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"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship"- Thomas Aquinas

Tailed Beast in Fiore

Chapter 3: Making New Friends

Magnolia Forest (10 Years Later)

It was another beautiful day in the forests surrounding Magnolia. Sunlight streamed through the trees and the cool morning air was the perfect thing its inhabitants needed to feel reinvigorated for their day. Well that is all except for one certain individual.

Sitting outside in front of an old tree that also served as a house, a certain pink haired medic was vigorously at work taking care of her daily chores. She sat in front of a large washtub and was vigorously cleaning a pile of clothes against a washboard. Her sleeves were rolled up and her cape was folded neatly to the side.

"Can't believe I am stuck here while that good for nothing brat is off doing god knows what."

Porlysuica continued to rant not caring if anyone heard her. She brought up her arm and used it to wipe the sweat from her brow. At that moment a cluster of clouds covered up the sun creating a faint layer of shadows. As this was happening, Porlyusica failed to notice some of the bushes in the vicinity rustle before three figures emerged and quickly dashed towards her house. The three shadowed blurs consisted of one large human like figure and two smaller animal like figures. The clouds above provided the perfect cover as the quietly made their way towards the unsuspecting Porlyusica.

Porlyusica blinked and turned her head around just as the three blurs took cover behind her tree house. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to washing her clothes. Two smaller figures peeked out from their hiding place and then looked towards the larger figure. The larger figure quietly began to climb around Porlyucia's tree house like some kind of giant spider. He was as quiet as he could possibly be in order to ensure that his target did not sense his presence. Finally, he came to a stop on a branch that was directly over Porlyusica. The figure smiled revealing rows of crazy sharp fangs as red eyes narrowed in anticipation.

Finally the figure pounced with its mouth wide open as it came closer and closer, preparing to….


Without even looking above her, Porlyusica pulled out a large frying pan from out of nowhere and let the mysterious figure collide face first into it. The figure then fell to the ground clutching what appeared to be a broken nose.

"GAHHH! YOU CRAZY OLD HAG! WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" the clouds finally passed overhead allowing Porlyusica a good look at her would be attacker. He was a young boy, around the age of ten. The boy was wearing a pair of tattered shorts along with a sleeveless red vest. He had vermilion, almost reddish orange colored hair. Said hair was put behind his ears revealing them to be pointy, almost elf like. The child's hands were tipped with claw like nails, the same as his feet as he was wearing no shoes. Two of his most distinguishable features were the three whisker like marks on each of his cheeks, but his most outstanding feature was the long bushy fox tail growing out from his tailbone. She looked behind him to see two adult foxes run out from behind her tree into some nearby bushes. She shook her head before turning her attention back to Kurama. Porlyusica growled in rage as she threw the pan at his head which he quickly dodged. He began to sweat in fear when Porlyusica came running at him with a broom over her head.


Kurama quickly scrambled to his feet and hightailed it out of there. Porlyusica then began to chase after the boy, as they ran around her house while she was waving her broom around so fast that it appeared as a blur.





Unbeknownst to them, a certain someone was currently watching them from afar. Makarov chuckled at their unusual behavior. Makarov was wearing an orange jacket over a white shirt with the Fairy Tail symbol on it, complete with a jester's hat with long, pointed ears that had rings of orange and blue.

'You'll never find anyone with attitudes as similar to one another as those two.'

His mind went back to six years ago. A month or so after Porlyusicva found Kurama, Yajima returned to notify them of his search for anyone possibly related to Kurama. Sadly, he had reported that aside from his mother, who had gone missing, Kurama had no other surviving family members. Since that day, Yajima officially named Porlyusica as Kurama's legal guardian. However, there was another reason that they decided to leave Kurama in Porlyusica's care.

Makarov could clearly remember the conversation he and Yajima had that day.

Flashback (Over 9 years ago)

Yajima, Makarov and Porlyusica watched from afar as Kurama crawled around on all fours chasing after two young fox kits. Kurama giggled as he chased the foxes around a small box of apples.

"So it is final yes? You are going to assume responsibility over Kurama?"

Porlyusica sighed, "It isn't going to be easy, but I think that this would be a better option for him."

