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"You have driven my hand into this. You are all to blame." The voice warned as it sounded much closer now... Almost as if it was right behind them. Ruby turned to see a figure standing deep within the shades. She let out a gasp as her team turned to see it.

"Finally, you showed. About time." Yang grinned as she cracked her knuckles.

The figure stepped closer, and with a flick of the wrist, a few pages fell into his hand.

"You've destroyed potential. You will finish it. But I did say there would be a punishment."

"Not on my watch!" Yang yelled as she launched herself in the air and threw a punch at the figure... Which resulted in her hitting some invisible gelatin like force field and bouncing back.

"Just remember, you were all given a warning." The figure muttered as he snapped his fingers.





All of team RWBY stood motionless as they felt their bodies lose their clothes. A few of them reacted as expected.

Ruby instinctively screamed in a high pitch before trying to but failing to shield her nakedness.

Weiss snuck behind the couch before her face began to grow pink from anger and the horrid feeling of being watched. Blake followed suite and Yang... Rather could care less.

"You should probably finish what you started." The figure said.

"Y-yes sir." Ruby said as she put the book on her lap but raised her knees to shield her chest.

"You," The figure pointed at Yang. "I suggest you lose the look."

"Why?" She questioned. "Afraid I'll knock yours off?" She crunched her knuckles. Yang was trying with every fiber of her being not to be scared or at least shy at her body being exposed... But as of right now she couldn't give a shit.

The figure vanished back in the shadows.

"Yeah, run off. Pussy." Yang swore before she felt her ass get a burning slap. She let out a pained Yelp as she let her hand graze down to her backside. She looked up before flipping the ceiling off.

"Don't piss me off bitch. I'll knock the shit out of you." The voice boomed with a thunderous parade.

"This is the BEST idea I have ever had!" Ruby shouted out as she held onto Yang's hand. For Naruto's first day of class, the class that he was attending was combat class. Today, the class was allowing the Teams to use different fields to practice their team moves and general teamwork. As team leader, it was up to Ruby to pick out the combinations and she was designing the moves at the moment.

"This, seems familiar. Like it was the start of something we went through." Weiss said aloud, trying to change the subject.

"The Spinning Death Wheel!" Yang shouted out with a grin on her face as she extended her hands, she had the toughest body out of the group. She was taking the part of the center of the wheel, while Ruby held onto her left hand. She had her Semblence active, because she knew for a fact that she was going to be taking damage from this. The combination involved her taking damage and increasing her strength.

"... Switch with me?" Naruto asked Blake, seeing as he was holding onto Yang's other hand.

"Pfft." Yang scoffed under her breath. She was in a bad mood at the moment from getting her ass spanked like that. It stung and she couldn't figure out why her aura wasn't healing it. Yang was pissed that she didn't understand. She wasn't scared for her own safety. Scared for her sister and team for sure, but afraid that they may become separated.

He knew bad ideas, and this idea right now was a horrible idea.

The Spinning Death Wheel, using Yang as the bolt, would involve Naruto and Ruby running forward in different directions using Yang as a focus point. Yang would prevent them from moving forward, and they would end up running in a tight, fast circle. Of course, with Naruto's Speed being faster than Ruby's speed, the odds of the two of them running at the same speed needed for the technique to work... was low.

"That's... The best idea I ever had! I wish we had Naruto on our team." Ruby whined at the end while she had slightly grown to used at the fact she was butt-naked at the moment. She calmed down however when she was naked with her team. Causing the expense of her own humiliation to lower hugely.

"Nope." Blake said to Naruto with a dull gaze.

"Not that it's a big enough mess as is." Blake muttered with a pessimistic look about her dilemma.

She didn't want anything to do with this mess.

"Go!" Ruby shouted out, and Naruto sighed. The two of them activated their Semblences, and they became a blur of roses and flames. Yang took a LOT of damage from the speed, and she started to emit flames. The rose petals caught on fire, and Naruto's wind-like speed and the flames he left on the ground only made the flames all the more intense.

"Holy shit." Yang swore when she saw the move take effect. Weiss felt her own interests peak when she witnessed the move, so much so that she wondered if there were anyone like Naruto who could replicate it.

Blake and Weiss jumped out of the way when the tornado of fire formed around them, and started to get larger and larger up into the air. The wind force sucked everything into the flames.

