Tailed Beast in Fiore

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"A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast the less he knows it."- George MacDonald

Chapter 4: The Beast Awakens

Kurama frowned, sweat lining his brow as he diverted all of his energy into reaching his destination. Despite his age, Kurama's superhuman strength and endless stamina made him even faster than certain magic powered vehicles. Thanks to this, he managed to reach the mountains just as the sun slowly began to set. When he finally reached his destination, he came to an abrupt stop in a barren field.

"Come on old hag, where the hell are you?" Kurama's eyes scanned the surrounding area, while his nose worked to identify any signs of her scent. It did not take long for him to realize that something was off.

"This spot… there should be an abundance of herbs." The area he was currently in was well known for being full of special herbs and yet it was completely barren. "This isn't right. I have been here hundreds of times with her. This is their season. There should be an abundance of them."

Kurama's eyes widened, "If she did not find any herbs here… Then the only other place she could have possibly gone to where they would grow around here is …" he trailed off as he looked around until his gaze landed on a cliff not too far off from his location. He scoffed in disbelief. He could not believe that his ward could have been so careless. He kicked up dust as he dashed towards the cliff side. His mind wandered back to a certain time when Porlyusica had warned him of the dangers of this mountain.


Porlyusica wiped the sweat from her brow as she looked at the herbs she had gathered. "Well this should suffice for now. Kurama, we have what we need, it's time to go."

She turned towards a six year old Kurama who was carrying a large basket filled with herbs strapped to his tiny back. She blinked when she saw him gazing into the distance. Porlyusica followed his gaze and frowned.

"Old Hag…"

"What" she snapped and looked at him with an angry expression.

"Why don't we go collect herbs over there?There are obviously more of them, plus they look more mature than the ones we have." he asked pointing to the cliffs.

Porlyusica frowned, "Because that area is far too dangerous."

"Really? Why?"

"The winds in that particular area are very strong. If you are not careful you can end up being swept into by incredibly strong winds currents and thrown off of the cliff. If that wasn't bad enough, even if you were to somehow survive the fall, yo would still be in a perilous situation, because the area down those cliffs happens to be a wyvern nest. Luckily for us, the wyvern's natural migration won't bring them here for another month or so. That is why this is the best time to harvest these herbs which are an important part of the wyverns diet. Still even if they aren't there, once you fall down there, you won't be getting out unless you have someone help you out. So either you slowly die from starvation, blunt force trauma or you get devoured. That place is a death trap."

She looked down and pushed him forward, "Now you know. So let's get going. I don't want to be here anymore than we have to."

Flashback end!

Kurama frowned as he finally arrived at the cliffs. He closed his eyes and growled when an unexpected gust of wind almost swept him off of his feet. He quickly dug his claws into the earth to prevent himself from being sent flying away. When the winds finally died down, he looked up and caught sight of something that he instantly recognized. Trapped between two rising stone spires was a familiar piece of red fabric.

"This is part of her cape. Where did she…?"

The winds then picked up again, this time blowing up from the canyon floor. Kurama's eyes widened when he picked up a familiar scent that set him on edge.

"The smell of blood! If it's flowing upwards then that means…" he dashed to the side of the cliff and looked down. Thanks to his enhanced eyes he had no trouble spotting a familiar set of bubble gum pink hair attached to the body of an immobile human body.

"PORLYUSICA!" he called out as loudly as he could, but he received no answer in return.

Disregarding his own safety he jumped from the cliff and flew down to get to his caretaker's location . As he nosedived towards the ground, after reaching a certain point, with expert timing he smashed his hands into the walls of the cliff. He flinched as he felt the earth and stone shrapnel dig into his hands as he used them as brakes to slow down his descent. When he was confident that he had slowed down enough and reached a certain point, he jumped off of the cliff and barrel rolled along the ground to lessen the impact. Kurama hissed in pain as he came to a stop. He looked down at his hands and flinched when he saw the state they were in. They had suffered severe lacerations and some of his nails had fallen out. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, fighting through the pain as he made his way to the elderly woman. When he finally arrived, he turned her on her back noticing a cut to her forehead. Furthermore, he also noticed that one of her arms was broken and one of her legs was covered in bruises.

"Porlyusica!" he cried again as he started to violently shake the pink haired woman in an attempt to wake her.

"Come on don't you die on me you old hag! Wake up!"

"Porlyusica groaned forcing him to stop as she opened her eyes. "Don't count yourself so lucky boy. As if I would die from something like this."

Kurama sighed in relief, "I am surprised old hag. Here I thought for sure that you had kicked the bucket."

Porlyusica pulled out a broken vial with shaky fingers showing off the remnants of a blue liquid that once filled it. "I always carry this with me in the event of an emergency. It's an elixir I made that boosts the physical durability of one's body. Thanks to this I escaped the worst of my injuries."

She then turned to Kurama and noticed his hands, "Kurama you're hands….!"

Kurama ignored her, much to her growing ire, as he began to scavenge the area for spare pieces of broken wood. When he was satisfied with the amount of wood he had collected, he then removed his vest and tore it up. He walked up to her, knelt down and stared at her broken arm. He moved his hands slowly over the wounded area of her arm as he carefully determined the next best course of action. Then without warning, he applied a precise amount of pressure and resulting in a low snapping sound. Porlyusica growling in pain as she fought as hard as possible to not scream in front of Kurama, as he reset her broken bones.