"Agreed. Although I do hope that he won't grow up to hate humans like you do." Makarov flinched in pain as Porlyusica smashed her broom over his head. "Just what are you implying?"


"Well whatever the reason, your assistance is appreciated in this matter Porlyusica. It also helps that Maki and his guild can keep a close eye on him as well."

"Why is that? Did you learn something else Yajima?"

He nodded, "We questioned some of the survivors who were in direct contact with the attackers, as well as other persons of interest. It was discovered that they were indeed there to find young Kurama."

All three of them looked back at Kurama who by now had caught the young foxes and was giggling hysterically as they licked his face affectionately, their mother keeping a watchful eye on them from a safe distance.

"If the dark guild Tartaros would risk exposure just to capture Kurama, then he must have some special latent power that we don't know about. That is why it's best he stay with Porlyusica. He will be supervised 24/7 by one of Fiore's strongest guilds and will deter Tartaros or any of their associates from coming after him… At least for the time being."

"Seems like the most logical thing to do. I'll make sure that my brats and I will keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary Yajima."

Yajima smiled, "I have no doubt about that Maki. Who knows, maybe Kurama does possess some latent potential that could very well be used to protect humanity from Tartaros or any other dark forces out there."

Suddenly, Kurama stopped his giggling and his face scrunched up in confusion. Suddenly, he let out a loud hiccup which also released a ball of red energy which flew from his mouth and straight through Porlyusica's tree. The entrance and exit points on the tree suddenly caught fire much to her displeasure.

"Dammit not again!" she reached behind her and pulled out a bucket of water and then ran towards her home. Yajima and Makarov couldn't help but sweat drop as they watched Porlyusica attempt to douse the flames. It wasn't working too well.

"Well he does certainly have the potential to be a force for good… let's just hope he doesn't burn the world down first." Makarov added with his eyes narrowed and Yajima nodding alongside him.

"Quit goofing off and help me put this out you bums!" She yelled in rage. While all three seniors fought to keep the growing fire under control, Kurama and his new friends watched and laughed in glee at the three friends elderly antics.

Flashback end!

Not much had changed since then aside from Kurama's growth. Over the last few years, he and Porlyusica watched as Kurama went from a helpless infant to a dependable young man. He was also quite intelligent for his age and far stronger too, easily having the strength to force ten men into submission. They knew this, because they've checked. He also seemed to have incredibly large reserves of magical power hidden deep within him, but he has not been able to show any signs of that power since he was an infant.

Makarov was brought out of his reverie by the sound of a loud crash. Looking up he saw Porlyusica dragging a black burgundy bag that clearly had something fighting to get out inside. He had an idea what was inside once the sound of loud growling reached his ears.

"Never a dull moment with those two." He mused as he watched from afar as Porlyusica struggled and hit the sack with her broom earning even louder yells from the boy trapped inside.

Kurama grumbled something under his breath as he sat on the floor of his and Porlyusica's home. A thick rope was tied around his arms and waist keeping him immobile, while his tail was wrapped inside the rope to prevent him from doing anything sneaky. Porlyusica looked down and glared at him. Her hands placed firmly on both of her hips and her foot tapping on the floor.

"Well? I am waiting."

"For what? The end of the world? Aren't you old enough already?" Kurama whispered in a low tone that he thought she couldn't hear. He could not have been more wrong. Porlyusica's eyes narrowed and she pulled harshly on Kurama's cheeks earning a loud yelp of protest from him.

"I will ask you one more time. What were you thinking when you tried to that little stunt of yours?"

"OWWW QUIF IT! I CAN'F FPEAK!" Porlyusica released him and Kurama cursed under his breath as he massaged his now red cheek with his foot.

"It wasn't a joke allright! I was training. Gin and Kin were teaching me how to hunt prey and I was just trying it out." His eyes jumped comically out of their sockets when Porlyusica wacked him in the head.

"You do realize that you just admitted to comparing me on the same level as prey right?" Kurama rubbed the top of his head cursing himself for his slip up.

"Honestly I have no idea what I am going to do with you. All you ever do is play with those animals of yours. Why don't you ever go out to play with children your age for once?" she yelled exasperated.

