Tailed Beast in Fiore

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Chapter 1: A Mother's Love

Forests of Fiore

The rays of the full moon shone brightly on the forest, bathing the area in a silver light. In a certain part of the forest, two fox kits rolled around and pounced on one another, each one trying to dominate the other. From a distance their mother kept a sharp eye on them and kept her senses opened to the world around her, ready to jump at the slightest hint of trouble. Her kits yipped at one another, attempting to establish which of the two would come out on top as the alpha. It may have seemed like play now, but their present actions would determine how they would survive in life.

Suddenly the vixen's ears twitched, her head darting sharply from left to right as she released a low growl. Her hair stood on end, something was coming this way and whatever it was something unnatural and way above her on the food chain, a predator of unmatched power. She turned to her two young kits, both of whom were whimpering in fear. She sprinted towards them and they calmed down with her presence. She gave them some reassuring licks, nudging them towards the deeper part of the forest. As they ran towards the safety of the dense trees by cutting across a dirt road, a large creature that looked like a giant cheetah came running past them. On the creatures back was a women in a dark-blue cloak and in her arms was tightly wrapped bundle.

Suddenly her instincts kicked in and she rushed to her two kits and pushed them to the ground just as the area around them rippled with a strong air current. The entire forest was cut clean through as trees fell to the ground with a thunderous boom. However, the sound they made was dwarfed compared to the echo of the fiendish, cruel and sadistic laughter that followed.

Heather held tightly onto the reins of the creature as it ran through the forest, while her other hand was kept securely around the bundle that was placed in a harness wrapped around her shoulder. The creature she was riding swerved past branches with surprising agility and used its paws to destroy whatever obstacles got it in its path. Heather turned her head back to see trees topple at a rapid rate as her pursuer got closer and closer. She looked forward and spurred the creature to run faster. Heather could almost hear that hideous laughter as her pursuer got closer and closer to her.

Heather heard whistling and she instinctively pulled the reins causing the creature to turn to the side, just as a blade of condensed air flew past her. Heather cried out in pain as the blade missed the center of her back and instead grazed her arm. The pain almost caused her to let go of the reins but she bit back her cry and steeled her nerves. She quickly gripped the reins and maintained her position on her mount. She could feel the blood leak from the wound down her arm staining her clothing. She knew she had to act fast or she would bleed out and it would only be a matter of time until they caught up to her and did God knows what to them. Making sure that the bundle was secure, she reached into the confines of her robe and pulled out a small seed. Heather looked down at the object in her hands and allowed her magic to flow into the seed causing it to grow at a rapid rate.

When it stopped growing, a copy of Heather made entirely out of branches appeared with a cloak made of leaves. Heather wiped some of her blood on the construct and took a deep breath. She let go of the reins just as they turned at a hill. Using the force of the turn Heather flew from the saddle on the feline creatures back and flew down the hill. Using her magic she enlarged a leaf in her hand and used it to slide down the hill. When she reached the bottom she got off and hid behind a tree.

Looking up she saw her mount run away with her decoy at the reins. Up close it would not have fooled anyone. However with enough distance and under the cover of night, it should be enough to buy her time. It also helped that the moon was covered by clouds so it provided her with even more cover. Heather looked up as her pursuer flew past the hill side raising a cloud of dirt as it slashed wildly at the mountain side. She wrapped her arms around the bundle protectively until she was sure that the creature had passed. Once she was sure he was gone, she got up and took off as fast as her legs would carry her.

The mount charged through the forest in an attempt to outrun the predator right on its tail. However at that moment the creature's paw got caught in a root and it tripped. The sudden jerk sent it flying mid-air, leaving itself and its rider exposed for an attack. The feline's eyes froze as its pursuer appeared in site and that was the last thing it saw before it felt something cut into its body. The two halves of the feline fell to the ground followed by a giant figure that landed with a loud crash.

"Hahaha! Finally go you filthy little shit." At that moment the moon broke through the clouds and its light shone down to reveal Heather's pursuer. It was extremely tall with pale blue skin. Instead of hair, the creature had a face with large upward spikes as well as three lesser spikes on both sides of his mouth which opened to reveal serrated and triangular teeth. The creature also had four arms and had two red tribal tattoos extending from his shoulders to his hips and intertwined forming an X. His lower body was covered in a black loincloth and coming out of it instead of legs were six large tentacles that writhed with savage delight. The only other accessory it carried was a medallion with a dark center connected to a light grey chain that wrapped diagonally from his left shoulder to his hip and rested on his abdominal area.

"Let's see what condition that little bitch is in! Hope she hasn't kicked the bucket or Kyoka will be pissed... Then again why the fuck do I care?"

