I'm back. I haven't totally abandoned my story 'Lush Life' but I am lost for ideas.

They lied. Outside they wall is doing fine. I have made it big in the music department as well as being famous for living in Chicago. On stage I go by the name Seven, because even though I technically only have six fears I got a total of seven fears in my fear landscape. It has been 4 years since I left and they could be interacting with the outside world. They could have been looking for me and even looked outside the wall so that is why I decided to go by a different name. Seven is now among the most famous people known to mankind. I would be surprised if Chicago hadn't heard of me. I knew this day would come though. When I left I had planned to never go back but as I sit here with my three year old on my lap, playing with one of her toys, I decided that I would have to go back. Not just for my world tour which ends in Chicago but because that is where I grew up. All of my friends are there. Especially Christina, who I know would not have taken to kindly at me just disappearing into thin air.

"Vicky, come on where have to go now" I say quietly, suddenly she looks up at me with a huge smile on her face

"Where we going? I thought you finished touring" I smile at that; she is not like most celebrities children. Vicky is kind and sweet but she is also quite smart for age

"My manger booked in one last place. We are going back to my home town". Grabbing our bags I make my way through my rather large house and to the car. The house is huge, it's like a mansion. I guess it is one of the perks of being a famous singer.


It doesn't take long for us to reach the Dauntless compound once we are inside the walls. It is just like I remember it, it seems like absolutely NOTHING has changed while I have been away. I grab our bags but one of my staff insist on carrying it to my room, I decided to just let her because I have learnt from experience that no matter how much protest I make, they are just going to do it anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if no one recognizes me as Tris. My hair has black tips and it is down to my waist. My clothes are tight on me so it shows just how skinny I am. I have leggings on that go down to just past my knees and I have a tank top on so it shows my tattoo that reads six. I better get one of my make up staff to temporally change it so it read Seven. All my friends know that six is like a nickname for me back when we first became members and I would rather not be noticed straight away.

"Mommy, what is this place?" Vicky asked as I made my way down to the cafeteria, luckily we arrived at dinner time and that I when my first show was scheduled to start.

"This is I first learned who I really was. It made my first real friends here" I say sadly. Unfortunately for me, as I go around the corner to where the cafeteria is, Four and I met in the door way, luckily all he does is look at me before going and finding a seat. He seemed empty when our eyes met but I don't really care. After leaving Vicky with one of my staff I make my way to the 'stage'.

"I know that most of you have at least heard of her, making her first appearance just under 3 years ago. Here she is in the flesh… SEVEN" Max announces and everyone starts cheering. I make my way to where Max is standing, taking the microphone

"Hello Chicago…" I have to stop because the noise from them cheering drowns me out. "First off I am going to be singing my brand new hit Beating heart" (I don't own the song or any of the lyrics)

"Eyes make their peace in difficulties…" I began singing the night away


After about five more songs, I take Vicky into the cafeteria to get something to eat. Spotting my friends at our usual table I make my way over to them. Where I usually sit is vacant but that is the only one. Four is still sitting with them, in his usual place. Sitting down and placing Vicky on my knee I look up and everyone at the table is staring at me

"Uh… I'm sorry but that is our friends seat" Fours states, a bit harshly but otherwise he looks miserable. I take my sunglasses off and so they can get a proper look at me

"Seven? Why are you sitting with us?" Christina asks

"Why am I not surprised that a Candor is the first one to ask" I smirk

"Because… Candor? How do you know?" she raises her eye brows at me

"You really don't know who I am?" I ask

"Sure we do, you're Seven. One of the most famous singers alive" Uriah replies

"No I mean who I really am, Seven is not my real name, it's just a nickname because I am only afraid of Seven things" I can't help but laugh at the looks on their faces "Well I'll leave you to ponder over that because I better get Vicky here to bed" I stand up and turn to leave but a voice stops me

"You were one of us?" Four asks, I can practically imagine what he is thinking. Is it Tris? Has she finally come back or did she really die.

"Yes I was" I say with sigh and leave. I guess I shouldn't be surprise when I hear footsteps behind me. I'm at my room in a few minutes and I leave the door open and immediately put Vicky to bed. Returning to the living room I see Four on the couch, waiting for me, our eyes meet for a second before he says

"I thought you were dead" he says with a tear rolling down his cheek

See I didn't kill her, she just left the city.