I own nothing and will have spoilers so beware before reading and will be changing some of the story to work my story.

I wake up with a suit and a man on the ground which I recognize as prophet then I say out loud "Well SHIT, I'm in Crysis 2 universe" I grab Prophet's pistol and start going for the game of Crysis 2. Time skip end of game jumping into Hive and winning but my suit telling me "Attention possible not surviving" and then all around me everything goes black. I check the year and it is 2177 so it is 6 years before Eden Prime which is perfect time to get to there and live a life and get ammo and weapons for my assault rifle and sniper as well as my pistol. I find out that my Shepard is the one I created in the real world and that I had to be careful with what I am doing around her.

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