Naruto, Yang, and Ruby were sent flying out of the top of the tornado and slammed into the ground. Their clothes were blackened by ash, as were the rest of their bodies. Naruto blew out a ring of smoke, and the girls were coughing onto the ground. The tornado was still going, and it started to go towards another team that was practicing.

"Is that who I think it is?" Yang whispered devilishly as she scrunched her eyes.

"Look out!" Weiss called out, before she saw what team it was heading towards.

Team Cardinal.

"Never mind, roast em!" Yang shouted with glee as she jumped up, causing her chest to jiggle.

"Nevermind!" Blake shouted at them before they could look around. Iron jumped out of the way of the flame tornado, but the rest of the team were swept up into it.

"Paybacks a bitch." Blake smirked as she crossed her legs to cover her crotch. She kept having the most ensuring feeling she was being watched like a hawk. Not by one, but many.

They were roasted alive, before they were sent flying out of the top of it. The tornado started to fade, leaving four burnt boys groaning on the ground in pain.

Ruby knew it was wrong, but she couldn't keep the giggling down. Soon Blake and Yang joined in. While this was all happening, Weiss couldn't help but feel her left eye twitch.

All of the jiggling was making her want to rip her hair out.

Ruby's chest was shaking from the laugher.

Blake's chest was moving like a pair flying pillows.

Then, there was Yang's pair of jello mountain rocking back and forth with each guffaw she let out. Yang laughed so much that she actually fell back off of the couch.

Weiss looked down at her chest before feeling a small dark cloud appear over her head.

She hated being small.

And she was older than Ruby!

"... I knew that was a bad idea." Naruto said as he started to get the ash out of his rabbit ears. Naruto shook his head, before he sneezed. The ash on his body flew off of it, and the others started to wipe off their ash as well.

"Hehe... Too much... Ha. Those guys are just getting what they deserve." Yang settled before watching Ruby flip the page.

"That... was awesome." Yang said with a big, fat grin on her face. The Spinning Death Wheel was a complete success, they just needed to work on not getting burned by their own attack.

"Try keeping the flame contained, or ask your boyfriend to coat himself in water." Blake said before she tried to look at Yang in the eye without letter hers trail south. Yang was sitting on the top part of the couch with one of her legs showing and the other on the back. Letting her womanhood being shown.

Blake noticed that Yang had shaved.

"Maybe he'll do just that then." Yang replied curtly as she looked around while flipping her other leg over the couch, briefly flashing Blake who began to sweat a bit.

"Awesoooooooooome!" Ruby screamed as she kicked around on the ground, and looked like she was having a seizure. Until she popped up to her feet and became to hop around. She hadn't thought they would make an actual tornado of fire. She had just thought that they would make maybe a spinning wheel, where she used her scythe to cut through massive amounts of grimm.

"Isn't that one of the moves we did?" Weiss questioned the team.

"Yeah." Ruby agreed.

But this, this was awesome!

"It has it's kinks to work out." Blake admit to the team leader, an amused look on her face. She had to admit, that was just nice. The flame tornado had been majestic, but it lacked any form of control to it.

"So basically it's Jaunes own control over aura." Weiss claimed.

"At this rate id say his is worse." Yang replied while looking through the remnants of the the mini fridge... While conveniently displaying the solid red mark on her ass.

"Next combo! Okay... Naruto... and Blake... and me! We will be... Moonlight Black Rose!" Ruby shouted out as she pointed at the people who would be teaming up together to form this next attack. Ruby pulled out a notebook, before she opened it up. On it, were crude drawings of Naruto, Blake, and herself.

"Nice drawing." Blake dead panned. While Ruby was many things, artistic skills wasn't one of them.

"Eh?" Blake asked as she looked at the drawings.

"Okay, you use your ribbon... and toss it to me and Naruto. Then, me and Naruto will use Speed to run forward. You will hold back the ribbon, and when we pass the enemy... use your Shadow to jump up and leave a Shadow behind in your place... and then when it vanishes the ribbon will slice through the enemy to get to us!" Ruby explained as she pointed to a set of crude drawings that depicted how the teamwork move was suppose to work.

"Are you insane?" Weiss asked Ruby.

"No, I was tested." Ruby replied before she slapped a hand over her mouth, but instinctively brought the same hand down to cover her chest.