"Because there is no way that I will hang out with a bunch of stupid humans! I hate them!" he yelled back with just as much ferocity. Porlyusica was rendered speechless. She looked down at Kurama and frowned. It seems some of her mannerisms had rubbed off on him. The only difference was that unlike her, who found humans irritating, Kurama outright despised them. She could not blame him though, while he was growing up, the few interactions he had with people usually ended with whispers behind his back about his unique condition. Furthermore, some dark mages and bandits would occasionally go deep into the forest and poach some of the animals that lived there for profit. For reasons she was not entirely sure of yet, Kurama absolutely despised seeing animals caged and subjugated to human cruelty and amusement.

Porlyusica stared at Kurama with sad eyes, then her gaze hardened. She turned around and started to pack up some supplies. Kurama was puzzled by her behavior, "What are you doing?"

Without looking up she continued to pack materials into her bag, "I am going to the mountains to gather medical herbs. I won't be back until late this afternoon."

"Why do you sound like I am not coming with you?"

"Because you aren't. You are going to stay in Magnolia and under the supervision of that old fool Makarov."

"WHAT?!" He shouted in shock. Porlyusica never went to the mountains without him. Due to his natural dexterity and agility, he was the perfect companion for scaling steep cliff sides, helping her gather herbs, as well as get her to places she could not reach.

"Don't give me that old 'you won't survive without me speech'. I have done this plenty of other times before you were even born. It is not anything I can't handle."

"But I don't want to go to some stupid guild filled with lazy, idiotic humans. All they do is get drunk and fight one another all day."

"My decision is final! You are going and that is that!"

"Well I say that I am not going! So what'll you do if I don't go? Huh?"

Porlyusica's glare did not diminish. She slowly walked over to him and released from his bindings. "If you don't then I will be very disappointed in you."

Kurama's eyes widened. The threat did not sound sever at all, but it was different for someone like Kurama who could somehow sense negative emotions. He looked deep within her and the thing that angered and hurt him the most was that he could feel the disappointment she had towards him. Something that he had never sensed before.


After he finished yelling, he ran out of the house slamming the door violently behind him. Had he stayed, he would have sensed the change in Porlyusica's emotions as she was filled with a deep sadness and feelings of hurt, which were reflected on her face.

Magnolia Park

Kurama grumbled as he sat under the tree in Magnolia Park. Even though he did not like the humans who frequented the park, he did enjoy sitting under the tree. In the past, he used to have trouble with the other kids as they would come by to make fun of and pick fights with him. As a result, they ended up on the receiving end of Kurama's fists and they never tried to go after him again.

Kurama sat under the tree and contemplated his outburst towards Porlyusica. His mind kept going back to his last words. He had yelled them out without really thinking and to be honest he was feeling a little guilty. He and Porlyusica may not always have gotten along, but she was the closest thing to a mother that he had ever come to know. So if anything really did happen to her, he would never forgive himself. Though he would never admit this out loud to anyone. Sadly, he was too stubborn and prideful to get up and go apologize. Besides, there was no way that he was going to that guild.

He would have continued to muse with himself but he felt something biting into and pulling on his tail. He opened his eyes and watched as a small white dog played with his tail. Considering how fast its tail was wagging it was having the time of its life.

"Where did you come from you little mutt?" he whispered as he picked up the dog by the scruff of its tiny neck. The dog did not look frightened, in fact it appeared to be quite happy if its tail wagging from side to side was anything to go by. It raised its head and licked Kurama's nose giving a loud bark. Kurama chuckled and put it down, "I guess you can stay. Just don't piss me off. Got it?"

The dog yipped back in response and ran around in circles to keep Kurama's attention on itself before coming to a stop and sitting down in front of him. Kurama smiled, he had almost forgotten about his depressed mood… almost.

Suddenly, Kurama noticed the sound of sobbing coming from the other side of the tree. The dog also noticed this and ran towards Kurama's tail and grabbed it in its mouth and pulled it around the trunk. When it reached its limit the dog continued to tug on his tail. A clear sign that he wanted Kurama to come with him. So he got up and followed. Not like he had anything better to do. Plus that sobbing was getting on his nerves.

