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This is an alternate universe of my last reading story of Team RWBY reading another story of Naruto, by looking into another universe after looking into a different universe from the very beginning... So get out a bottle of Aspirin and let's begin.

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"Good news... The story you were just reading hit a hiatus." The voice said as the book on Yang's lap exploded into smoke.

She grunted and displeasure, feeling a bit sad that the story of their reading would have to wait... But gained a new sense of hope that she was going to leave this festive place. "Which means Naruto the Y is over for now..."

"Huh? We're done! Finally! This nightmare is finally over!" Weiss shouted with pure glee.

"So now you're going to read another story to fill in for the other!" The voice shouted as an even thicker book dropped onto Ruby.

"Ooph!" Ruby shouted in muffled pain. This book was A LOT heavier! And for some odd reason... It smelled odd.

"What!? You can't do that!" Yang said loudly with her anger radiating.

"I write the rules. Now Ruby... Please begin the story." The voice said making all of the girls grown in despair. They wanted to leave and didn't want to read another book or they could possibly see something they didn't want to... But if it was the only way to get out, what choice did they have?

Ruby struggled to get the book off before reading title out loud.

"Reading Naruto... The moon rabbit? By FTDS." She asked with a tilted head. "I thought Naruto was-

"Different universe rose... Different universe." The voice said.

"So what this one about? Is he some bunny with a thing for moons?" Yang asked as she put her boots up on the table.

"Yes and no... You'll just have to read and find out." The voice simmered as Ruby turned the first page of the book and looked at the very first page.

Chapter 1- The rabbit

'I wonder what rabbit pertains too...' Weiss thought. She couldn't jump to the conclusions that filled her mind.

'So that is Beacon huh?' A tall young man of 17 years old thought to himself as he travelled via air machine, Bullhead to be more exact, towards the school he had chosen. He had taken the test, aced it, and been accepted into the prestigious school via the skill he had shown. He was a rather tall boy of 17, standing at a fair 5'11" in height. He wasn't the tallest, but he wasn't the shortest either. He had bright sunny blond hair, a trait he had NO idea where he had gotten it from considering his parents had brown hair... maybe they had a supressed blond gene in them or something... and bright blue eyes... again, how? His parents had brown eyes. He did have two foot long rabbit ears, in brown, coming out of the top of his head.

Team RWBY got a glimpse of Naruto for the first time, and did a near double take at the sight of him.

They were not expecting this in the slightest from the book's description.

Ruby rubbed her eyes and looked again. It really was Naruto!

"He's actually is a rabbit! A rabbit faunus!" Yang shouted as she saw Naruto... Only this time, it looked like him but not fully. While he looked and appeared more different, he still had all the disabling features that of Naruto the Y's Naruto.

"He... Actually looks more predestined this way." Weiss said. The last Naruto had a bit of an edgy guy look to him and didn't look that friendly. The one she was currently looking at however looks like he held a lot of restraint and manners to himself. Very respectable. "I wonder what he sounds like though when he's angry..."

Blake thought Naruto was attractive regardless. Even though he was lacking his fox tail which she knew him for, the rabbit ears looked... Very devine.

Ruby looked at this Naruto, taking mental notes of him before reading on.

His outfit could be described as... well pretty normal for his family.

'Family... This one has a full family?' Blake asked the last Naruto had a mother and father, that being him in fusion form. In this story apparently he had two normal parents...

Or at least they thought.

He wore a skin tight black one piece battle suit that clung to his skin underneath everything, it was tight yet it breathed and stretched to fit him. It was really easy to move it, and it had didn't constrict his movement. Over that, he wore orange shorts with a brown outlining at the end of each leg. His color scheme, as explained by him, was designed to remind him of autumn leaves. He wore an open orange, and open, short jacket that only came halfway down his back. His black jumpsuit was tight enough that he didn't want to deny people the ability to look at his abs, though he never said it out loud.

Yang couldn't tell what is was... But this Naruto was really causing knots in her chest to appear. When looking at him in the skin tight suit, she let her eyes roam. A bit too much in her case.

