Heya everyone, this is sort of a 'sketchpad' for the ideas I'm gonna dump here. I may or may not continue writing past the first 'pilot' chapter for some, but if I like certain stories enough and a lot of you ask me to keep writing, then I'll properly start another series on my profile with the premise that I've shown in this folder.

For now, I'll be writing down basic premises for every story idea I've thought up in this chapter, and will be trying a pilot chapter for some of these story ideas after this.

I apologize for my crappy typing in this...but I have a tendency to just ramble when I'm just writing down ideas before I could refine them, so it'll be a bit of jumble in some parts.

The main characters for most of my story ideas

Let's start things off with the fact the two main characters will be basically the same across most of my story ideas, and they are Naruto and Kurama. They'll be traveling across dimensions thanks to a technique Kurama learned'. I know it's cliche, but I just really like the Outfoxed's version of Naruto and Kurama that I don't want to bother with using the canon templates for those two, and this is the easiest way to explain their presences in whatever world I'll be introducing them to.


So, don't worry too much about spoilers.

Naruto, due to an incident, is now immortal, and, while a little cynical from the long life, he promised his original loved ones that he would continue to be himself and allow special people into his life even as he and Kurama continued to hop worlds in search for an answer in their own personal quest, which is to find a way for both him and Kurama to die naturally in the end, no matter how long that quest might take.

Kurama had fallen in love with and grew attached to Naruto (Yeah...who didn't see that coming? (sarcastic)). While she was regretful for him when they realized he became immortal, since that meant he wouldn't get to see his loved ones in the afterlife for a long time...she was also glad that she would have one companion she could love and trust completely for the remainder of her life. She honestly didn't want to go back to living her life alone again if Naruto had died of old age. However, she also knows it's not fair for Naruto and his other loved ones that he had to keep on living. So the two made an agreement that they would search dimensions for something that could at least render them mortal and be able to move on to the afterlife together, no matter how long the quest took.

They'll be immensely powerful, thanks to their long lives and their shared power. Yes, even though Naruto managed to release Kurama from her seal without dying, he still retains access to her near-infinite chakra and can still use his full abilities as her jinchuuriki even though he didn't contain her anymore.

Kurama won't suddenly become the Juubi or whatever, and Naruto won't have the bullshit godlike powers that the canon version got for being an incarnation of Asura. I hated that part, and felt he should've won with his own power, not with that asspull. Those two will be strong because of their own merits and hard work. So no, he won't be a Sage of the Six Path, though he'll have some of the powers, like Yin/Yang release, and his Sharingan has evolved into the Rinnegan just because of his long training with it.

Naruto, due to his promise with his original loved ones, will continue to make friends with whoever catches his attention in whatever world he finds himself in, and if he decided a woman or two were worth allowing himself to love then he would take the shot, knowing that even if they left him in the end due to old age, Kurama would always be there for him, so he won't ever be left alone. He'd mourn them for a bit,, but will move on while keeping the memories in his heart for the rest of the quest. He'll be a bit apathetic to the people he didn't care for and would even share Kurama's penchant for large-scale destruction if he thinks whatever world they end up in calls for it, despite the likely cost of life associated with that. He'd be friendly and funny to the good people he meets, and utterly merciless to the bad ones. He'd show more of his caring and loving side to those that earns his affection.

Kurama will be a bit abrasive and show little regard for humans with the exception of the ones that Naruto personally likes, and will not hesitate in killing anyone that gets in her and Naruto's way in whatever plans they cook up. She can be a little protective of Naruto, but wouldn't care if other women caught his attention as long as she was number one in his life, because she also knows she would always be the one left with him in the end. Though she'll show a soft spot for children and people who are pure, and wouldn't mind being around them.

Example : She'd be very protective of Asia from High School DXD just because she's pure. Kurama would like being able to sense Asia's pure emotions and might get a bit addicted just because it'd feel so relaxing to her. I can imagine funny situations where she'd want to destroy Issei for 'trying to corrupt' Asia with his pervertedness.

Alright, I think that's enough information on these two. If you have questions, just ask away in reviews or PM, and i'll clear things up. Let's move on to story ideas and the basic premise.

Naruto X RWBY

Throwing Two Wrenches into the Clockwork

Yeah...the title definitely could be better, so any suggestion will be appreciated.

This is the idea I like the most, and would likely make a series out of it if enough people likes it. so I'll go into the most detail about this one. Get ready for a long read. :-)

I would've likely started writing a crossover with the two series earlier if I had realized sooner that they subtitled the RWBY episodes on its Youtube channel (I'm hard of hearing and they never captioned the show on their official website.) But now I finally got to enjoy the series properly instead of just watching its amazing fight scenes..

