**"Legacy" picks up right where "Domestic" ends. A lot of fluff and family life...Winchester style. I hope you enjoy!**


Chapter 1


Being pregnant sucks. Seriously. People are always going on about how magical it is and how beautiful it is to create new life. They're lying. I have been sweaty, swollen, and miserable for about five months consecutively, but then, of course, if no one lied about it, there would never be any more kids born. Ever.

Unless they were stupid, like me. Forgetting my pill all the time would catch up, I knew it. It did. Being in Hell with Grace, literally, mind you, not figuratively, and finding out that you're pregnant? Not something I wanted to ever repeat. I wasn't even sure if I wanted more kids after this one…it was just so hard.

Grace, though…she was like an unstoppable machine. She already had Lib, and there she was, decorating cookies with my beautiful, almost two year old niece, pregnant with two more. I would have killed myself.

Not really, but you get the point.

Gracie and I are the closest set of sisters you'll ever find and after our stint in Hell together, I think we came out even closer because of it. She is a nephilim, which means she's half angel and half human. Liberty hasn't shown that she's any different from the average kid, but at the same time, she hasn't needed to. We didn't know Grace was half and half until about two years ago, but at the same time, she had been a psychic since she was fourteen. Maybe we just had to be patient to find out with Lib.

My husband, Sam, was beside himself with excitement. He waited on me, hand and foot, bringing me whatever I wanted. He did that when I wasn't knocked up, too, so maybe I'm just lucky. My name says that I am, so there's that. Awhile ago, Gracie told me that pregnant sex was some of the best sex of her life. She wasn't lying. Here I am, laying next to my gorgeous husband, out of breath because we just can't get enough of each other. I'm about four weeks away from giving birth, but that hasn't changed a thing. He watches me with a primal yearn…and it turns me on.

"Sere?" Sammy's voice was quiet, wondering if I was already asleep.

"Hmm?" I answered, rolling towards him in the darkness.

He rested his head back on his pillow, happy that I was still conscious. "We need to pick a name."

I curled around the body pillow that I had stolen from Grace and smiled. "Well, I still like Levi," I said, pushing hair out of my face.

"Yeah, I do too. That's great," he said, chuckling to himself, "but what if it's a girl?"

I shook my head, cutting him off. "If it's a girl, you'll be raising her yourself, so you can pick a name on your own."

"What do you have against girls? You are one!" he said, mock-exasperated.

I took a deep breath, flashing to my childhood with Grace. Our parents were idiots and hunters…not the best combination. They left us alone a lot and Grace basically raised me. I was terrified of having to do that with my own daughter. I was a pain in the ass and I knew, if she came out of me, she would be a carbon copy, just as payback for what I put Grace through. Being a nephilim, Grace already knew the sex of the baby that I carried, but out of shear horror, I refused to let her tell me. I knew that I would be able to pull it together if I had to, but having a boy seemed like the only option I could deal with.

"I just know how I was as a kid. I don't want to have to deal with me," I finally answered.

Sammy touched my face gently. His hands were warm and calming. "You might have to, you know. It seems that Winchester men are rare."

"They're having one," I argued. Grace was carrying one of each; a boy and a girl. She was rapidly approaching her due date (and the doctor was excited that she hadn't gone into labor early) but my sister and brother-in-law hadn't come up with names either. "It's still possible."

"I like Charlotte," Sammy said, ignoring me.

I rolled my eyes, even though Sam could barely see me. I hated that I loved the name as well, and refused to even acknowledge that I liked a female name. "Yeah, whatever. Levi it is. Levi what?"

"I don't know. We'll come back to it when you agree on a girl name."

I rolled over, away from him. "Goodnight, lover."

Sammy chuckled as I faced away from him. "Goodnight, mother of my child."

For effect, I sighed heavily and got comfortable, or, rather, as comfortable as I could. Sam leaned over me and kissed me on the cheek and rubbed my huge belly. "Goodnight, Charlotte."

Shaking my head, I pushed him away and closed my eyes, still listening to his laughter as sleep quickly took me.

My phone woke me up, vibrating on the table next to me. I glanced at the clock before I reached for my phone. 4:37 am. Momentarily, I wondered if it was the hospital. I still had two weeks before maternity leave kicked in and I was on call for the next forty-eight hours. Picking up my still-vibrating phone, I was fully awake when I slid the keypad to answer it. "Grace, are you okay?"

"It's Dean," came my brother-in-law's voice. "Grace is in labor, we're on our way to the hospital."