She felt her palms become sweaty, the back of her knees to become boys, and for some odd reason her face began to hurt at her cheeks. She managed to shake off the odd feelings appearing over her before saying in her usual tone. "Mmmm... Mama wants to know how fast he can go." Yang said as Weiss looked at her with a troubled look.

"It's only a matter of time before you jump his bones again in this story." Weiss said, not forgetting what she had seen and heard in the last chapter.

She wondered if she'd ever forget about it. Probably not.

"Naruto does not know Yang in the story... In fact, he knows none of you." The voice said alerting the group.

"So... Everything?" Blake asked... In both gladness and sadness mixed in her tone.

"Yep... I'm sorry Blake." The voice apologized.

He had a lean, muscular, build to him that could be called feminine if you ignored the 6-pack abs and pecs.

'Check.' Yang told herself in her mind, although feeling mildly hot at the sight of him, which was weird.

The jacket had a higher collar, and the sleeves of it were short sleeved. Most of his skin was covered, minus his hands and feet. He had orange open toed combat sandles on his feet though, and around his wrists were orange wrist guards.

Stapped to his back was a very simple katana, a few feet long with a single edge. The handle was a regular black handle, and the sheath was a simple wooden sheath as well. He didn't believe in fancy transforming weapons. Not when he fought using kicks for the most part, his sword was rarely used simply because he prefered to only draw it when he wanted to kill something or was going for a finishing combo to take down somebody. Even then, he used the back end of the blade.

"Hmmm... Interesting form about his combat." Weiss said again, approvingly. This Naruto didn't seem that bad.

Naruto, a name he had inherited from his some ancient family member he was descended from, the one he inherited his 3 whisker marks from... he was the ONLY family member in over 500 years to get them for some reason. Oh well, Naruto Scarlatina was his name, and kicking ass was his game... though he WISHED he wasn't timid around people... a trait he gained from his heritage. He wasn't as timid as other family members, he just didn't... know how to react to some things people did, and didn't really talk well with others.

"Hmmmm... Inherited?" Blake questioned about the whisker marks.

'Timid? What blasphemy is this?' Weiss asked loudly.

"He may look different, but the whisker marks are still there." Blake commented while Ruby was scratching the back of her head.

"Scarlatina? What about Uzumaki?" Yang asked. This Naruto WAS so different than her Naruto... She didn't know why... But she Somehow felt herself become even more drawn to this one than the last for some odd and less apparent reason.

"Scarlatina..." Weiss uttered under her breath. She'd thought she'd heard that name somewhere before. But she couldn't put her finger on it.

Beacon Academy was a large school, multiple large buildings and a great huge tower standing in the middle of it, all on top of a great cliff that dropped into the ocean. It was on the border of Vale, one of the 4 major kingdoms, and was one of the hardest schools to get into. Nobody who wasn't worth their salt could get in, there was no buying your way in. You were either good enough of a fighter to get in, or you have some REALLY good transcripts that allowed you in... or the headmaster took such an interest in you that he gave you the chance to apply.

His elder sister had gotten in the year before, and he was getting in now.

"Wait... Sister?" Yang asked with an odd tone.

When did Naruto have a sister?

"Since when does he have a sister? Wait, Scarlatina? Isn't that the rabbit girl?" Ruby asked. She knew she heard the name Scarlatina before.

"So he's not only a rabbit, but he's more reserved and not that cunning when it comes to violence... I miss the other Naruto." Yang said sadly.

Weiss snapped her fingers at the name.

Despite his Faunus heritage, Beacon didn't care about that. They accepted all kinds equally.

"What a freak." A person said as they passed by Naruto, and he frowned for a moment. He was used to it. He was always picked on for his heritage, and he tried to ignore it, but it did hurt a little. He had rabbit ears, big whoop, and his DNA was a little different than the DNA of a human.

This stunned Team RWBY beyond belief.

"If this was Uzumaki, he wouldn't hesitate to have beaten him to a pulp." Blake pointed out with an odd tone of voice.

"I was just going to cover my eyes, I was expecting a fight." Ruby said too.

"He's... Calmer." Weiss said.

"Yang's still in the game." Yang said while taking notes of everything this Naruto was doing.