'I don't see this ending well for Blake.' Naruto thought as he looked at Blake, who was gazing at the plans with fear in her eyes.

She could NEVER hold back both Naruto and Ruby with both of them using

Speed, instead, she would be launched into the air and sent flying.

This plan would hurt her, really badly.

Blake frowned at Ruby for the follow up of that plan.

"Are you stupid? Not only is this plan incredibly dangerous, Blake could die doing it." Weiss spoke up for Blake's sake. Ruby looked at her plans for a moment, and she didn't really get it, but she listened to her teammate.

Blake held her hand up, with Weiss high giving it.

"Okay, well here is another one... Yang... you and Blake team up with Naruto. Naruto will take Blake's ribbon, and both of you will use it to throw Yang at the enemy like a slingshot." Ruby suggested to them. Naruto nodded, that sounded better than what she previously said.

"That plan will go out with a-" Yang was about to launch on of her signature puns, but was cut off by the few pages of book being smacked in her face. She got up and scoffed before going back to the fridge.

"I like that, simple, and easy to remember." Yang spoke up with a devious grin on her face. She got to fly through the air, AND punch things.

"I'd like to punch what's his face." Yang seethed in a whisper. Almost in an instant, she felt her ass get hit again, only this time it was the other cheek. She was still looking in the fridge for a drink but couldn't make up her mind of what she wanted. Yang's hair burst into flames as it melted through the fridge's door.

Yang spit out some of the glass and yelled. "You got soda in my hair!"

"You kinda walked into that one." Blake said to Yang as she began to try and wipe the soda off of her body, which only made it worse. The soda that had landed on her was cherry soda, which stuck to her skin like glue. Not only that but it made it appear shiny.

"How was I supposed to know he'd hear me?" Yang questioned with a strained tone.

"Try keeping things to yourself." Weiss chidded Yang who stuck her tongue at her.

"Look who's talking! You couldn't keep your trap shut if your life depended on it." Yang spoke to Weiss as she took some moist wipes that were next to the fridge/

Ruby only blinked before reading on.

"Well, we can't really practice that one without a target... okay then, Naruto, Weiss, and Blake... all of you use swords. You are also all pretty fast... really fast for Naruto. Naruto you stand... North... Weiss stand... South East, and Blake... South West... and stand in a triangle... Then attack the enemy from all three sides at the same time... New Winter Moon." Ruby explained, and the drawings did not do the plan justice this time. The attack sounded pretty cool, so all three participants drew their swords.

"Are we doing another one? I wonder how this chapter will end." Weiss questioned.

"Another reading story to make up for this one. There's a lot of books in here." Blake noted.

"Where'd they all go anyway?" Yang questioned while looking around.

Yang acted the part of the target, and she stood waiting for them, so they reversed the side of the swords they were using, using either the flat part or the backside.

"This should be good." Yang muttered while she rubbed her backside. Her cheeks felt like they had been hit with a paddle made of plywood. She didn't know who this thing was that was tormenting them, but once she got her hands on him she'd break him.

'I need to match their speed.' Naruto thought to himself as he placed his sword at his side. Weiss started to move first, and both Blake and Naruto matched her steps well. Both had enhanced sight, so it was easier for them to do this with her. Weiss took the lead without even bothering to ask anyone, but that was fine.

"Hmmm, he's got groove." Yang said before she shivered. "Crank up the heat will you!"

"Why is it so cold all of a sudden?" Ruby questioned as she herself began to shiver.

"Beats me, just keep reading and maybe it'll stop." Weiss complained as she rubbed her arms.

They each slashed at Yang, and Yang wasn't able to block any of the blades, simply because when she tried to block one, another blade would change the direction of the blade she was about to block by hitting it.

Yang was slashed three times, at the same time, and her aura dropped. She let out a grunt of pain, aura didn't stop pain, and she held her stomach where Weiss hit her.

"Seem's I've gotten better." Weiss complimented herself.

"C-C-Chill ice queen." Yang complained to Weiss as she shivered. Her nipples could be classified as deadly weapons with how hard they were now. They could pass off as glass cutters.

"Okay... that is good to go." Yang gasped out, because that attack had HURT. She didn't want to take another one of those.

"Cool... now just Weiss and Naruto. Weiss, can you use your Semblence to make Naruto go even faster and tackle his opponent with his speed?" Ruby asked, and

Weiss looked at her with a smirk.