He tossed aside the animal carcass and grabbed the remains of the cloaked figure. To his surprise the cloak broke apart into leaves and showed him a body of wood instead of a bisected human being. The creature looked at his palm and noticed the red stains that came from the cloak. It did not take long for the creature to understand what was going on.

"What the fuck? That little bitch pulled one over on me? Using her blood to coat this decoy and lead me off her trail! I am going to find her and tear her apart!"

The behemoth leapt from the ground and flew into the air, flying back towards the direction of the hill side. The only location where he temporarily lost sight of his target. Once he arrived, he looked around until he finally spotted something he was looking for. Lying at the edge of the road was a trail of blood that went down the hill. He noticed that the grass on the hill was bent as if something heavy had slid on it. He reached the bottom and saw that the trail continued into the forest.

"I am gonna find you ya cheeky little whore! When I find you, I am gonna tear your fucking limb from limb!"


The creature know identified as Ezel turned around to meet the gaze of a beautiful young women. The women had long dark violet hair with two golden horns protruding from the sides of her head and an unknown symbol on her forehead. She was wearing a red kimono that showed off her breasts.

"Seilah, what the fuck do you want?"

Seilah frowned at Ezel's rude welcome, "I was sent here by Kyoka-sama to make sure you did your job right."

"What the fuck do you mean?! There is no way in fucking hell I am letting you take my prey away you stupid cunt!"

"Rest assured that I am merely here to observe. Also I should remind you that while you are allowed to kill the woman, you are absolutely forbidden from harming the child she is carrying with her. Should you fail and something happens to him... Well Lord Mard Geer would be quite upset wouldn't he?"

For a few seconds Ezel looked afraid at the mention of the master of Tartaros. He quickly shook it off and grinned cockily showing off his wolf like teeth. "Rest assured I'll bring the little bastard back alive. Now stay out of my way." With that Ezel took off into the forest cackling with glee.

Heather's breathing was labored and heavy. One hand held her bundle, while the other was pressed to her bleeding arm, attempting to apply pressure on the wound. With every movement her body made, more blood poured from the wound and every step she took kept getting heavier and heavier. Suddenly she ran into a small clearing with a river running through it. Her eyes widened when she noticed a building built over the river. It appeared to be one of those old flour mills, where people would gather the water from the river in order to help process wheat and make bread. Although, by the looks of it, it had been quite a while since it was used.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Heather ran into the building and sat down on the floor gasping for breath. The bundle in her arms began to stir and started to cry. She changed the bundles position, carefully placing him on her other arm, her blood covered hand staining the blue cloth at the bundles feet. The light of the moon pierced through the rotting floor boards, illuminating the bundle in her arms, revealing a baby boy. She gently shushed the baby by humming a small lullaby and gently caressed his cheek. Almost instantly the baby calmed down, and started to giggle before using her finger as a pacifier, bringing a smile to her face. As the baby yawned and started to fall asleep, Heather began to think back, remembering how her current situation came to be.

Flashback: Three months prior

"You're almost there Heather just a few more centimeters to go!"

Heather screamed in agony, gripping the sheets of her bed as she pushed with all her might to bring her child into the world. It had been over eight months since the strange aurora filled the skies of Fiore. After she had passed out, Heather had woken up to her maids fretting over her, overjoyed that she was alright. Doctors had looked her over, but they could not seem to find the cause for her sudden faint spell and assumed it was merely part of her pregnancy. They quickly reassured her that her child was fine, in fact when she later went to have an ultrasound to monitor the baby's health just to be sure, the doctors were surprised to see that her child was healthier than a normal baby.

So time passed without incident and Heather's baby bump continued to grow bigger and bigger. Despite the side effects of morning sickness and her extreme craving for chicken and other meats, she experienced no other side effects or fainting spells. Finally, the big day arrived and Heather could not be happier... Or more pissed. From the moment her water broke, she was in constant pain.


"I know that it must be horrid for you but please bear with it my lady, just a little while longer."

"I AM NOT WAITING ANY LONGER! THIS BABY IS COMING OUT NOW!" Heather took in a large gulp of air and started to push.

"Lady Heather please if you push now you won't be able to... What's this?!" Alestromeria's eyes bulged out in surprise freaking Heather out.

Maria quickly looked to the nearby maids, "Get everything ready now! This baby is coming earlier than anticipated." All the maids rushed in their tasks hurrying to help bring Heather's baby into the world.

"You are doing great Heather, you're crowning I can see the head!" Heather cried out in agony as she gave everything she had for one last giant push and promptly collapsed on the bed. However, her fatigue was instantly forgotten when she heard the most beautiful sound that made her heart skip a beat.

"WAAAAAAHHHH" the piercing cries of her newborn child filled the room. Heather put her hand over her mouth stifling the happy sobs erupting from her mouth as tears of joy spilled from her eyes.