'Oh hey, an ape without fur... I could call them naked apes, but that would just put me on their level.' Naruto thought to himself in annoyance. He never did anything to deserve being picked on, but he didn't fight back.

"Why...What... Where... Who... What happened to you Uzumaki?" Weiss asked with pure shock to her overcoming face.

This Naruto turned down a brawl.

This Naruto and the other one had absolutely nothing in common.

He would NOT get caught up in a cycle of hating those and beating up people who pick on him, if he beat them up, what did it get him? Enemies, every human who saw him beat up a human would hate him.

'He's actually thinking of the consequences before jumping in headfirst!' Weiss shouted in her mind.

He would rather be called weak, than make the lifes of other Faunus more disrepected by fighting.

"That is most unyouthful!" A loud, very annoying, voice shouted out. Naruto groaned, of course, his best friend had to have picked the same school as him. Naruto felt an arm circle around his shoulders and pull him into a 'comforting' one armed man hug. He was... slightly used to just how physically affectionate his long time friend was... well long time meaning the past 4 years.

"Unyouthful?" Blake asked aloud. The term he had used sounded... Rather bizarre.

Iron Lee, apparently descended from some people named Rock Lee, and Metal Lee... and following the scheme of being named after an element alligned with earth.

He was a tall guy of 17 as well, standing at a tall height of 6'11", being the taller of the two. He was normally the guy that you would see getting ripped at the gym. He had muscled for days, being shredded without being muscle bound. He had a black haired perfect bowl cut, not a very attractive haircut. His eyes were perfectly round, and he had long eyelashes and his eyebrows... they were huge, thick, and fluffy... just... completely unreal in their size and perfectly rectangular shape. If Naruto had a 6-pack, the guy next to him had a freaking 8-pack. He wore a tight green jumpsuit, and that was about it other than bandages around his hands and feet.

"Man, what does he eat?" Yang asked as she looked at the pure meat-head standing in the most hideous outfit she had ever seen. And that hair! Ugggh! Don't even start about the hair! That was not as bad though as... The pair of caterpillars that set above his eyes.

It was something that everyone could relate to and say, it was anything but attractive.

"Iron, don't scream in my ears." Naruto said lowly, not liking the fact his ears were damn near ringing after the point blank shout.

"I am sorry my youthful rabbit of friend, would you like a protein shake as payback." Iron said with a giant grin and a thumbs up. Naruto pushed the teen off of him. The reason Iron was so huge was because of the fact every meal was filled with meat, protein, and so many other muscle enhancements that Naruto couldn't stomach. No literally, they hurt his stomach. He could barely handle meat, he could eat it, but it couldn't be his entire meal. Pure protein was like a promise of pain in the future when he ate it.

"Doesn't like loud noises, doesn't fight back at all, doesn't eat meat, dresses without drawing much attention,... Okay maybe not on the last one but oh my goodness what happened to this Naruto?!" Weiss nearly pulled her hair out and couldn't think of anything more terrific in her life.

"He's just... Off." Blake said.

He swore, Iron ate growth hormones as the biggest part of his diet.

The two of them were complete opposites.

'You can say that again.' Blake thought.

Naruto's Semblence, the ability unique to him, was his Speed.

Iron's Semblence, the ability that he owned, was his Power.

'Hmmm, could make an interesting pair.' Weiss thought.

Naruto held amazing leg strength, while Iron had amazing arm strength. Naruto's aura was insanely huge, while Iron's was extremely small in comparison. He could use it, but not all that much when compared to other people. All of his aura went to the growth of his body, turning him into a mountain of muscle.

"No thanks Iron." Naruto said with a dull tone. "You know, you might want to cut back on those things. They make your sword smaller." Naruto said to Iron truthfully, the extreme amount of hormones flowing through Iron's body had taken a toll on certain parts of him. He was a rabbit Faunus, breeding was something that came naturally to him, from his large equipment to his everlasting stamina and his amazing speed, his MOVEMENT speed that is.

"OH THANK DUST!" Yang shouted.

"Okay, so he's still the same... downstairs." Blake said the last part softer with her face turning pink.

