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The Greatest Bounty

Chapter 1: Just Another Job

"Buy'ce olar, kar'ta ogir-Helmet on, heart gone."

Mandalorian proverb spoken before battle.

In the dull glow and bustle of Mos Eisly's Cantina, the galaxy's most renown Bounty Hunter was taking on a job. It wasn't anything fancy, but he needed the money. As the Cantina's band played one of their famous songs, the bounty hunter made his way through the bustling crowd.

Everywhere he went both people and aliens alike gave him a wide berth, in the earlier times the band would have promptly stopped playing and everyone would have cleared out upon seeing him. These days respect was mutual, as long as nobody interfered with his business nobody would have to get hurt.

Finally seeing his clients, the bounty hunter made his way to the other side of the cantina's crowded interior and slowly sat down at a circular table. Across from him sat three dishevelled and intimidated male Corellian archaeologists. Garbed in loose fitting tan robes, they regarded him with fear in their eyes and for good reason. One wrong move, one wayward word, and all of them could be but ash piles on the ground.

That been said, the bounty hunter had given them a little notion of respect. Only the brave, powerful, or foolish dared call upon his services. These three needed the best, so they called upon the best.

Boba Fett.

For a few moments, the only sounds that could be heard were languages of various species going back and forth, the Cantina music continuing on in the background. Eventually, Boba took the lead, the Corellians seemed to scare to actually say anything. His voice came through an external speaker as he sat there like a statue.

"I got the call from your employers..."

Quickly composing himself the lead archaeologist, or rather who Boba assumed was the leader of this trio, coughed and began to respond.

"O-oh...So...can you do this?"

Boba's helmet slowly cocked to the side, as if utterly confused at the question being asked. "You question my reputation?"

"N-no, I merely ask as I'm not sure if a bounty hunter of your calibre would take on such an m-mediocre.."

Leaning back in his chair, Boba got a quick stretch in. As he returned to his original position, he began to respond, "As long as the pay is good and it abides by my code, no job is too big or beneath me. So far you've fulfilled the former, now we'll see if you can fulfill the latter."

Boba interlocked his gloved hands as he conversed with his Corellian clients. In truth, this job was beneath him, but the bounties had been slow as of late and slow bounties meant slow cash flow. Idle hands could make one sloppy, and Boba was anything but sloppy. Years of bounty hunting across the known galaxy had forged him into the best in the business, there was no job he couldn't accomplish.

From assassinations to security details, the Mandalorian had put his name on the line time and time again. Growing ever richer and ever more reputable, this time, three Corellian archaeologists had questioned that reputation. Had the price they were offering not been so tempting, he might've shown them just how he had earned his title as the best bounty hunter.

From behind his T-shaped visor, Boba scanned each and every one of them and put their names against the known bounty databases. One could never be too careful of who he was dealing with, and Boba was always careful.

So far, not a single one of them had any known criminal record or price on their heads, a double-edged sword to say the least. He was always prepared to make more money, slowly he looked at each and every one of them as his menacing visor scanned left to right.

Finally stopping at the head archaeologist, Boba reviewed the contract.

"So, run the job by me again. Just so we're all singing from the same sheet of music, wouldn't want anyone to skip a beat now would we?"

The head archaeologist slowly gulped as he slid a small datapad over to Boba, his dirty hands trembling all the while.

"W-we at Czerka industries maintain the highest standard of archaeological discoveries and remain at the forefront of-"

Boba promptly cut him off, "The job, I don't care who you're with, I already know who Czerka is and I already know what they do. All I need to know is how much I'm being paid and what the job is."

The three men promptly started shaking for a few moments. Finally, the lead archaeologist had managed enough composure to answer.

"R-right then, a few days ago one of our scouting parties had come across some ruins in some canyons, near the dune sea. We're not sure where they originated from, but what's peculiar is the fact they don't match the designs of any known race's architecture. Even more strange is the fact that we have done scans in that particular area before. It's like as if the ruins appeared overnight and to make matters worse? Any probe droids we've sent into the ruins lose signal about halfway through."