The elderly women panted in exhaustion as Kurama started to work on forming a splint on her arm. "Well looks like all that time I spent teaching you about how treat broken wounds was not such a waste after all."

"You know for an old hag that just survived a life threating fall, you sure talk a lot." He bantered as he finished forming a splint. He stood back and admired his handiwork while keeping a close eye on Porlyusica's condition. She looked stable for now, although the bruising on her leg worried him, but he could worry about that later. Her arm was the more pressing issue, plus there was always the chance she could have sustained a concussion. He did not like it. Her condition could change at any time, especially after the effects of her elixir wear off. He needed to act fast before things got worse. Kurama carefully draped her good arm over his shoulder and started to carry her back to the cliff.

"Right, from now on, you ae going to have to keep that mouth of yours shut for a while."

"Excuse me?"

"You are lucky to be alive right now, the last thing we need is for you to start an argument and then have you die from the exhaustion that is sure to come from it. Just try not to nod off, on the off chance that you could possibly have a concussion, because I swear I will keep you awake by slapping you if I have too. Now keep your old trap shut so I can focus on getting us out of here."

Porlyusica looked at him with a sad look before lowering her head shadowing her eyes, "You idiot…"

He then proceeded to tear up the remnants of Porlyusica's cloak and used them as a form of makeshift rope. He made sure that it was tightly secured around his waist in order to make sure that she did not fall off.

"Hold on!"

Kurama took a deep breath and with a determined look in his eyes, he started scaling the wall of the cliff. Every time he buried his hand into the wall blood splashed onto its surface, but he ignored the pain that followed as he gritted his teeth and slowly climbed up the wall determined to get his guardian to safety. Kurama ignored the violent wind currents that occurred every few minutes. He stubbornly maintained his grip on the wall, while Porlyusica held onto him as tightly as she could.

After a while, they eventually found themselves at the halfway point. Suddenly, Kurama tensed up and the hairs on his tail stood on end. He turned around just in time to witness the maw of some giant creature bearing down on him. His eyes widened and he quickly jumped out of the way towards another part of the cliff. However, he wasn't fast enough and the creature's jaws grazed his leg. Kurama cried out in pain as blood gushed from the wound. However, the rush of adrenaline coursing through his body allowed him to fight through the pain and started to climb as fast as he could up the ledge. However, he failed to notice the incoming danger of a giant reptilian tail tearing up the cliff side.

By the time it came into his field of vision, he had just enough time to move out of the way, but he was caught in the debris sent flying from the strike. As a result he was thrown away from the cliff side, but recovered fast enough to take advantage of the surrounding debris. Using them as platforms he safely jumped from one giant piece of stone to the next as he got closer and closer to the ground.

Upon landing Kurama stumbled onto one knee as he glared at the wound he received.

"Kurama… your leg…"

"It's nothing, just a scratch! Hang in there, I told you I would get us…"

Before he could finish his sentence, several loud booming noises echoed behind him. When he turned his head to face the source of the noise, the sight caused his blood to run cold. He witnessed several large creatures flying towards him. They were twice the size of elephants and were covered in light green scales with dark spines protruding from their heads down to the tips of their tails. They had giant reptilian legs, but no arms which were replaced with large bat like wings. At that moment, their predatory eyes glared down at Kurama as saliva spilled down from their mouths.

These were wyverns, flying dragon like creatures that lived in the mountainous regions of Fiore. Then out of nowhere another wyvern appeared right above him. This one, Kurama noted was much bigger than the other ones. Instead of light-green scales, like the others, this ones' were more dark-green with black spines going from its head and ending in spiked mace like tail. Its body was covered with dozens of scars, the most noticeable one being a giant scar crossing over where its left eye used to be.

Kurama could not help but tremble at the sight. "I don't get it… Why are there wyverns here? They should not be here at this mountain at this time of year. It is not part of their migration pattern."

The wyverns slowly began to converge on their location and with every step taken, he backed up on shaking legs while his charge looked at him in concern. "Kurama…"

"I said be quiet. I got this" he reassured her as the supposed alpha landed on the ground roaring at its prey. Kurama moved slowly as he backed away from the creatures which started to advance towards him.

Kurama's eyes darted in every direction in an attempt to pinpoint a possible way to escape this situation. Unfortunately they were backing him against the wall and a total of five wyverns were present as they boxed him in from all sides with the alpha in the lead. Kurama slowly undid the bindings and gently lowered Porlyusica to the ground without taking his eyes off of the dangerous predators currently closing in on him.

"You foolish child! Go on without me! I am old! I have lived a long life, but you are still young! You have your whole life ahead of you! Don't waste it!"

Kurama still did not turn towards her, but she did noticed his fists clench tightly. "You think I don't know that? Right now my instincts are telling me to drop everything and run…."

"…However…" Porlyusica blinked in confusion.

"Even if I were to die in the process, I would rather die alongside you fighting, then survive by leaving you and running like a coward." Porlyusica's hair overshadowed her eyes.

"You may be an old hag and yeah you may be piss me off at times, but there is no way I'd leave you to die! And that's because…you're the old hag who raised me and that makes you the closest thing that I have to a family!"

Porlyusica tried to look up and give him the harshest glare imaginable. However, she failed miserably as she could do nothing, but cover her eyes with her free arm, as a flood of tears cascaded down the sides of her cheeks.

"You … you little fool!"

Kurama's shoulder's tensed as the wyverns got closer. Despite the situation, he could not help, but smirk evilly at the wyverns, "I promise you I won't die. So just sit back and wait!"