"Congratulations my lady it's a healthy boy. He is simply... What's this?" Alestromeria cried out sharply as she finished washing the baby. The other maids looked at the child with mixed reactions, some were surprised, and others appeared horrified.

Heather was not at all comforted with their reactions, had something gone wrong with the birth? "What's wrong? where is my baby? Is he alright?"

"H-heather the child... Its..."

"Let me see him."

Alestromeria and the other maids exchanged a look, "Heather I don't think..." Whatever she wanted to stay remained trapped in her throat as Heather gave everyone within eye range the most threatening glare possible.

"Let... Me ... See ...him... now!"

Alestromeria swallowed nervously and carefully made her way towards her, wrapping a blanket around the infant. "Be prepared for a shock my lady."

Alestromeria brought the child to her and Heather's eyes widened when she saw her child for the first time. "My lady I know this may come as a shock to you, but please..."

"He is beautiful."

Silence followed the proclamation as everyone in the room looked at their mistress in shock.


Heather embraced the child bringing it closer to her breast and tenderly kissed the child's forehead. "He is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on."

"Ehhhhhh?" Alestromeria and all the maids present screamed in shock.

Two weeks later

Heather was happily feeding her baby boy while Alestromeria and a few other maids watched from the side. "So if I understand correctly you don't notice anything unusual about this child?"

Heather sighed in exasperation as she finished feeding her son and covered herself up. "For the last time Meria, there is nothing wrong with my little boy."

She got up and walked to the crib resting peacefully near her bed. The baby's arms waved in the air as he grasped at strands of his mother's hair. "My lady I apologize for being a bother with this subject but I find it incomprehensible that you don't notice something so obvious."

"What exactly are you talking about?"

Alestromeria walked to the crib and pointed at the child, "Heather… you're son has a tail!"

Heather blinked owlishly before looking down at the crib. Looking right back at her was a little boy with vibrant crimson hair, pointy elf-like ears and vermilion colored eyes. The baby had three whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek. He was wearing an adorable blue onesy that covered him from the neck down. However at the bottom of the onesy was something unexpected. Popping out from a hole cut up in the clothing was a real fluffy and very much alive fox tail. The baby wagged his tail and looked up at Heather and Alestromeria with wide eyes as he tried to reach up and grab them with his tiny little fists. Heather blinked once, twice and then muttered something that shook Alestromeria and the younger maids to their core.


"SO?!" Meria was so surprised by her answer that she flew back and embedded herself into the nearest wall. Heather sweatdropped at the scene as the other miads puled the elderly woman out of the wall.

"Lady Heather are you really okay with you son having a tail?" Heather giggled at her maids' reaction and beckoned them to come closer. Heather then picked up her baby and set him on the floor. The maids watched as the baby looked around the room before his eyes settled on his tail. The baby then started chasing after its tail by crawling around in circles.

"This is my son Meria, I don't care if he has a tail. Whether he is a normal human or even if he were ugly. I would love him no matter what and I would do everything in my power to keep him safe."

Alestromeria was silent as she heard her mistress.. She looked back to the child who had stopped chasing his tail and was now looking up to his mother, who eagerly picked him up and handed him a baby safe toy. Any doubts the maids and Alestromeria had vanished the instant they saw her mistresses happy face. "Very well I apologize my lady. It seems you have made your mind up regarding this manner."

"That's okay Meria. Besides, look at him isn't he the cutest baby you've ever seen?"

Alestromeria and the other maids took one look at the baby who was chewing on his toy while looking around the room with a curious expression that all toddlers possessed. They couldn't help but smile at the sight. He looked like a little fox cub, "I do agree with you there. He is one adorable baby."

The baby yawned and Heather took this as a sign to put him back in his crib. "I am actually a little surprised it took you and the staff two weeks to confront me about this."

Alestromeria sweat dropped a little, "Well this isn't exactly what you would call a normal situation. Speaking of which, I understand that it is a little late to be asking you this, but what name have you given him my lady?"

Heather smiled as she looked at her son give a loud yawn, "Do you remember the day we saw the aurora Meria?"

"That was a hard day to forget my lady. It was indeed beautiful but you also gave me quite a fright"

"Well while I was unconscious I had a dream."

"What was this dream about? And what does it have to do with your son's name?"

"I am getting to that. In this dream, I awoke to find myself in a beautiful plain surrounded by grassy fields as far as they eye could see. Not too far from me was a cage. Inside that cage, I heard something crying to be released. I felt bad for the creature inside, so I let it out. After I opened the cage a small fox emerged, but this fox had nine tails. The fox came up to me and thanked me for setting it free and then it started running. I followed after it, flying alongside it as it ran through the fields. With each step the fox took, it grew bigger and bigger, until it became bigger than the largest castle."

"That sounds terrifying, my lady."

