UPDATE 11/8/2020: As of right now, the story is down! I'm so relieved! Thank you to the awesome JAFF community for your reviews and support. I've heard that sometimes the stories pop up again with new titles on Kindle Unlimited, so keep your eyes peeled for this story and others showing up where they shouldn't be. Thanks again!


Sorry this isn't an addition or update. Instead, it's a plea. For the last five years, I've appreciated the overwhelming and mostly positive support of this great community of readers. Literally a month away from finally posting another story, I just found out that this story, Kidnapped, has been recently pirated on Amazon Kindle. I'm frustrated and a little resigned-I mean, who trusts the internet these days anyway?-but as my first few efforts to get Amazon to take the story down have proven fruitless, I'm reaching out to this community. If anyone has advice on how to effectively prove ownership to Amazon of a document I've only ever published in one place (here), please PM me. And if anyone feels like backing me up, go ahead and leave some crappy reviews for the book (though please don't buy it-it's free on Kindle Unlimited). It's being sold as "Pride, Prejudice, and Pirates" by Barbara Kennedy. Please point out the original source for it in your review.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for other pirated works on Kindle Unlimited. Many other authors' works have also been stolen recently. Be wary of anything written by authors with no other works that ALSO have weirdly inappropriate titles and book descriptions that don't match the actual content.

Needless to say, if I can't get the pirated work taken down, I won't be posting any new stories for a while longer. I'll leave my current stories up for now and cross my fingers. Thanks again for all the love, even while I haven't been active on here, and wish me luck.