2020, Undisclosed Location

"We are now broadcasting live, here in the Britannian Palace, where Empress Nunnally along with the rest of the United Federation of Nations will be signing the treaty to abolish all known military weapons with the exception of the Black Knight's Knightmare units and weaponry. Of all the weapons to be abolished and discontinued, none is more well known and feared than the devastating warhead known as the F.L.E.I.J.A which was used multiple times during the climax of the second black rebellion, led by the late Lelouch Lamperouge, better known as Lelouch vi Brittania, only to be stop by Zero, who appears to be now making his entrance alongside Empress Nunnally."

The prez sure hasn't change one bit. Smiling to myself, I continued watching the broadcast on my small but reliable television set. "I heard that smiling for long periods of time, permanently changes your face to look that way. Are you testing to see if the rumor is true?" Snapping my attention away from the broadcast, I turn to look at my ever so serious companion C.C. who was sitting down on the sofa across from me. Pushing my head against the couch I am on, I proceeded to answer her. "Now, what's wrong with being happy? I for one, think I deserve a break after what I've been through."

"Oh please, that was two years ago." Giving a sigh, C.C reached for the telephone by her side and begins dialing the number of what I can only assume is the Pizza Hut from the nearby town. "Oh, who said anything about two years ago? I was talking about yesterday, my dear companion."

"I don't think cleaning a barn and feeding the livestock can even compare to faking one's death." She answered, bringing the receiver up to her ear, signaling me to keep quiet. Looking back at the broadcast, I begin to recall the events of two years ago. While it was necessary to fake my death, having to watch Nunnally grow up from a distance without ever coming into contact with her again is still painful.

This last two years I spent here, in this small village off the coast of China has been devoted to keeping my identity unknown, under the guise of a wandering nomad looking for a place to settle down. The villagers here welcomed C.C and I with opened arms and allowed us to stay in this small house and in return, help out with some things around the village. As you can see, I'm a new man now, no longer the symbol of rebellion nor hope nor even justice. I would be lying if I said I miss it because as a matter of fact I really don't. My life as of now is something I'm perfectly content with.

"Lelouch, 24.50 please." Putting the receiver down, C.C reaches her hand out towards me. "24.50? That seems a little much, even for pizza." Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out some notes and passed it to her. "And it's no longer Lelouch, remember?" Taking the notes, she nods her head and begins walking towards the front door, waiting for the arrival of her lunch. "Whatever you say, Lucifer Valier."

Shaking my head, I continued watching the broadcast, every once in a while smiling to myself, at the sight of either Nunnally or anyone from the Black Knights. It seems that the entire world, with the exception of a select few, believes that Suzaku is the real Zero from the first rebellion and that I was an impostor, a fake, launching a second rebellion for my own gain. Well, I'm fine with that, being the object of everyone's hatred, after all, the perfect world I seek for Nunnally has come true, I can rest easy with that in mind.

"Now we see here, Empress Nunnally coming out onto the Palace's garden to address her citizens and the whole world, along with Zero and a few guards of the Black Knights. This truly is a moment that will go down in our history. Abolishing all known military weapons is a declaration up until two years ago, no one knew would come."

The camera focuses onto Nunnally along with Suzaku who was helping to push her wheelchair, leading her to the garden onto a podium where she will address her speech, where the rest of world's leaders and citizens have gathered. The way this was going, it's looking more like a publicity stunt than a meeting of peace, with various ministers and kings sitting beside the podium and citizens watching them from the garden.

"While not many will agree with the Empresses' choice of holding this important event in the Palace's garden, the citizens however expresses their gratitude towards the Empress for having trust them enough to not hold the meeting in a secluded area"

At that, I couldn't help but give a short chuckle. It does sound like something only Nunnally would do. Her promise to run the Empire just like Euphemia would, still holds true to this day. Some part of me still wish that I could be at her side along with Suzaku and the Black Knights, but that irrational longing is nothing more than a mere pipe dream. For now, I'll see where life takes me.

Knock knock

Hearing the knock on the front door, I turned to look at it, only to find C.C already reaching for the handle. That can't be her pizza, no delivery service takes less than five minutes to reach your doorstep, especially not in a small village like this one. That can only mean one thing. "Wait C- Hestia, aren't you forgetting something? Let me get the door."

Stopping midway, C.C looks at me for a moment, probably wondering what I'm planning, before nodding her head and walking back to her sit, looks like she realized how close she was to blowing my cover. Standing up, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my latex mask to disguise my face.

Knock knock knock

"Yes, yes, I'll be right there." Seriously, of all the times to disturb me, why now? Making sure my mask is set on properly, I opened the front door, and as expected, the old man known around here as Chang Ming stands at my doorstep, an annoyed look on his face, as always.

"Oi, Lucifer! I thought I told you to bring those supplies to town! Urgh, you good for nothing brat, I don't even know why we still keep you here if all you do is dilly dally around in this house."

