I recently got into Dangan Ronpa thanks to the Let's Dub Project on Youtube, and I thought I could repay them by writing this tribute fanfic based on the game, with Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking the role of Monokuma. Upupu~!

Avengers belongs to Marvel.

Dangan Ronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft.

I just own this crossover.

Now that Ivy Spade has finished the final exam on the last class of the day for this semester, she figured it would be a good idea to stop by the library and hang out until her best friend Phoebe arrived. Once Ivy was in the library, she searched the bookshelves for mythology. Last time she was at the library, she read a book relating to Greek Mythology. After a brief while of searching, she pulled out a book about Norse Mythology, which she enjoyed the most. She stepped from the bookshelf and sat down at a lounge chair and after she set down her bag, she started reading the book. Little did she know, a man with black hair and green eyes took interest in her. Ivy spent the next few minutes reading until the man stood up and approached her.

"That's an interesting book you got there," he commented.

Ivy snapped her head at the man, startled.

"Uh, thanks!" stammered Ivy, "it's about Norse Mythology."

"Please," scoffed the man, "I've read that before and some of the content is ridiculous."

"Why do you say that?" asked Ivy.

The man gave Ivy a blank stare.

"Never mind," sighed Ivy, "why are you here?"

"I am searching for any college students studying to become criminal investigators," explained the man.

Ivy gasped in surprise, since she understood what this strange man was referring to.

"Really?" warbled Ivy in a quiet tone since they're in the library, "I'm studying to become a criminal investigator!"

Ivy set down the book on the table and pulled out her forensics textbook from her bag before showing it to the man.

"I only have one year to go before I get my degree," continued Ivy.

"Interesting," mused the man, "so what compels you to study such a field?"

"Well," admitted Ivy, "I want to be able to put rapists to justice since this stupid rape culture is preventing the victims from getting justice."

"In that case," smiled the man, "I hope you fulfill that goal."

The black-haired man placed his hand on her shoulder.

"And I wish you luck," he continued.

"Well, thank you, sir," chirped Ivy.

"You're welcome," replied the man, "I must be going."

The black-haired man put away his book and stepped out of the library, leaving Ivy to continue reading the book on Norse Mythology. After half an hour, she closed the book and returned it to its bookshelf. She then packed up her bag and left the library, where she could see her best friend, Phoebe, waiting for her.

"Hey, Ivy!" called Phoebe.

"How did your class go?" asked Ivy.

"I passed my finals," answered Phoebe, "and now we're done for this semester. Ready to go back to the apartment?"

"Yeah," nodded Ivy.

Ivy and Phoebe wandered around the campus to find their car, but suddenly, they noticed a bunch of fundamentalists gathering in the square. They were holding up signs that would offend an atheist. Among them, a red-haired teenage boy held up his Bible and stepped forward.

"Everyone!" announced the teenage boy, "you must confess your sins and stand against gay marriage before God! His words are truth! He is judging you for premarital sex, and he is judging you for masturbating! He is judging you for tolerating gays!"

The teenage boy turned his head at a young teenage girl with long blond hair and blue eyes.

"Sara Osborne," beckoned the teenage boy, "tell everyone about your mission from God."

Sara stepped forward and faced the crowd, who appeared to be mocking these religious nutjobs.

"I've been chosen by God to stop the gay agenda," said Sara, "marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, and nothing else! And God is angry at the liberal justices for legalizing gay marriage, and if you don't give up being feminists, he will send you to hell!"

Ivy and Phoebe couldn't help but burst into laughter at the stupidity of the speech.

"If God hates feminists," whispered Phoebe, "then why hasn't he struck them with lightning?"

"Maybe he doesn't care," assumed Ivy.

Meanwhile, the black-haired man from the library appeared in the crowd and began glaring at the religious teenage boy and Sara spewing their religious crap. Of course, he knew that Sara was a Mary Sue, one of the many enlisted by this religious fundamentalist organization.

"God is going to send every single human to hell," warned Sara, "if you don't join us and convert to Christianity! We must start believing God if we want to survive!"

Ivy rolled her eyes.

"Come on, Phoebe," beckoned Ivy, "let's leave them to whine about bullshit."

"Right," nodded Phoebe.

Ivy and Phoebe wandered toward the parking lot and hopped into their small car. They drove out of the campus and down the road until they reached their apartment. When they reached the front door, they noticed handwriting on it.

"Uh, Ivy," asked Phoebe, "do you think someone wrote graffiti on our door?"

"Who knows?" answered Ivy, "we could wash it off."

Ivy took a closer look at the handwriting, wondering what the message could be:

"Gather at the park at six thirty this evening."

"I wonder who could've written this," commented Phoebe.

"Maybe we should go check out the park this evening," suggested Ivy, "there might be something interesting going on."

Nodding in agreement, Phoebe typed down the message in her notes of her smart phone. Ivy unlocked the front door and opened it before beckoning Phoebe inside. Both young women set down their bags and set off to charge up their smart phones while they flipped the TV on to the news. Ivy sat down on the couch to watch the news as Phoebe went to the kitchen and hunted for a frozen dinner in the freezer. She popped the frozen dinner into the microwave as Ivy observed the interviewer conversing with one of the members of the religious fanatics, who turned out to be Sara.