When he peeked around the other side of the tree he spotted a little girl crying into her arms as her knees were pulled up. She looked to be about four years younger than him. She had brown hair that was cut short. She was wearing a red shirt with a white skirt and brown shoes, she had a small blue purse at her side. She barely took notice as the dog walked up to her and licked her leg. Although her sobbing did drop a little.

Kurama frowned at the sight, 'Great another human crybaby. Just what I need.'

The girl did not even notice Kurama, so he decided to get her attention. "Hey would you stop all that crying! It is very irritating!"

The little girl finally looked up to see Kurama who was leaning from the side of the tree trunk. She had blue eyes which were a little red from crying with some tears streamed down the side of her face with a little snot dripping from her nose.

At the sight of him, the little girl quickly wiped away her tears, "I wasn't crying!"

Kurama rolled his eyes, "Sure you weren't. Anyways beat it kid. In case you weren't already aware of it, this spot is my territory and I don't like other people coming here. Least of all weak pathetic crybaby's like you."

The little girl frowned and pouted, as tears threatened to drip from her eyes. She took in a deep breath walked up to him and yelled out at the top of her lungs, "I AM NOT A CRYBABY!"

Kurama flinched at the sound of her high pitched voice and shook his head to clear out the ringing in his ears.


Kurama's ears perked up as he focused back on the girl, "… I just got into town. I did not know that this was your spot."

Kurama blnked, "Oh so that's it… Well now you know so hit the road."

He turned around and started to walk back around the tree. That is until the little girl said something else that immediately caught his attention.

"But I don't have anywhere else to go."

Kurama stopped walking, lowered his head and sighed. He turned around and walked back up to the girl who he just noticed was a foot smaller than him.

"Then why are you here in the first place?" the young girl sat down at the trunk of the tree and looked up at him. Kurama rolled his eyes as he sat down next to her. The little girl laid her legs out flat so that her dog walked up to her and laid down allowing her to pet it.

"Well I came here to find my daddy." Kurama's ears perked up.

"Find your dad?"

"Yup. I was told by my mommy that he leaves in this town and is part of a guild called Fairy Tail. I wanted to meet him real badly. So that's why I came here."

"So you came here without any supervision? What about your mom? Did she come here with you?"

The little girl shook her head and a sad look made its way onto her face. "A few days ago… my mommy passed away."

"Oh… Sorry about that."

"It's okay. Anyway, in my mommy's will she mentioned my daddy so it was decided that I should come here and be with him. I was really excited and really nervous, because I've never seen him before. So I arrived here today and a few minutes ago I… I met him."

"You're dad…?"

She nodded, "He was exactly like my mommy described him. Big, strong, cool and silly but in a good way. So I walked up to him and I was ready to introduce myself, but he looked at me and…"

Kurama looked at her with a neutral look on his face, but inside he could feel a twinge of sympathy for the girl. "He did not know who you were did he?"

The young girl shook her head, "He did not know who I was. I was so desperate to tell him. I wanted him to know that I was his daughter, but … I couldn't do it. I was too scared."

Tears were starting to well up in her eyes and were threatening to spill out. Kurama was starting to feel uncomfortable. He had enough strength to knock out a bear with his bare hands but he had absolutely no experience when it came to matters like this. So he did the first thing that came to mind. He lifted his hand and attempted to give the young girl a comforting pat on the back. However, the little girl did something completely unexpected. She latched onto him and wrapped her arms around his waist while burying her face into his stomach, where she sobbed into it.

'Is she actually hugging me?'

"What are you…?" Kurama stopped speaking when he started to sense the girl's emotions. She was sad, but he could feel it slowly disappearing the longer she maintained her contact with him. He grumbled under his breath and allowed her to let it all out.

Finally, after a few minutes she finally stopped sobbing. "Are you done?" He heard a muffled yes coming from her, but she still did not let go.

"Good. Then you can let go now."

The little girl finally let go and sat back up and looked away from Kurama, attempting to hide the fact that she was wiping her tears. Then she turned back and looked him right in the eye with a defiant look and her cheeks puffed out. He raised an eyebrow, 'Is this her way of trying to act tough?'

