tock sometimes doesn't sleep at all."

I blinked in surprise at the last the he said and asked, "Insomniac?"


"Never mind. This it?" I asked because Sin had turned to the right and opened a door.

"Uh huh," Axe answered and strolled right in. I followed and found myself in a room that was roughly ten by ten meters. Two small cushioned mats that looked to be well used and disheveled lay on opposite sides of the room. A third, neat looking, mat was situated right in the middle. The other two had a few personal items next to them, so I guessed that the middle was for me. They didn't complain when I set my bag next to it.

"You snore?"

"Uh, no."

"Good. Be warned, Axe does snore sometimes," Sin glares over at the Treecko, who had already laid down and was breathing slower than before.

"He nods off quickly," I commented.

Sin rolled her eyes and said, "If he had the chance, he would just relax, eat, and sleep all day long." She got out a small stone and began sliding it down each claw multiple times.

"I have to sharpen them every day to keep them useful."

"Must be tedious."

"Not really. Not when I get such fine," she held a claw up in the light so that it gleamed, "results."

I made a mental note to not get on the receiving end of her claws any time soon, and nodded in appreciation.

"On that sharp note, goodnight!"

I got myself comfortable and pulled the blankets over my body. The room was a pleasant temperature, but the blankets were comfortable and it was hard for me to fall asleep without something on top of me. Waking up to find myself burning hot be damned!

I turned so that I was facing the wall and closed my eyes. The repetitive sound of Sin sharpening her claws made my eyes feel heavy. The glowing crystals that lit the room in a dull light darkened soon after the sound stopped and I remembered nothing more.

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