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'I'm panicking Rubes. We need to cancel. This dress looks hideous and the flowers look terrible, and you're like eight months along, and could give birth at any point, and I'm still mad that you wouldn't get rid of it, I'm just worried and to top it off Coco will hate th-'

Ruby had enough of her sister's ramblings and delivered a smack. 'Going down the list off all that is wrong with that statement. Okay one, your dress and flowers look beautiful. And I may be eight months along, but I will not kill a child for it's father's violent actions towards a deaf girl.' Ruby started as she saw Yang was about to sign something again when Ruby stopped her.

'And Coco is going to be just as worried, but you just need to see this through. Dad is going to give you away, and I'll be up there with you. And if I happen to go into labour, so help me god, I don't care if you are mid way through and my water breaks, if you don't say I do I will beat you with the bouquet.' Ruby finally stopped once she saw the blonde before her finally relax.

'I'm pretty sure if your water does break dad and Blake will freak out. Your standing somewhat behind me.' Yang signed as Ruby rolled her eyes. 'I will smack you again. Then we will need to get Neptune back in here and he will be angry at you.'

'Surely he will be mad at you. And you can't pull the hormonal card all the time.' Yang signed as Ruby gave her another eye roll. 'I can until this child is inside the system and even a little after.'

Yang rolled her eyes as she heard a knock on her door. "Come in!" Yang yelled causing Ruby to turn around. The door opened and their father walked in. "Dad, I swear not right now. I'm starting to panic right now, and you coming in is making this seem all the more real."

Tai smiled as he moved a chair for Ruby to sit down on. He had been panicking more about how Ruby was keeping the child to term but at the same time he could understand why. "You may hate her a little, but you remind me of Raven. You and Summer were the only reason she had ever stopped whatever it was that week." Tai spoke fond of the memory of his first wedding.

"Dad, I have Ruby trying to convince me to go through with it, and I have you really making me want to ditch Coco at the altar to hunt down that bitch and beat her into the ground. Then maybe hunt Jaune down. I mean come on giving me the bakery." Yang began to rant as Tai grabbed her shoulders.

"Yang calm down. In less than an hour you'll be married. This is just the cold feet. Take a few deep breaths." Tai began quickly following his own advice to spur Yang on. Something she quickly began to do. "Are you feeling better?" Tai asked as Yang nodded.

It was a nice moment before a shoe hit Yang's head. She turned around and was about to yell at the only other person in the room when she saw Ruby sign quickly, 'I think my water just broke.'

The pool of dampness around the chair. Tai began to panic as Ruby began to attempt to get up. Cupping her stomach. The pain she was feeling was a new sensation. That was when panic truly set in for the older duo.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fu-" Tai was abruptly cut off by Ruby smacking him. "She has a point dad. You go and tell Coco, I'll call an ambulance. I feel Ruby going into labour takes priority." Yang listed off as she lead Ruby back to a dryer chair.

"Okay. Keep her calm." Tai began as he left the room to quickly come back. "Where is Coco's room?"

"I swear to god! You stay here. Hold her hand and make sure she is calm. I'll go tell them. If I see Blake, I'll send her in." Yang spoke moving from Ruby pushing her father further into the room. Closing the door as she left.

She began to run as fast as she could in her heels as she turned the corner she nearly ran into Blake who was looking somewhat shocked. "Yang.. wha-"

"Ruby's going into labour! Go to my room, dad is freaking out!" Yang yelled as she continued on not even sparing a look back. She had a goal. She ran around one more corner and saw her goal. She ran up to the door and pounded on it. No longer caring for the secret knock Velvet had insisted on.

As the door open to show Velvet glaring as Coco quickly dived out of where she hoped was Yang's line of sight. "Yang, you may be my boss bu-"

"Ruby is going into labour! Not a time for superstition." Yang began as Coco spoke, "Okay, you go be with her. I'll go tell everyone we need to postpone. Now go. Take Velv."

"Okay. Hurry up." Yang spoke as she quickly began to run back towards her sister. She hoped Ruby was going to be alright. The fact she would have Blake and their dad it boded well for that hope.

As she ran back into her room she could see Blake was clearly acting as a translator as Tai began to just chant the mantra of 'Keep breathing.'

"Okay we have Velvet. Dad did you call the ambulance?" Yang asked as Velvet quickly took over for Tai who had nearly passed out. They all knew that he clearly hadn't been actually breathing. "Yeah." He began as he looked away. The panic was getting too strong for him.

"Dad, if you pass out from seeing Ruby give birth I'm going to kick your ribs at least when we leave." Yang stated as she helped her dad over to another chair.

"Yeah sorry. I just always thought it would be you. So I kinda prepared myself for that." Tai spoke as Yang punched him in the arm. Before Yang could even respond the door flung open. "I can understand you want to me to be in there, but I need to keep with this Superstition. It has been rooted in my family for a reason. Any time you see the bride before the ceremony it leads to a divorce that turns violent." Coco yelled through the open door.

"Okay, then can you lead the EMTs in here when they get here?" Yang asked she could hear a single yes as she closed the door a little just to make sure Coco's superstition was upheld.

Eight hours later Ruby had finally given birth. She felt exhausted. She had given birth to a five pound baby girl. She already had some of the paper work done to place the life she just brought into the world into an adoption agency.

Yet now that she had held the baby. She was unsure about actually giving up the child. She knew any time she looked at the poor innocent face she would be reminded of how the child came into existence.

Her time being chained to a wall and violently taken against her will. Something she didn't need help with reminding herself of. She had woken up nearly every night in a cold sweat. Thankfully they could be partially vanquished by Blake and Zwei. But it still took it's toll.

'Hey. What are you thinking about?' Blake signed. She was the only person Ruby wanted in the room with her once the child was removed.

'I'm just not sure if I want her gone. She looks so cute. So innocent.' Ruby signed, still unsure if her feelings were just because of her hormones or because of them being genuine. It was all confusing her.

'Logically, I'd have to say that is foolish. Because you have little to no income. Definitely not enough to support a child. But you have no idea what life she can inside the system. It is like a coin flip.' Blake signed as Ruby smiled. She really wanted to bring her knees up to her chest to think and maybe even sleep a little but how could she sleep like this. Her thought were just a constant swarm.

'Ultimately, I can't make the call for you. Just the files need to be signed by you, in a month at the latest. After that it gets harder and trickier.' Blake signed as Ruby smiled a little. 'Now stop worrying, and get some sleep. You must be exhausted.'

'Okay. But please don't leave... the nightmares get worse when you or Zwei aren't around.'


Author's Note:

well that was written in one sitting and fun at that. Had to change what the original mid section, otherwise this would have been a chapter and not just a small snipit that answered a reviewer's question. But I may or may not continue this series. Only time will tell. But until then I would like to thank everyone that has followed, favourited and reviewed it. You guys are what drive me to write. Well you and the voices in my head that say this story was too fluffy.