I own nothing and will have spoilers so beware before reading and will be changing some of the story to work my story.

I was either confused or going insane but could not believe what was going on.

Anyway, today I was going on September 17, 2017 after controlling some drones for the air force and part of the navy seals doing simulations. I sat in my area as an officer and started up mass effect 1 with HD settings and I started a female default Shepard with a vanguard class and being an earth born and a war hero background. I had a lot of experience with a lot of games like Halo and Crysis as well as Mass Effect and I played those games on my free time. When I started, the base gets a drill for everyone and I get out and then get hit by a sniper into the stomach and the neck. I bleed out and think "so I'm going to heaven let's see."

I wake up after that in front of a woman from Halo 4 aka the Librarian and I go am I dead she says "Yes you are and you will enter into a universe you will recognize and you will have abilities others will not have" I reply with "Ok how will I recognize it" she says "you just will."

I get confronted by a creature that I recognize from Crysis 2 (Ceph) and I tell myself that I am going into this universe under the navy seal symbol. My name is Jake "Ace" Wolf and this is my story.

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