I was sitting up in bed, pulling on my fuzzy boots. "You want us to come now?" I turned to push Sammy awake. He rolled towards me, mumbling incoherently.

"Yeah," Dean answered. "Something tells me this is going to move pretty quickly."

I could hear Grace in the background, breathing heavily and moaning slightly. "Okay, we're getting dressed. Be there soon."

Hanging up the phone, I turned on the light next to the bed. Sammy covered his face and grunted slightly. "What?"

"Grace is in labor. Let's get moving."

Sam rolled away from the light, unwilling to move in the October cold. "It's gonna be awhile, I'm sure."

I shook my head. "Nah, it's her second delivery and from the sound of it, she's dilating already."

"You can tell that from a phone call?"

"I can tell that from the sounds my sister was making. Get up, or I'm leaving without you. Then you can deal with Dean when he finds out that you're not at the hospital to support him while his wife is birthing twins."

Sam sat up and begrudgingly pulled his jeans and boots on. I tossed him a shirt and a beanie and we headed downstairs, waking Johnny up. "Hi, dog. You stay." As I reached for my keys, Johnny ran out of the doggie door and ran around to the side gate to watch us load up into my truck. "Be a good boy, Johnny," I said, slamming my door in the brisk morning. "No barking."

Johnny wagged his tail once and began his loop around the yard, looking for rodents and birds. I glanced at the Big House as we drove down the road and the lights were on; Jody was up and ready for news.

We pulled into the parking lot of my hospital and I used my staff parking to get as close to the maternity ward as I could so I wouldn't have to waddle quite as far. Sam waited for me and held out his hand. With his beanie pulled down, he looked like he could still be sleeping and I laughed as I took his hand. "What is the matter with you?"


I rolled my eyes. "You're normally the perky one. What gives?"

Sam shook his head and shrugged. "I dunno. The idea of Grace being in labor means that you're not far behind."


"And I'm freaking out a bit, okay?"

I glanced up at Sam and smiled to myself. At least it wasn't just me. I tugged on his hand a bit and stopped in the middle of the parking lot, standing in front of him. He refused to meet my eye, but I started talking anyway. "Look," I said, taking his other hand, "I'm not worried about after the baby is born. That is what I do. We're gonna be great parents…and I can't wait to see you holding something that's the size of a football." Sam chuckled at that, so I smiled and continued, "I'm freaking out about actually passing something the size of a football through a hole this big." I held up my fingers to make a tiny circle to illustrate my point. "Grace deals with pain well and knowing how she was when she was in labor with Lib…well. It wasn't pretty."

Sam finally met my eye and held my gaze. "You're the strongest woman I know," he said, confused. "How can the pain be scaring you? You were tortured in Hell, for Christ sakes."

I shook my head, remembering. "Yeah, I know, but torture is different. Your adrenaline kicks in and all you want to do is fight back."

"Serra, I'm pretty sure that your adrenaline will kick in during childbirth, too."

"I'm not going to be able to kick the baby's ass."

Laughing, Sam leaned in to me. "You'll do great," he said, kissing the top of my head. "I'm worried about the after part. The bringing the baby home part."

I shrugged. "Well, that's why we make a good team," I said, reaching up to kiss him. "Come on, let's go watch Dean freak out some more about having twins."

Sam nodded and followed as I walked across the rest of the parking lot. He held the door open for me and I headed towards the check-in desk. "Hi!" The receptionist greeted me, "Did you call ahead of time or are you pre-checked in?"

I shook my head, already understanding that she was reading me as the one in labor. "Oh, no. My sister just came in…Grace Winchester? She's in active labor and she's delivering twins. Just wanted to see what room she's in."

"Oh, how sweet that you're pregnant together!"

I glanced up at her, "It really hasn't been."

From behind me, I knew Sam shook his head, agreeing with me. The receptionist looked confused, but she just leaned back towards the computer that sat on her desk. "Well, she's upstairs in one of the active labor rooms. I'm not supposed to give out personal information."

I nodded, happy that she was following protocol. Sam already had his phone out, texting Dean and Grace in a group message. "Thanks," I said over my shoulder, heading to the set of elevators at the end of the hall.

Sam's phone buzzed almost immediately. "They're in 219," he said in my wake. I punched the button for level 2 and smiled to myself. I would get to meet the new babies soon. And I wouldn't have to give birth to them.

