Life is strange. Victoria Chase hero mode

chapter 4

the first heroic act after great sadness part one

"I'll bite. First, how you know the open the box and what are we looking at Victoria" Taylor questioned the sincerity the hodgepodge of stuff laid on the bed inside the box

Taylor made important notes not to touch any of the items as empty the box on the bed. She wasn't totally stupid as most people believe just because a girl is blonde some stupid reason

Victoria read off the items

drop card a prepaid credit card if you place under assumed name. If you have enough cash. If you want to secret crap.

A receipt from the hospital for some kind of checkup same date as the vortex party to Kate was was drugged

a baggie with blue pills

the flash drive

couple more pictures and a weird girl's jewelry

"thank you for the shopping list Victoria what does it all mean" Taylor asked impatiently her eyes darkened on the pills

not much choice. The girls quickly load the flash drive onto Nathan's computer. Found three videos. The first two videos Victoria and Taylor quickly skimmed through

the first one showed Nathan at the party obviously dropping the blue pills into a drink and saw said drink given to Kate. The other show to date some kind of white background of a man in sharp shoes and dress suit posing Kate. The girl could make out who the man other than a sharp suit

both had a feeling they seen the man in the suit somewhere before. Like if someone they know that they see them every day.

"Okay, it is convicting Nathan guilty of his crimes or he's someone else's butt monkey I doing these crimes. Is this some kind of weird blackmail I reveal you? If you don't keep doing your job" Victoria squawked in disbelief

Taylor didn't know respect Victoria's denial of Nathan's connection. His crimes or a rationalization for his actions. She really is his sister in a way trying to be there for him and protect him in a way

"the blue pills. I saw them in the video, the same as the one in the box. Have to accept Nathan broken, and protect him and lose your beloved Kate?" Taylor shot back with very little remorse

"crap do you think I know that just I don't give up with someone I deeply care about this because they made a colossal mistake. Yes, I notice is that this is more than just a lapse in judgment or minor crap like that. I got a hold for a minute that there's some redeeming value. Some reason "Victoria mentioned sadly

Taylor instinctively wrapped her arms around her friend and hugged her. "I understand"

for moment. There in Victoria's mind. She dreamed that Taylor would kiss her and

then take her.

Quickly fast-forward to them. 20 years from now married and living together with the multiple kids. The jobs they took to support themselves

Victoria instinctively turning try to kissed Taylor. Thankfully Taylor pulled back

proceeded to the desk collecting a flash drive is to get into the computer start copying the files

Victoria felt disappointed but glad you feel that her friend Taylor would accept it, but she is feeling

she would do another says, loyalty trust need even love in a way. But the truth is l Taylor doesn't swing that way. She's sadly straight. By the concept of loyalty to Victoria she would practically prostitute herself to Victoria if need be

thankfully Victoria's thoughts were interrupted by two things Taylor speaking and the third video being played

"first you can stop feeling up my ass anytime now. Victoria not that I'm complaining

probably the best ass grab ever had. I don't swing that way and frankly clear hand moving up might go from PG-13 to more rated R territory, and I think we need to get this video get out of here soon." Taylor mentioned playfully

Victoria pulled her hand back. Instinctively realizing he hands been coping her friend's reader I was going out of fashion. Panic does she know she angry. Luckily the video helped going in to full panic mode

the video on the screen. It quickly showed Nathan is always the dormitory laying down obviously unconscious. Kate in her doorway.

Nathan using his cell phone and answered almost for the first thing of the incoming caller

"is it done, it's important that it's done I paid you handsomely" Nathan asked instinctively to the person on the phone

"good remember sender name is Jane Do but if the file requested by court order the name be revealed as Kate marsh. All the test results and instructions to keep the physical samples

proper condition" Nathan mentioned something else which possible to make out

"good good" Nathan hung up the phone. At that point took one last look at Kate by against the doorframe and left the video abruptly ended

"holy crap, Nathan somehow made evidence that happened to Kate. We have that we can protect Kate we need to get it" Taylor blurted out without thinking

"on it, put the drug bag and the photos plus one of the flash drives back and the box and put underneath the bed leave it open. Take the prepaid credit card

We have to finish this now" Victoria commanded

distinctively got on the computer name this e-mail the medical staff with wanting to the message requesting a copy of the reports. She also mentioned the follow-ups could be sent to her account as well. Mara Jade Skywalker at Blackwell Academy.

Thank God she has that fake account at the school

Victoria quickly mentioned that the physical copy be mailed out herself at Blackwell, Taylor quickly interrupted adding address of every girl on the floor. Victoria felt stupid for not realizing

that. Sending report just herself with pretty much be tilting your hand sending it to all hundred and 20 girls in the dormitory make pretty much impossible to figure out which one is after it also dilute chance that this is what they think it sets one will be smart enough to get the cops.

"Cops which one can we trust?" Victoria squawked out loud

"pay them off using Nathan's account in the card they do that the vortex parties" Taylor commented did Victoria's orders

Victoria felt stupid for not seeing it now the well-placed e-mail against of the follow-up to her account. She basically for a small fee. The find out which offices would be available and willing to be on duty around the next vortex parties. Victoria prided itself on the clever wording bases saying nicely who would take a payoff to look the other way. Of course her stomach. She felt it turned

so is prided itself the vortex parties run aboveboard and were legitimate. Stupidity that drugs, bribery kidnapping forceful confinement statutory rape wall going down underneath on her watch

it's like finding out something you worked hard for this actually won by bribery and evil, not by your hard work.

Victoria quickly such heading down the laptop holding second USB the video files. The original returned to where it came from.

"look at this, the letter is in this hiding in a book says this report that they did a chemical screen and a 710 exam on. Kate. Trust me we need that report like yesterday, even its existence is a smoking gun here. "Taylor mentioned as she put the letter with the others things inside the box

Taylor prays to God the Victoria doesn't see the look on her face. She knew exactly what those tests are. It basically means Nathan had Kate tested see if she was drugged and raped those tests provide the direct medical and forensic evidence. Even remotely in the neighborhood that that's what happened to Kate plus the video would pretty much be the nail in the coffin that goes against those who hurt Kate, especially in this state.

All the girls and only tempted God and fate at the proportions here. Quickly exited the room stage fright. Luckily the foresight and left the room almost completely the way it was

they pretty much almost of the stairwell until Taylor quickly demanded Victoria to kiss her and make it look good.

But waiting for answer quickly throws herself into Victoria Pin her to the wall and one leg up having victorious and grabbed her ass. and kiss her deeply

several minutes later in the stairwell leading the girl's dormitory

"not that I'm complaining, Taylor was that about?" I'm obviously frustrated Victoria asked

"someone came along the could recognize us. I think it was Nathan. I figured no boy would stop one of his roommate's democracy getting some action of a cheap piece of trailer trash girl" Taylor mentioned nonchalantly

secretly she kind of enjoyed doing the whole make out things. Victoria. So personal question for herself if she could do something like that. Either enjoy it or being objective afterwards

for Taylor could mention anything Victoria mentioned she had to part ways and she looked at a piece of paper.

It didn't go unnoticed that Victoria went to the second floor and not the third which her room was on so she decides to follow

chapter ending