This will be based in the world of Remnant, so personally I don't think this will be a long series mostly because even with two and half volumes, the show didn't cover a long time period, but I'll try my best.

Story Idea Start

Several years before RWBY's canon timeline, Kurama and Naruto will arrive in this world and drop into the middle of a large snowy island north of Mistral and east of Atlas. If you look at some maps of Remnant, you'll see it. You'll also see there don't seem to be any human settlement there, and will be likely quite infested with Grimm. Every single creature on the island will sense Kurama due to her power sources being rage and malice. It'll be like a massive beacon for all of them, and will immediately attack the two. They easily dispatch a good amount of them, but Naruto notices something was wrong with Kurama She'd start to react to all the negativity that seemed to permeate the entire world's atmosphere because of the Grimm's tainted presence. In fact, it would be way too much for her even though she was fighting it, and she'll begin to lose control of herself and give into mindless rage, similar to when she attacked Konoha under control of Obito.

She changes into the fox form and of course attacks Naruto, but he's no pushover himself. They both get into an epic battle that takes them all over the island and pretty much destroys almost every single grimm on the island just because of their proximity to the battle. After maybe two or three days of fighting, Naruto will see that Kurama wasn't any closer to regaining control, and has to use his very last resort by activating a powerful suppression seal that Kurama forced him to paint on her so long ago as a failsafe in case she gets out of control. It restricts her power and cuts down her absorption of malice from the atmosphere to a trickle. She finally regains control of herself and shrinks back to human form. She won't be as strong as before and any attempt to regain her full power results in her going mindless again, so she will have to depend on Naruto to protect her in the meantime. However, she'll still be stronger than even the strongest huntress. To make matters worse, she needs her full power to dimension hop out of this world, and as long as the powerful malice remained in the atmosphere, they won't be able to leave.

Now, there is where I might differ from RWBY canon. It doesn't seem to explain where Grimm came from, and why there seem to be an infinite amount of them, so I'm going to explain that Kurama, using her ability to sense malice, discovers that there are 'sources' all over the world that seem to radiate extreme evil and malice, and are able to endlessly generate the creatures of Grimm to try to destroy this world's humanity. She and Naruto deduce that they'll have to find and destroy those 'sources' in order to cleanse Remnant of the tainted atmosphere so they could hop out whenever they're ready.

With that, the 'source' that made the island its home appears, and was in rage at all the grimm killed by Kurama and Naruto's rampage. It then attacks the duo. It was surprisingly powerful enough to give Naruto a tough time while protecting a weakened Kurama. He eventually overpowers the 'source' and wounds it badly enough. It runs off, knowing it was going to die eventually, but it senses some humans that came to investigate the island because of all the destruction they observed from afar. iI then wants to kill them, just because it could and would do whatever it took before either it died or Naruto found it again.

At this point, I think I'll introduce one possible woman that'd catch Naruto's attention...Winter Schnee. She just got out of the academy, and as a new officer in the Atlas' military, she gets sent with a team to the island to check out the 'disturbance' they observed there. They find the entire island devastated. They then start to explore the area, noting that they hadn't encountered any grimm so far, and that was far more scary than they'd like to admit. The 'source' finds and attacks them, taking pleasure in killing all the humans painfully and slowly despite their valiant effort to kill it. Even wounded, it was just too strong. Winter was the last one remaining, and was being tortured. Just as the monster goes in for the kill, Naruto finds and destroys it before Winter could die.

Winter passes out just as she sees Naruto, so she didn't have a clear view of his face. She just remembers being carried somewhat tenderly by him, he had sunny blond hair, and that he had a beautiful blue left eye with the other one being covered by an eyepatch.

Next thing she knew, she wakes up in an infirmary and was told that she had been found lying on the coast's beach by backup. She tells Weiss about the mysterious stranger, and makes it her ultimate goal to find him and get to know him. She finds out the island had been completely wiped of any Grimm presence, marking the first time in recorded history that an entire land mass had been made safe for human inhabitation, even though it was a moderate-sized island.

Naruto and Kurama also disappeared completely. The only indications of their presences in the world were when extremely dangerous and remote areas had been wiped of Grimm over the next several years.

I can imagine Ozpin desperately trying to find any lead on this mysterious duo, believing them to be key to saving humanity from the grimm. He eventually finds them, and was shocked to see them so young looking despite their power. After a long discussion, he invites them to Beacon, and they agree since they needed to start moving through civilized territory in order to find more 'sources' and having an influential person vouch for them would be faster than having to sneak slowly through without attracting unnecessary attention.