Kurama took a deep breath and closed his eyes, tuning out the world around him. Suddenly his eyes snapped open, the fear present in them replaced by determination and the will to survive. All of a sudden, much to Porlyusica's surprise, a sudden surge of ethernano was released from Kurama. The ethernano condensed around him, flaring wildly as if it was a living creature. Even the wyverns had momentarily stopped their advance, cautious of this new development.

'How did… Since when can he use magic?!... That's unbelievable! This amount of power he is releasing… How can it be so high for someone so young?'

Finally, Kurama's energy calmed down and condensed around him, enveloping him in a bright red aura that gave his skin a red tint and made his eyes, hair and facial features appear even more feral. He put out his arm in front of him, the aura following his movements as it flowed outward and began to form a shape in front of his palm. Within seconds a staff made of dark red energy had formed in his hand. He spun it around with expert movements and slammed it into the ground creating a small shockwave.

Kurama maintained eye contact with the alpha wyvern that glared menacingly with its remaining eye. Suddenly, Kurama and the creature roared and, almost simultaneously, they charged forward, with Kurama dashing towards the alpha with its pack behind it. Two of the smaller wyverns got ahead of the alpha and opened their jaws wide to swallow him. However, without warning Kurama blurred out of their line of sight, sneaking past the wyverns. As he passed them, he jumped towards the exposed flank of one and slammed the tip of the staff into it. The force of the impact created a shockwave that reverberated throughout the creatures body. Using the force he generated from the attack, Kurama was sent flying towards the other wyvern, where it met a similar fate. The two wyverns roared in pain as the force of Kurama's attack caused them to lose their footing and slam into each other sending them crashing into the ground.

Kurama then brought the staff down as the alpha jumped up and attempted to swallow him whole. The only thing it got was an energy staff keeping its mouth open. The wyvern howled in agony as it felt the tips of the staff burn its upper and lower jaws. Kurama could feel the strain on his construct as the staff started to crack from fighting against the massive biting pressure generated by the beast's jaws. Kurama growled as veins appeared on his forehead as he poured a large amount of power to maintain the staffs form.

He then noticed something out of the corner of his eyes and frowned. He then pushed against the staff as it bent under the pressure he exerted. Kurama released the pressure in his legs and jumped out of the wyverns mouth just as it snapped shut behind him. He flew out and generated another construct with his red aura, but this time the shape bent at the tip before a giant scythe materialized. He roared as he swung the weapon causing it to extend towards one of the wyverns that was getting too close to Porlyusica, slicing right into its eye. He frowned and spun his body around, causing the cahin scythe to retract bringing him closer to the wyvern. As he spun, he used the momentum to generate a stream of red aura from his claws. Once he got close enough, he swung his arm down releasing arcs of red aura towards the wyvern's damaged eye. The beast roared in agony as the aura projectiles dug deep into its wounded area, before suddenly expanding and bursting like bubbles. The force of the explosion, in addition to causing even more damage to its eye, sent it flying away from Porlyusica.

The other wyverns roared and charged forward completely ignoring Porlyusica and redirecting their focus on Kurama who was leading them away from Porlyusica, by redirecting their focus to the most dominant threat in the area, himself. Once he thought he was far enough and that he had gotten all of their attention set on him, he turned around and held his position. The alpha took charge, but before Kurama could formulate a plan, the wyvern jumped and spun its body causing its tail to smash into a few noticeably large boulders. The boulders were sent flying towards him and Kurama took evasive action. He dodged the boulders, only to turn around in time to see a giant scaly head ram into him. The aura surrounding his body protected him, but he still felt a decent amount of pain from the hit. He was sent flying back and right into the headbutt of another wyvern. He narrowed his eyes, ignoring the pain coursing through his body.

He was sent flying again towards a fourth wyvern, but he was ready this time. The scythe in his arms morphed into a spear and he brought it forward digging into the beasts cranium. Unfortunately, it was not deep enough and only caused intense pain as the wounded area began to steam. The wyvern roared in pain, attempting to shake Kurama off of its head. One of its brethren intervened and rammed into it causing Kurama's grip to lessen, causing him to let go of his construct. He rolled on the ground, but quickly recovered using his tail as a spring and then flipping himself back onto his feet. He looked up to see the spear construct fade away into nothingness.

Kurama then caught sight of something that he berated himself for not noticing earlier. Two of the wyverns were missing. He looked up as he caught sight of two massive, quickly forming shadows covering the sky. The missing two wyverns had taken to the sky and were attempting to dive bomb him and to tear him apart with their talons. He quickly spunlike a top, flaring his aura outward in the form of a red bubbling cyclone. Once he had generated enough force, he allowed himself to be swept up by the current. The force of the current was enough to send him flying away as the wyverns collided with the cyclone, which had enough force to abruptly twist their bodies and making them collide into one each other. Before he could land, his instincts suddenly screamed at him and he turned around and diverted his powers to his arms, generating a red shield in front of him just in time to catch the alpha's tail whiplash him into the ground, carving a wide trench.

Then the injured wyvern came running towards him, its wings beating the ground loudly, creating large dust clouds. Kurama closed his eyes to protect them from bits of shrapnel he sensed were mixed in with the sand. This was going to be harder than he had first thought. He may have had more energy reserves than the average adult, but he was still just a child. He could only hold out for so long. Plus, these wyverns had something he lacked, experience. He could tell by the way they moved and worked together. They were apex predators that had honed their skills from years of hunting and surviving in the harsh wilderness. Especially the alpha, all those scars were more than just for show. They were symbols of the countless battles it had survived and from them it adapted growing bigger, stronger and worst of all smarter.