"Hmmm, who honestly cares if it's big or not. I don't see what the big deal is." Weiss waved off.

"Oh you'll care when the eyeful power ram is beating against your inner core's binding-"


Ruby clubbed Yang on the back of the head with the book.

"Shhhhh!" Ruby said as Yang glared bullets at her sister.

"Yes, it is true, but if I must make the sacrifice to fight Grimm at peak condition I must do so." Iron said, remidning Naruto of just how... honorable... asexual... something like that. Iron simply had no desire for sex, he felt nothing for either gender when it came to looks.

'Oh so he's one of those guys.' Yang thought in gratefulness. At first glance she thought Iron was going to be Some type of meathead... But the way he spoke presented himself as a homosexual... She didn't know why, but he just reminded her of a homosexual.

But being an asexual was completely fine with her.

He was a fighting maniac, and Naruto was usually the one forced to spar with him.

'This one is just as crazy if he spars with him! His muscles are bigger than dads!' Ruby shouted in fear.

Naruto and Iron started to walk towards to get to the exit of the Bullhead when it landed, and the students started make their ways towards the school itself. Iron really cleared the way for them though, when Naruto stood next to Iron he wasn't the center of attention... girls and guys both avoided anything to do with Iron if they could help it.

It was sort of how they met actually, Naruto was being picked on for his nature, and Iron helped him out... he had been 6'11" for 3 years now. He had peaked VERY quickly, and started his puberty early.

Technically, IF you counted Naruto's rabbit ears, then the top of his ears came up to the top of Iron's head as well.

"While he had an amazing tail, I think the rabbit ears do him just fine..." Ruby said.

Iron stopped them when Naruto was about to take a step off the Bullhead.

"Wait, my eternal rival! We must take the first step off the Bullhead together, that way we can truly claim to be equals!" Iron shouted out with excitement... stopping a whole wall of people from leaving the Bullhead behind them.

"Uhhh... What did he just call him?" Blake asked as she became a bit weirded out at the fact that Iron used 'my' and eernal rival...

It didn't sound right.

"Eternal Rival... Oh, he's one of those guys." Yang said.

'This is why people think we are gay.' Naruto couldn't help himself but think as he humored Iron. He took his first step at the same time as Iron, because he could see it really meant something to the teen. They continued to walk together, and Naruto could hear the rumors already spreading about them. He could literally hear them, super enhanced hearing sucks when you have to put up with this crap.

"With how close Iron is... I wouldn't blame them." Yang said as Blake nodded in agreement.

"Yes... It's a bit strange though, because the last Naruto did not have many friends... Let alone rivals" She commented.

"Considering most of them were part of the White Fang which is nothing more than a bunch of wannabe criminals, I couldn't blame the last one." Weiss said. "And the fact he was too powerful to have any rivals..." Weiss finished the last part a bit softer.

"Beacon, what a youthfully constructed building created for the honing of skills. Amazing!" The Lee descendent claimed loudly, and Naruto was prepared for it. He had placed his fingers in his ears, not the human ones, just in time to ignore his friend. Iron jumped onto his hands and started a blanced handstand. "This is great, I feel inspired to do 100 laps around Beacon on my hands! I will see you later Naruto!" Iron shouted as he started to run on his hands.

"I was thinking he was joking but this is just ridiculous." Ruby said as she watched Iron hand-run across beacon like there was no tomorrow.

"Cool, maybe he could try it blindfolded next time." Yang said, watching the tower of muscle defy gravity.

"That kid's got a collapsable staff! And she's got a fire sword!" A girl nearly called out LOUDLY, and Naruto tried to tune her out.

"Was that me?" Ruby asked, since she very well remembered herself Talking at all the weapons during her first few minutes on beacons grounds. At Signal, where they designed most of their weapons, there really wasn't anything out of the ordinary besides swords, shields, guns and etcetera. She was one of the only people who attempted a constructing a working scythe weapon combination... And passed.

'He is going to be late.' Naruto thought to himself, but didn't try to stop Iron. This was normal for him anyway. At least this time he didn't make Naruto do it with him. Naruto was knocked to the ground moments later when a herd of humans literally walked all over him out of nowhere. Naruto pouted for a moment, before he stood up and dusted himself off. The group was headed towards Beacon with excitement, with some blond chick being at the head of the ground.