"At ffirstt glance it would have appeared so, but something told me that the fox would not harm me. In a way, I found it to be a majestic and powerful creature. One that certainly did not deserve to be locked away from the world. Nothing in this world deserves to be caged, we all deserve an equal chance to live our lives to the fullest. Then all of a sudden, day turned to night and the stars began to fill the sky except one patch that was empty. The fox looked at me and smiled, before its body turned into a vibrant array of crimson and gold. It soared up to the stars like a comet and in a flash of light, the empty space was replaced with a magnificent star like the one I saw during the aurora. The other stars shone brighter as well. It almost felt as though they were expressing their happiness of having a new friend."

"That sounds like it was marvelous, but how does this tie with your son's name?"

"As the giant nine tails flew to the stars I called out to it. Though faint I could only make out one word. I did not understand it at first but after I woke up and gave it some thought I decided that the word I heard would be the name I would give to my son." She pulled up her sons blanket and gently caressed the cheek of the sleeping baby, "The name I heard was... Kurama."

Alestromeria hummed in thought, " Kurama eh? I am not familiar with the language, but I can tell that it is a strong and proud name."

"You don't find it weird?"

"My lady I have lived a long life and during that time I have seen many things. Among some of those things, I learned that everything happens for a reason. Especially when it comes to mages. If you chose to name your son based on a vision you had. Then who am I to judge. Besides as I said I find that it is a very unique name. One that shows how special you're little one is and will be."

Heather was speechless and then without warning she bent down and embraced the elderly woman. "Thank you Meria. You're opinion means the most to me. I am glad that you love him."

"Well it's hard not to. After all as you said..."

Alestromeria looked at the smiling face of the sleeping child, his tail twitching unconsciously and could not help but give a smile of her own, "He is pretty darn cute."

Time skip: Three hours before present


The first thing that registered in her mind when she heard the explosions was the sound of her son's cries. After she had taken him from his crib and calmed the wailing infant down, Heather finally took notice that the entire mansion was filled with activity. She opened the doors to see that her staff as well as some of the hired guards were running down the hall.

Heather stopped the first guard she saw, "What is going on?"

"It's the village Lady Heather it's under attack."

Heather looking frightened and shocked, unconsciously tightened her hold on her child. "What about the villagers?"

"They took us by surprise. We are unaware who exactly is attacking, but they came from the east. The farmers in that area were hit first, but they were able to send an emergency flare and some guards took sight of it."

Heather's breath hitched, many of those old farmhands happened to be retired rune Knights. She closed her eyes as she assumed of the worst possible outcome that could happen those men. "Are we certain perhaps they managed to escape and..."

The guard solemnly shook his head, "Not long after the flare went up, they sent us a transmission via the spell Iris Message. I won't lie to you... We saw what happened to them. Just as they sent made contact with us the enemy burst into their homes and..." The guard's silence told her all that she needed to hear.

"Thankfully their warning helped us to evacuate the village in time, leaving fewer casualties. We have mages meeting the enemy troops now. However the enemy's numbers appear to be more than we can handle."

"Have you sent word for reinforcements?"

"To the closest possible rune knight squadron, who in turn contacted the magic council, but it will be a while before they get here. Hopefully, the barriers you set up should keep them occupied until then."

"I see that's...!" Heather's whole body spammed as a giant shock went through her system. She would have fallen had the guard and a few remaining maids not caught her.

"Are you alright?"

Heather nodded as she got up, "We must prioritize the civilians evacuation immediately. The enemy has just destroyed the first barrier."

The maids were shocked while the guard remained calm, "We must get you to safety right now."

Heather shook her head, "No! The people come first. Get them all inside and into the secret underground tunnels." The guard nodded and relayed the orders to two nearby guards. Heather ran as fast as she could down the hall. She had to find Alestromeria immediately.

Heather finally made it to the giant banquet hall, which was big enough to house a small army. Inside she saw hundreds of panicked and frightened villagers and injured guards.


Heather looked around frantically for the elderly maid. "Heather." The white haired woman turned to the sound she had been hoping to hear. The elderly made was in her nightgown, her normally organized hair was now a mess.

"I am so glad you are alright."

"I should be the one telling you that... Making an old women feel so much fright. Just what is going on out there?"

Before she could answer her, Heather felt another shock run through her body. Alestromeria quickly picked the baby from her arms as she collapsed to her knees, panting.

Alestromeria looked at her with concern, "Don't tell me that..."

"I am afraid so" Heather whispered as she slowly got to her feet. "They have destroyed the second barrier. The doors to the hall burst open as a small platoon of soldiers came through, carrying their injured comrades through, one guard was especially out of it. He was missing an arm and a leg as blood poured through the makeshift bandages that covered his injuries.


