She couldn't help herself. After one tear, Rapunzel had to let out her emotions. She cried and cried and cried. She sobbed so much her eyes were throbbing from the pain.

Reality had hit her hard in the face. Eugene Fitzherbert (if that even was his name) didn't love her. He never loved her. All he loved was money, riches, materialistic goods. The thought about how much blasphemy was in his words hurt her. Every word he said was a lie, and all those loving words at that short moment in the tower were fake.

But she wasn't just hurt, she was angry. No, furious. What sane person would be so selfish? Not just Flynn, but also Gothel. They both didn't consider her feelings. All they thought about was themselves.

The real question was why. Why would Gothel go through the trouble of paying Flynn Rider to trick her? How long had this been going on?

Rapunzel debated to herself on how important that promise she made was. Did she really have to stay in the tower? How bad would it be to just run away? To escape from her troubles and live in Corona? After all, she was a princess. She'd be accepted right back into the palace.

But she wouldn't drop down to Flynn's level. Lying, deceiving, and breaking empty promises. She would keep that promise, despite the horrible things that it would put her through.

If only she'd knew about this whole arrangement. She wouldn't had made that promise to Gothel. But she'd still want to heal Flynn, despite the troubles he had put her through.

Curse her morals.

That night, Rapunzel attempted to drown out her sorrows in tears by crying herself to sleep, but the tears wouldn't stop. They were keeping her up. So instead, she decided not to sleep. She wanted to get her mind off things, so instead she stayed up painting

There were no empty canvases on her wall. Rapunzel looked around her room and then found a large portrait of herself and Gothel. It was of her and Gothel hugging each other. Rapunzel had a warm smile on her face, and Gothel was staring at her tenderly. Rapunzel had painted that when she was around ten-years old.

Rapunzel grabbed a shade of beige that matched her wall and, with no hesitation, painted over the portrait.

Hours of hours of painting felt like minutes. The speed of her brush was graceful, yet harsh with emotions. It felt good to get her mind slightly off things. Painting had always been her escape from the world, and was something she both enjoyed and was good at.

When she was done, Rapunzel took a step back to admire her work of art. She had painted her journey that she took through Corona. It started with her doing a cartwheel down a hill, then the ruffians holding her in the air, her running through the tunnels away from the guards, then to her sitting in a boat, admiring the sky. Around the painting was a frame of lanterns.

She had left Flynn out.

It was a good reminder of the wonderful, and possibly last, journey she would have in the outside world.

Just as Rapunzel set down her paintbrush, a mysterious cool breeze drafted in through her window. It was the middle of summer; how could a cold breeze be present?

It was a warm summer night, but the air around Jack Frost had turned cold. After all, he was the spirit of winter. The spirit of winter, and also a guardian.

He decided to take a break away from the North Pole. It was what he'd usually do, he wasn't very helpful up there. To Jack, everyone acted too sophisticated for his taste. None of them knew the true definition of 'fun.'

When he did decide to be up at the pole, all he'd do is cause trouble and get in their way.

Jack was flying through the forest when he came upon something he'd never noticed before; a tower. It was at least seventy feet tall with a slim bottom and wide top. A single window was lit at the top.

"Why would someone want to live in a secluded tower in the middle of the forest?" Jack silently whispered to himself. Curiosity got the best of him, and Jack flew up to the tower and went to the lit window. He gazed in and saw a girl painting on the wall. She had long, beautiful golden locks and was wearing a simple purple dress. Her back was turned to him.

Jack sat on the windowsill and watched her paint for a while. It was fascinating to him. Her hands moved so gracefully with the brush it seemed almost like magic. After a while, she stood up and took a step back to admire the painting. He wanted to see what she looked like, so he leaned closer to the window, but caused a draft from his such quick movement.

Rapunzel turned her head toward the window and nearly fell to the ground from shock. Outside was a boy who appeared to be around her age. He had snowy white hair, a worn-out blue sweatshirt, and was holding a brown-stick thing. She looked around for an object to defend herself but found nothing.

The boy stared at Rapunzel for a few seconds. Suddenly, his eyes turned wide, "you can see me?" She nodded her head vigorously.

Jack's face went from shocked to a smile as bright as the sun, "you can see me!" He stood up on the windowsill then fell backward from the tower. Rapunzel gasped, than ran to the window. She fumbled to grab her hair to throw down to him, but then saw something she wouldn't have believed herself. He was flying through the air.

"Wahoo!" He cried out joyfully. Jack had never had someone see him before. It was one of the best feelings in the world, to be noticed by someone who isn't a deranged guardian. He was so caught up in his happiness, he hardly noticed when he flew by the window that Rapunzel had taken his staff.

"Hey!" He cried out. Jack flew over to the tower and reached inside the bars, "give that back!" He was laughing so much that he could barely get the words out.

She studied the thing in her hands. It was very light-weight and in the shape of a hook. It was extremely cold to the touch and seemed to be covered in frost.

Things were getting stranger by the minute.

When Jack noticed she wasn't listening, he brought down his laughter into a more serious tone. "I sorta need that."

Rapunzel eyed his curiously, "you need a stick?" She questioned.

Jack put his hand down, "it's a staff."

