Luna swung her long slender legs out of the car after what seemed to have been the longest journey of her life. The ground beneath her seemed to spin a little as she felt her whereabouts ring clear before her best friend came running from down the street with a giant goofy grin on his face. "Here he comes," her mother Elsa tutted, opening her own car door. "Alright Stiles, we get it, you're happy to see her! Now for the love of God be careful before you-" Before she could even reach the end of her sentence, Stiles was somehow face first in a heap on the ground.

"He hasn't changed one bit," Luna giggled to herself. She didn't want Stiles to change either. She needed something to remain normal in her life since the…incident…had taken place and out of all the things to stay the same, she sure was happy that it was Stiles. Her best friend got up and stumbled toward her messily, grabbing her shoulders when he reached her for balance.

"Hey good lookin'," he breathed directly into her face. She then got the whiff of alcohol and understood further why Stiles was acting the way he was.

"You're drunk," both Luna and her mother guessed simultaneously. Stiles scoffed, waving their theories off with an air of dismissal.

"Drunk? Nahhhh…okay kinda," he slurred. He looked Luna deep in her eyes. "Loooooooonaaaaa. Di you know you're really pretty in the moonlight." Luna couldn't help but smile coyly, tucking her white blonde wispy hair behind her pierced ear and out of her deep aqua eyes. Stiles just continued to stare at her, almost transfixed, creating a rosy blush beginning to crawl on her cheeks.

"You've changed," he murmured suddenly. "You look…different."

"Older?" Luna guessed. Stiles bit down on his bottom lip and shook his head slowly, gradually getting closer to her.

"No…it's more like-"

"Stiles!" Elsa interrupted their little moment sharply. Both of their heads snapped around to face her. "Where's your father? I'm supposed to see him."

"In the h-house," Stiles managed to string the few words together. Elsa nodded a curt reply whilst she heaved the luggage out of the back of the car and proceeded to wheel it to the Stilinski household. Stiles straightened up as soon as she had left them alone.

"Yup! She still hates me doesn't she?" he coughed awkwardly. Luna rolled her eyes and ruffled Stiles' dark chocolate hair.

"Well…I don't even know why you would pretend to be drunk, that wasn't ever going to win her over now was it?" she grinned. Stiles gave a coy smile and shrugged his shoulders.

"Worth a try. I am a little drunk though, I will admit that," he muttered, rubbing his forehead with his knuckles. Luna raised an eyebrow and turned to face him properly again.

"Stiles? Drunk? Never thought I'd see the day," she gasped in mock horror. Stiles opened his mouth to retaliate but didn't get the words out, as something had changed. He noticed Luna's eyes go from the comfortable blue to a steady deep and dangerous purple. Luna felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and her heart racing all of a sudden, which only could mean one thing.


And that scared her, since she hadn't had a run in with a fellow wolf since she came back from London.

"Lu? Hey, you okay?" Stiles asked lowly. He wasn't comfortable with what he just witnessed – the last time he had seen someone's eyes change colour was…the last full moon. But he didn't put two and two together, he didn't want to look too far into it because if he found anything 'wrong' with Luna – he wouldn't be able to handle it and Luna could see that. He was clearly close to breaking point. She bit down on her plump bottom lip and nodded quickly, trying her best to shake the tingling feeling under her skin for Stiles' sake.

"I'm fine. Stiles…I'm…do you have…uh…" she trailed off. "Never mind." Stiles blinked at her in confusion but simply shrugged it off and draped an arm over her shoulder.

"So I take it you're gonna come round? You gotta tell me stories about London, how was it? Oh and I love the new hair by the way, the colour kinda suits your name," he grinned, spinning her around so that they too were walking towards his house. Luna attempted to reply, but her senses were just getting worse by the second. Whatever it was that she could feel, it was just getting closer.

Suddenly, Scott appeared in front of them. "There you are Scott, I was trying to call you all morning!" Stiles blinked. Luna realised what he was immediately, but it wasn't the same vice versa. Scott's eyes were fixated on hers, like he was trying to figure out what she was but just couldn't put his finger on it. "Uh, hello? Earth to Scott! Dude!"

"Y-yeah. Sorry, I was a little busy," Scott quickly covered his tracks and tore his eyes away from Luna for a split second. Then they snapped back to hers.

"This is Luna, she's just moved back here," Stiles introduced her politely.

"Uh I don't think we've met before…I'm Scott." Scott held out his hand toward Luna and she took it cautiously, shaking it up and down with no sudden movements.

"Luna Klypse," she murmured back. Stiles, oblivious to the undertones in their handshake, grinned at the sight of his best guy friend and his best girl friend meeting for the first time ever.

"Well this is cute," he grinned, one arm around Luna and the other loosely around Scott. "I feel like we're gonna have a great time together."

"So…your friend Luna seems nice," Scott told Stiles that evening as they drove through the dark roads to the drive thru for their dinner. Stiles nodded slowly in agreement and felt a small smile crawl onto his face. He always felt a little happier way when talking about Luna.

"She is, we've been like best friends for ages," he hummed back, eyes focussed on the road in front of him. Scott couldn't shake the initial feeling though. He didn't know what it was, but he couldn't read Luna as fully human, but not as completely wolf either. "It's just…refreshing, I guess, to finally be with someone who's human too," Stiles continued to speak into the silence.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Scott turned to him with a frown and Stiles glanced at him before smiling to himself.

"Nothing, nothing," he mumbled, that smile on his face not disappearing.

Luna stood outside of the hardware store as the frosty wind blew around her. Her hair fell over her face and covered it completely – but she didn't move it away. Not once. She preferred to be hidden. The air was tingling her skin – something was approaching her and she could sense it from a mile off. Her nerves got the best of her and she turned around, unable to face her fears and wait to see what it was. But as soon as she turned – she bumped straight into someone. "Oh…sorry," he spluttered. Luna pushed her hair back and stared, completely transfixed by everything about him. His jawline was sharp, his cheekbones were prominent and his eyes seemed to look past her physical body and straight into her soul. But there was a giant open gash on his cheek distracting her from his beauty.

"No, it was my fault," she mumbled. The guy gave her another apologetic smile before leaving her standing there. "Wait!" she suddenly called after him before he went into the shop. He turned his head slightly, looking over his shoulder. "A-are you okay? Your cheek…" she gestured to the bleeding wound. The guy's eyebrows rose up in surprise. He wasn't expecting that – no one cared before.

"I'm fine," was all he muttered. He paused for a split second, about to carry on speaking, but thought better of it and walked into the store, leaving Luna there inhaling his scent in wonder.

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