Naruto's eye twitched for a moment.


"Good first impression Yang, you actually got his attention." Weiss said while watching Yang shake her head.

"How was I supposed to know that idiot was going to be in the way. Besides my friends were crazy glad to see me that day, I couldn't stop them!" Yang defended herself, a bit shocked she called Naruto an idiot.

"Be more careful." Blake said to Yang.

"What are you doing?" A female voice asked, and Naruto turned around to see if whoever it was, was talking to him or not... apparently not. The person talking was a white haired girl, wearing a light blue dress standing at a little above 5 feet tall. She had high heels on, which looked to have wheels hidden in the heels themselves. She had a tiny little jacket, and was rather... petite (flat chested and thin). She was blue eyed like Naruto, but over her left eye was a scar. She had a dark gray colored rapier at her waist, her weapon most likely... okay, it was her weapon without a doubt.

The person she was wearing the Schnee Dust Company logo on her back... what a way to paint a target on herself as the enemy of Faunus.

"I forgot that this was months ago..." Weiss said. During those beginning weeks at Beacon she disliked Faunus. She would never admit it, since her friends with probably chastise are to no end. Not to mention she wasn't new to being an enemy to anyone. The White Fang didn't take anything that serious to assassinations, well, not to really important people that is.

The girl she was standing at, not to, was a red headed girl with dark red, almost black, hair wearing a black gothic dress that ended in a skirt. She had a band around her waist with red lace, and the inside of her skirt was red... because he could see ip her skirt. She had on black, that tinted to red when they went further down her toned legs, stockings and red tipped combat boots with red soles and lace. She had a red collapsable weapon, fancy, attached to her back, and ammo for it. She had... silver eyes and moon pale skin, and a hooded cape on in rose red.

She was surrounded by white briefcases filled with who knows what, most likely the Schnee girl's luggage.

"Sorry." The girl said awkwardly, while Naruto walked over to them at a sedate pace. He may as well help pick up the luggage since he was here.

"Sorry... do you have ANY idea of the damage you could have caused?" The Schnee girl asked, and by that, Naruto guessed there was a lot of dust in those cases. They were one of the few things that could cause enough damage, and make sense of a Schnee to be carrying so much of, heavy enough to warrant worry. The red hooded girl started to try and help out, but the second she got her hands on a case, the Schnee took it away from her and opened it up. There were small vials of Dust in multiple colors inside of it. "This is Dust, mined and purified by the Schnee Dust Company!" She said as she continued her rant.

Naruto stepped in and offered the red head a hand to get up, and the Schnee girl seemed surprised that he walked from behind her.

'Totally ignored!' Yang thought beamingly. Ruby watched Naruto tenderly help her to her feet.

"Here..." Naruto said as he helped her up.

"Thank you, I'm Ruby!" The girl introduced herself, and Naruto remembered it incase he ever met her in the future.

"Naruto, well... see ya later." Naruto said as he turned around and began to walk away. He passed by the Schnee without saying a thing or even looking at her. He placed his hands in his pockets, and made his way towards the school. Naruto saw Iron rushing by, and there was no way that he would make it in time by the time he had finished with his laps.

"That fools going to get himself killed he keeps that up." Weiss said With displeasure adding to her tone. She didn't understand why men always tried to outdo each other and everything.

"Wait for meeee!" Ruby called out as she chased after Naruto. She caught up to him in a second, and Naruto waved his hand in front of him when he noticed a bunch of rose petals in the air... and that confused him.

"Heh... Guess I was a bit lonely." Ruby said while her cheeks were a bit red.

"Look at the bright side, at least you didn't blow up." Yang said as Weiss nodded with earnesty.

Was it something to do with her Semblence?

"What is up with the rose petals?" Naruto asked with a sneeze, since one of them landed on his nose and tickled it.

"Like the old story goes, ruby tickled Naruto's nose!~" Yang said in a singalong voice, not getting much enthusiasm from her teammates as they ignored her.