"Calm down man! Get it together you are going to be fine. A guard tried to stop the man from struggling and prevent more of his blood from spilling out. The injured man grabbed said guard by the collar and pulled him down to his level. What he said next was meant to come out as whisper but in his panicked state everyone in the hall was able to hear what he said.

"The child... They want Lady Heather's child!" The man coughed up blood, his whole body shook and then stopped moving. Everyone was silent after that declaration, but none were more shocked or horrified then Heather. Her eyes were wide in terror and she had a hand to her mouth to stifle a horrified gasp. Slowly the words registered in the minds of everyone present as the slowly turned to look at Kurama in Alestromeria's arms.

Suddenly a voice spoke up from the crowd, "If... If all they want is one child then why not give it to them...?" The phrase started to spread among the people and many started heading towards Heather and Alestromeria's direction.

"Look that child isn't even human! The man said that they were all demons! For all we know that child could be one of them!"

Many people started to rush now to get to Heather, but many of the guards who had sworn to protect her as well as villagers who still had their sense of reason stood in their way and tried to hold them back. However, everyone was suddenly blown back by an immensely powerful pressure, which knocked them all back onto the floor of the hall. Everyone looked up and their insanity left them to be replaced by awe and fear. Holding her head up high with a golden light radiating off of her body shaking the foundations of the hall. Heather looked at all of them with angry golden eyes that could've turned anyone to ash. "Do not succumb to panic, that is what they want." She yelled out for everyone to hear. "Rest assured, I will make sure that everyone here gets evacuated to safety... However don't ever threaten or try to touch my son again or I will deal with you all myself."

She spoke the last part by releasing a pulse of power that made those who had succumbed to their despair cry in self-loathing. Heather then turned and raised her hand the end of the hall. The earth shook as something made its way to the surface. Giant roots sprung from the earth at Heather's command and they parted revealing a tunnel covered in green moss. Heather's aura disappeared as she turned towards the stunned crowd. "This tunnel will take you all through the secret passages under the mansion. They will lead you to safety and will not collapse until the last person leaves. Carry the elderly and injured and get moving."

Almost instantaneously, everyone started scrambling to get their things and carry the people who could not move and made their way down into the secret tunnels below. "We must hurry now, I don't think the last barrier will hold." Alestromeria handed the baby to her and Heather stared at Kurama's sleeping face.

Heather's solemn look turned to one of determination and looked to Alestromeria's worried gaze. "I will join you soon, I have to go get something."

Heather turned and made her way past the crowd, "My lady where are you going? Heather!"

Alestromeria's watched as Heather pulled a guard from the crowd and hurriedly spoke something to him, which he quickly nodded to her. Alestromeria did not go into the tunnel until she made sure everyone was safely down into the tunnel. When the last civilian disappeared into the tunnel Alestromeria's worry grew, she had not seen Heather since she disappeared. Fearing she had done something foolish, she started to leave to find her, but was picked up by one of the remaining guards.

"What are you doing? Put me down! I must find Lady Heather."

"I apologize Alestromeria, but Lady Heather ordered me to make sure that you got out safely."

"What? Let me go! I need to find her!"

The guard ignored the elderly women's blows to the back, he had a pained expression his face, but he powered through his doubts and chose to believe in his mistress. "She wanted me to tell you that 'I am sorry, but this is something I must do." All of the guards had made their way through the tunnel and Alestromeria was unable to hold back her tears and yelled out into the tunnel as the vines began to close in on themselves sealing them off from the outside world.


Only one word could describe the outside of the mansion, and that was hell. The entire village was on fire and the bodies of villager and soldier alike littered the streets. Marching on ahead was a small army of armored men. Their armor was decorated with demonic motifs with an obsidian coloring. At the head of the army was a cloaked man, underneath the cloak, grey tentacles slithered across the wet ground, leaving deep gashes in the earth. Ezel smirked as he finally arrived to the third magical barrier. He raised his hand and all of the soldiers he had brought with him stopped their march. From across the barrier he could see the mansion and surrounding it were sentry walls on top of which stood a good number of guards both mage and human alike, carrying staffs, crossbows and even a few guns.

Ezel grinned beneath his cloak and turned to face his men. "Well boys looks like we finally made it. Once we breach this well it is going to be like fucking Christmas in July!" The soldiers cheered and banged their weapons against their shields and/or armor.

Ezel raised his hand and cracked his fingers, preparing to destroy the final barrier when something unexpected happened. A loud roar got his attention and he looked to find the source of the sound. Back up to the mansion, at the western side of the sentry wall, a giant cheetah like creature jumped from the walls to the surprise of Ezel and the sentries. His eyes widened when the cloak the figure was wearing blew up from the winds, so he could see that it was a women with a slim body and a wrapped up bundle in her arms.