Huh, I remembered telling him that I'll do it later. I guess like always, he doesn't take that as an excuse.

"I said that I'll get around to it after I finish resting. I just got done with cleaning the chicken coop, surely you understand."

"That's not an excuse!"

Hmph, stubborn as always.

"I don't care if you did this or that, when I tell you to do something, you better damn well do it! After all, you're living here for free and if you can't do your part around here then just leave!"

What's with this old man? The shops don't even open until half an hour from now, going there now will be a waste of time, and what's more, I still need to finish this broadcast. Giving a sigh, I turn to C.C for help, only to find her twirling her hair with her fingers and staring at the television. Looks like I'm alone on this one.

"Hey, don't try to pass this on to your sister! I told you to do it! Hurry up, the cart is right there!"

God, this stubborn old man, looks like he's not going to move until I do as he say, and it doesn't look like C.C would be of any help either. It seems that I have no choice...

"I said that I'll do it later, so can you please... Don't bother me."

As he stares into my eyes, his facial expression change from annoyance to a blank stare. Looks like that did the trick.

"I-I understand... I'll come back when you're not busy."

Watching his zombie-like figure slowly get smaller in the distance, I put my contact lenses back on and closed the door. Taking off my mask and heading back to the living room, I found C.C staring at me, a smirk on her face. "Now what could you, of all people, possible find amusing?"

Shaking her head, she turns to look at the television once again. "Nothing much, is just that after two years of laying it dormant, you'd use your geass now for something as measly as this."

I guess that is pretty amusing now that I think about it, my cover could have been blown right there and then. "Please, he was asking for it all this time. It was only a matter of time before I snapped. Furthermore, I'm not going to let an old man stop me from watching Nunnally's speech." Jumping back onto the couch, I resumed watching the broadcast, finally with no one to interrupt me.

"-the minister. Empress Nunnally is now ready to begin her speech. We will now be keeping silent so as not interrupt her and so that you, the viewers ca-"

Damn it! Of all the times to break down, why now?!

"Hmm, it seems that luck isn't on your side today, Lelouch."

"Tsk, it seems so... I could go the other villager's houses and ask if I can watch the broadcast... No, I'm the only one here with a television and a phone. Damn it."

"So, what are you going to do?"

Standing up, I began to put my mask back on. I'm not going to let this stop me. "I'm going to town, give the supplies and watch the rest of it there, if I hurry, I'll still be able to watch it."

"And just when you told that man you'd do it later, it looks like using your geass was unnecessary.

"I had no choice, if I want to see Nunnally, that's the only way."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd accuse you of having a really big sister-complex."

"Sister complex? Me? Nope, I'm just being a big brother."

At that, C.C shakes her head and begins to lie down on the couch I was siting on. "Sure, anyway, will you be using Alastor or the other horses at the stable? Because, I'm thinking of going out for a ride."

"Alastor of course, and you're not going anywhere. You are to stay here and wait for your pizza. I'll be back soon enough"

Although she didn't show it, I can tell she's disappointed by the slight movement of her mouth. Spending two years with her alone means that I can read her like an open book... Most of the time. "Fine, but I get to order more pizza, deal?"

More pizza... What is this girl thinking?

"Fine. But 60 is all you get. I'm not going broke for a stupid reason such as this." Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a few more notes and after calculating the right amount, I passed it to her outstretched hand.

"Try not to stay out too late, okay?"

Making sure my latex mask is set on properly, I opened my front door and breathed in the warm morning air. Being Zero I had to put on a mask to make sure no one knows I'm Lelouch. Now that I'm supposedly dead, I have to put on a mask once again, probably for the rest of the century maybe even more. This immortality thing is both a blessing and a curse.

Finally reaching the stables, after greeting a few villagers along the way, I begin my search for Alastor, and as usual, I found him eating hay at the back of the stable. "Alastor, come, we're going out for a little bit." Patting his snowy white mane and body, I gently pulled the reins towards the exit, and after attaching him to the cart filled with the supplies, I began my journey to the next town with haste, hoping that by the time I get there, the broadcast would still be airing.

15 minutes later

Finally arriving in town with nothing of interest to be seen other than a motorbike with at least a dozen pizza boxes strapped behind it and the flustered face of the motorist, I stopped at the usual store where I always drop off the supplies and began doing my duty at once.

When I was done, I asked the owner if I could watch the broadcast, but unfortunately he didn't have a television but he told me that I was welcome to listen to it on his radio to which I gladly accepted. As of now, I'd settle for anything as long as I could hear the broadcast.

"-I became empress, I made a promise to rule with both an open mind and heart and to always strive for peace. And after two years of rebuilding and making a better world, I believe we have finally reached it. The loss we all have suffered will not and will never be in vain so long as we're united as one. The struggles we have endured was all worth it in the end. For we have finally come this far."