"Oh, they appear when I use my Speed Semblence." Ruby said with a wide smile, not even the least bit bothered by talking about her Semblence to a stranger.

'Hmmm... so she has Speed as her Semblence too.' Naruto thought. It wasn't unheard of for two people to have the same Semblence, they could be inherited from parents after all. There were so many people in the world, it was hard not to find another person with a similar Semblence or the same Semblence. Some Semblences were truly unique, but even between two people with the same Semblence there would be some differences. Apparently, her body created rose petals out of her aura when she used her.

"Same semblance... That's like one in a quarter of a million." Weiss said. While some someone says could be hereditary, finding someone without a blood relation having the same someone says you was almost as rare as finding a four-leaf clover... In a field of four leaf clovers.

Naruto's didn't create anything when he used his.

'Sounds boring.' Ruby thought.

"... Sooooooo..." Ruby hinted at wanting to know his Semblence, and Naruto did a high kick that surprised the girl.

"My Semblence is linked to my legs. I have really strong, really flexible legs." Naruto told her a half-truth. He had just trained his Semblence so much he had strong legs that were flexible as a result of countless hours of work on them.

Hearing that he was flexible legs gave Yang a number of ideas...

"But... you use a sword, isn't it best to play to your strengths and use some gun boots or something?" Ruby asked as she glanced at the weapon strapped to his back.

"Please, on another conversation about weapons and their meanings." Weiss said while throwing her hands to the ceiling. While she too had a small affection for weapons, she didn't have the large and frequently outlandish fetish of weapons that Ruby had.

"I wasn't going to say anything!" Ruby shouted back to the white haired girl.

"I don't use the sword much, I prefer kicking. Don't get me wrong, I mastered my weapon... but I just prefer hand to hand." Naruto explained to her as he drew his sword, and in a flash of steel a nearby tree was sliced. It fell over, revealing a perfectly clean cut all the way through the trunk. He sheathed his sword, and Ruby went wide eyed with excitement. She undid her weapon, and it turned into a large red scythe. She swung it and cut down another tree, showing what her weapon's sharpness was.

"This is my weapon, Cresent Rose. A high-impact, collapsable sniper-scythe." Ruby explained to him as she collapsed it down and placed it in it's carrier again. Ruby grew more pale when she saw the same mountain of muscle earlier walking around on his hands right by them. She looked like she wanted to... look anywhere but at Iron.

"Mmmmhmmm." Naruto hummed in understanding for her seeming love or her own weapon.

"... So... do you know where everyone is suppose to go?" Ruby asked as she looked around, and she turned to see Naruto already walking in the right direction. She followed after him in a hurry, she noticed that he seemed to have a habit of walking off. "Soooooooo, do you want to be my first friend at Beacon?" Ruby asked Naruto, and he raised an eyebrow at her.

"Here we go again." Weiss said while Ruby looked offended.

"Okay?" Naruto said, though it sounded more like a question to Ruby.

"Yeah, I can be pretty awkward." Ruby agreed with him, figuring he was just confused by how she was asking this now, and the unsure what she was asking it.

"This is painful." Blake said to herself as she watched the awkward conversation took place.

"I'm just not used to humans asking to be my friend... that mountain of green and muscle is... was only only ever human friend before you." Naruto admitted to Ruby, and she felt very sorry for the fact that she had been judging the hyperactive teen before now on his looks.

'Being a faunus must be the hardest.' Yang thought with a downward look.

He seemed like a nice enough guy now that she knew about this.

"Oh... Human friend? You... OOOHH, you are a Faunus. Did you have any Faunus friends?" Ruby asked, and Naruto shook his head. He didn't have any of those either, he didn't really know many other Faunus.

"Just brothers and sisters, I have a sister that goes here actually." Naruto admitted to the apparently younger girl.

He wondered how Velvet was doing?

End of Chapter 1

"Velvet? That was her name... How did I forget?" Ruby asked in shock.

Ruby then passed the book over to Weiss, who looked less than thrilled to read it.

Weiss blew out a puff of air.

It was game on!

Authors Note: Not much to say except Merry Christmas! Hope you guys and gals liked the gift!