Chapter 36 – Cinderella and Merida

Cinderella sat in front of her window and sighed longingly once again. One of her mouse friends jumped up to the windowsill and looked curiously at her.

"What's wrong, Cinderelly?" it asked.

"Oh Jaq, I just can't stop thinking about the night I had with Merida. I don't think I appreciated it enough in the moment. Her skin was so soft, her eyes so pretty… it all seems so near to me, but also so far; I will never experience anything like it ever again, and my life is still the same as before. It might as well have been a dream. You know, sometimes I can't help but wonder if it actually was just a dream. But then how am I able to remember it so vividly?"

"Poor Cinderelly," Jaq said and looked despairingly at his little mouse feet. "You want-a lick-lick? I can get-a Gus-Gus, we can do it together. That always seems to cheer you up."

Cinderella looked out the window one last time, before she looked at Jaq's expectant face. "Yeah alright," she said, lay down on her lousy hard bed and lifted up her skirt.

"Ho-ho-ho," Jaq cheered. "You just wait there, Cinderelly. I'll find-a Gus-Gus."

Cinderella began without them and touched herself ever so gently. She looked up at the ceiling and her mind wandered. Princess Merida's face appeared to her for her inner eye and she got an instant tingling feeling. She wondered if she even remembered her. She might often have random sex with her maids or other servants. That wonderful wonderful evening they spend together could just be another Tuesday to her.

Cinderella's train of thought was interrupted by Jaq who had returned with his friend Octavius – or Gus as they all called him. He was a portly brown mouse wearing a yellow shirt, green hat and brown shoes.

"Here we go, Gus-Gus. You can-a handle the clit-clit this time and then I will jump in," Jaq said and rolled up the sleeves of his little orange jacket.

"Uh, duh... uh, hup!" Gus replied. He was kind of a dim-witted fella.

"Just remember to go slow, you guys, okay?" Cinderella said and retracted her hand from her sex.

"Duh… a-sure thing, Cinderelly," Gus said, jumped up on her bald pubic mound, placed himself on his round belly, facing her engorged clitoris and put the whole thing in his little mouth.

"Uuh, yes, Gus… suck on it," Cinderella moaned as she closed her eyes and the image of Merida appeared to her once again.

Jaq spread her pussy with his hands and squeezed himself inside her headfirst.

"Yeees, Jaq, fill me up," Cinderella said under her breath and caressed her own big breasts.

Now, Cinderella slept in the attic of the big château far above the rest of the house in a minor tower of sorts. Far below her, her stepmother and two hideous stepsisters lived in luxury. Lady Tremaine was giving her hopeless daughters a music lesson at this moment but was interrupted by a knock on the front door.

Lady Tremaine groaned and her singing daughters – who sounded like some choking alley cats – stopped.

"Cinderella!" Tremaine belted. "Cinderella, get the door!"

There was no answer. She apparently couldn't hear her.

Lady Tremaine groaned again and strode to the door while saying "for god's sake, I'm going to starve that girl for a few days until she learns to pay attention" under her breath.

She opened the door very forcefully and almost gagged when she saw who was on the other side. Princess Merida of DunBroch herself stood by the door to her humble home. Lady Tremaine was frozen to the spot.

"Hi. Is this the Tremaine Mansion? I was tellt a few young maidens lived here," Merida said. She wore a woolen dress and carried around a bow with her quiver around her hips.

After a few seconds of petrification, Tremaine stammered: "yes, Your Highness."

"Guid. Can I come in?" Merida asked casually.

"Yes, of course!" Lady Tremaine said quickly and stepped aside.

Merida walked into the hall, looked around and turned the corners of her mouth downwards approvingly.

"Can I ask, Your Highness, what the occasion of this wonderful visit is?" Lady Tremaine said uncharacteristically submissively.

"Och aye, of course. You must be so confused," Merida said and chuckled. "Here's the deal: I'm looking fur mah bride."

Lady Tremaine raised her eyebrows. "Your bride?"

"Aye. The marriage laws of DunBroch have bin changed which means that I can marry whoever I want so I'm looking fur a girl to stand beside me. Not just anyone though, I'm looking fur a very specific girl whom I spend an absolutely amazing evening with a few months back. The trouble is, I don't know her name, her status… I don't even remember her face. I just know that she is beautiful and tastes incredibly."