Boba sat there listening inventively, he already knew what it was the moment the call had come to him. A babysitting job, he wasn't surprised. The ruins were in Tusken Raider territory, and wherever they went any number of the planet's predators couldn't be too far. Boba sighed beneath his helmet as he cut the archaeologist off mid-speech.

"Right then, a security job. You came to the right man for that, but if we come across any Krayt Dragons or worse? That's double the price your employers set forward, the munitions I have can take those down no problem. Replacing those munitions is a more...expensive matter."

As Boba set forth his negotiations, he reviewed the price they were offering via his helmet's database. 50,000 credits, not bad for a security job. Boba ran the numbers in his head as he began to further broker the deal.

"Right then, 25,000 upfront and the rest upon completion of the job...non-negotiable. The prices for any indigenous wildlife remain the same, double the final amount. Again we have a deal?"

The three archaeologists muttered amongst themselves, Boba already knew the outcome. If this job were that important, they'd be smart and accept the terms he had set forth. After a few more moments they finally nodded and the lead archaeologist extended his hand.

"It's a deal, Mr Fett."

Boba slowly stood up and adjusted himself, not breaking eye contact with the lead archaeologist all the while.

"Good then, I expect my funds wired to my account promptly. I'll need to head my ship to gather some supplies. Be ready by the skiff yards in two hours."

Meanwhile, the lead archaeologist had had his hand outstretched the whole time, getting the hint he promptly retracted it, but not before voicing one last concern.

"But Mr Fett, we haven't even told you our names."

Boba stopped and slowly looked over his shoulder, "I already did a check on you lot, you're clean. Besides, if you die out there, your names will be of no significance to me anyways."

With that, the bounty hunter slowly made his way to the entrance. Meanwhile, the crowd gave him a wide berth, calm or not, no one wanted to invoke his ire.

In truth, these men were not who they claimed to be. In a galaxy ruled by an ever overbearing Empire, to reveal their true nature was dangerous. These men belonged to an ancient order, one all but extinct. Their numbers once spanned the stars themselves, but after a terrible betrayal, they became a legend. With men such as Boba Fett, these times were even more trying.

These men were Jedi and much like Boba Fett they had a job all of their own. To slay the bounty hunter and loosen the burden of secrecy that they had to live with. As the three began to converse, one youngest of the three voiced his concerns as he turned to face the lead "archaeologist".

"Master Tyron do you think this will work?"

Tyron promptly put a hand up, easing the concerns of his Padawan. "I sense doubt in your voice Padawan Ulritch, but do not worry. The force is with us, skilled as Boba Fett might be, no bounty hunter can take on three Jedi. His greed will be his downfall and once we finish him, our fellows will no longer have to worry about the Empire's most vile hound."

The other Jedi sitting to the right of Tyron agreed as he voiced his opinion, "He's no different than anyone else, we will destroy him just like Master Windu did to his father."

Tyron turned to face his fellow Jedi, a look of concern on his face, "Do not underestimate him, Lars, his father may have been felled by Master Windu, but not before he killed many of our own. Do not let your emotions consume you."

Lars bowed his head, "I am sorry Master Tyron, it won't happen again."

Tyron merely smiled gave his old friend a pat on the shoulder, "It's alright, just be mindful. Our connection to the force requires a calm mind, just remember to manage yours."

Their worries at ease, the two Jedi watched as Tyron took out a small holopad. As it hummed to life, the blue grainy image of a large angular structure came into view. In truth even with their false jobs, the three Jedi still did not know what these ruins were. What they did know was that someone or something had conjured it, and with great power too.

Boba made his way out of the Cantina's entrance and into the searing heat of Mos Eiseley. Cradling his EE-3 blaster carbine, he made his way towards the starport. The dune sea was no short trip and there was no telling how long the archaeologists planned to stay out there. If they were going out into the wild, he would need to grab some supplies.