Dean was standing in the hall when we got out of the elevator, a cup of coffee in his hands and a smile on his face. "You don't look terrified!" I greeted him as we hugged. "Why?"

Shaking his head and smiling, he said, "I drank about a fifth of whiskey when we got here," he said, still grinning. "I'm feeling pretty good."

"Does Grace know you did that?"

"She packed it for me," he answered. "Best wife ever, right?"

Sammy and Dean hugged and I walked into the labor room. In the corner, Grace's phone was playing "Thunderstruck" quietly and she was breathing through another contraction. "Hi, Gracie!" I whispered, unwilling to disturb her focus. "How are you doing?"

She gritted her teeth and her eyes crinkled in a smile as the contraction ended and reached out to hug me. "I'm in labor."

"How has it been so far?"

"I haven't wanted to kill myself yet, but it's still early. The anesthesiologist is coming soon for my epidural," she grinned. "I'm pretty excited about that."

"I'll bet," I said, rubbing Grace's humongous belly. "This is comical."

She glanced down at her stomach and rubbed it, too. "I know, right? Like a cartoon. Look at one of my new stretch marks."

Lifting her hospital gown to show me, I gasped mockingly. "You're a freak!" I said, massaging her stomach as I could feel another contraction grip her. She blew out the puff of air she was holding as the machine told me how the contraction was progressing. The tiny green line drew a mountain shape across the screen and slowly it peaked and came down again, showing the end of her contraction. "It's over, Gracie," I said quietly, rubbing her back. "They're getting strong already. How long have you been in labor?"

She shook her head; her face was red with excursion. "My water broke about three hours ago, but hard labor didn't start until about an hour ago. Dean made me come after the first hard contraction."

"What? He didn't want a home birth?" I said, giggling. Just then, the boys came in, Dean's face was still as happy as I had seen him. I turned back to my sister and smiled, "How much whiskey did you give him?"

Grace smiled as she wrapped her hair into a bun at the top of her head, "Enough," she said, laughing. To Dean, she asked, "How you feeling, honey?"

"I feel awesome."

"I'll bet."

The door opened then, a nurse and a white-coated doctor came walking in pushing an epidural cart. "Hello, everyone!" the female doctor greeted the room, "I am Dr. Lindsey and I'll be loading you up today." She rolled the cart to a stop and glanced at Grace. "How are we doing so far?"

Grace smiled and shrugged. "Fine, I guess. It hurts."

"It's supposed to, honey," Dr. Lindsey said smiling. She pulled the papers that were hanging from the contraction charting machine and smiled. "You're coming along nicely. This is a good time for the epidural if that's still what you want."

Nodding vigorously, Grace took a breath. "Yeah, I don't need none of this," she said.

"Okay, then, I'm gonna have you empty out the room then. Grace needs to focus on staying absolutely still."

I went over to my sister and kissed her head and said "I'll be back in a bit." She smiled and squeezed my hand, nodding. Sammy smiled at her over my head and turned and walked out of the room.

Setting his coffee on the rolling table behind him, Dean turned back to Grace and grinned. "You ready?"

Nodding she smiled weakly. "Oh, yeah. A gigantic needle into my spine sounds awesome." He came forward to hold her hands and she took a deep breath.

Watching the machine with the green line, the doctor smiled. "Okay, sweetie, here comes another contraction. As soon as it's over, we're going to curl you and plant your epidural tube."

Dean watched the green line begin to climb. "Here we go, Gracie. You got this. Last one and then sweet, sweet release." Grace gripped his hands tightly, taking a deep breath and breathing out slowly as the intensity of the contraction climbed. "Keep breathing, honey, don't forget to breathe," Dean said quietly, supporting Grace's weight as she pushed forward, curling around her belly. She breathed through her gritted teeth and tried to take a deep breath through her nose. "Almost peaked, Grace," Dean's deep voice soothed, "about ten more seconds."

Taking another breath through her nose and pushing it out slowly through her teeth, Grace slowly relaxed as the contraction ended. "Alright," Dr. Lindsey said, "let's get this done before another contraction starts. Turn and hang your other leg off the side of the bed and curl around your belly as tightly as you can." Following directions, Grace turned and the doctor pulled her hospital gown apart in the back, revealing her spine. "Dean, you're going to need to keep her as still as you can. She cannot move."

Nodding, Dean took Grace's arms again, resting them on his shoulders. They leaned their heads against each other and Grace took a deep breath. "Ready," she said.