"Let's get one thing straight I wasn't crying! I just hugged you cause I felt like it."

Kurama looked at her, a sweatdrop forming behind his head. Then he shrugged his shoulders, "Fine you did not cry, but only if this hug never happened in the first place."

She smiled and lifted up her hand and spat into it. "Deal"

Kurama looked up at her in surprise, then chuckled. He brought up his own hand and spit into it and firmly shook the girl's hand. "You are one weird person you know that right miss… huh, come to think of it I never asked you for your name."

Cana smiled up at him, "its Cana, Cana Alberona"

Kurama smirked, "Mine's Kurama. You'd better remember that."

Cana nodded in confirmation. They then spent the next few minutes resting under the tree and watching the people go about their business in the park. Then all of a sudden, Cana spoke up, "Kurama, why did you come here?"


"Why did you come here?"

"Do I need a reason?"

"Well I came here because I wanted to be alone. Does that mean you came here because you wanted to be alone?"

"… Well I guess you can say that. I kind of got into a fight with the old hag."

"Old hag?"

"Oh right you're new so you wouldn't know what I mean. Old hag is what I call the old lady that I live with."

"Is she your grandma?"

"Nope, she and I are not related by blood. She is someone who found me as a pup and took me in."

"What about your parents?"

"I have no idea. All I know is that I was found in the river of the forest and she took me in. My guess is that they did not want the trouble of raising a freak like me."

"Freak? Why would they think that?"

Kurama looked directly at her in astonishment, "Why would they… You are kidding right?"

She tilted her head in confusion which caused his eye to twitch, "Because this is why." He exclaimed while raising and waving his tail right in front of her. She stared at it for a few seconds and showed no response what so ever. Then all of a sudden she shouted out in surprise.

"You have a tail?"

Kurama' eyes widened and his teeth became serrated, "Are you just now noticing this?"

Kurama closed his eyes in contempt, "Anyways know that you finally realized you'd know better than trying to associate with…"


"… What?"

Kurama was speechless as he witnessed Cana launch herself at his tail and gripped it tightly, rubbing her face against the furry appendage, while her dog barked happily at them.

"It's even softer than my old teddy bear that mommy gave me when I was a little!" she exclaimed with sparkles in her eyes.

"Hey, don't go comparing me to some stuffed animal! And let go of my tail! That is a complete invasion of my privacy!"

Cana appeared sheepish and rubbed the back of her head as she chuckled lightly.

Kurama had his back turned to her, "… It really doesn't bother you?"

"Why wouldn't it?"

"Cause most normal people would be afraid of something that they did not understand."

"Well I guess that means that I am not normal then." She said with a beaming smile that caught him off guard. Eventually even he too smiled.

"So yeah I got a real tail and as a result most people tend to avoid me like the plague. Of course, I don't mind it. I prefer the solitude."

"That's not true."

Kurama blinked as he looked at Cana, "No one can stand being alone. My mommy said that having friends and people that care about you are an important part about what makes us human."

Kurama blinked at the explanation the six year old gave him, 'That was a pretty good way to explain it for a six year old.'

"Well I am telling you that I am the exception."

"So you don't have anyone that cares about you?"

Well there is the old hag, but sometimes she gets on my nerves. Like this morning she ordered me to go out and hang with that guild, Fairy Tail. The very idea makes me want to puke. No way would I ever want to associate myself with humans like them."

Kurama growled in frustration as he ruffled his hair and fell down onto his back as he looked up at the sky. "The old hg hates humans too, so why can't she understand me?"

"Well maybe it's because she does understand you."


"Well you said that you don't have any friend's right? Well, before my mommy passed away, I had plenty of friends. But after she passed away I had to leave all of my friends behind. So I felt really sad and lonely. That is until I met you. So maybe it's because she does understand what you are going through. Until you arrived, maybe she lived a really lonely life and did not have many friends. So maybe she wants you to go out and make friends so that you won't have to experience the same loneliness that she went through."

Kurama was silent as he listened intently to Cana's explanation. He thought back and in a way what she said made a lot of sense. "You know for a six year old crybaby, you make a lot of sense."

