Life is strange . Victoria Chase hero mode

The many different definitions of hero but for one particular girl. She still remembers how her grandmother described it being there for one person. Even the simple act of kindness when they need you most especially to show them you care. Victoria pondering this and she's cursed with recurring nightmares of things yet to happen

chapter 1


The storm waves across the landscape in the town of Acadian buy as two figures raced

up the hill to reach the lighthouse in some crazy attempt to end it. One determined and awesome known as Max Caulfield the other confused but I late addition to her cause. Victoria Chase

"Max wait up. I can help you." Screamed Victoria as she tried to dodge another piece of debris

then she looked up and screamed as another one missed hit her

Victoria knew this is when things always go badly like a hundred time before this iseen as played out

she remembers the pain and longing in her always mouthing the same words I can help

the bloodstream from her mouth always makes it impossible to make out. Victoria looks over but always sees Max pinned beside her by some debris. Her hand always reaches out in the loss of Max shy speak again she loses the blood on both their hands spinning together. Her and Max's blood mixes as arms appeared together

Victoria always remember the look of Max his face. The apologetic anguish on it

"sorry" hundred times mapped is that the two were in then the lights starts blinding her. She feels energy coursing along arm like reality being pinned back.

Victoria always looks down at this point and notices the long metal Rod impaled into her chest inches from her heart as she slowly bleeding out. As max energy for lack of better word washes over. She always sees with four hits the bolt of lightning editing it's the piece of metal sending waves of energy into Victoria's chest.

Laughing as her blurred vision sees the clearing in front of her Max moving again away from her

"Max always have to leave me to die to save the others and I deserve it" Victoria always says before she awakes screening covered in sweat back in her dormitory

at least she wasn't cursed with the last image in her mind through these times she woke up from this nightmare. The worst is, her subconscious double whammy. First, for lack of better word a wet dream of her love life then the nightmare. Then the 2 for 1 punch. wake up both satisfied and terrified at the same time. And God knows what she prefers not even think about it

and then always covered physically with results of that 2 for 1 punch. Then there's the damn drawing

Victoria always destroys the drawing. She's crumpled it and destroy it 100 times. And always comes back.

The picture is always the same tombstone with one name on it a date hell it will happened the next couple days. Kate marsh October 7, 2015 A troubled soul who ended her rain here much too soon. She's with the Angels.

The first time she found the pages of handwritten notes telling of the future was almost a week and a half ago. Exactly 2 days before that. God damn vortex party , the one where her beloved Kate was taken. God she knew exactly what happened. There drugging her Kate after they had talked her into going to the party. Her own irony angry and jealousy. That in her stupidity put up stupid video. Victoria smacked head again with her hand. Realizing she got all wrong. Not like she cares.

Her room is changed a little that day on the corner of her desk. Beside her laptop now sits a legal pad with hundreds of words crossed out. She tries to figure out the damn password of that damn video. All she figured out is that the phrase like all other passwords and has the word Kate and Victoria in the sentence. Beside the summons letter from her parents the state of course before terrorizing Kate publicly. At the other side of the desk . There is a stacked pile of books. Hidden behind the stacked books some more books like someone was unwillingly trying to hide between the stacked pile on the wall. Stacked pile is anything Victoria . Can think of. Memory's, supernatural phenomenon, the law regarding statutory force sexual conduct anything and everything she could think of the help herself so she can help her beloved Kate

On her nightstand are the notes. Victoria has been receive her first day of these nightmares.

The handwritten notes their own hand telling her the future. In the last note telling her that five days from now. She's going to die trying to help Max Caulfield save the town. Why she is no bloody clue why and. A few days after her beloved Kate commits suicide.

The worst of the pile of books and stuck under the bed slowly spinning out of the other dilemma she realized since then. Those notes and books she's hiding under the bed had one thing in common

human sexuality. Especially on one topic Victoria was afraid of her sexuality

other than tough fact that those notes and warnings and her dream is probably what's going to happen.

She's been too stubborn to accept. Yesterday she had the final proofs when a friend. Taylor told above her moms sickness. Worse, 1sf time she was talking to her and couldn't help but keep looking down her tank top and noticing her feet friend wasn't wearing a bra. As usual cut off shorts.

Yeah the fact that Victoria was close to excepting that she was a lesbian. She liked to still live in denial of it longer and say she's bi-curious. Hell given the way described Kate last three days. And God knows every other girl the whole dorm in her mind. It's hard sell to say she's not straight up lesbian

Victoria crumpled pulling her knees up to her self.

She looked over at the clock

"5:53 AM Monday October 5, 2015, five days until she dies the towns wiped out and 24 to 48 hours before her beloved Kate dies." Victoria mimicked out loud

"time to face the world" Victoria Chase takes no prisoners

chapter ending