He kept his eyes closed and he transferred all of his focus to his ears. He tuned out all other noises, focusing only on signs of life. His ears twitched when the sound of repetitive loud thuds echoed around him. He jumped into the air forming another spear and jabbed it into a seemingly random direction. All of a sudden the spear extended into the cloud until he heard a very satisfying loud squelch. From the loud screech of pain that followed, he knew that his construct had pierced flesh. He felt himself being moved out of the dust cloud and opened his eyes at the sight of his spear piercing the eye of a struggling wyvern. He mentally commanded his spear to retract, bringing him closer to the wyvern until his feet slammed into its scaly hide. He gave a loud war cry and transferred even more aura into his spear, causing the weapon to extend, piercing the creature's brain and exiting out from its other eye. It gave one final rattled screech before dropping to the ground dead.

Kurama glanced over his shoulder for a second to check on Porlyusica and saw that she was still where he had left her. She watched him from afar with a mix of both awe, surprise and a little anger. Kurama tensed and expanded his aura outward around himself just in time to stop the talons of the massive alpha from flattening him. The wyvern roared again and went into a fit of rage, repeatedly smashing its feet in the same spot over and over again. Kurama struggled to keep his arms up as every hit sent a jolt of pain through them. The alpha stopped its thrashing and then smashed its tail into the barrier. The stress was too much and the barrier shattered and he was sent crashing into the face of a mountain with enough to bury him deep within the stone.

Kurama, coughed up blood and gasped as the air left his lungs. He was so distracted by the pain that he failed to notice one of the four remaining wyverns crash headfirst into him sending him deeper into the mountain side. Then another swooped in and swung its tail dragging him across the mountain's surface. Once the tail reached its limit, Kurama was sent flying away and once he came into contact with the surface, he did not stop. Instead, he was sent skipping across the grounds surface like a stone over water.

When Kurama finally came to a stop, his body aura, along with his feral features vanished. However, even though his aura was gone his eyes still held their fierce determination. Just as he was about to run forward, something came crashing down from the sky. The cloud parted revealing another wyvern. However, the wyverns arrival was soon followed by another crash and then another and before he knew it about four more wyverns had arrived to join their pack. If that was not bad enough, he could see several smaller dragon like figures fast approaching from the horizon.

Kurama clenched his fist and spat out some blood. Things were not looking good. 'Even though I recently just got my magic… I couldn't handle them. Heck, I could barely beat one of them. Now the rest of their pack is due to arrive any minute!'

Kurama turned and looked at the worried Porlyusica. The moment he saw her face, he felt his heart tighten like it was caught in a vice. He clenched his teeth and turned and ran from the wyverns.

'God dammit! To hell with this! That last thing I should be worried about is winning! To hell with my pride! Granny takes priority!'

Unfortunately, Kurama was so distracted that he failed to notice that the alpha was watching him. During the entire fight, the wyvern had been observing Kurama's body language and facial features. It soon noticed that he was constantly keeping on eye on the pink haired women. The creature growled as its eyes narrowed. Then with speed that defied its hulking physique, the alpha charged towards the unsuspecting Kurama.

Porlyusica's eyes widened as she saw the wyvern slowly close in on Kurama, "YOU FOOL BEHIND YOU!"

Kurama blinked and realizing what was happening he jumped to the side to avoid a giant scaly foot from crushing him. However, by dodging the attack, he failed to notice another wyvern above him. Kurama cried out in pain as he felt the sharp talons pierce his flesh and push him into the earth. Kurama coughed up blood and cried out in pain as the wyvern kept putting pressure on him. The alpha roared at the wyvern holding him, before he looked towards to the other wyverns and communicated using s series of clicks and low growls. They all roared in unison before starting to converge towards their target. Kurama's eyes widened when he noticed that they were not converging towards him, but rather towards the heavily injured Porlyusica. Kurama's eyes widened in fear as he struggled to break free from his bonds, but every movement against the razor sharp talons forced them deeper into his skin.


Porlyusica looked at the injured Kurama and her face steeled with resolve. She slowly got back up ignoring the pain racking her body. She then grabbed a random branch that had been sent flying towards her from the battle earlier. She then started walking towards the approaching wyverns.

Kurama looked at her as if she had lost her mind. "What the hell are you doing!? Have you lost your mind! Get out of here they will kill you!"


Kurama went silent as he looked at the glare Porlyusica's glare was giving him. "You think that I actually stand a chance at surviving by escaping a pack of full grown wyverns? I'd be dead before I got ten feet. Besides…"

Her glare then softened and she looked at Kurama with a small smile, "If running away means to abandon you… the closest thing that I have to a grandchild... then I would rather die fighting alongside you, than to run and die like a coward for abandoning you!"

Kurama did not know what got into him, but the moment she said those word, something he never experienced occurred. Tears began flowing from his eyes, as he looked at the woman who raised him head straight towards a very bloody end.

"Porlyusica…" he spoke with tears cascading down his lips.

Porlyusica then turned towards the wyverns and yelled out with everything she had. "Come and get me you overgrown geckos! I don't give a damn about what happens to me… BUT IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE I LET ANY OF YOU KILL THAT BOY!"

The wyverns roared out at the women as she raised her branch and cried out fury as she charged towards them.

