By: Katie Chae

I want to be an actress, a singer, a poet

That was before I met him

Before I was shot down

He changed my life

He gave me hope

He would help me get a movie job

Clyde Barrow

It was Clyde

I never cared about his past

And how people looked at him

Or how people looked at me

But *you love who you love*

I got out of that dusty attic

And stopped listening to stories about farms and horses

And entered into the sunlight

And just dealt with being on the run

I knew that *dying ain't so bad*

As long I was with him

Before it was all about my future

Thinking that in the future *this world will remember me*

That I would soon be the it girl

But now I know

*This world will remember us*

As Bonnie and Clyde

*Asterisk for Bonnie and Clyde Musical Song Titles. I do not own the musical. All copyrights go to Frank Wildhorn and Ivan Menchell.