"So why do you think this Mighty Forces of the Holy Church is a glimmer of hope for mankind?" asked the interviewer.

"Because when God created the Earth six thousand years ago," answered Sara, "he made sure good would always triumph over evil!"

"Let me explain that there is no way to tell which person is good and which person is evil," replied the interviewer, "and scientists have proved that Earth is billions of years old."

"Well, they are wrong," snapped Sara, "they're just using liberal bias to lie to the people and undermine the word of God!"

After a few moments, Phoebe finished heating up her frozen dinner and she pulled it out of the microwave.

"Ok, Ivy," called Phoebe, "microwave's yours!"

Ivy stood to her feet and entered the kitchen to pull out a frozen dinner of her own. She heated it up in the microwave and joined Phoebe at the dining room table, where they started eating their dinners. They continued to watch the news, where the interviewer was now conversing with the leader of the religious organization.

"Earlier this month," said the interviewer, "you said that someone infiltrated your organization's headquarters. Could you clarify?"

"We used to have a relic that allows us to travel to other worlds," explained the religious leader, "and we could use it to find Heaven. We even found some new members this way. However, earlier this month, the relic brought in a strange man holding some sort of scepter and he stole the relic from us before escaping with it. We tried to get every law enforcement agency to catch this guy, but we had no luck in finding him."

"I'm sorry for your loss," replied the interviewer.

"Maybe the thief didn't want these nutjobs to use this relic to control other people," assumed Phoebe.

"Good point," agreed Ivy.

It was only a short while before Ivy and Phoebe finished their dinners. Ivy turned off the TV and she set off to gather her items into her handbag. She and Phoebe took care to secure the apartment before stepping outside and locking the door.

"Ok," announced Phoebe, "maybe we should head for the park. There might be something interesting going on."

"Right," nodded Ivy.

As Ivy and Phoebe left the apartment, neither of them noticed the black-haired man emerging from the corner and using his magic to seal off their apartment. Ivy and Phoebe hopped into the car and drove down the road until they reached the parking lot. They hopped out of the car and locked it before heading for the park. They wandered around until they reached the fountain, where they could see other people gathering there. Among these people are Sara and the red-haired teenage boy, and there was a teenage girl with blue hair and silver eyes, a teenage girl with black, purple and red hair wearing gothic apparel, a young woman with brown eyes and wearing a dress that reached her ankles and had Triforce features, a blond teenage girl with massive breasts, an ugly chubby guy, a frat boy, two teenage girls with brown hair arguing over someone and a teenage boy with light brown hair and golden eyes.

"I guess we're not the only ones who got the message," commented Ivy.

The other people glanced at Ivy and Phoebe.

"Are you members of the Mighty Forces of the Holy Church?" asked Sara.

"Uh, no," stammered Phoebe, "we'd rather not get involved with religious crap."

"Are you kidding?" protested the chubby guy, "the Mighty Forces of the Holy Church is the greatest covenant of God! If you join, you will go to heaven."

"Ok," requested Ivy, "before we enter a religious debate, can we at least hear your names?"

"I'm Sara Osborne," answered Sara.

"Jonas Xander Devereaux," added the red-haired teenage boy.

"Nathan Quentin Uberto Emerentius," said the chubby guy.

"Keanu Baden Haviland Hunter," added the frat boy.

"Jenna Silverblade."

"Giselle Yvonne Delacroix."

"Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way."

"Atlantiana Rebekah Loren," answered the teenage girl with massive breasts, "but you can call me Tiana or maybe Tiaa."

"Joan St. Sanctuary Louisa-Smith."

"Bella Swan."

"Edward Cullen."

"Ok then," announced Ivy, "I'm Ivy Spade and this is my colleague, Phoebe Collins."

"Nice to meet you," added Phoebe.

"Did you get the same message as we did?" asked Ivy.

"Well, duh," nodded Ebony.

"But we haven't found anyone who could've sent the message," objected Jenna.

"Maybe it's a lame-ass prank," assumed Keanu.

"Whoever he is," replied Phoebe, "he's probably late."

Ivy, Phoebe and the members of the religious organization waited around for a while, hoping the messenger would show up, until suddenly...

"Ivy," exclaimed Phoebe, "the fountain!"

Ivy turned her head at the fountain, which began glowing for some reason. This also caught the attention of the Mary Sues and Gary Stus as it grew brighter and brighter. In a matter of seconds, the fountain emitted a burst of energy that hit everyone, and the world seemed to fade to black.

Just in case anyone was wondering, Jenna Silverblade is from My Inner Life, which is a Legend of Zelda fanfic. Giselle Yvonne Delacroix is from A song of fire and iron, a Transformers fanfic. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are both from Twilight. Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way is from My Immortal, a Harry Potter fanfic. Atlantiana Rebekah Loren is from Forbiden Fruit: the Tempation of Edward Cullen, a Twilight fanfic. Sara Osborne is from Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From God, a Super Smash Bros fanfic. Joan St. Sanctuary Louisa Smith is from Brewdening Love, a Twilight fanfic. Jonas Xander Devereaux, Keanu Baden Haviland Hunter and Nathan Quentin Uberto Emerentius are just original additions. Ivy Spade and Phoebe Collins are actually the main heroes of this story.