"STOOOOOOPPPPPP!" Kurama shouted out in vain as the wyverns roared in fury and charged her. He cursed his uselessness as he watched helplessly from the sidelines. The wyvern above him licked its chops and brought its maw down on its captured prey. All of a sudden, Kurama saw the world move in slow motion. He watched as he witnessed Porlyusica selflessly charged the pack. The alpha took the lead as it opened its maw intending to swallow her whole. Kurama observed helplessly as Porlyusica ran towards her inevitable doom.

At that moment something inside of him snapped. His entire body pulsed with barely restrained rage. He was angry. Angry at the wyverns, angry that Porlyusica was going to die, but most of all he was angry at his own weakness.

'I … Want to fight... I want to live!' With every word his rage continued to grow and his body pulsed faster and faster.

But more importantly… I want… TO PROTECT PORLYUSICA!' Then without warning, Kurama's rage exploded. His eyes snapped and he released the loudest yell possible. What followed was an explosion of unimaginable power as the world was bathed in a red light.

Porlyusica was speechless as she attempted to process what had happened. One moment she was charging headfirst towards her death and the next thing she knew, she was sent flying by a powerful explosion. She looked back up and noticed that the pack of wyverns had stopped charging towards her. Their attention was now focused solely on a giant pillar of red light which appeared where Kurama last location.

The wyvern that had been standing over Kurama was now gone. The upper half of its body completely vaporized. The pillar soon began to morph and then it spiraled back towards the earth, coiling around the small body of her young charge. The energy began to condense and surround his form. Kurama slowly stood back on his two feet. The wounds he sustained released large amounts of steam as they quickly healed up, leaving not a single scratch or scar behind.

Kurama's eyes opened and she saw that they had become engulfed with a demonic red light. He growled loudly and hunched over just as a second fox tail sprouted from his tail bone. The two tails waved wildly in the air generating hurricane force winds. Kurama glared up at the wyvern pack just as the ethereal image of snarling nine tailed fox appeared behind him. The wyverns actually stepped back in fear as their instincts were screaming at them to run for their lives, but it was already too late.

Porlyusica then watched with immense shock as Kurama instantly vanished from his position only to reappear in front of the pack. His arm reared back, muscles bulging. He then swung forward, but that was not what got her attention. Rather her eyes were glued to the giant glowing red skeletal arm that had materialized from nowhere. The arm collided with the alpha and then it grew in size and length until it was big enough to gather the entire pack in its reach. Then it swung forward delivering an insanely powerful lariat that sent the entire pack crashing into the side of the mountain.

Kurama growled and dropped to all fours, his body vanishing again and reappearing on the cliff side next to the wyverns. He took a deep breath and then yelled as loud as possible. The result was a powerful wave of sound that gouged a huge trench in the cliff and sent all over the wyverns airborne. Kurama then jumped towards them colliding into the gut of the first wyvern and actually tearing through the beasts body. He repeated this process with all of the other wyverns until he reached the alpha and clasped his hands over his head. As if responding to a silent command, his aura flared up and rose to the sky, forming into a giant pair of hands made of aura. He brought them down and his giant aura arms mirrored his actions, delivering a powerful hammer strike to the alpha which sent it crashing into the earth after its fallen brethren. The force of the impact creating a giant crater and casuing large cracks to tear the earth up from the epicenter.

Kurama's followed right after them. His rage filled eyes narrowed when he noticed that they were all still breathing. He then started sucking up all large quantitites of air as he gathered energy in the center of his stomach. His entire body bulged to impossible size as he gathered the energy required for his next attack. Then without warning, all of the pent up energy was releasing in the form of a giant red beam. The beam sliced through the bodies of all of the wyverns, vaporizing them as they gave one last roar of agony. The beam then shifted direction as it flew into the air towards the large gathering of approaching wyverns. At first nothing happening, but then the sky lit up with a series of large explosions that completely vaporized the remainder of the pack of wyverns.

When the sound of explosions ceased and the smoke had finally cleared, Kurama was hunched over, taking in big gulps of air as fatigue coursed through his body. He then turned around to look at Porlyusica who was still gaping in awe at what she had just witnessed.

"G…granny!" Porlyusica was snapped back to reality at the sound of Kurama's voice. She watched as the red glow vanished and Kurama's eyes returned to normal. Then his eyes rolled back in their sockets and he collapsed on the ground face first. She watched in surprise as the second tail that appeared earlier vanished completely in a burst of red light.

"Kurama!" Porlyusica yelled. As Kurama struggled to retain the fleeting moments of consciousness, the last thing he saw before going under was the sight of Porlyusica limping towards him, just as a pair of giant human feet landed right behind her and a familiar voice called out to them, but he barely registered it as the stress from the day's events and finally fell unconscious.

"… Where am I?"

He tried looking around to observe his surroundings, but he felt that his movements were restricted by something soft. He tried to look up, but the light of the full moon was shining so brightly into his eyes, that it preventing him from seeing clearly. He could not move for some reason. He felt as though he was confined into a tight space, but he could feel himself moving by an unseen force.

"… What happened…?... Last I remember I was fighting to protect granny… How did I… get here?"

He tried his best to make out the blurred shapes around him. He managed to make out a few trees or what he assumed were trees as he was moving too fast for him to get a clear image.

Then all of a sudden he heard loud noises behind him. They were muffled, but he could make out loud shouts and explosions nearby. He did not know why, but for some reason those sounds gave him a feeling of immense dread.