Ezel smirked in joy, "I'll be damned, looks like the fucking bitch decided to run." Ezel's attention was drawn away from Heather when a low level grunt came running up to him.

"Lord Ezel!"

The etherious turned to glare at the grunt with a look that made him nearly piss himself, "What the fuck do you want?"

The grunt swallowed nervously, "W...we have just intercepted an incoming transmission from a squadron of Rune Knights. They are coming in airships so it will only be a matter of time before they get here and with members of mage guilds as back up.

Ezel growled and killed the grunt with a swipe of his tentacles. He wouldn't have any problem with dealing with a squadron of Rune Knights and mages, but that would mean letting his target escape. Not to mention the fact that they had already caused too much of a commotion and a direct assault on Rune Knights would be bound to draw even more attention. Especially when it was Mard Geer that gave the order to keep their guild's activities as quiet as possible.

Ezel turned to the nearest grunt "Congratulations you've been fucking promoted. Now clean up this shit and get the hell out of here. Return to the Cube and don't make any more of a scene. Got it?"

The soldiers saluted and ran off. Ezel turned to the retreating feline mount and cracked his neck. Then with a burst of speed Ezel took off like a rocket tearing through the landscape. Meanwhile, the sentry guards had no idea what to make of their current situation and remained on their walls dumbfounded as the enemy began to retreat despite being so close to victory.

Flashback End

Heather clenched her teeth to avoid screaming in pain. A white light emerged over her wound and a few seconds later, she removed her hand to observe her handiwork. The wound she had received was now sutured closed with green stitches made from vines. It wasn't permanent but it would last long enough for her to get what needed to be done.

She started to get up when a loud roar pierced her eardrums, "WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BITCH?!" An explosion made her pulse race as the sound of trees falling came closer and closer to her location.


Heather frowned as she listened to the vulgar voice. Normally she would never have brought her child with her in this situation, but after what happened with some of the mad villagers, she knew she couldn't just trust him to anyone. Only she could protect him, or at least that was what she had thought before being driven into a corner.


Heather was terrified as she held Kurama tightly to her chest. Her erratic heartbeat woke him up. As if sensing her fear, the infant started to cry, tears forming at his eyes. Heather took one look into his eyes and suddenly her fear vanished, replaced with courage. She took deep breaths to calm herself and drawing on her inner strength, she smiled and began comforting Kurama. She hummed a lullaby and rocked him gently from side to side. The effect was instantaneous. His crying and whimpering stopped and he looked into his mother's eyes. The sight of her comforting smile made him smile and laugh. Heather couldn't help but laugh at her current predicament. Here she was in a life or death situation and her 3 month old son still had the courage to laugh and smile. She had started by comforting him, but in the end it was him giving her courage.

Heather's train of thought ended when the rumbling got louder and closer. She quickly looked around the building to see if there was anything she could use as an escape route. Her eyes then fell on an old basket and the current of running water cutting through the house and an idea came to her, though she did not like it one bit. She looked outside to see trees falling one after another, signifying that Ezel was getting closer and closer to her hiding place. She looked at her son and she knew immediately what needed to be done. She reached over to the basket and after settling her son down gently, she placed both hands over the basket, encasing it in a radiant light. When she was done the old withered basket was gone and replaced by a a newer and sturdier basket with a canopy. She then picked up Kurama and placed him in the basket where she made sure he was comfortably settled. She plucked a stray leaf stuck to her cloak and placed it on his stomach. She pointed her figure and a golden sphere with a white symbol in the center materialized on the leaf. She then touched the canopy and engraved a series of runes onto it. When she was done she looked down at her son and she couldn't help but cry from what she was about to do.

"The runes on this makeshift crib should help make sure that you don't get hungry while you're in it and you won't accumulate hunger after you're taken out of it for the next few days... I am so sorry we have to separate like this. It's funny, I thought we would have more time. I am regretting so much right now. I regret that I probably won't be there to watch you grow up, or be able to see the man you will become or meet the girl you may one day fall in love with..."

Heather tired her best to smile, but she just couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face. "I want you to always remember that no matter what happens, this was and never will be your fault. Please live your life with love and concern for others, if you ever do learn about what happened to me, please do not come seeking revenge."

Heather smiled as she leaned closer and whispered, "One more thing: make sure you eat right, find a girl as pretty and kind as your mama and remember to make lots of friends and to always protect them and last but most importantly..."

Heather kissed her son's forehead, "Your mommy loves you... With all of her heart." Though he was sleeping Kurama smiled at the warm contact from his mother. Heather steeled her will and quickly ran to a small opening that lead the river. Heather placed her son on the running water, the crib floating safely on the river, as the current instantly swept him away. She stood there and quietly watched as he disappeared into the forest. As she watched him go, Heather wanted nothing more than to breakdown on the spot, but she knew she still had work to do, mainly buy enough time for her son to escape. She turned and spotted one final thing she knew that she could use to deceive her enemy,

Meanwhile, outside of the flour mill, Ezel came bursting through the forest, grinning like a lunatic. He took a deep breath of fresh air and exhaled, his gaze landing on the building in front of him.