And this is the part where I might have to make a choice…

Now they could either pretend to be students, or assistants to the professors. Like Naruto helping Goodwitch with combat classes and so on. Kurama is not interested in helping, but is interested in how dust worked, and will do research on them whenever she had free time, and might be friends with Weiss due to their similar no-nonsense and haughty personalities. In the meantime, Naruto regularly interacts with teams RWBY and JNPR. And would definitely help Jaune to become a better hunter...not to mention it'd be funny. Like how he'd try to help Jaune with his girl troubles, and would just smack his face hard every time he tries a bad pickup line or acts stupid around girls, especially Weiss. Oh...and don't get me started on him and Nora. They'd be best friends in mayhem, that's for sure.

At this point, I probably will figure out things as I go. Dunno about the women for him. I just like the idea of someone as serious and stiff as Winter or Goodwitch being 'thawed' out slowly by Naruto. A faunus would be a great choice, and make for several good story points...either Blake or Velvet. He'd try to bring them out of their shells, especially Velvet. Naruto being foxy and Velvet being a rabbit faunus would make for an interesting dynamic.

Most likely Neo. I really like her, and I just love the idea of her interactions with Naruto. I can totally imagine him understanding her expressions and gestures perfectly except at the most important points in their one-sided conversations where he'd 'mistakenly' assume the most outlandish thing he thinks she was trying to say, totally baffling and frustrating her. Like "What? Jaune fell down and is stuck in a well?" just when she was trying to say a totally different thing.

And it'd be funny when Kurama meets Neo, and she'd be actually overjoyed to find a woman even shorter than her.

Maybe Yang? Blondes have fun, and all that. haha. Or Raven? She wouldn't be a bad choice, but I'd like to learn more about her, though. Ruby most likely won't be involved with Naruto, mostly because she's a bit too sweet and naive in her world view compared to Naruto's and Kurama's more pragmatic beliefs. Pyrrha is doubtful even though I like her a lot, but I doubt I can take her away from Jaune without a really good reason. Nora belongs only to Ren...or she'll break my legs.

Anyway, that's all I could think of of this crossover. There are more, and all the major events, like the Breach, will be totally changed by the extra presences, but I'll hold off on them and save them for if this story takes off.

Naruto X One Piece

Combine two of my favorite mangas? Why the hell not?

Same thing as the last idea….Naruto and Kurama hops into the world a few years before canon. Just so happens to save Nami from a particularly terrible experience. They heal her, and learns about the world from her along with some info in the library. She wants to go with them, but still has to continue her quest to collect 100 million to save her village, so they part company with Naruto promising to help her if she needs it.

Next couple years, they make some headlines, and gets bounties. They then kinda make a trail of confusion and destruction through East blue, slightly altering the beginning events of One Piece canon, mostly funny and to baffle Luffy as he encounters them while meeting crew members.

Maybe something like how Naruto happened to save Luffy's home village from a random pirate attack while he was still in the mountains getting ready to leave the next day for his journey. Luffy finds out what happened when he gets to town, and asks for more details from Makino, who blushes and swoons over Naruto and the 'incredible time' he gave her last night. Probably would be funnier in full scene. Naruto and Kurama would already be gone by the time Luffy leaves, and they'd also interfere a bit with the Avida, Marine Base, and the Buggy arcs.

Another funny thing I thought up is when buggy randomly happens across Kurama, and he tries to forcefully woo her. She returns the favor by kicking him in the balls hard and leaves. Later when Luffy does the same in their fight, it hurt even more cuz he was still sore and he cries about getting the same thing again in less than a day. Something like that.

Naruto and Kurama finally runs into Nami at her home island, and Kurama gets a bit pissed at hearing about Nami's treatment from the Arlong pirates (she developed a soft spot for Nami due to her strong will and determination to save her village). So she single handedly takes on the pirates and destroys them completely.

At that point, Luffy's crew and the duo split up in their own ships with Naruto and Kurama picking up their own crew members along the way because they decide to destroy the World Government's stranglehold, and wants to find and train strong pirates for that assault.

So...there'll be a bunch of adventures after that...and I'll try to come up with original islands and arcs, and try to introduce maybe one or two OCs along with Naruto picking up some minor characters as crew members...something like Miss Valentine or whoever else.

As for Naruto's possible girls...Robin is the first woman I thought of. Imagine her reaction when she finds out Naruto and Kurama are older than they appear. Archaeological fetish. :-)

Nami is also most likely, because they saved her from a terrible experience and the Arlong Pirates, and she's grateful to them for that.

And there might be more, so it just depends on if I feel good about writing any of them.

If any of this sounds like a certain another popular crossover story called Shinobi of the High Seas...you'd be right. I'm not ashamed to say this will be totally inspired by Kenich618's work. After all, his awesome story was the reason i decided to get into writing fanfiction. Though I'll make sure the two stories will be separate enough in many parts so I wouldn't be copying him point for point. .

