If the ending is rather sappy, I apologize for that. Now that I finished this fanfic, you can decide whether this is the Avengers equivalent of My Immortal or not. If, for some reason, you think Ivy is a Mary Sue, then this is a spoof of a Mary Sue fanfic. I have no intentions of making a sequel of this fanfic, so you can imagine how the Marvel Cinematic Universe progresses while coinciding with this fanfic on your own.

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A couple days later, Loki managed to use his magic to extract the Tesseract's power from Sara while she was sedated. After that, the Avengers handed her over to SHIELD for impending therapy while Director Fury exposed the Mighty Forces of the Holy Church as a threat to the United States, which elicited Congress to defund the organization and blocked its donations, which effectively shut it down. Steve did mention that there will still be extremists from many religions, so the best the Avengers could do is keep an eye out for any extremists or anyone that dares to cause trouble.

At the moment, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha and Clint accompanied Jane, Loki, Thor, Ivy and Phoebe to Central Park while the Asgardians held the Tesseract in a tubular container.

"You'll return, right?" asked Jane.

"Perhaps," answered Thor.

Thor and Jane pulled each other into an embrace and held it for a few moments. After that, they released her embrace, and Jane waved goodbye before she took several steps back.

"So you already said goodbye to her?" asked Loki.

"Yes," nodded Thor.

Loki turned his head at Ivy.

"Will I ever see you again?" clamored Ivy, anxiety trembling in her voice.

"I'll talk to Odin about it," assured Loki.

"Tell him I said hi, ok?" advised Ivy.

Nodding in agreement, Loki pulled Ivy into an embrace.

"Aww," cooed Clint, "they make such a cute couple."

"Yeah," replied Natasha, "for a mischievous god and a detective."

"So who's going to help with the wedding plans?" asked Tony.

"I don't think they're ready for that type of commitment, yet," answered Steve.

Loki released Ivy from his embrace, allowing her to give him a kiss.

"Did you give Optimus that message?" asked Ivy.

"Of course I did," nodded Loki, "he is taking some time to mourn, but it will be a while before he moves on with his mentor."

"Yeah," stammered Ivy, "I don't get the teacher/student relationships here."

"Neither do I," agreed Loki.

Thor held out the tubular container, compelling Loki to grab one of its handles.

"I suppose this is goodbye," said Loki.

Loki turned the handle, activating the Tesseract which teleported him and Thor to Asgard. Once they arrived at the palace, they handed the Tesseract to the guards, who took it to the vault for safekeeping. Odin then summoned his sons to the hall.

"Heimdall told me of your endeavors at Midgard," said Odin, "and I am proud of both of you. You managed to stop an organization full of bigots from taking over Midgard with some help. I suppose they won't be able to invade Asgard."

"Thank you, father," smiled Thor.

Odin glanced at Loki.

"Ivy asked me to tell you that she said hello," said Loki.

"I acknowledge it," replied Odin, "but I can't fathom why you two appear to be so close."

Loki glanced at both Thor and Odin in a moment of silence before taking a deep breath.

"I may have intended to court with Ivy," admitted Loki.

"Were you?" mused Odin, "so you, too, are following your brother's footsteps for falling for a mortal."

"Do you disapprove?" asked Loki.

"You do realize that Ivy will not be around forever?" inquired Odin, "would you be willing to accept the heartbreak when she passes?"

Loki took a few moments to think over the question. He did agree with the point Odin addressed to him. Maybe this was something to discuss with Ivy.

"Should I marry her," answered Loki, "I would be willing to let her live on in the form of memories."

"Same here for Jane," added Thor.

"Wise choice," agreed Odin, "there were some Asgardians that have grown too attached to their mortals to let go. And once I retire, I will be leaving the throne to both of you. I hope you two can rule Asgard better."

"We won't let you down, father," smiled Thor.

"You may go, now," replied Odin.

Thor and Loki left the Hall of Asgard and headed for the garden to talk of the time they spent together during their childhood.

A month later, Loki returned to Midgard to reunite with Ivy at the same time her parents came over to visit. At the moment, they were getting the apartment for her parents' arrival, so Loki used his magic to help organize the apartment better, much to Ivy and Phoebe's relief. The girls still had to clean the bathroom and vacuum the carpet. Now that the apartment was ready, Phoebe popped in a Bluray disk and played Avatar while Loki read Ivy's story.

"So what became of the palace?" asked Phoebe.

"Odin sent some Thor and some more Asgardians to preserve the palace," answered Loki, "hopefully, it would be better than when I refurbished it."

Ivy pulled out her identification tablet and browsed through it.

"Do you think I should use this to identify myself should I visit Asgard?" clamored Ivy.

"I'm sure the Asgardians will recognize you right away," smirked Loki.

Ivy nodded in agreement. Minutes later, they heard the door knock, so Ivy sprinted to the door and opened it, revealing Ivy's parents and Phoebe's dad.

"Hey, dad!" called Ivy.

"Hiya, kiddo," chirped Ivy's dad, "how are you doing?"

"Just fine," answered Ivy, "we were waiting for you. Come on in!"

Ivy led her parents and Phoebe's dad into the apartment and into the living room, catching Phoebe and Loki's attention.

"So those are your parents?" asked Loki.

"I thought Phoebe was a lesbian," objected Ivy's mom.

"She's still a lesbian," assured Ivy, "besides, that's my new boyfriend, Loki."

"As in," paused Ivy's dad, "the Norse God of Mischief?"

"Yeah," admitted Ivy.