A good bounty hunter was always prepared for any eventuality, and being the best Boba was certainly no exception. Even with his suit and armour containing just about every weapon conceivable, there was no telling if he'd need to resupply out in the field. With the sands ever shifting under his boots, Boba made his way through Mos Eisley's packed and winding market streets.

Everywhere he went, his reputation followed and it showed on the faces of the various species that gave him a wide berth. Even the fiercest Trandoshans didn't dare cross his path, they hissed and regarded him with their reptilian eyes as he continued on his way. Finally seeing the large starport building, Boba began to quicken his pace.

Finally making his way into a large tunnel, he made his way through the building's winding tunnel paths. His destination was bay twenty-four, after a series of twists and turns he finally made his way to a solid duraplast door. Entering a four digit code on a adjacent panel, a confirmation signal chimed in and the door responded in kind and swiftly slid to the side with a hiss.

Stepping into a large circular bay, Boba took in the sight that lay before him. Laying in the centre like a sleeping giant in the heart of the circle was a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft. The Slave 1, it was more than just a good ship, it was the ship that spelt doom for whomever or whatever it was tasked to hunt. Boba regarded it with the honour and respect it was due, it had once belonged to his father and as such it was one of the few things Boba treasured above all else.

Stopping just at the lip of the shade the upwards bay walls provided, Boba cocked his head to the side as he regarded his ship. "Hello, gorgeous."

Making his way towards it and up its ramp, he approached a large rectangular entrance. Punching in another code the door slid open and Boba entered, promptly pressing a button on a nearby wall the door slid behind him and locked. He was home and more importantly, he was alone. Pressing a series of buttons on the back of his helmet, a pressurised seal hissed and he removed his helmet.

To any and all who had ever worked with Boba, the only face they knew the bounty hunter had been his T-shaped visor. None had ever gazed upon his real face and what few did indeed didn't live long to tell the tale. There had once been a time where he shared his face with his father, the two were indistinguishable by looks alone.

Unfortunately, that time had long since passed and with it the legend of his father's face and the army it had once been the face of. Taking in a deep breath, Boba made his way to the cargo hold. As he entered the cavernous room, auto lights began to blink on revealing row after row of storage crates. He smiled at the sight, so many options, so many ways to ruin someone or something's day.

Setting his carbine and helmet down on a nearby crate, he made his way over towards the crates and began taking lids off. A good bounty hunter was prepared for any situation, so Boba spared no expense in making sure he packed a little extra. Thermal detonators, sonic grenades, extra Tibanna gas cartridges, proximity mines, concussion grenades, and rations were just to name a few.

As his collection began to grow, he deposited all the supplies into a handy olive drab colored kit bag. After what felt like an eternity of packing, Boba finally took a seat on an unopened crate. He still had an hour left, but there was one more check to go over, himself.

Standing up, he promptly went over every piece of technology that adorned his suit. From his gauntlets to his spiked boots, just about every inch of Boba was covered with some sort of weapon or gadget. Most important of them all, however, was his Z-6 jetpack.

Bounty hunting was a dangerous business. A good hunter had to be prepared for a three-dimensional battle space with an enemy that could attack from any side at any time. Having a jetpack evened those odds, many an adversary had thought they had cornered Boba, only to find him soaring through the air and raining death from above shortly after.

Jetpacks were double edge swords, however, for all the advantages they brought they also had drawbacks. Fuel, vulnerability, and even mechanical mishaps were not uncommon. That been said, Boba always paid particular attention whenever he inspected his. His father's jetpack malfunction had been his undoing, it would not be Boba's as well.

Satisfied that everything was in working order he smiled, he was ready. Donning his helmet, he slung the kit bag and carried his blaster carbine at the ready position. He made his way out of the cargo hold and down through the ship's central corridor. Before he made his way to the hatch, he stopped by a small terminal.