Rapunzel no longer felt threatened by him. After seeing him so happy, it seemed like she could trust him. She carefully walked toward the window and handed him the staff.

"Who are you?" She blurted out.

He took a seat on the window sill, "the name's Jack Frost, spirit of winter."

"I thought that Jack Frost was just a myth, not an actual person."

He stared at her curiously, "wait… so you didn't believe in Jack Frost?" She shook her head. Jack scratched the back of his head, "odd, only people who believe in me should be able to see me."

"Is that why you were so excited earlier?" He nodded.

"Well, what's your name?"


"Rapunzel…" He repeated, "I like it!" Jack glanced over her shoulder, "so what's up with the hair, Blondie?"

She looked down at the ground. It wasn't a topic she wanted to discuss, "it's…. a long story."

"A story I'd like to hear." He leaned his elbows on the window sill and floated in midair, as if he were lying on his stomach. She giggled slightly, he reminded her of a small child.

"Well, it all started when I was born. A woman named Gothel kidnapped and locked me away in this tower eighteen years ago. She tricked me into believing I was her daughter."

"Interesting… I'm guessing she had a motive for kidnapping you?"

Rapunzel was about to speak, but then stopped herself. Should she tell him that she was the lost princess? He would probably treat her differently, so she decided against it. "She took me from…. A renowned sorcerer. He was my father."

"But why? Why would she take you?"

"For revenge."

"What did he do to make her do something so drastic?"

"Let's just say my father wasn't one of the most trustworthy and reasonable of people." Rapunzel hated lying, it hurt her to do it. But she barely knew this man, why would she trust him with her past?

Jack stared out to the forest, "I'm assuming that you want to leave."

Rapunzel nodded her head, "but I can't. Recently, I left the tower with a man. He took me on a journey to the kingdom where I would see the floating lights… I fell in love with him." Jack's eyes were fixed on her, listening intently.

Her face went stern, "but then Gothel found out and she was furious. She dragged me back to this tower and made sure that I would never leave again, hence the bars. Even worse…" she gritted her teeth from anger, "that man had tricked me. He deceived me. The whole time, he was on Gothel's side. He never cared about me, or my feelings, or how I felt about him. All he cared about was money. Gothel never cared about me! All she cared about was my hair!""

A silence was shared, "Your… hair?" Jack asked, confused. Rapunzel eyes went wide, "Umm…."
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot," he said, "you don't deserve this. But can I ask you a favor?" Rapunzel nodded her head. He passed his staff to Rapunzel, who gripped it in her hands. "Don't drop that, okay?"

He flies over to the bars on the window and grasps them firmly in his hands. "For a second, I thought you were a nasty theft locked up in a tower," he glances over to her with a grin, "but it's obvious you're the exact opposite of that."

He closes his eyes, then the bars begin to glow slightly. The same breeze that filled the room before returned as the bars glow brighter and brighter. All of the sudden, it stopped. Once he backed away, the bars had turned into solid ice.

Rapunzel's stared at the bars with both confusion and fear. She reached out to touch them, but then slightly hesitated.

"Don't be shy," Jack reassured, "they're just ice." Rapunzel seemed to be even more scared by this for some reason, and took a step back. He laughed at how cute she was acting, "I promise Blondie, you won't freeze to death."

She was taken back on how kind he was acting. He was willing to free a girl he just met? He didn't even consider the consequences his actions could have?

Rapunzel lightly touched one of the bars with the tip of her finger. The minute the two came into contact, it melted into a puddle of water. Her breath was taken away. Before she knew it, the bars had completely disappeared.

"I-I don't know what to say."

"You could say thank you."

"Th-thanks," she stammered. Jack took a seat on the window sill then tapped a spot next to him, indicating for her to take a seat. At first, Rapunzel hesitated. However, she eventually climbed to the spot.

"Here's your staff," She handed the stick back to Jack. He chuckled lightly, "thanks for taking such good care of it."

An awkward silence was shared between the two for a tense minute, but then was broken with Jack standing up from his position, then extending his hand out to Rapunzel.

"Come with me."


"Come with me and see the world! You shouldn't have to waste your precious young life locked away in some stupid tower," he tossed himself into flight, "I could show you the wonders of Corona, and the rest of the world. I could protect you, and I'd never betray you like that man did…" He stopped himself, not wanting to go to the sensitive subject. He put out his hand once more.

Rapunzel was about to take it, but then stopped herself. "I can't, Jack."

"Why not? You can't let yourself suffer like this forever!"

"I just can't!" She broke off into a sob, "I made a promise to Gothel that I wouldn't leave, and I don't break my promises. If I left the tower, she would die. Literally. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I let that happen!" She took a deep breath in, "do you see now?"

Jack stared at her with intense eyes, "but you want to leave, don't you?"

"Of course I do! I want to leave more than anything in the world….but I can't."

He took a deep breath in and summoned a chunk of ice into his hand, "you're probably going to hate me for this, but it's for the best."

"What's for the-"before she could finish, Jack threw the chunk of ice at her head, which knocked her out cold. Rapunzel began to fall from the tower, but before she could get anywhere near to the ground, Jack caught her bridal style.

"Then it's off to the North Pole for us."

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