"… What's happening… Am I… Afraid…?"

He was shaking in fear and he did not know why. Suddenly, he heard another voice. Unlike the one that scared him, this one provided him with a sense of warmth and security. He tried to find the source of the voice, but everything around him was so bright and blurry. After trying really hard and focusing on the voice, he began to make out certain shapes.

He looked up and could see the shadowed face of a woman. He could also faintly make out silver strands of hair. "Who is that… She makes me feel safe… Who are you?"

He reached out to grab her, but it felt that every time he tried to get closer, she would just end up getting farther and farther away from him.

"Wait… wait… who are you?"

His cries went unanswered as the figure vanished from view and he was once again enveloped in a bright white light. He felt himself drift in a white void. He did not know how long long he was there for, but he did not seem to mind. It was peaceful, but the thought of the mystery woman continued to linger on his mind.

Then all of a sudden he felt something wet slap repeatedly against his cheeks. Every time he felt them the light got brighter. It was only from that action that he started to regain focus and slowly, but surely, he began to open his eyes just as the sound of a loud voice started to reach out calling his name.

"Ku...ra...ma…. Kurama…. KURAMA!"


Kurama woke up with a loud yell and fell from whatever he was lying on and crashed onto the floor. He groaned out in agony as he felt his face and body cry out in pain as he lay there on the cold surface. Kurama blinked in confusion allowing his eyes to readjust to his new surroundings. He looked around and saw that he was in some sort of infirmary and that prior to his fall he was lying on a bed. He looked up from the floor and saw a familiar head of brown hair look down at him from above.

He recognized the familiar and adorable face of Cana and her puppy looking at him from his bed. She had tears in her eyes and her pupy was being hugged tightly in her arms as she smiled at him with some snot coming out of her nose. "Cana? What are you doing here?" He asked as he slowly got up off of the floor. Only to feel a set of tiny fists smack into his bandaged chest.

"Dummy! Meanie! Jerk! How could you leave me all alone like that? Then you came back with mister Makarov all hurt and bleeding! I though that… that…"

Kurama watched silently as she let out all of her pent up frustration out. He then sighed and gently karate chopped her on the head. He did it as softly as possible, but she still rubbed her head while pouting at him with a few cute sniffles.

Then she looked up as she felt a hand land on her head that turned it to make her look right at him. He had scowl on his face and frowned at her before saying…

"I don't want to ever hear you say those words again got it? Ain't no way that I am gonna die from something this stupid! I am not a weakling!"

Cana looked at him in awe, completely at a loss for words. Then she wiped her eyes on her arm and looked back at him, with a small smile, "Got it".

Kurama sighed and then turned around before sitting down on the bed. Cana made sure to move a little to allow some room for his tail.

"Good. BY the way, if I ever hear you say that again and next time my fist hits your head, it won't be so gentle."

Cana blinked as she fully processed the full implication behind Kurama's words. Without warning, she screamed, covered the top of her head with a pillow and shouted hysterically, "You mean that hard hit was you being gentle?! Just how strong are you?"

Kurama looked from side to side and beckoned her to come closer. When she was close enough he whispered to her, "Its a secret."

"Ehhh?! How come? Come on tell me!" Kurama whistled innocently and waved her off. Cana pouted cutely, "You big meanie! How come you won't tell me?"

Kurama smirked, "I'll tell you when you're older"

"You dummy! I am old enough! I drink milk!" she tried to appear tall and menacing, but all she managed to do was further emphasize her cuteness. The fact that she was holding a puppy, also did not help her image.

Kurama smirked as he rubbed her hair, causing her to smile. Teasing aside, Kurama finally began to take in his new surroundings. "So where am I exactly? Some kind of hospital or something?"

Cana shook her head. "You are in the Fairy Tail's infirmary. Mister … I mean Master Makarov brought you in here after he found you and an old lady injured in the mountains."

"I see so the old man did… Wait what did you say?"

Cana blinked in confusion, "He found you and an old lady injured in the…"

Kurama quickly waved her off, "No before that. The part where you called him master."

"Oh that? Well I decided to join Fairy Tail. This way I have a better chance of getting closer to my daddy."

"So does this mean that you told him?"

Cana frowned, "No, I… haven't told him yet. But everyone was so nice to me and they all act like one big family even when they get into fights." Cana's frown then turned into a smile, "I really like them and they like me. So until I can tell my daddy the truth. I will stay at the guild. Plus, it also helps me to know my daddy a little better ya know?"

Kurama gave her a blank expression and just when she thought she may have said something wrong, he said "Whatever… It's your choice to make not mine. So long as you don't regret it."

Cana gave him a beaming smile that made his injuries seem a little less painful. Then his expression shifted as a sudden thought occurred to him.

"By the way what happened to the old woman that the old man brought in? Is she okay?"

Before she could answer him, the door to the infirmary opened and two familiar faces walked in. "If you're hoping that I've kicked the bucket than you can forget it. It's going to take a lot more than that to do me in."

Kurama quickly stood up as both Porlyusica and Makarov entered the room. Porlyusica had bandages wrapped around her arm and her forehead. She also carried a cane to support her body as she walked with a limp. For a while an awkward silence filled the room until it was broken by Kurama.

"Umm… Listen about what happened…" Before he could say anything, he felt something collide with his cranium. He cried out in agony as he clutched his head in his hands, while Porlyusica stood over him, her cane held high above her head.

"OWW what the hell was that for?"

