Underground Shelter beneath the Brittanian palace, 10 minutes after Zero's appearance

Slamming his fists onto the table, the Prime Minister of Europe continues to shout at the others. "Damn it! I knew we shouldn't have gathered around here! It's that stupid Empress's fault we're trapped in here!"

-"He's right! What's more, we don't have any arms to fight against Zero! All of our weapons, taken by this madman. Where are the Black Knights?!"

-"Yeah, someone contact their base! We need to combat this issue as soon as possible!"

-"How are we going to do that? There's no way out!"

"Everyone! Can you all just quiet down. You all claim to be the world's leaders and yet you all panic at the slightest hint of danger. If you can't handle pressure how are you suppose to lead your people?"

"What you'd say? Who are you?"

Giving up an attempt to contact the surface with his phone, he puts it back in his pocket and walks up towards the rest of the despaired faces of the leaders. "Kaname, Kaname Ohgi. Prime Minister of the United States of Japan."

"Ohgi? Ah, you used to be Zero's second in command!"

Shaking his head, Ohgi looks up towards the exit hole where they came from. "Used to be. And that's not Zero, the Zero I know doesn't work like that. That's someone pretending to be him."

"T-then, what do we do about this situation?"

Taking a deep breath, Ohgi begins to think hard. It's been two years since he has been in combat, so a full frontal assault will end up badly, sneaking their way out is no good either, having little knowledge of the exterior of the palace. Damn, this is starting to look hopeless, if only Zero was here then- no, he's dead. Thinking of him won't change anything now. After finding out the truth about Lelouch's sacrifice after being released, Ohgi and the rest of the core members of the Black Knights were filled with guilt. They were the ones responsible for his death, but at the same time, he must atone for his sins.

"Ohgi-San, if I may, There's a chance that I'd be able to potentially kill some of the hostiles above our location."

Coming out of the corner of the room, a woman dressed in a maid outfit slowly walks up towards him.

"It's you..."

"Yes, Sayoko Shinozaki at your service."

As if it was the normal thing to do, Sayoko bows her head down and brings it back up. Ohgi meanwhile, caught unaware by her presence in the room, gave a uncomfortable smile, remembering how dangerous she actually is.

"I ask that you not worry, I don't hold any animosity towards you, I only seek out the best for my Empress."

"Then uhh, what do you propose we do?"

Closing her eyes, she turns to address the others in the shelter. "I suggest you all remain here for 10 minutes, for I do not know how long it'll take for me to clear the area. Afterwards, you are free to climb back up and do as you wish, contact your loved ones, your countries, it's up to you."

The leaders were stunned into disbelief, some were actually laughing, the mere thought of a maid taking out a group of armed militants is something not even they could dream of. After bowing her head, she begins her ascent to the surface.

"Wait, what are you going to do once you reach the top?" Ohgi grabbed her arm to stop her, before letting go at once. He still is quite fearful of her after all. Turning to look at Ohgi, she gives him a reassuring smile, almost looking the part of the gentle maid again. "I'm going to rescue my Empress, possibly Zero too. If I should fail, I'll turn to you. Don't worry, I'll find my way."

Ohgi stares at her for a moment, before nodding his head and allowing her to climb up the ladder. Staring at her shadowed figure slowly reach the top, Ohgi watches her as she pushes the exit lid open and after watching it close down once again, only then did he began thinking of a plan.

"Okay everyone, after Sayoko has cleared the area I believe we should-"

The sounds of gunshots followed by multiple screams of distress interrupted his talk. The screams lingered on for a good 5 minutes, each time followed by a grunt and a silencing thud. Staring at the ceiling, Ohgi can't help but break into a cold sweat. She's probably been out of commission for as long as I have been, and yet she still possesses such skills. She really is scary.

Town off the coast of China, 5 hours before the arrival of the Knightmares

As I stared at the panicking citizens leaving their homes and fleeing into their cars, I turned my attention back to the tailor who was busy making me a new coat, that I asked of him, or rather, commanded of him.

"Is this perfect, Your Highness?" Having done his work, he takes out the silky maroon colored coat from the sewing machine and lays it into my hands.

The design is average at best, but I can always improve upon it. The color however, I would have preferred it to be much darker. I guess this would have to do for now.

"Mmm, it's good enough." Standing up, I hanged my new coat over my shoulder and deactivated my control over him. After a moment, his consciousness sets back in and only then did he begin to question his well being.


