Author's note: Now that has been said this fanfic will take place during the Lope Italy wedding and this is what would happen in my mind if Steffy choice not to let Bill get into her head and stayed in LA like she played to, which funny enough that scene with her and Bill was the first I have ever seen Bold and the Beautiful. Also depending where you are reading this fic on either Fanfiction or AO3 this will be a crossover with Passion's and more specifically with Fox Crane. Years later I am still not over what they did to his character once Justin left the role for primetime, it was disgusting.

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Los Angeles, California

Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester stared at the back of her one time almost lover and by a twist of fate combined with manipulation done by both parties, her now former father-in-law, Bill Spencer.

"God that sounds twisted" Steffy thought she couldn't help but slightly laugh at how twisted her love life seemed to be. As much as she dislikes Brooke Logan , the older blond woman had a hand in her development.

In a span of a year she fell for both Bill and Liam, father and son respectively, and brought a lot of drama in her pursuit of both men.

Each holding a piece of her heart for different reasons. One let her dark side shine unashamed, the other made her want to walk in the light.

Despite what some of her actions displayed the recent divorcee wasn't stupid and if there is one thing she does know is how manipulative, ruthless, and resourceful the media mogul can be to get his way. She knew and at times respected the length he would go to to protect what he saw as his, both with his family and business. It was one of the main reasons she made the mistake of falling in love with the man.

She knew and expected him to try to change her mind about coming to the wedding, well more like have her play a part in sabotaging it.

Despite her best efforts to do brush off Bill's words, they did get to her. Hell she spent more time than she would have liked thinking those words herself when her soon to be once again step sister asked her to come.

'If me even being there is enough to cause this wedding not to happen, than that is no fault of my own. They can't blame me for accepting an invitation that was extended to me.'

Sadly all those little plans ended with her being painted once again as the villain in the love story of a blond Logan , whether it was the older or younger generation, and she for one is over being blamed for the decisions other adults make.

Sure she acknowledges that her actions were not innocent by any means, and she could only be blamed for using their mistakes to her advantage, but at least she owns her part and not deflect to the closest person.

"Screw this."

Steffy grabbed her bag and began making her way out the door with only one thought going through her head, 'I need to get the hell out of LA'.

Harmony, New England

Nicholas Foxworth Crane, commonly known by the name Fox, moved around the room packing what he could of his former life into a single bag wondering how his life got to this point, again.

Getting toyed with by a woman who he has foolishly fallen in love with and once again having his best friend playing a part in his heart break.

Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald Crane, former step-mother and the mother of his youngest sibling Little Ethan.

When he first came to town he found it hilarious that nearly his entire family hated the tiny Latina beauty and it was why he liked her so much. If someone could get under Ivy Cranes reptilian skin and bring down her perfect manicured walls, then that person was a friend of his.

Or so he thought.


"I just thought you should hear this from me before it hits the rest of the town." Fox said looking at the women who was the in some way, shape, or form always at the center of so much of this town's collective drama.

"Hear what?" Theresa asked looking a bit concerned about what this could be about as she sat on the other side of the desk.

"I broke off my engagement with Kay, I found her with Miguel." Fox stated as he looked at her, having one last hope that this was going to be a surprise for her and that she was not involved in this.

This hope was dashed when instead of surprise in her eyes he saw guilt. That was all he needed to know that this was another one of her schemes and he was again caught in the crossfires.

"But something tells me that you already knew that didn't you? Huh?In fact I'm pretty sure this is what you were hoping for, isn't it? What I can't figure out is why would you want to hurt me?" Fox asked in anger shaking his head as if he couldn't make sense of any of this.

"Fox that's not true, I didn't want to hurt you at all! This is what I was trying to avoid, you have to believe me! I love you." Theresa said getting up from her desk and walking around to his side with tears in her eyes.

"Love me? This is how you show that you love someone? By hurting them? Has this company twisted your head Theresa? I mean I know we have both did things that we are not proud of, hell how many schemes have we been a part of together that has caused others so much hurt? But never to each other. After the whole Whitney/Miles thing I thought you would have my back in this?"Fox questioned pushing the chair back as he stood up causing it to fall and started going for the door.

"Fox!" Theresa called out as she rushed after him grabbing at his arms and positioning herself in front of him blocking his path to the door.

"Fox please! It's not like the Whitney/Miles thing at all I am on your side! That's why I called for Miguel to come back for you!" Theresa pleaded continuing to block his path each time he tried to move around her.

Fox stopped trying to get around her at that comment and looked at his best friend in utter disbelief. Not for the first time the thought that maybe everyone in his family was right about this women being emotionally unbalanced, "How the hell is this for me Theresa?"

"I know I sound crazy, but it's true. As much as I am sure Kay loves you and you her, I knew that if you two got married and Miguel came back afterwards it would hurt you worse than it does now. You are an amazing person Fox, despite what your parents and family have put you through you have come out of it, and most of all you have been my rock since you came back to town. All I want is to be your rock and if that means getting rid of Kay because she does not deserve you than I will." Theresa explained calmly once Fox paused his efforts in to getting away from her, but still stayed in front of the door just in case.

"And what Miguel deserves her? He deserves getting away with abandoning his daughter and only coming back when another man steps up to be the father that he couldn't, no wouldn't be? The kind of father that little girl deserves? One who holds her through sleepless nights? One who proudly shows off the stains of food she leaves on his clothes when she's being playful with her food? One whose world stops each time a tear falls down her face? Who would do anything he could to see those tears stop and for that dimpled smile to come back? He deserves to see her face light up when she looks at him?" Fox asked not really giving Theresa the time to answer any of his questions as he looked up trying to stop the tears that formed in his eyes from escaping.

Theresa looked at her best friend with sorrow when it became clear to her that it was not the demise of his relationship with Kay that he was hurting over, but the one he had with her niece Maria.

Theresa thought back to when she would come over for a visit with Lil Ethan, she would spend nearly the entire time watching from the sidelines. Seeing how good Fox was with Maria and Endora doting on their every needs and showing her son some new lines to try on the girl he liked at his school, like a true father.

When she first called Miguel back she had hoped that she would be wrong and that Kay would not... it doesn't matter what she hoped in the end Fox still got hurt.

"I'm so sorry, Fox." was all Theresa could say as she placed her hands on his face bring it down so that their foreheads were touching each other.

Taking in a deep breath that he hoped would not turn into sobs Fox replied "Yeah, I know."

End Flashback

He left Theresa's office once he calmed down enough to be sure he could drive. He was still upset at her interference in his relationship and though it would take a while, he knew he would eventually forgive her. For now though he had to get away from it all.

"Fox?" a tiny voice spoke from the doorway getting his attention.