"Can I?" Weiss asked her, obviously being sarcastic.

"Can you?" Ruby asked, completley missing the sarcasm in her words.

"I-I-I-I don't miss sarcasm!" Ruby shouted. She begun to feel freezing as well, to the point he could see her breath.

"Sure you don't." Blake replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Of course I can!" Weiss snapped at Ruby, since the girl did not seem to know the meaning behind the way she was speaking. The girl just could not pick up on social cues that well, it was strangely charming, if not annoying.

"Your a meanie, you know that?" Ruby told Weiss while dropping the book and standing up full, then reverting back into the fetal position. She somehow forgot she was naked and on full display for whoever was watching.

"At least I'm not damaging things." Weiss battered back.

Weiss showed off her skills, and she created twelve white glyphs on the ground in front of Naruto, and Yang went over towards the end of the line and prepared herself to get hit.

"Round two." Yang snickers while shaking like a leaf. "Can you put some heat on!"

"Hmm maybe." The voice replied.

She had a red face, since this would mean that Naruto would be crashing right into her.

'Oh yeah I forgot. This'll be perfect. He'll crash right into me and we'll be touching! And maybe exchange eye contact! Thank you FTDS!' Yang thought with glee as she began to sweat a little.

"Okay, this is going to either be awesome, or it is going to suck." Yang muttered to herself as she got prepared to catch Naruto if she could.

She could not.

Yang's smile dropped.

She forgot how CRAZY fast he could move.

Yang felt something SLAM into her like a rocket faster than she could see, the ground was turned into lava by his speed, and Yang was clear knocked off her feet.

"Well, you could say that escalated quickly." Blake quirked with a grin. Sure she was a bit shocked at how hard Yang was hit by Naruto, but the times she saw Yang get put under the most massive amounts of strain were nothing.

Yang only opened her mouth before muttering something incoherently.

She and Naruto were sent rolling across the ground for several... many several dozen meters. They bounced across the ground and seperated from each other.

"This is almost as worse as the time we fought Roman in the giant robot." Ruby reminded herself.

"Naruto's is a walking wreaking ball, and he met the unstoppable force." Weiss said to Ruby. "He can turn the ground into molten lava for pete's sake."

"Oooooooh... not again." Naruto said as he held his cramped up stomach, he had gotten cramps from what he had just done.

"Funny, usually I start having cramps this time of month." Yang said, making a period joke. Whenever she usually was in any type of light situation she came up with some humor to lighten the mood.

"Cramps aren't fun. It's like getting hit in the stomach with a bat." Ruby complained. She begun having her periods a few years earlier.

"My everything hurts... I'm done... out of aura." Yang informed her sister, because now she couldn't practice with everyone. She had taken a hit so powerful it completely wiped out her aura. No, she also had a large bruise forming from her belly button to the middle of her chest, and also on her back. Yeah, she never wanted to get hit by that attack, and based on the way Naruto was hurting, it seemed that it had hurt him too.

"Are you kidding me!" Weiss shouted. "No aura! You've been hit harder than that by something bigger! Naruto's speed and velocity is more stronger than a prime Atlas weapon!"

"Yep. Naruto can really rough you up." Yang purred, kind of ignoring the insanely bruise on her chest.

She REALLY was paired with a good one.

"You aren't at all worried that you could partially die of your training injuries?" Blake questioned.

"I've been through worse." Yang remained. "My dad can be really... Persuasive when he's angry."

"Do tell." Weiss replied.

"Naruto, are you okay!?" Iron shouted when he noticed Naruto was on the ground, and the huge man ignored Yang as he went to help Naruto.

"Can't say I blame him. I don't want to be helped up." Yang said while Weiss scoffed.

"Nothing ever went wrong to guys wanting to be a gentlemen."

"This is Iron we're talking about."

"Say no more." Weiss answered back.

"I'm hurt too!"

"Yeah... cramps. I'll be fine in a little bit. My legs hurt though." Naruto mentioned, Naruto tried to stand up, before he yelped and landed on his butt again. Naruto looked at his legs in shock, and Iron started to poke his legs.

"Poking. Great idea." Yang laughed a bit.

"Better than what most of us had to offer." Weiss replied. But a bit scared at the fact she was the main cause of Naruto's injuries.