"The town is being evacuated, Knightmares with the intent to destroy are making their way towards our town as we speak, I suggest leaving now with haste if you want to live."

He gives me this strange, puzzled look before recalling the reason why their coming to which he then responded with a loud scream and took off towards the direction of the road that leads to the village. Putting my lenses back on, I too began heading towards the exit, rubbing the latex mask I have on my face along the way. This mask gets awfully uncomfortable sometimes, the fact that I have to wear this for as long as people remember my face and name, didn't help my already deteriorating mood.

Finally reaching Alastor, I unhooked the cart and began to ride him. It's much faster to ride like this, plus I need to warn the village as soon as possible so speed is a necessity. As I urged Alastor to gallop faster, the people running barefoot away from town began to take notice of me. And as a desperate cry for survival, they began to launch themselves onto Alastor, in an attempt to overthrow me and take control of him.

Damn this people, when it comes down to it, we're no better than animals. Absolute predators. As I was thinking this, I hear Alastor give out a loud neigh. Turning behind, I was surprised to see that someone actually managed to hold onto Alastor's saddle and as a result he was being dragged along the road, refusing to let go. Tsk, can't this people just go away, they have plenty of time damn it.

-"Hey, hey! please! Please! Let me get on the horse. I-I'll pay you! So please!"

As I stared at the desperate and pained expression of the man, I can't help but recall the time I begged Suzaku to save Nunnally. I never want to be in that position again, to not be able to do anything for her. And to make sure that doesn't happen, I need to do everything I can to stop this Zero.

"Sorry, but money isn't of value to me anymore."

I turned to face the front once again, and with my legs, I proceeded to kick him off my horse. If one is to survive, one must learn to fend for oneself. As the man's screams grow fainter, I urged Alastor to move even faster.

"Come Alastor! Quicker!"

Digging my heels into him, Alastor made a grunting noise and galloped even faster, doing it's best to not run into people and cars evacuating.

Once I reach the village, I need to get C.C and think of a plan to combat Zero. Afterwards, the real battle starts. Zero, just you wait for me. I'll make you rue the day you decided to wear that mask.

United States of Japan, Ashford Academy, 20 minutes after Zero's appearance

Standing on the rooftop of the academy, watching the clouds roll by as the morning sun shines down on her. Kallen KĊzuki worries over what's going to become of the world. After witnessing the rise of the new Zero on the news during her break, Kallen immediately headed up onto the roof, skipping her lecture all together. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Just when thing we're finally changing for the better!

Frustrated by the recent events that transpired, Kallen kicked the rooftop railings with all her might, making a very noticeable dent on it. Arghhh! This sucks! Taking very deep breaths, Kallen finally regains her composure and begins to head back downstairs. Only to find someone in front the stairwell.

"Oi Kallen, Damaging school property is considered a very, very serious act of vandalism. And you're a teacher here, you don't want to get sack do you?"

Finally recognizing who it was, Kallen went up to him and greeted him. "You wouldn't be thinking of reporting me now, would you? We're buddies after all, Rivalz."

At that, Rivalz frantically waved his hands, with a smile on his face. "Hey, hey, hey I understand the frustration. I don't like where today is going either. I'll keep this a secret. You have my word!"

Returning a smile, Kallen gestures Rivalz to come follow her downstairs to have a little chat.

"By the way Rivalz, shouldn't you be teaching your class?"

"You kidding? How can anybody teach after seeing what happened on the news? Man, I sure hope the prez is alright, it sounded really bad."

"I'm sure she's fine, she's been in worse situations before."

"Err, I sure do hope you're right. I'd hate to see a former member of the student council bite the dust."

Although she was the one who did the reassuring, Kallen herself isn't really sure if anyone made it out alive. The one she's most worried about is Ohgi, if he's dead, who would retaliate against Zero?


"Huh? What'd you say?"

Realizing that she had muttered his name out loud. Kallen waved her hand, trying to brush it off.

"Uhh, nothing, nothing. It's just that, it's a lot to take in, you know?" Idiot, Lelouch is dead. What are you doing thinking of him? This is not the time to be doing that.

Believing her excuse, Rivalz continues walking around the school alongside Kallen. "Yeah, I hear you loud and clear. It's only been two years since the rebellion. And now we get another Zero? Seriously, it's such a pain."

Nodding her head, Kallen continues to walk silently behind him. For now, the only thing she can possibly do is wait and see.