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" she yelled loudly as she continued to swing her cane on his head where several large lumps were already starting to form.

"Of all the arrogant, pig headed, stupid, idiotic and dumbest things that I have ever seen that was by far the most reckless actions of them all! You could have died!"

"Is that what this is about? Have you completely lost your mind? If it weren't for me then you would have died!"

"Enough! What you did was arrogant and reckless. Not to mention that every action you took was a risky gamble that could have cost you you're life. You are still young! I have lived my life and I was fully prepared to die."

Before Kurama could have said anything else, he was rendered speechless by Porlyusica's next action. She bent down and wrapped her free arm around him while her forehead connected to his.

She opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile on her face. "However, I am flattered that you did."

Kurama blushed, but then gave the brightest smile that she had ever seen as he returned the gesture. "Careful old hag, don't want you getting all soft on me."

"Oh please like I would ever let you off so easy."

They were brought out of their moment when the heard a familiar chuckle next to them. They both looked up to see Makarov and Cana chuckling and smiling at the tender moment.

"My Porlyusica I never thought that I would live long enough to see such a sweet side to…"

Cana yelled in surprise when Makarov was sent flying into the wall by bed pans that were thrown at him courtesy of Kurama and Porlyusica.

"SHUT UP OLD MAN! WE ARE HAVING A MOMENT!" they both yelled simultaneously causing Cana to sweatdrop.

Makarov groaned in pain as he slowly stood back up with is hand massaging his sore face. "It's unbelievable how alike the two of you are."

"WHAT?!" They both yelled once more with demonic auras surrounding them and making Makarov cry out in fear. "NOTHING NOTHING!" he yelled as he frantically waved his arms to placate the two raging individuals.

They seemed to accept it as they immediately calmed down. After much insisting and subtle threatening on Porlyusica's part, they finally got Kurama to get back into his bed. Once he was returned, Maakraov cleared his throat to get is attention.

"Well it is good to see you again Kurama, it certainly has been a while hasn't it?"

"Not long enough apparently." His blunt comment caused Makarov to gape at him with an expression of mock hurt.

"Anyways… I heard that you helped me and the old hag. So thanks."

Makarov smiled as he put at hand on his shoulder. "You're welcome my boy, but the real hero today was you. I only came after the action was over. However, according to Porlyusica, you did most of the hard work."

"Thanks I guess."

"You sure did surprise me though. Especially with that power you used."

"What do you mean?"

Makarov paused as he looked back to Porlyusica, but she looked just as confused. "Kurama… what is the last thing that you remember prior to waking up here?"

Kurama closed his eyes as he tried to think back on the events leading up to his current situation. "I remember all of the wyverns closing in on us and feeling my power slip away. I remember feeling helpless and then when I saw them heading towards the old hag… the world went red and… everything after that is a blank… except I remember briefly seeing the old hag and some giant feet heading towards me. After that everything faded to black."

Kurama looked up and saw them pondering his statement. "Why what happened? Don't act all mysterious and all that crap tell me what happened."

"What happened is that seeing me in danger caused you to release hidden latent powers."

"Latent powers?"

"Porlyusica do you…"

"Don't start with me Makarov. I know Kurama. If we don't tell him know he won't stop pestering us until he gets an answer."

Porlyusica looked back to Kurama, "After you released your latent abilities you gave off an immense magical pressure. The thing is that the power you unleashed against those wyverns was so enormous that you completely eliminated any trace of them. Considering your age, it should have been impossible for you to have such strength."

"It was really that much?"

"It was, you have incredible potential to become an extremely powerful mage Kurama. But don't let it get to your head."

"Wow that is amazing Kurama. You are like a super hero or something!" Cana exclaimed with stars in her eyes and her puppy barking happily in agreement. Kurama rubbed the back of his head with a small smirk. Porlyusica frowned as she slammed her cane on the head of the bed creating a loud clang which got their attention as she glared at him.

"Geez no need to over react old hag. Anyways, what I really want to know is how you ended up in that situation. Why did you even get so close to the edge of that cliff. After all those times you warned me not too. I at least assumed you would have had the common sense to avoid that area."

"Watch it brat. Anyways, it was my only option, I desperately needed those herbs to complete my work. Plus, it was not like I didn't check any alternative options. Every other location on the mountain that supposedly had those herbs were all gone. Our usual spot was my last hope and when I found out that there were not any left, I turned to the cliffs as my only option. Apparently, the wyverns had devoured everything else. They must have thought that if they left those untouched then some unfortunate prey may stray too close and get pushed down the cliff into their nests."

"But that still does not explain what it was that they were doing there. There migration route should have taken them halfway across the country by now."

Makarov coughed into his hand to get their attention. "I believe I can explain this little problem. It turns out that guilds all over the region have been getting requests to handle problems like the one you just encountered. Apparently the areas where they wyverns would have usually migrated to were being occupied by a large gathering of dark guilds. The sheer number of the dark guilds in the area was so large that they overpowered the wyverns, forcing them to retreat. As a result they were sent all over the place and every guild in this region, has been working overtime to handle this problem."

"But master, why didn't the monsters go somewhere else?"

Makarov turned towards Cana and stroked his mustache to figure out the best way explain it to the young child. "It's a little more complicated than that Cana. The wyverns have been following this pattern of movement for a very long time. But because the dark guilds interfered with the pattern that they have grown accustomed to and have come to rely on. Thus, when their pattern was broken, they did not know what to do. Some scattered to other regions to seek food and suitable shelter or they went back to a location to which they were already familiar with."