Cana smiled but it soon morphed to mock anger as she pouted and waved her arms in an attempt to hit Kurama, even though he barely felt her anything from her punches. "You jerk I told you I am not a crybaby."

Once she was done venting, Cana went back to petting her dog. "So what know?"

Kurama closed his eyes and hummed in thought. Finally after a few minutes his eyes snapped open and he grabbed Cana by the hand and began to drag her off. "W- What are you doing?"

"We are going straight to Fairy Tail. If I have to go there then as my friend you are obligated to come with me two."

"But I told you about…"

"So you are just going to give up?"

Cana paused as Kurama interrupted her, "The way I see it, he owes you. So in that case you keep on going until you tell your dad who you are. If you give up now it will haunt you the rest of your life."

Cana regained her footing and was walking by the tailed boy with a shocked expression on her face. "So you are coming with me right?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I got nothing better to do."

Cana smiled, "Okay lets go!"

Fairy Tail Building

"So this is Fairy Tail huh?" Kurama muttered to himself as he and Cana looked up at the infrastructure housing the most infamous guild in Fiore.

"The old hag was right. This place is a dump."

"I think it looks kind of cool."

Kurama took a deep breath and looked at Cana who was fidgeting nervously. Kurama rolled his eyes and pushed her forward. Cana hesitated at first but eventually she went with the flow and walked up to the double doors that led inside. They looked at one another and nodded. Then Kurama put his hand on the door and with a single shove he opened the doors… just in time to receive a chair right into his face.

Cana cried out in shock as she saw Kurama skid back from the blow, "Are you Okay" she yelled as she knelt by his side. She expected him to be knocked out, instead she heard a low menacing growl escape from his throat. He slowly pushed himself from off of the floor and glared into the building. He and Cana were speechless as they bared witness to a giant brawl that was currently going on between all of the members of the guild. However, despite the fight that was going on Cana noticed that all of the mages had smiles on their faces.

"So this is Fairy Tail? The guild my daddy belongs to?" She soon smiled to herself as her eyes beamed, "I never really got this far, but… They all look so happy and carefree. They are… so cool. Right Kurama?"

Cana looked to her companion but cried out in shock when he ran right past her wielding an uprooted lamppost in his hands.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!" she cried out as her eyes turned white and bulged out of their sockets. He ignored her and ran into the building yelling at the top of his lungs.


Cana was speechless and stared with a blank expression as Kurama ran into the guild creating a large dust cloud and sending many guild members out flying out into the street with large bumps swelling on their minutes, Kurama was panting heavily as he stood on top of a huge pile of barely conscious mages. He was breathing heavily and he had a lump forming on his head but he did not care. He stood proudly on the mountain of unconscious bodies, his now bent and destroyed lamppost held high over his head.

"You see that?! I win you bastards! I am the king!" he yelled out triumphantly as he stared down at all of the other mages. He then jumped down and awaited their responses as they all looked at him with surprise.

"Hey isn't that…"

"Yeah I think it is…"

"That's the brat that lives with Porlyusica right…?"

Kurama heard their muttering and he frowned. 'I figured this would happen. I knew that this was a mistake.'

He prepared to walk out of the guild, until he heard something that made him stop in his tracks. It started off as just one, then followed by another, and so on as more and more of the mages applauded until the entire guild roared in applause much to his shock.

"That was amazing! That little guy was able to knock all of us on our asses like it was nothing!"

"It's terrifying! That could mean he is going to be one hell of a mage when he grows up!"

"Man we are out of shape to get beat by a youngster like him! HAHAHHA!"

The entire guild roared with laughter and approval. Kurama was unable to process what was going on. Usually when he beat the crap out of people he would get scolded and yelled at, but here he was being applauded for something that others viewed as wrong.

"What the hell is wrong with these guys?"

He felt someone grab his wrist and he looked to see Cana beaming at him.

"That was one hell of a fight kid. What's your name" Two guys inquired as they looked down at him with smiles on their faces. Before he could say anything, Cana beat him to the punch.

"His name is Kurama and I'm Cana" she replied earning a shout of protest from Kurama.