Pressing a series of keys, the terminal's screen lit up and went to a messaging system. Scrolling down through a list of contacts Boba searched for his old friend, well as close to a friend as he could have. Finally stopping at the name he was looking for he opened up a recording transmission and began his message.

"Dengar, it's Fett. Got another job, not sure how long this will take but you know the routine. If I don't send another transmission in a few weeks I want you to take my ship to the prearranged coordinates. Attached to this message is the ship's passcode, it's set to a timer so don't get any funny ideas. Good hunting, Fett out."

Depressing the "send" key, Boba shutdown the terminal and made his way out of his ship. As the door locked behind him he took a few steps down the ship's ramp and out into the hangar bay. Before he went any further, he turned around and regarded his ship for one last time.

"I'll be back soon old girl."

Having said his goodbyes, he focused himself as he went to leave the hangar. It was time to go to work.

Three hours later..

Boba stood at the front of the skiff as the endless expanse of the dune sea raced by. His cloak fluttered behind him in the sand-choked wind as he stood there, the only movement one could register was his helmet occasionally scanning for any signs of activity.

Meanwhile, Ulritch, Lars, and Tyron huddled by the controls as they looked at the nav computer with anticipation. To them, this was the find of a lifetime, to Boba this was just another job. Finally, the skiff banked hard left and made its way towards a large canyon, stopping just at the entrance its antigrav thrusters slowly whined to a halt.

In moments Boba made his way to the back of the skiff, picking up his kit bag he turned to face the archaeologists. As he did so, he tossed Tyron a small comm device. The scientist caught it with fumbling hands as Boba began to speak.

"Stay here, I'm going to scout ahead and make sure everything is clear when I give the all clear you'd best hurry up."

Before Tyron could even respond, Boba made his way to the front of the skiff. Bracing himself, his jetpack's thrusters ignited with a roar and he propelled himself through the air and atop a canyon wall.

All was quiet for a while until Boba's voice came through the comm device, "All clear for now, but my scanners are reading large life signs in the distance. Possibly just Banthas or Dewbacks, but I also saw some Tusken tracks. Make this quick, we don't want to be caught out here when the sun goes down."

Tyron merely nodded at Ulritch and Lars as they began to grab their rucksacks and various other survey tools. Making their way down a gangplank, they began to make the journey through the canyon. On either side, large rocky expanses jutted up into the sky, Tatooine's twin suns barely shining down past them. After a few minutes of checking their maps, the trio finally saw it. Their mouths were agape as they took in the sight, the holograms most certainly didn't do it justice.

Built into the side of one the canyon walls, a large angular tunnel like structure stood towering over the ground below. Two massive pillars on either side supported a triangular shaped roof as they formed an entryway into an ever stretching dark abyss. They regarded it for a moment until a roar came from above and with it Boba Fett.

Landing in front of the three with a crunch, Boba slowly stood up as a dust cloud kicked up from around him.

"Well gentlemen, whenever you're done gawking at it we can get started."

The two men looked at Tyron as he took a step forward, "Of course, but before we go any further. Mr Fett, do you think you could perhaps take a quick look inside? It certainly looks big enough for a Krayt Dragon to take residence in."

Boba only nodded, "Fair enough, stay here. I'll take a quick scan inside."

The three men nodded as Boba made his way towards the structure, as it began to tower overhead he paused for a moment and took in the sight before him. He had fought on many planets and chased quarry through all kinds of ancient hideouts and ruins, but even this had surprised him. Whoever had made this structure had fashioned it from stone and other older materials.

Boba knew what Jedi temples were, he had aided the Empire in clearing them out many a time before. This structure reminded him of those very same ruins, but there was no way the Jedi had made this. It seemed like more an entryway or a passage than a refuge, it was also too big to be of any use hiding in.

As Boba made his way to the mouth of the entrance, he stopped and activated his helmet's lowlight sensors. In truth that had done little good, so he did the next best thing. Dropping his kit bag and slinging his carbine, he unzipped the bag and searched its contents. Finding what he was looking for, he took out a Merr-Sonn Concussion grenade launcher.