"Game over bitch!" He raised his arms and prepared to slash the house to pieces, but before he could anything something unexpected happened. The building shook before it exploded as giant tendrils of green roots flew out with surprising speeds into the forest up the river. Ezel eyes widened when she saw the lead root flying away had his target riding it like a surfer, the bundle clutched tightly in her hands.

Ezel roared in fury and flew after her, slashing anything that stood in his way. He tried attacking the roots she was riding, but that did not stop her as whenever he cut one down, she would just summon a new one to take its place and jump onto it. Ezel growled as he increased his pace and managed to catch up to her, both of them were now racing neck and neck. She waved her hand and almost instantly the roots sprung up to attack and restrain him. Ezel growled as he was bombarded from all sides by the tendrils as they tried to crush him. He went into a frenzy as he started hacking and slashing at anything that came close to him. During his frenzy, Heather managed to pull ahead leaving Ezel behind to fend of the swarm of roots. She raised her hands and a wave of roots crashed down on him. However, the roots stopped moving and a second later they burst into millions of tiny pieces and Ezel flew out to catch up to her.

Heather performed a few hand motions and shot projectiles into the ground. Ezel instincts went crazy as he flew around the glowing patches in the earth just as large trees erupted from the ground forcing him to maneuver out of the way and avoid being impaled. The roots then veered right and he flew into a new direction only to crash head first into a tree branch, but he refused to dodge and ended up shattering the branch on impact. In the distance he could see his target gaining getting further and further away from him. Veins became visible all over his head and he roared in fury and started to spin his body like top. Ezel was soon inside a giant tornado that was chasing after Heather, cutting through roots faster than she could create them. Finally, Ezel stopping spinning and rode the currents of his tornado. The force and momentum of the current was enough to make him fly ahead of Heather catching her completely off guard. With a wave of his hand, Ezel sent Heather flying into the air. Heather closer her eyes and used her body to protect her bundle just as Ezel raked her back with his claws. Blood flew everywhere as Heather screamed in pain and crashed into the forest below. Ezel landed next to Heather's still body, a bundle in one of his tentacles. He was smiling and proceeded to finish Heather off when he realized something. The bundle in his tentacles wasn't moving.

'You'd think that with all the movement we went through the little bastard would squirm more?' Suddenly a terrifying thought went through his head and Ezel quickly checked the baby's condition. "Crap if he's dead Mard Geer is gonna... WHAT THE HELL!?"

Ezel tore of the covering only to see that instead of a baby he was holding a molding loaf of bread. Ezel growled crushing the bread to bits as he slowly turned towards the sound of gurgled laughter reaching his ears. Heather stared at him with a mocking look and her tongue sticking out. "You bitch where is the brat? You tell me now or else!" He yelled letting the threat hang in the air. To his surprise Heather just continued to laugh making him even more furious.

"You can threaten me all you want, you will never find my son."

"Fine, guess we are doing this the hard way!"

Before Ezel could do anything Heather screamed in pain as her body moved against her will. She slowly got up and stood on the tips of her toes, her arms spread out to her sides in a crucifixion pose and began bending backwards causing her to scream in pain.

"She will not tell you anything Ezel. This woman does not fear death so it's pointless to threaten her with it." Seilah materialized out of nowhere, her hand raised up as she walked towards the duo.

"Seilah I told you not to…!"

"You were given orders and you failed them. Mard Geer is very upset and will speak to you as soon as we return." She answered apathetically making Ezel pale in fright.

"I will take over and will get this woman to tell us everything with my Macro Curse." As she said this Heather's body began to contort and loud cracks echoed through the forest as her arms and legs twisted themselves to impossible angles, breaking them. She fell to her knees her hair overshadowing her eyes as she screamed and sobbed in pain. Seilah looked down at the broken woman. She admired her will, but that was insignificant to her mission.

"Where is the child? Tell me and your suffering will cease." She spoke with a soft voice and using her curse to dig deep into her mind. Suddenly, Heather stopped sobbing and went silent as Seilah felt her Macro take hold of her mind.

"Where is the child?" She asked her again and Heather responded by mumbling something incoherent, forcing Seilah to bend down to hear her better.

"Speak louder, where is he?"

Then to her surprise Heather looked up and spat right into her face. The action surprised Seilah and she stumbled back as she quickly wiped the mixture of blood and spit from her face. She looked back up furious and her blood ran cold when Heather gave her a harsh glare with blood leaking from her eyes, as a result of her macro.