Sekirei x Naruto crossover

It's gonna be the same basic set up as many naruto x sekirei crossover...powerful duo drops in, and just fucks up Minaka's game beyond recognition. Just written in my own way.

They're just too strong for most of the Sekirei, and Miya will only make Naruto barely break a sweat, so the battles won't be interesting.

So this will be mostly focused on the humor of Kurama and Naruto just screwing with Minaka at every chance they get, and some romance as Naruto apparently attracts his own flock, much to Kurama's amusement.

Though this story will finally give me an excuse to write Naruto and Kurama hijacking an aircraft carrier just because they needed a ride from where they dropped in (in Antarctica) to the high power sources they felt in Japan, which happened to be the Sekirei. The unfortunate ship just happened to be sailing by the wrong place at the wrong time. :-) This part's been on my mind for some reason and I just wanted a reason to write it. Haha.

Highschool of the Dead X Naruto

The duo drops in, a bit tired from the last few worlds they visited being full of battles and high stress situations. They decide to take it easy in this peaceful world, but Kurama, having seen worlds ending before, feels a familiar sensation in the air and she knows this world's entire civilization would fall soon. They decide to integrate into society and learn its history. They eventually meet up at the school where this would all begin.

When shit hits the fan, they're not even going to break a sweat on the zombies, and they won't be hiding their powers. The humans realize their best chance for survival would be with them and tags along, though they say they won't do everything for them, because there's a chance they could leave the group anytime and the high school group might have to fend for themselves. .

This'll be focused on the drama, some humor, and of course more romance. Kurama would particularly get a kick out of Naruto attracting women to him like flies just because he's strong and could give them protection. Not to mention he's also caring. That's pretty much it.

Not going to be an amazing read….I just thought of this crossover with my own style and maybe some people might like that, but it's doubtful I'll write this long-term.

High school DXD and Naruto

Just thought of this, so I don't have much of an idea on what to do with this. This is probably a story where some of the characters could actually be as strong as Naruto and Kurama, so this'll make for an interesting read in terms of battle. I'll probably leave the pairings mostly canon, meaning Issei will likely get Rias, Akeno, and Asia.

Kurama will particularly have it out for Issei because of him possibly corrupting someone as pure as Asia, and she enjoys the nun's relaxing presence due to her emotion sensing.

And imagine the Kyuubi of Naruto's world meeting the Kyuubi of DXD's world...Yasaka. That'll be interesting to write, I'm sure.

And now for something different…

Harry Potter

Yep...no crossover this time. I've always enjoyed Harry Potter, and wouldn't mind trying my hand at writing a fic.

Unfortunately, it won't have original ideas...just my way of writing even the usual cliches that might set it different from many other fanfics using the same things.

It'll involve Harry somehow managing to gain knowledge from the horcrux in his scar after an incident that nearly kills him at the end of the 3rd year.

He won't be corrupted by the knowledge, but will be grey after learning exactly what atrocious things Voldemort and his Death Eaters did and will promise put them down like dogs. He'll take advantage of what he learned to grow more powerful and more cunning, and will be helped along by Dumbledore.

That's right, he'll be a lot less idealistic, and quite a badass wizard in this story, and he decides Harry couldn't afford to not train extensively for his eventual confrontation with Voldemort. Instead, he'll actively train him throughout the fourth year and beyond.

I don't plan for bashing in this story. While Ron will have his moments of stupidity, and I might not even let them remain best friends, but I won't bash him. He'll still be a genuinely good person deep down, though. Ginny won't be an obsessed fangirl...hell I might even pair her up with Harry, but it depends on how I feel about writing her. Molly will be just a good if a bit overbearing mother.

Malfoy and Snape are different though. I hate their guts and if I could, i would bash them a ridiculous amount, but I won't. However, I'll probably write them a bit more evil than in canon, and I doubt there'll be redemption for either of them.

Pairings...I've always thought Hermione and Harry were the OTP in canon, so it was totally out of the left field for me when JK Rowling paired her with Ron. Ugh.

If there are more women...Fleur is my second favorite after Hermione. Daphne Greengrass or Pansy Parkinson would make an interesting choice just because of the Gryffindor x Slytherin dynamic. I also love Luna, and I'm still not opposed to Ginny. We'll see how I feel about writing them.

Well, that's all I can think of to write into this note. If you feel like I could do better with a different crossover or whatever other idea you might have, just let me know in reviews or PM, and I'll see what I can do.

For now, I'm gonna write a 'pilot' chapter for the Naruto x RWBY crossover after this. It'll probably take a couple days so i wouldn't expect it Christmas day if i were you….most likely the day after. Anyway, Happy Holidays and hope to hear your feedback soon.