Generally, it was designed for offensive operations, but with some time tuning and modifications, Boba had made it capable of firing a wide variety of munitions. Breaking it open, he reached into one of his hip mounted pouches and pulled out a small cylindrical object. Sliding it into the launcher, he snapped the action back and took aim. A satisfying clunk rang out as an illumination round went soaring into the dark abyss.

For a moment, it shone brightly and revealed an ever stretching dirt path with large concrete walls on either side. As it went further in, Boba came to the conclusion that this wasn't just some structure. It was definitely a tunnel of some sort, he was just about to turn around and let the others know it was safe when his helmet's sensors detected movement behind him.

The three men were making their way towards him and he hadn't even given them a signal yet. Slowly and calmly he reached into another pouch and pulled out another cylindrical object. This one wasn't mean for navigation, just as he had finished loading the grenade launcher he promptly spun around and shot a high explosive round at the three men.

A large dust cloud shot forth as dirt and debris rained down, against ordinary men this would have been enough. But Boba knew that only foolish normal men would try to ambush him.

He watched as they each evaded it and flipped through the air, taking off their robes all the while and revealing the outfits of the Jedi order. Boba quickly loaded a flash round as they landed. Boba yelled at them as he got into a battle stance.

"I should have known better! But then again you should have too, Jedi scum!"

The three men each reached for their hips and unclipped long cylindrical tubes. As they got into stances of their own, they each depressed a button on the tubes and a blue beam of light hissed forth from them. Lightsabers, the weapon of the Jedi and the bane of anyone who didn't know how to fight against them. Of course, Boba wasn't just anyone, however.

The lead Jedi took a step forward and pointed his saber at Boba with one hand, "I am Jedi Master Tyron, your reign of terror ends here Boba Fett. You will die just as your father did!"

Boba clenched his teeth, there were three things he hated the most in the galaxy. People who tried to trick him, Jedi, and people who slandered his father's name. To let his emotions run wild would spell doom for him, so he calmed himself for the battle ahead.

Quickly doing a scan on each one, he began to formulate a plan. Fighting Jedi was a tough business, but not impossible. One had to know their weaknesses and their limitations. In the case of Jedi, fear, distance, and mental manipulation were essential.

A bounty hunter had to be quick and ever present of his surroundings, against saber wielders, even doubly so. To get cornered or too close could spell death. Fortunately for Boba, his chest plate and neck gorget were made of Mandalorian Iron, one of the few materials capable of stopping saber strikes. His arms and legs not so much, that been said he would need distance.

As for fear, well he already had that to his advantage. Years of fighting Jedi had shown Boba vital signs between the Jedi's various ranks, most notably Padawans. They were dangerous but easy to manipulate or fool. Most were still young and just learning the powers of the force, and luckily for Boba? There just so happened to be one standing in front of him, one who reeked of intimidation. He would be the first to go.

Boba unslung his carbine and held it with one hand as he held the launcher with the other, "Well now that introductions are out of the way let's talk business. I'm heartbroken my previous contract has been nulled, but you lot just made me a happy man...soon to be very wealthy too."

Before the Jedi could respond Boba, let loose a flash grenade from the launcher. The three Jedi held their eyes in anguish as Boba's jetpack ignited and propelled him towards the Padawan. Slinging the launcher, he raised his right gauntlet and a thin fibercord shot forth and wrapped itself around the Padawan's struggling body.

With his arms bound and unable to wield his saber effectively, he was incapacitated for a short moment. All the time Boba needed to separate him from the others.

"Let's go for a little trip shall we?"

Boba gave his jetpack max throttle as he flew through the air, dragging the Padawan through the dirt and into the air as well. As the two rose up further, Boba retracted the cord and with it the Padawan towards him. Just as the Padawan got close, he was able to cut the cord and free his bindings. Using the force, he propelled himself through the air with his saber thrust upward. He cried out with all his fury as he got within distance of Boba.

"Die bounty hunter scum!"