"Well Kurama and Cana, welcome to Fairy Tail! I'm Macao and this old geezer is Wakaba."

Macao was a young man in his thirties. He was wearing grey slacks with a dark blue shirt. He had a bit of beard fuzz on his chin and he styled an upwards haircut with dark blue hair. The man he pointed to behind him was who Kurama assumed was Wakaba. The guy looked almost as old as Macao. He had auburn hair which was styled in a pompadour. He had shades and was smoking from a vintage pipe. He wore a brown leather jacket over a green shirt and had slacks of the same color as his jacket.

"Who are you calling old? We are the same age! You want to start something pal!"

"What's your problem buddy? If you got something to say just spit it out!" Wakaba and Macao yelled as they got into each other's faces and pushed off against one another. Before they could start another fight Cana once again got their attention.

"Hold on a sec you look familiar."

Wakaba puffed out some smoke from his pipe,"Yeah you were that little girl that was outside the guild hall looking for someone right?"

Cana nodded her head nervously.

"Well that's great I hope you were able to patch things up." He said with a smile as he shook her hair causing her to pout.

"Got to say it has been a while since we got any new recruits. But with guys like you joining us Fairy Tail's rep is bound to skyrocket. We can tell you guys look pretty strong."

Kurama frowned, "Hold on geezers, we did not say that we wanted to join your guild. So you'd better lay off if you know what's good for you. Do you understand me?"

They were both shocked at first and he expected them to get angry. He was once again surprised when instead of yelling they merely laughed and rubbed the back of their necks.

"Oh well! We won't force you guys to join if you don't want to."

"In the meantime feel free to walk around the guild. Come and go whenever you like."
Kurama looked like he was going to yell in protest, but at the last minute he bit back his tongue and sighed. He narrowed his eyes and looked away, "Whatever."

So after that, he and Cana spent a good while at the guild, watching the members fight, drink and laugh with one another. Wakaba and Macao supervised them and gave them the basic explanation of the guild hall. Cana listened intently as she drank some juice and was now on her fiftieth cup, much to the shock of the grownups. Kurama on the other hand, was enjoying a rare steak that he was devouring with his bare hands, while Cana's dog was enjoying some bones that Kurama had given him. All of a sudden, they noticed an unusual man walk up to them. He was extremely thin and was wearing a traditional wizard's hat with a white shirt and black pants.

Wakaba saluted the stranger as he got closer, "Hey Reedus. Glad to see you finally showed up. You doing ok?"

"Oui" he replied in French," Sorry I got here so late. I just got off from a mission when Master contacted me. You know he had that Wizard's guild meeting today right?" They all nodded and motioned for him to continue.

"Well he called me and asked me for a favor. He asked me to go and get his medicine from Porlyusica's

"Porlyusica" What a coincidence, cause we happen to have Porlyusica's grandson right here."
Macao claimed as he pointed towards Kurama.

"Really? Well then in that case could you do me a solid and let Porlyusica know that Makarov needs more of his prescribed medication? He says that Porlyusica is the only one in Magnolia who knows how to properly prepare it."

"First of all I am not the old hag's grandson. Second, if you want to ask her something you can do it yourself. I am no one's errand boy."

Reedus blinked in confusion," Well the thing is I just got back from her house and no one was there. Do you happen to know where she went?"

Kurama was surprised at the revelation. He looked up at the clock hanging over the bar and saw that it was already half past five. Porlyusica left around nine o'clock. Even if she was not as young she used to be, she was never late coming back from the mountains and always got back home within five hours.

"She hasn't come back yet?" Reedus shook his head. Suddenly, Kurama felt an uneasy feeling in his gut. Something was not right, he knew it. All of a sudden his mind flashed back to the last words he exchanged with Porlyusica.


Kurama's mind snapped back to reality and looked at Cana who was looking at him with concern, "Sorry Cana I have to go."

He looked at the three adults, "Look after her!" he yelled as he bolted out of the guild hall before any of the other mages could stop him.

Kurama ran through the streets of Magnolia, dropping down to all fours to increase his speed, 'Old hag, you'd better be alright!' he pleaded as he ran towards the mountains near magnolia.

Chapter END!

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