Town off the coast of China

Damn it! There's too many cars in the way! Forced to slow down to a slower pace due to the amount of cars and people on the trail, I shouted in frustration, earning the attention of a few people. Leave me alone! I don't have time to wait! I need to go now!

After a few more people attempted to mount Alastor, I made sure no one will do it again by commanding a police officer to give me his gun in front of them all and that seems to have work. My mood is making me make poor decisions, so I pray that no one will try again.

As I was wallowing in frustration, an explosion further up front snapped me out of my mood. What was that? A moment later, a barrage of civilians appeared and were running towards the other direction back towards town, screaming and shouting along the way. What happened?

Suddenly more explosions were heard again, getting closer and closer to my location. Not good, I better turn back too. Before I could steer Alastor the other way, a piece of debris hit the road in front of me, causing Alastor to panic and me getting thrown of his back.

"Alastor, wait! Come back!"

Seeing Alastor run off in the direction towards town, I got back up and chased after him. The explosions behind me were getting nearer, I picked up the pace a little bit more, pushing my body to its limits. Two years of village work will not go to waste.

Another explosion was heard, this time feeling the shockwaves around me, it's getting nearer. Come on faster! Faster!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions were all happening beside us now, it must be a Knighmare unit. But how? It's impossible for it to made it this far so fast. As I ran and ran, I witness multiple people in front of me get taken out by an single explosion, causing me to fall backwards due to the shockwave. Damn it!

"Hey Shen, I found a live one over here."

Standing back up, I turned around behind me as soon as I heard the voice, and there standing in front of me was a girl, who appears to be around my age with long black hair and wearing a purple dress. Damn it, I've been caught.

"Hmmm? Why me?! I'm telling you this so that you'll take care of it! I don't want to get my hands dirty!"

She appears to be talking to someone on her earpiece. She's not even paying attention to me.

"Who are you?" I asked, holding the gun tightly behind my back.

It appears she didn't expect me to speak at all, turning to look at me, she crosses her arms and smiled. "I expected you to start running for your life, it appears you got more guts than all of these people combined."

"Who are you?" I asked again. If she doesn't answer, I'll just have to use my geass on her.

"Hmm? The name's Kobato Mei, Japanese."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Do you need to ask? Because I follow Zero."

Follow Zero? So they are his soldiers. I can only guess that they came here beforehand to make sure the citizens don't leave town and trapped them there, to wait for the Knighmares to come and massacre every single one of them. This Zero knows what he's doing.

"What do you hope to accomplish?"

At that, she smiled at me again and licked her lips. "A world where Zero reigns supreme." Taking out a gun she points it straight at me. "But you don't know need to know about that now do you? After all you're going to die right-"


Shooting her in the head with my gun, her body collapses, face first onto the ground. A world that Zero controls? Preposterous, I'm not going to let this guy ruin my efforts. Walking towards her body, I crouched down to get a closer look.

"Ahhh, it's a good thing I activated it before talking to you."

What the?! Turning around quickly, I gasped in both amazement and disbelief. There she is, standing there, completely unharmed with that smile still on her face. "H-how-"

"How I survived? Turn behind you."

Taking a quick glance back, her supposedly dead body has disappeared, the blood no where to be seen, as if it was never there. No... The only way this is possible is with a..

"Geass..." Muttering the word to myself, I looked back at the woman. Standing up, I aimed my gun at her. If she does have a geass, what power is it? Feign death?

"I supposed I've entertained you long enough." Unsheating the sword by her side, she slowly walks towards me.


Shooting her once again, her body falls flat onto the ground. Did I get here this time? No, she can't have died this easy. Scanning my surroundings for her, I found her behind me, ever so slowly walking towards me again. I took a step back and aimed down my sights again. "Shit!"




"But to send a message..."


"Destruction and murder.."


"Are the best ways..."


Shit I ran out of bullets! Throwing the gun away, I frantically searched around for any sign of her. She disappears after shooting her, only to appear at another place completely unharmed. Where is she?

"To ensure that the whole world hears it."

Behind me! Turning around quickly, I was just in time to see her smile once again, before her blade entered my chest and pierced through my heart.

As if in slow motion, she pulled out her blade from my chest and as I stared at the bloodied blade that pierced through me, I collapsed on my knees, blood coming out of both my chest and mouth.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you suffering for long."

Through my fading vision, I see her pull out a gun from her side and pointed it towards my forehead.

"I'll at least allow this much mercy on you."


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