"I am so sorry, twelve speed enhancements was way too much." Weiss said as she got to Naruto, worried about him. She hadn't known Naruto was that fast, otherwise she wouldn't have done it.

"My legs..." Naruto said with his eyes downcast. Blake stopped next to Naruto, while Ruby helped Yang back to her feet. Blake looked at Naruto's legs, and they weren't too badly injured. Of course, Naruto's ankles were sprained pretty badly... and the speed had tore some muscle in his legs... but that was pretty much it.

"Ouch. This'll make training a lot harder than it already is." Ruby said sympathetically.

"Bunny boy's been through worse. He can eat nails and spit out bullets. He'll pull through." Yang stayed strong with her love interest.

"Will be fine with some rest. Looks like you and Yang are done training for the day." Blake told Naruto with a sigh of relief, and Naruto wasn't as worried as before.

"I will get you to the nurse then rival!" Iron shouted as he picked up Naruto, who sighed and palmed his face.

"Seriously, how is Iron not... Like attracted to anything?" Weiss questioned while feeling the heat in the room grow extensively.

"People are all wired different." Blake told Weiss.

'This... this is why people think we are gay. You do stuff like this.' Naruto thought with annoyance. Of course, he couldn't walk under his own power, even supported walking as out.

"Must be a hard knock life." Blake mutterd while having her own vivid descriptions of books that suited her more 'personal' needs.

Yang was limping pretty badly, but thankfully her legs were uninjured, she just had a pretty bad bruise that was making moving her back annoying.

"Reminds me of the last story where I could just barely walk." Yang laughed when she watched her sister's face twitch at the sexy joke she made.

"You know this is funny because you've had about as much action with guys as Jaune does with girls." Weiss sneerd at Yang who felt her mouth fall open. Both Ruby and Blake felt their mouths open wide enough to shove in an entire softball.

The burn was so perfect, you could practically hear it sizzle.

"Sorry, need some ice for that burn?" Weiss joked at Yang who growled.

"Coming from fancy skirt who can't properly find chest support." Yang said to Weiss. Weiss made a bold move and grabbed Uangs left boob.

"What boys see is flesh. What I see is implants." Weiss felt her left nipple pinched and the two entered a fight. Hair was being pulled and two simultaneous slaps were heard.

"YOUCH!" Weiss shouted as she felt her bottom get paddled by an invisible force. She looked over and saw a solid hand print on her ass. She looked over at Yang and saw she was now sporting three.

"Knock it off you two!" Blake yelled at her teammates.

"Yeah, otherwise we'll be stuck here forever... And whys it so hot?" Ruby chattered as she wiped some sweat off of her forehead.

"She's right, sorry." Weiss apologized as she got off of Yang and helped her up.

"Truce... By the way, what skin cream do you use?" Yang questioned.

"Coconut butter, why?" Weiss questioned.

"You could say your bottoms... As smooth as ice." Yang laughed as she saw Weiss expression almost shatter.

Ruby grumbled before she looked back down at the book.

"Okay, so less glyphs... but we learned something new. That attack causes a HUGE amount of damage! If we find out the right amount of glyphs, it will be PERFECT!" Ruby gushed out loudly. They needed a name for that attack! "I know, that is the Winter Hailstorm!" Ruby shouted out in all of her excitement.

"It could've been something worse, like the winter spleen gusher!" Ruby suggested.

Yang coughed out some blood, and she groaned in pain, she would live, but she could not take that level of damage again.

"Oh god! We need to get Yang- they need to get her to a hospital!" Ruby shouted with worry after seeing her sister cough up blood.

"That is serious." Yang agreed in grimace.

"You okay?" Blake asked Yang, who nodded her head. She had promised to be the test dummy, but now she realized that was a mistake. Blake nodded, before she looked at Yang a bit more seriously. "You shouldn't spar for awhile, at least a week." Blake informed her, and Yang nodded.

Yeah, she didn't feel up for sparring anytime soon.

Chapter End!

The book vanished in a plum of smoke, and the entire room was flooded with light.

Team RWBY experienced a brief moment of blindness as they covered their eyes. Ruby was the first to exit out of the phase of vertigo to see the entire detangible room.

"What the-" Ruby stopped though when she saw a door at the end of the room.

*knock, knock*

"Uh, hello?" Weiss asked loudly while covering her chest as she made her way to the door... Which unexpectedly opened.

To be continued?