The moment Vic came in, I immediately asked her what I have wanted to know for awhile

"Why did you do it? Why did you travel back in time and mess everything up? Was it so that I never died… but I never did, do I? When you were growing up, everything that you are making happen, happened in your childhood so you are just make sure that it happens now… right?"

"Yeah, when Vicky is 16, you tell her this story of how everything goes so that she knows what to do, despite how weird it may seem"

"But the girl I saw him with…"

"That was a robotic clone of Vicky"

"Ok and one more question, HOW the hell have we been gone for 8 MONTHS?"

"Ok well when we time travel 1 hour over there equals 1 month here and we were gone for 8 hours and by the way you are like 8 months pregnant now but it's not going to show for about an hour"

"Oh great and Vic for what it's worth, thank you for coming back. I know that the place we just came from was the reason this whole thing happened, my guess is that you time travelled once you are older and create this timeline which is what you are doing now so it's going around in circles, right?"

"Yeah… now my head is spinning but yeah and I better go and let your friends back in" she said as she moved over to the door"

"Vicky, always remember that I love you"

"I'll try to keep that in mind" she says back with a smirk on her face


I can't believe that a week has passed since I finally got out of the hospital. My friends find it really weird that I am 8 months pregnant and to be honest I find it weird as well. My mind wander back to what the future Tobias said, I guess I should give him chance. Before I realize it, I am already out the door and on my way to his apartment. I reach his place before I know it and I hesitate a bit, I know he is in there because it is about 9pm. I knock a few times and the door opens slowly to reveal Tobias, he has rings around his eyes and he looks miserable. I can't help but feel guilty about that.

"Tris? What are you doing here?"

"We need to talk" I say simply. There was no point in avoiding what I was about to do

"Sure… come in and take a seat" I plop myself down on the couch and he takes a seat beside me.

"Why are you really here?"

"What do you mean? I need to talk to you"

"Fine" he spits out. I knew I should have listened to him

"Listened to who?" did I say that out aloud

"Oh just a man I met" I pretend not to notice the way his fists clench

I sigh before say what I came here to say "You know Vicky, my daughter?"

"Yeah but just say whatever you came here to say because I don't appreciate you rubbing it in my face that you found someone else and had a child with them" Is that what he thinks? That I found some else? That I moved on?

"I am not with anyone and I haven't found anyone else" he just stars at the floor before looking at me and pulls me in for a kiss…