Cana blinked and tilted her head at his explanation, "ummm… I am not sure that I understand it completely, but are you trying to say that the wyverns lost their homes? It kind of sounds sad. What will happen to them?"

Makarov blinked and took notice of some tears on the vere of falling from her eyes. "Now don't you worry about it my dear. I heard from an old friend on the magic council that the one in charge of the operation was Jura Neekis from Lamia Scale. He is one of the newest additions to the ten wizard saints and he is a good man that values all living creatures. Rest assured that he will do everything in his power to avoid further blood shed and is as we speak redirecting wyvenrs away from human settlements towards more prosperous locations for them. Why if we had someone like him then…"

"Makarov!" Makarov stopped his rant and looked at Porlyusica who was discreetly hinting at something with a serious expression. He followed her gaze and landed on a frowning Kurama, who eyes were looking down at his sheets, focused in deep concentration.

Without speaking to one another, both Makarov and Porlyusica had a silent agreement and nodded to one another. "Come Cana, I think that we have pestered young Kurama long enough. Let's leave him to recover all right?"

Cana was confused, but nonetheless followed after the master and Porlyusica, but not before sparing one last glance at Kurama.

Kurama on the other hand was deep in thought as he processed what Makarov had just said. 'So humans are behind this huh?'

A Few Hours Later

Makarov sat at his usual spot on the guilds bar, sipping a glass of beer in his hands while he watched his 'children' get into another large brawl. However, his attention soon fell on the guilds newest addition, Cana Alberona. Cana was lying down on the counter with her puppy kneeling down next to her.

"Something on your mind Cana?" he asked as he scooted closer to her, scratching her dog behind its ears, making it give an adorable yawn at the contact.

"I am just worried about Kurama master. He seemed upset."

Makarov merely smiled and waved her off as he handed her a cup of juice. "No use worrying over it Cana. Men like Kurama and I tend to do that when we need time to think for ourselves. He'll get over it soon and go back to his old self… Though if his old self is anything like Porlyusica, I don't think I would want to be around when it happens."

The last part he spoke with a slightly scared tone with an extra high pitch in his voice. On the upside, it seemed to help to lighten her mood as she gave a small laugh that he could not help, but find adorable.

All of a sudden they were brought out of their conversation when a loud yell suddenly echoed throughout the guild. "HEY!"

Out of nowhere, a bed came flying out towards the crowd of brawling mages causing them to scatter about. They then looked up to where it was that the projectile came from. Their gazes landed on the familiar face of Kurama who was standing on the railings of the second floor. He had discarded his bandages, save for the ones on his forehead, which revealed that his once serious injuries had long since healed.

"Listen up you A-holes. I don't like you and you don't like me!"

"I kind of like him" Macao whispered to Wakaba, who berated his friend, "Shut it he is on a role."

"The last few days I am sure that you have heard that the old hag you call Porlyusica and I were attacked by wyverns. Well turns out that cause for all of this was mages from dark guilds. Now I don't exactly have that highest opinions when it comes to humans and aside from a select few, I want nothing to do with you…. However it has come to my attention that guilds such as this one are places where people get together to perform jobs to make sure that other humans don't go and do stupid things like what happened to us. Therefore... in order to make sure that what happened to me and the old hag does not happen again, I have decided to join your guild!"

From his declaration everyone in the guild started whispering to each other in shock, while Cana was positively beaming that her friend was going to be part of the same guild as her. Makarov was so surprised at the unexpected declaration that he did a spit take.

"Now listen up, my reasons for making this decision are mine and mine alone. Furthermore, I want to make it clear that from this day forward, I want to officially announce myself as this guild's Alpha. So any stain on this guilds reputation will be a stain on mine and will be met with with brutal retaliation. However, this also means that if someone decides to mess with anyone who belongs to this guild, then they will have to answer to me! Are we clear?!"

Kurama huffed as he finished his long tirade. Everyone, including Makarov and Cana looked at him with dumbfounded expressions. Kurama stood still as he gazed intently at each and every person present, he didn't even blink. Then it happened. It was slow at first, but soon began to gain momentum. It started with one person clapping, then followed by another and another until the entire guild hall erupted into a mass of clapping, shouts and cheers.





Kurama gaped in shock at the guild, before his face went red as a tomato and immediately started shouting at them again. "SHUT UP I DID NOT ASK FOR YOU GUYS TO CHEER FOR ME! I DID THIS FOR ME AND ME ALONE! NOT FOR YOU! ME! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME! SHUT UP!"

However, his rant fell on deaf ears as the entire guild just got riled up even more due to his 'charismatic' personality. Without warning, he jumped from the banister and started beating up on some of the guild members, which led to a domino effect that soon led to an entire guild brawl. Cana smiled and was clapping enthusiastically in support for her friend while Makarov just looked on at his guild with a proud look in his eyes.

"What a generation, so loud." He could not help the large grin that split his face.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Porlyusica stood by the entrance of the guild. She looked at the brawl taking place as people were being sent flying, or in some cases used as weapons by Kurama. She then turned around and started to walk away.

"I didn't expect for him to join that senile old fool's guild. "Sigh" That boy will be the death of me. He is loud, rash, stubborn, acts without thinking and gets into fights with anyone that looks down on him."

Porlyusica's frown then did a one eighty, turning into a proud smile as she walked away with her head held high.

"He will make a fine Fairy Tail mage!"


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