The nurse wiped a small area of her back with alcohol and Grace continued breathing deeply. "Here comes the pinch," she said, backing away. Grace held steady. "Okay, as slowly as you can, blow out your air, but don't move."

I paced around the waiting room, knowing that the epidural could sometimes be worse than a contraction. Sammy watched me waddle and then took a breath and asked, "Isn't this the easy part?"

Shaking my head, I said, "No, epidurals can go wrong in a hurry. It doesn't happen very often, but there's always a risk when you're sticking a needle the size of a knitting needle into a woman's back while she's in labor."

Making a face, Sam shook his head. "Are you going to get one?"

I stopped my pacing and raised my eyebrows at him, "Are you stupid? Of course I am."

Sam chuckled and leaned against the wall, trying to hide a yawn. "You're not worried about the needle?"

"Nah, I know Lindsey," I said, starting my route around the room again. "She's got a perfect record. Besides, the three minutes it takes to set the tube is way easier than dealing with twenty hours of labor."

Sammy looked like he was going to pass out. "Twenty?"

"Did you read any of the labor books I gave you?"

"Yeah, but I guess I didn't retain any of it."

I walked back over to my husband and laughed, sitting down next to him. "So let me get this straight: you can learn and remember any information about monsters or demons or fangs, but you can't remember the basics of having a baby?"

Making a face, Sam looked at me and smiled. "I'm cute, though."

"You're lucky." I reached over and kissed him again, resting my hand on his thigh.

A few minutes later, Dean came walking back out into the waiting room with a wide-eyed look on his face. I glanced up at him, worry hitting me like a Mack truck. "What?" I said, standing up. "What happened?"

Dean glanced at me, towards Sam and back at me. "The epidural didn't take."

"What do you mean, the epidural didn't 'take'?"

Closing his eyes, Dean repeated himself. "It didn't take. She can still feel everything." Dr. Lindsey came out of Grace's room and joined us in the waiting room. She nodded as he finished his sentence and all of our eyes stared at her.

"What happened, Linds?" I asked, stepping forward. "Why didn't it take?"

She shook her head, lifting her eyebrows. "It happens," she said, putting her hands in her pocket. "It doesn't happen very often, but I have heard of rare occasions when the medication just burns off or we miss the mark." Lindsey shrugged at me, "I'm sorry, Serra, but I hit the mark. That nerve cluster took the meds like it should have. I can't really explain it."

"It's okay, Lindsey," I said, patting her on the shoulder. "Is Grace okay? How did she take it?"

It was Dean's turn to shrug. "She ain't happy, that's for sure."

Dr. Lindsey apologized once more and patted Dean on the shoulder. "She'll be fine, Dad. She's a strong woman. She'll handle it."

Dean nodded as she walked away. I headed towards my sister's room with Dean closely following behind. "Oh, Gracie," I said, "this sucks."

"Sucks?" she gasped, her face red. "I had a plan! I've been tortured enough! I don't want to be in pain anymore. I don't want to feel the miracle of childbirth!"

Reaching down into her overnight bag, Dean brought out the whiskey bottle that had been covered by extra shirts and pants. "Drink enough right now and you won't," he said, attempting a smile.

I ignored my brother-in-law and shook my head. "Why didn't it work?"

"Because I'm a fucking freak!" Grace squealed; tensing as another contraction ripped through her. "Oh my God! This isn't okay!" she said through gritted teeth.

Dean rubbed her back and glanced at me, "She's probably burning it off before it has a chance to do anything to numb her," he said. "It's why she can't stay drunk." I had no idea what to say to comfort my sister. The idea that she wouldn't be able to get an epidural hadn't even crossed my mind. I stepped away from the bed as another contraction hit her. As I stood there and watched, I was reminded why Dean and Grace made the perfect pair. Their interaction was completely fluid as Dean filled the space that I vacated. He put his hands on her face as she leaned forward, her hands holding onto his arms, bracing for the pain. I could hear him mumble to her ear as she struggled, "Grace, let go. You can do this without the meds."

Slowly, I disappeared out of the room and let Dean take over. I went back to the waiting room and shrugged at Sam as I sat next to him. "She's gonna have to do this naturally. Dean thinks that she burns the medication off before it has a chance to take hold."

"Because of the half and half thing?"

I nodded, agreeing. "Because of the half and half thing."

We settled in, getting comfortable. Sam pulled out his phone and put a hand on my belly as I leaned back in my chair. Closing my eyes, I hoped that Grace dug deep and pulled out the strength that she had in The Pit. She was going to need it.