A/n: Hello fellow shippers!~ Here I am with a one shot that I might turn into a story! This idea was based off of a show I watch on YouTube It's called World's Strictest Parents and the whole show is about two rebellious teenagers who have never met before go to a household where the parents are SUPER strict and see if their parenting can change their lifestyle. So I was 'HOLY CRAP IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF I TURNED THIS INTO A BILLDIP STORY!' so I did. In this case Bill is a 17 year old rebellious teen who thinks he can do whatever he wants when he wants and fights and drinks and smokes. Also Pacifca is also a 17 year old girl whos snobby and selfish and thinks she is better than everyone else and sleeping with random can they both change when they are both sent to the mystery Shack under the strict authority of Stanley and Stanford with their niece Mabel pines and nephew Dipper pines both of which are 15. I decided to do Pacifca and Bill because in the show its usually one boy and one girl idk why tho...Anyway on with the story!~ Oh and P.S. I shall be the narrator of this story! Because why not and my narrator parts will be bold and underlined NOW LETS GO!

IN Los Angles CA, Pacifca Northwest daughter to the wealthy Northwest family lives. She has just turned 17 years old and is totally out of control.

"She thinks she can do whatever she wants when she wants, and is very selfish, I've had to call the police because she ran away and was gone for almost a week." Paifca's Mom said while wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"She's admitted to having sex at least 3 times, She said that she was protected but I don't even know if I can believe her at this point, I don't what I'd do if something happened to my little girl." Pacifca's mom said while sobbing and her husband hugged her.

"My parents need to stay out my business! Everyone deserves to have fun So i'm gonna live to the fullest." Pacifca said with tons of sass. "Only reason I'm going to see if theres anyone hot." She said while giggling a little bit.

Pacifca gives her mother and father a one armed hug and stood outside the limo waiting for someone to get her bags, but grumbled reliazing no one was and carried them herself. But struggled helplessly, "Love you sweet pea!" Shouted her mother as Pacifca rolled her eyes and enetered the airport to go on the plane.

Woah, Braty much? ANYWAY! IN san Francisco CA, Bill Cipher a party boy with a serious temper problem raised by his slightly older brother Will

"All of Bill's parting and sneaking out started when our parents left us, I had just turned 16 but Bill was barely 15 years old. He sneaks out a lot fights with random people, I've got him smoking, and drinking. He is just out of control.." Will said sadly while looking down.

"I lost my parents, I don't wanna lose my brother too...so thats why I'm putting him through this today.." Will said while looking back up.

"My brother is overreacting, I've only been in 2 fights this past couple of weeks and I haven't been high in almost 2 months sure I have a drinking but its nothing rehab can't fix. My brother honestly is a little whimp and needs to keep his f*cking mouth shut, over here acting like a little b*tch." Bill said as he mumbled the last part.

"Sure I like to party and whatever so whats your F*cking point! I'll do whatever the f*ck I want and no one is gonna stop me!" Bill yelled at the camera.

Bill got out of the car and carried his backpack not looking back at his brother. "Bye bill! Remember I love you!" Bill turned around and flipped him off then walked off again.

WHY THAT LITTLE-! *Cough* Now onto the people they will be staying with, Stanley and Stanford Pines two twin brothers from a little town in Gravity Falls, Orgen while they'll be staying for the summer with them and their Niece, Mabel Pines 15 and their Nephew Dipper Pines who is also 15 they are both twins as well. Everyday the two man set up a list of chores for them to do, because they run their own business The Mystery Shack. So they have to do things to help out, they go ever summer to help them out because the shop usually gets very busy this time of year.

"We have standards for our Niece and our nephew and for the two teens as well." Stanford said sternly.

"We not here to play games, there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done around here and I don't tolerate any slacking." Stanley said while Stanford nodded.

"You have restock the sleves, sweep the floor, dust, help give out tours, manage the cash register and post signs to help tourist find our shop." Stanley explained.

"Hopefully dip 'n dots here will make friends with the teens, he's not very social.." Mabel whispered that last part as she put her around dipper.

Meanwhile Dipper was trying to hide his face from the camera. "Mabel you know I hate being on camera." He mumbled as Mabel laughed.

"Whoever these teens are they are going to have a rude awakening." Stanford said

Aww I think the twins are adorable!~ Now lets check back in with our troublesome teens who have met each other and are on the plane.

Bill burped loudly, after just chugging a whole can of Pitt cola. "Thats so disgusting! Ew!" Said Pacifca who was sitting next to him.

Bill just chuckled, "Thank god this is only a couple of hours." Pacifca sighed, "I wonder if they have a spa their." Pacifca thought out loud.

"Seriously doubt it I mean we are going to some stupid hick town in the middle of no where, I doubt they'll even have cell service." Bill stated calmly while putting his arms on the back of his head.

"Great! I'm stuck going to god knows where! with a disgusting Virgin!" Pacifica cried out. while Bill glared at her

"What makes you think I'm a virgin?" Bill said while still glaring at her, "Because any woman wouldn't wanna do with you unless either you rape them or you pay them...in all honesty I thought you were gay." Pacifca smirked.

OHHH! BURN! Someone get some ice because he got a third degree burn!

Bill growled at the narrator while pacifca laughed uncontrollably. "Your breaking the fourth wall here you omniscient Narrator b*tch!" Bill hissed.

Dude this is reality TV, not only Reality TV but A reality TV Fanfiction THERE ARE NO WALLS!

"I'm Bi you know.." Bill grumbled as he went into his chibi pout mood. Pacifca looked away and sighed, "Me too, I mean im bisexual as well.." Pacifca said quietly. They said nothing the rest of the flight.

Finally they landed, and when Bill was getting up to leave Pacifca called out to him. "Hey Pretty boy help me out here!"

Bill smirked evilly "No way blondie not after you called me a virgin." He said as he walked off the blondie and Pacifica hissed.

"Get back you son of a b*tch! BILL!" He screamed after she got her bag and dragged all the way to the white van that would led them to their new family for the summer.

"Umm haven't these people heard of how white vans abduct people." Pacifca said worriedly as she was turning pale. Bill was slightly turning pale as well but refused to admit it.

Then the van window was rolled down, and a man who appeared t be in his late 20's smiled at them wearing a tan baseball hat and a question mark shirt.

"Hey dudes what's up I'm Soos...Woah that Rhymes! Anywho I'm taking you two to the Mystery Shack where you guys will love it there trust me!" Soos said happily.

Bill and Pacifca looked at each other and shrugged and loaded up there stuff and hopped into the white van. "So how long til' we get there?" Pacifca asked.

"About 30 minutes or so don't worry your gonna like it trust me, Mr. Pines and his brother are the best! Also his Niece and Nephew are over there for the summer I think they're somewhere around your age." Soos said happily.

The two of them blinked at the mention that two other kids will be there too, enduring whatever tourte Mr. Pines has. So obviously they wanted to know more about them.

Soos said that Mabel was very social and friendly and loved wearing sweaters and has a pet pig named Waddles.

Dipper wasn't very social he was very curious loved the supernatural and that Mabel was about an inch or two taller than him. Dipper is 5'5 and Mabel is 5'6.

Bill was only a couple inches than Pacifca to be honest, he was 5'11 and she looked to be about 5'8 maybe even 5'9 'she is tall for a girl that was for sure.' Bill thought.

Soos finally stopped and smiled, "We're here dudes! Gravity Falls!"

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