Phoebe stood from the couch and pulled her dad into an embrace.

"Yeah, it's nice to see you, sweetheart," smiled Phoebe's dad.

"Same here," replied Phoebe.

Phoebe released her dad from an embrace.

"How could you be so sure he won't pull a prank on us?" asked Ivy's mom.

"I have no guarantee that he wouldn't," answered Ivy.

Loki couldn't help but chuckle while Ivy's dad glanced at the TV screen.

"Ivy," moaned Ivy's dad, "you didn't tell me you were watching Avatar!"

"Sorry, dad," blurted Ivy, "it must've slipped."

"Where do you keep the popcorn?" asked Phoebe's dad.

"Aren't we going out to eat after this movie is over?" objected Phoebe.

"You're right," agreed Phoebe's dad, "we shouldn't spoil our appetite."

"Can we start the movie over?" requested Ivy's dad.

"Sure thing," nodded Ivy.

Ivy restarted the movie as her parents and Phoebe's dad sat down to watch the movie. Ivy sat next to Loki and they both continued reading through her story together. Once the movie was over, Loki placed a bookmark in Ivy's notebook before putting it away.

"I'm quite impressed with your story so far," smiled Loki.

"Thanks, Loki," chirped Ivy.

"Ok," announced Ivy's dad, "are you going to get ready to head out for dinner?"

"We'll get ready," replied Phoebe.

"How does Ruby Tuesday sound?" suggested Ivy's mom.

"That sounds great!" nodded Ivy.

Once Ivy and Phoebe slipped their shoes on, they led Loki, Ivy's parents and Phoebe's dad out of the apartment and into Ivy's dad's car. Ivy drove to Ruby Tuesday and then they hopped out and stepped into the restaurant. Once they sat at a table, Ivy ordered baked ravioli, Loki tried out the grilled salmon, Phoebe had 'bella mushroom sirloin, Phoebe's dad ordered the chicken fresco and Ivy's parents ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich and the chicken and broccoli pasta. Since they were waiting for their orders, they figured it would be a good time to strike up a conversation.

"Didn't you pull that stunt of abducting the most loyal members of the Mighty Forces of the Holy Church?" objected Ivy's dad.

"I know what I did," replied Loki, "and I learned my lesson."

"So what are you planning on doing, now?" asked Ivy's mom.

"Essentially preparing my mind for diplomatic measures," answered Loki.

"That's good to hear," chirped Ivy, "Director Fury reserved a nice position where I could start my career as a detective."

"That's good to hear," smiled Loki.

"Thanks," replied Ivy.

After only a while of conversing, the waiter arrived with the food, so everyone started eating. While they were eating, Ivy, Phoebe, their parents and Loki exchanged stories of life in Asgard as well as some stories of Ivy and Phoebe's childhood.

"You still haven't found a girlfriend yet?" asked Ivy.

"No," answered Phoebe, "but it would just take some time."

"Well, I'll be rooting for you!" chirped Ivy.

Once they finished eating, they made the payment and left the restaurant after leaving a tip. They hopped into the car and drove back to the apartment, where Ivy, Phoebe and Loki disembarked.

"We'll be heading back to the hotel, now," sang Ivy's dad, "would you like to go see a movie tomorrow?"

"That would be great!" nodded Ivy, "can Loki come along?"

"Yes, he can," answered Ivy's dad.

Ivy's dad focused his eyes on Loki.

"You're going to take good care of her, right?" asked Ivy's dad.

"I won't let any harm come to her, not even from myself," assured Loki, "even when I'm away."

"Good," replied Ivy's dad, "just keep it that way. We'll see you in the morning."

Ivy's parents drove themselves and Phoebe's dad back into the hotel, compelling Ivy, Phoebe and Loki to step back into the apartment. While Ivy grabbed her notebook from the living room, Phoebe stepped into her room to change into her pajamas. When Ivy stepped into her room, she noticed her bedroom floor was covered in garter snakes.

"What…how did the snakes get into my room?!" exclaimed Ivy.

Ivy could hear Loki bursting into laughter nearby. Could he have conjured the snakes? Sighing, she stepped into her room and began picking up the snakes, hoping to keep one as a pet while she released the others outside. However, Loki flicked his hands, causing all the snakes in Ivy's room to disappear.

"Hey," snapped Ivy, "I was starting to like these snakes!"

"I was just playing with you," smirked Loki.

"I noticed," remarked Ivy, "you could've just let me keep one as a pet."

"You like snakes?" paused Loki.

"Yeah," nodded Ivy, "because they're cool. I would really love to have a snake as a pet."

"I'll keep that in mind," replied Loki.

"Thanks!" chirped Ivy, "you're so special to me."

Ivy pulled Loki into and embrace and gave him a kiss as a form of affection.

"I love you, too, Ivy," smiled Loki.

Ivy and Loki stepped into the bedroom and changed into their pajamas, and then they climbed into the bed.

"Want to know something funny?" asked Ivy.

"What's that?" pondered Loki.

"The story I've written in high school and Avatar have a similar plotline," explained Ivy, "except it's a gender flip for the main heroes and the humans in my story don't have the necessary technology to travel into space yet."

"So how does it end?" inquired Loki.

"You'll have to read through the rest of the story to find out," suggested Ivy.

"I accept your challenge," smirked Loki.

Loki and Ivy continued to read through the story while huddling together. They may have gone through some tough times, but at least they would work out their relationship in the end.

Thanks for reading! Now if you'll excuse me, I'd better go help Loki catch that Monokuma.