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Fox knew the news of Kay's and his split would travel fast around the small town and he wanted to be out of Harmony before that happened.

Theresa gave him access to the Crane jet and one of the accounts for his personal use before he left her office.

A move both knew was to help ease her guilt about her part in his current state of singleness; and though he was nowhere near forgiving her he was not above using her guilt to his advantage and took her up on her offer.

He was making his way towards the private Crane strip to catch the plane when his phone began to once ring again. He already ignored several calls from his mother Ivy, older sister Fancy, and of course Saint Ethan.

He was about to let the damn thing go to voicemail, but changed his mind when he saw the name flashing on the screen.

" Word definitely has already hit the whole town if it warrants a call from you Auntie Sher, I'm sure you're a busy woman." Fox stated.

" Well I don't know about the whole town I think the news hasn't hit the docks yet, so I think your good." Sheridan replied sarcastically, but then her tone turned serious "I was stopping by the house when Kay told me that you left and Tabitha told me why. How you holding up?"

Fox felt his throat tighten up at the concerned tone in his normally distant Aunt's voice, "What you concerned about a nephew that doesn't have the name Ethan. Got to say Auntie Sher this plus a phone call is going to make me think I'm your new favorite."

Fox could practically hear her rolling her eyes at his childish taunt, what can he say his family brings out the worst in him.

"Fox, I'm serious. We Cranes don't react well when our hearts are involved and bruised. I may not be the best Aunt when it comes to you and your sisters, but I'm the only one you got so tough shit."

Well she got him there Beth was nuts.

" Look, I'm not going to keep you long and I'm not going to ask you where you are going, just stay safe okay? This family has had enough death."

Fox knows that she is thinking about her Marty, her once again deceased son.

"Yeah, I can do that. See you later Aunt Sheridan."

Fox disconnected the call, and turned up the radio.

LA, California

Steffy sat in her seat impatiently waiting for the pilot to start take off, the sooner she was out of LA the more relaxed she would be.

It didn't help her nerves that she nearly ran into the wedding party being loaded onto the Spencer jet and felt her feet moving in their direction. If the attendant didn't come to her at that moment to tell her that her plane was ready and directing her to the opposite side, Steffy cringes at what she nearly did.

"Not even an a day into this drama free thing and I'm already slipping into old habits, way to go Steffy you are now the poster child of self control." Steffy muttered to herself.

While Stefy was distracted one of the flight attendants came up to her.

"Sorry to bother you Ms. Forrester, but I have your brother on the phone and he would like to speak with you."

Steffy turned her attention to the leggy woman beside her, holding out a cell phone one that had a sparkly blue cover over it. She rolled her eyes and thanked the woman before taking the phone from her.

"Please tell me that I am just over reacting when asking you why you have the flight attendant number?"

" I'm sorry Miss 'I am going to skip town and not tell my favorite brother', but is that judgement I hear in your voice?"

Steffy silently laughed at Thomas antics honestly she didn't mind him and the flight attendant, or th barista at the coffee place by the office, or the number of models she has seen him eyeing. Her brother has not had the best luck when it comes to women, the most recents being Dayzee and Hope, and they never work out well for him. He gives and they take until he is left broken hearted.

"No judgement, sorry I asked, but I am not sorry that I am getting out of here at least for a while."

Steffy could hear him sigh, "Look you know I want you to be happy."

"But?" Steffy prompted

"No but's, I want you to have everything you have always wanted and your stubborn enough to not need my help."

Steffy felt her throat close just a bit ats she flashed back to when everyone was convinced that Thomas and Brooke were dead, every but her. It may have been sheer terror at the thought of losing another sibling that lead her to pursued Bill into helping her, but what she told Bill that day was still true.

"Don't ever think that, your my rock I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

Though it wasn't said both of the Forrester children heard the 'too' that Steffy couldn't bring herself to say.

"Alright geez no need to get mushy on me."

""Shut up, I'm not the one who cries when we watch Monsters Inc."

Just like that the moment passed, never forgotten, but enough get to the next day.

"You're such a brat, I just called to say that I will block Mom and Grandma as much as I can."

"Thank you, I love you big brother."

"Love you too. Now hand the phone back to Tiffany."

Steffy laughed she is not at all surprised that her brother knows the attendants name , even when playing the field he was still a gentleman.

Once handing off the phone to Tiffany, Steffy leaned back into her chair and prepared for take off.