He promptly thrust the saber into Boba's torso, for a moment he thought victory was his, he couldn't have been any more wrong.

The saber had bounced backwards having deflected off the armor, for a moment the Padawan's eyes went wide with horror. What could possibly repel a lightsaber? Before his question could be answered, he heard a chuckle and saw himself looking down the barrel of Boba's blaster.

"Never send a boy to do a man's job."

Meanwhile, Tyron and Lars watched in horror as Padawan Ulritch's face snapped back, a blaster round burning a hole in the center of his head and exiting out the back of it. Their anger rose as Boba grabbed the still working lightsaber and kicked the body back, sending it tumbling towards the earth. A dust cloud kicked up from the Padawan's motionless body as it hit the ground with a crunch, he was dead.

Boba turned the saber off and clipped it to his belt as he landed next to the Padawan's body. That little stunt had used up half his jetpack's fuel, he'd need to be more sparing with it against the other two. Raising his blaster carbine, he aimed it at the other two Jedi.

"That just net me 50,000 credits, you two are going to double that amount."

Tyron noticed Lars begin to shake with rage, he was losing his focus.

"Lars, concentrate! Do not let him egg you on! Trust in the force and steal yourself!"

Lars wasn't hearing it, Ulritch had shown so much promise, so much potential. Now some bounty hunter had killed him and taken his saber like some sort of sick trophy. He wouldn't stand for it.

"No Tyron he dies now!"

Tyron went to grab him, but it was too late. The Jedi had already made his mind up.

Lars twisted his face into one of fury as he propelled himself towards Boba, he was furious. That meant he'd get sloppy, exactly what Boba was hoping for. Boba let out two bursts of blaster fire as the Jedi began to get closer. He knew it wouldn't do anything as the Jedi would just deflect the shots, but he had to keep the pressure up. Never allowing a Jedi a moment to think or gain clarity was also the key to fighting them, a good bounty hunter had to be sure to break their focus as much as possible.

Boba watched as the Jedi deflected the shots and closed the gap, smiling all the while. "It'll take more than that to best me bounty hunter!"

Boba merely cocked his head to the side and raised his left gauntlet.

"You haven't seen anything yet."

The Jedi skid to a halt as his eyes went wide before he could fully stop he watched as a stream of fire came from Boba's gauntlet and towards him. Closing his eyes he put his left hand forward and the flames began to flicker and wash over a translucent barrier. Lars smiled as he yelled over the roar of the flamethrower.

"Well if that's what you intended to show me, I'm not impressed!"

What Lars didn't know was that Boba had been slowly getting closer and closer to the flamethrower running all the while. In his defense, the wall of flame had created a visual disturbance that he couldn't see through. Just as the fire looked as though it was about to stop, Boba propelled himself through the flames and into the barrier towards him.

As he got within distance of Lars, Boba reached out with his left hand and clamped down over Lar's right wrist. As he did so, he brought his left knee into Lar's stomach and fired a pair of darts from his kneepad's launcher. Not being convinced it would be enough, he brought his blaster carbine up with his right hand and shoved the barrel into Lar's mouth.

The last thing Jedi Knight Lars Omega had saw before his death was a menacing T-shaped visor pressing itself against his forehead. A quiet voice spoke out and seemed to cut through the noise of everything else going on.

"How about now?"

Boba held the trigger down as shot after shot burned through Lar's mouth and back out his neck. Boba then promptly headbutted the Jedi and let go of his wrist, allowing the body to hit the ground. With its master dead, the saber's beam slide back into its tube with a hiss. Boba slowly looked up and turned to face the final Jedi.

Jedi Master Tyron turned his saber off and looked at Boba with calm eyes. For a few moments, he just stood there, as he regarded the bodies of his two fellow Jedi. The rumors were true, he had seen them come to life with his own eyes.

This bounty hunter had somehow turned around and simply bested them, truly the Mandalorians were as fearsome as they were steadfast in their work. He slowly looked up at Boba, his face still remaining calm as he took a deep breath.

