A/N: I didn't make it in time for the 5th, so this isn't really one of the prompts, but I really couldn't leave the story hanging. So here is the chapter I had planned to use for the last prompt [blank]. Thank you again to Emo Cowboy and therainydaykids for creating the Festive Prompts! I wish everyone a awesome 2016!


He's gone and here I am, still going to the bar, sitting at our table alone.

Luna was running around the bar, showing everyone her new diamond ring. Gill gave it to her on New Year's Eve. I could barely stand to look at it. I was happy for her, but I was still feeling sorry for myself.

I went up to the counter to get another drink, since I hadn't seen Kathy for almost twenty minutes. Reaching the bar, I see the side door propped open, Kathy back against the doorframe, and Chase against her, peppering her collarbone and neck with kisses in-between drags of his cigarette.

Luckily Hayden saw me and refilled my drink, before I grew envious of another couple just beginning to find each other.

On the way back to my seat I weaved through various visitors.

Luke was swearing to Owen he was "Totally going ask Selena out this time! For real!"

Candace was sitting quietly at the table she shared with her future brother-in-law, while her fiancé was running about the bar with Luna, commenting on how he made the ring.

I almost spilled my drink when I was nearly bumped in to by Selena's dancing, while I was trying to avoid everyone.

New Year's Day may not have been the best time to drink at the bar, but after the last few days, it's all I had after taking care of my animals, a blanket of snow still covering the ground, preventing me from planting any crops just yet.

Everyone was speaking of resolutions and plans for the new year, but here I was at nearly square one with mine from last year.

With so much love flowing between couples at here, I contemplated how I had lost mine.

He was probably a continent away by now, knowing him.

At least some of us ended up happy.