"Go... To ... Hell… you bitch!" She spoke with mocking smirk. Seilah was speechless, the control her Macro gave her over all organic things was absolute. Only demons and other etherious could resist her. Seilah finally took notice of Heather's body glowing with a golden hue which increased with every passing second. She instantly realized what she was planning and ran like a bat out of hell. Ezel however wasn't as fast on the uptake and remained where he was. "Where are you going?"

He looked back to see Heather giving him the same smirk and he realized too late what she had planned.

"CRAAAAAPPPPPP!" His world turned white as golden light filled his vision, followed by an explosion that swallowed him. Seilah looked behind her to see a dome of light rapidly approaching her. She stopped running and thrust her palms out creating a barrier. The wave hit and , she was surprised that the force actually pushed her back a few feet. She grit her teeth, struggling against the force of the explosion. Just when it looked like her barrier would break under the pressure, she felt the power slowly dissipate. When the explosion finally faded she fell to her knees gasping for breath. She got back up and returned to the epicenter of the explosion. When she returned she saw the empty and burned husk that used to be Ezel.

Seilah nudged the body with her foot and she frowned as the remains crumbled to ash. Sayla shook her head and turned to look at Heather. Her body was still covered in wounds and her cloak was ruined, but aside from that her body showed no damage from the explosion. She knelt down next to the body and looked into the white haired women's life less eyes and her smile with blood dripping from the side of her lips.

Seilah raised her fingers over Heather's eyelids and closed them. "Unbelievable…to think a human of all things could resist my Macro and still have the strength to channel her entire life force into such a powerful blast."

Seilah blinked as a familiar sensation tugged at the back of her head. 'Report Sayla what is your status?' The voice of Kyoka echoed in her mind.

"Lady Kyoka I am here."

'Care to explain to me what is going on? Ezel just appeared in the reanimation chambers complaining and I am quoting "Damn that fucking whore and her suicide tactics!''

"Yes, we had just apprehended our target and I had started to question her. However, even while under the influence of my curse she was able to resist and in a last ditch effort to destroy us, she concentrated every last ounce of her strength into one final blast."

Kyoka sounded surprised to say the least, 'I see and what of the 'main objective'? Do you have him?'

"Sadly we do not my lady. What's more we have completely lost his trail."

The link was silent for a few moments then Kyoka answered back with a sigh, 'I see... Is the women's body still intact?'

Seilah looked down to the body of the deceased woman and did a quick once over. "A few cuts and some broken bones but aside from that her body remains intact."

'Good well best not to come home empty handed. That women could still prove useful. Return with her body Kyoka. Oh and try not to attract attention to yourself please. We have drawn enough of the human's attention as it is.'

Seilah nodded, "Understood lady Kyoka" Seilah felt the link sever and she turned to look at Heather's body. Raising her hand she and Heather's body were enveloped in a silver light. When the light subsided neither Seilah nor Heather's body remained.

Somewhere far away

Meanwhile in an unknown location, Kurama quietly slept as the currents carried his basket, completely oblivious to the world around him or the terrible tragedy that had just occurred. The basket's momentum came to a stop when it collided with some reeds. The small jolt was enough to wake the infant who looked at his surroundings with curiosity. That curiosity soon changed to worry and Kurama began to cry. Outside of the crib, something was making its way as it stalked towards the crib, the cries from within more than loud enough to attract nearby animals. Two shadows moved swiftly towards the crib and peered inside. Kurama stopped crying when he saw two shadowy figures peer into his basket. His eyes took some time to adjust to the light but the identities of the creatures were soon revealed.

Staring right at him from the edge of his crib were two very ... tiny fox cubs. Kurama stopped crying and looked at the two foxes with the same level of curiosity. He titled his head and they mirrored his actions. He gave a loud yawn which they both returned. He put his hand into his mouth and they licked their paws.

Kurama giggled, his infant mind liking this little game. Suddenly the two cubs parted and a bigger fox, most likely their mother snuck into his crib coming face to face with the infant who showed no fear and merely gazed back at her in wonder. The fox looked down at the small sphere, staring intently as the it started flashing on and off, as if communicating a hidden message to the animal. When it stopped, the fox looked up at Kurama and began to lick his face sending him into a fit of laughter. He raised his little arms and rubbed the foxes face. She did not seem to mind the contact and nuzzled in closer at the feeling of his touch. Suddenly her ears picked up at the sound of wind howling making her growl. She looked back down to Kurama and jumped out of his crib.

She howled at her cubs and motioned them to come forward. She then started using her head and began to push the crib out of the reeds. Her cubs followed her action and with their combined effort they managed to push the crib out and back into the flowing river. The family of foxes ran alongside the river bank while their eyes stayed on Kurama and never lost sight of the basket as they accompanied him towards his new destination.

End chapter 2

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