"Perhaps you are right, perhaps we were the foolish ones here. I submit bounty hunter, but know that I will free myself, and with the help of others, I will find you and your terror will be put to an end."

With that, Tyron dropped his saber and let his arms hang loosely. Boba merely smiled from under his helmet, "I'm at 100,000 credits now, that's twice as much as you lot were going to pay me. Jedi are worth double alive, but see that's the problem."

Boba slowly raised his blaster and aimed it at the Jedi's head, "Anyone smart enough knows you can't just take a Jedi in alive."

Before Boba could squeeze a shot off he felt himself began to be lifted off of the ground and propelled through the air and into the mouth of the ruins. Boba skidded across the dirt before finally coming to a stop. He already knew what had happened, this Jedi was strong enough in the force that he could pick people up and throw them to wherever he so chose.

As Boba got up he scanned around for signs of the Jedi, he didn't have to look for long. He watched as the Jedi sprint towards him at full speed, his saber was drawn and ready all the while. Before Boba could even aim, he felt the same power from before bind his arms to his sides. As the Jedi began to get closer, Boba quickly ran through a list of options. He couldn't move, but that didn't mean he couldn't use his weapons.

Issuing a series of commands, Boba felt his helmet's rangefinder slowly slide down over his visor. Feeding him tactical data, it acquired a lock onto the Jedi's shape growing ever closer. Once that was done, he issued on final command.


In moments, a missile shot forth from the top of his jetpack and soared through the air towards the Jedi. As this happened, Boba felt the pressure on him release its hold. Bringing his blaster up to take aim at the Jedi, he quickly figured out why.

The Jedi had reached his left hand out and had focused his mind on something else entirely, the missile. Suddenly the missile spun around mid-flight and began to make its way towards Boba. Boba promptly aimed at the missile and let off a burst of blaster bolts, his helmet's targeting computer ensuring every shot went exactly where it needed to go.

The good news was he hit it, the bad news was he had hit it in such a way that sent it spiraling up towards the cavern's ceiling. Detonating with a coarse crumble, the whole cavern began to shake. Boba didn't have to be well versed in architecture to know that he had to get out of there and fast. Quickly grabbing his kit bag off the ground, he began to run away from the sounds of the cavern's collapse.

Taking a look at him, he could just barely make out the Jedi standing outside the entrance before large chunks of the ceiling began to fall down and obscure his vision. Turning back forward, he continued to sprint as he felt the rubble falling behind him, growing closer and closer. Somehow his missile had caused some sort of chain reaction and the whole cavern was starting to fall in on itself.

Boba looked ahead, in truth he had no idea where he was going or for how long it would stretch on for. Doing a quick scan with his helmet, he could just barely make out some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. That would be all well and good, if it wasn't for the fact that the rubble falling in behind him was getting closer and closer.

He had one chance to make it out of this mess, thankfully it was sitting right on his back.

"Activate Jetpack!"

Boba propelled himself through the air and kept a close eye on his jetpack's fuel reserves. He didn't have a lot, and at that moment, he secretly regretted doing the flashy kill move on the Padawan. He tensed as he saw the light grow closer and closer. Finally, he gave the jetpack max throttle and yelled out as the rubble falling behind him grazed the underside of his boot.

Boba watched the darkness on either side of him turn into a lush forest as he soared through the air. His jetpack's thrusters sputtered and stopped as their fuel reserves finally drained. This left the bounty hunter merely flying through the air off of velocity alone. Unfortunately had been too busy being utterly confused at the change of scenery to notice he was about to hit a tree. With a sharp crack, he smacked against the tree's thick trunk and fell onto the ground beneath him.

Before his consciousness faded he looked up into the sky, all he could see was the tops of trees and a lush blue sky. Squinting closer, he swore he could make out something flying in the sky above. Boba thought to himself before passing out.

A...dragon?...Why am I?...

With that, Boba passed out in the new world he had arrived in.