Ahh to hear her voice again, a smile appeared on my face as I sat on a chair that the store owner kindly brought out for me. These we're the words I've always dreamt of saying, but hearing Nunnally say it, was just as good if not, better.

"As I stand here, or rather sit here, with the various ministers and kings and queens from various nations, addressing the whole world as one. I can't help but feel thankful to everyone for their efforts towards peace and to repay your deeds we are finally ready to sign the treaty and ta-ke o-one step cl- to- las- Bzzzt!"

What? What's wrong with the radio? Holding it out in my hands to inspect it, I didn't see anything wrong with it. The other stations were working fine and the volume knob seems to be working. Tsk, technology.. So reliable.


Oh, it's coming back.

"- I repeat! The Empress is being held hostage on the podium by Zero!"

What?! Suzaku, what are you doing?! No, this can't be. Springing up from the chair, I began running towards the nearest convenience store, going as fast as my feet will allow me. Suzaku holding Nunnally hostage?! I don't believe it. Finally founding a store, I slammed into the door with my shoulder, causing a loud bang as the door hits the wall. Stumbling inside, I instantly scanned for a television screen, ignoring the shocked expression of the customers.

Finally catching sight of one, I breathlessly moved closer towards it, pushing the other customers aside to get a better view. As I stared at the scene before me, my jaw dropped, my knees began to shake. For there, on the screen, was Suzaku holding Nunnally by her waist with a gun pointed at her head. No... What are you doing?!

Realizing that I shouted out loud unintentionally, I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I must remain calm. He wouldn't kill Nunnally, it pains me to say it but she's valuable as a hostage, killing her there and then will just end with him being shot. Suzaku... What are you playing at...

"People of the world! I as you all very well know... Am Zero!"

Bringing Nunnally closer to him, he continues his speech.

"No, I am not the Zero you all praised and adored for killing the dictator. That fake is right up there!"

Pointing towards the roof, the camera zooms in onto... Suzaku! What is going on? Two Zeroes?! He's still wearing the mask, that means the world doesn't know who he is yet. But he's tied up onto the roof with two masked individuals beside him. How did they managed to overwhelm Suzaku?

"Now, you may ask, who am I? What am I doing? Why am I so mean to do such an awful thing? To that I respond with, Why do you have to ask so many goddamn questions?"

Tsk, this guy is treating everything as a joke. This bastard...

"It's simple, the world as it is now, is wrong. It needs balancing. A world without chaos, isn't the way it works. For every positive action, there's always the negative right around the corner. And I'm simply just the negative. No Good with no Bad, no Light with no Dark, and no Hero with no Zero."

What is this guy planning to do? I don't like where this is going at all. This isn't the way Zero works. This guy is no Zero.

"So you might think I'm not such a threat, one guy plus two other on the roof, no big deal right? Well, for those of you who think that, I suggest you start running now, because 3 minutes from now, I will order every single one of my men in hiding to start shooting randomly, I don't care who they hit, as long as they hit someone, I'm all good."

This guy is a madman! He better let go of Nunnally now or I swear!

Turning towards the Black Knights guards behind him, he begins talking to them.

"Now to you useless Black Knights behind me, you followed me out here, yet you never suspected me at all did you? All I had to do was wear my mask and coat and sneak into the palace. You guys are incompetent, not worthy of being my Knights. I relieve you of your duty."

He points his gun at one of them and shoots him in the head, his body falls backwards off the podium and onto the grass. He then points his gun to the other knight.

"And you, I suggest you get a move on and evacuate the world's leaders right now, I need them alive. I don't want them dead."

Damn it! Where the hell is Jeremiah and Schneizel?! Why aren't they protecting Nunnally?!

After talking to the knight, he begins walking into the palace, with Nunnally in tow, along with Suzaku and the others on the roof.

"And to all of you who thinks this is just a small act of terrorism, well, I'll have you know right now. I have 10 Knightmare units filled with dedicated Brittanian soldiers I 'borrowed' from the empress here, and their first task is to have the time of their lives in this small little place off the coast of China. Now if you need me, I'll be in the palace having a little talk with the empress along with the fake zero."

As Zero walks towards the palace, the citizens along with the ministers and kings are seen running frantically around the garden along with gunshots being heard everywhere before the broadcast cuts to static.

-"N-no way.."

-"He doesn't mean here, does he?"

-"Mommy, I'm scared!"

-"Shh, it's alright, son. We'll contact your father right now."

As the customers in the shop begins to evacuate, I was left alone there standing, in a daze. He's got Nunnally and his men are coming here with Knightmares. "Argh! That bastard!" Slamming my fist into the window, I glared at television screen before me, gritting my teeth. I swear... I swear, I'll make him pay!

Author's note: Hello there, so this is a new story I'm doing and its probably the longest chapter I wrote. I've been wanting to do a code geass fanfic for a while and now seems like a perfect time, so I thought why not? This story will get updated in a weekly manner just like my other fanfic. Anyway I hope you enjoy and remember to tell me what you think!