"Or, ye know… her cum does."

Lady Tremaine looked a little shocked at the floor.

"Sae, ye see, the only way fur me to find her, is to go through every eligible maiden and taste all their juices until I find her. Let me tell ye, I've bin through so mony girls I've lost count. Mah tongue is all chapped, but I am determined to continue."

Lady Tremaine's brain was working on overtime so fast she was thinking.

"Let me just understand this, Your Highness. When you find this girl, she will become royalty and her family thus will become nobles and live in a big castle?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Merida said and shrugged.

Lady Tremaine gleamed.

"Let me show you my two daughters. They're in the music room," she said and made a hand gesture that showed that Merida should go first. "I'm sure you'll find them very beautiful."

"I hope so," Merida said and as she opened the door to the music room, she immediately flinched by the sight of Anastasia and Drizella, one of them in the middle of picking her toenails and the other trying to see if she could touch her nose with her tongue.

"Wow," was the politest thing she could manage to say when she saw the two girls whose faces seemed to be closer related to goblins than humans.

"Who's that?" Drizella said and pointed at Merida.

"Don't point, Drizella!" Tremaine said sternly. "This is Princess Merida of DunBroch, but of course you know that on account of how you two made love a few months ago, isn't that right?"

Lady Tremaine made manic movement with her head at them which neither of them understood what meant so they just nodded slowly and with their mouths open.

Merida turned to Tremaine who immediately stopped trying to signal her daughters.

"Ye know what? I'm actually pretty certain it wasn't one of your… lovely daughters."

"How can you be, Your Highness? You said yourself that you didn't remember anything about the girl," Tremaine said and looked Merida insistently in the eyes.

Merida thought about it. She couldn't possibly see herself falling in love with any of these trolls, but on the other hand, she swore that she would try every single girl in Disneyland until she found her. She really didn't want to though…

"I suppose you're right," she said slowly.

"Splendid!" Tremaine said happily and turned to Anastasia and Drizella. "Girls, I want you to lift up your dresses and spread those legs of yours."

"Why?" Anastasia asked.

"BECAUSE…" Tremaine said loud and sternly. "… Princess Merida is going to taste your sweet little pussies so she can find out that one of you were in fact the mysterious girl she had sex with a few months ago AND IS GOING TO MARRY." She put a lot of extra emphasis on the last part in the hope that they would realize that this were their big chance. It was unclear if they actually did understand it, but at least they both did as they were told without arguing any more.

Merida approached Drizella first, and as she got closer, the horrible stench of her stinky vagina caused Merida to make an immediate gag reflex. She felt like clamping her nose with her fingers as she dived in but restrained herself. It felt like an eternity before Drizella finally came, squealing like a stuck pig. A single drop of her cum was enough for Merida to tell that Drizella was definitely not the girl she was looking for.

"Oh my god! That was so good!" Drizella panted and sniffled.

"Well, at least I'm glad that you enjoyed it," Merida said and rolled her eyes. "Can I have some water please?" She needed something to wash away the taste.

As Tremaine got a glass of water, Anastasia moved up and down immaturely.

"My turn! My turn!" she yelled.

"Well, I suppose it is," Merida said after chugging half the water and groaned on the inside.

Anastasia's pussy was surrounded by warts and insane amounts of curly black hair. Apparently, these girls didn't care much for personal hygiene.

"Here we go," Merida said under her breath as she started licking Anastasia's sex.

Once she was finished, when Anastasia had finally cum in Merida's face, she quickly said: "sorry, you're not the one either", and was in a hurry to get out the house.

"Wait!" Lady Tremaine yelled at her as she was about to leave. "You sure you don't want to try again? I'm certain it will be better the second time!"

"Aye, I'm ferr sure-" Merida said and stopped suddenly. She was certain she could hear something in the distance coming from the house somewhere.

"Your Majesty, is something wrong?" Tremaine asked on account of the way Merida all of a sudden looked around curiously.

"Shh," Merida said, still listening for whatever it was she could hear. "Yer are the only ladies of the household I presume?"

"There's no one else, Your Majesty," Lady Tremaine said confidently but with a sudden disturbed look on her face which only grew more alarmed as Merida began to move towards the door that lead to the staircase to the attic.

"What's in thare?" Merida asked, pointing at the door.

Lady Tremaine quickly stepped in front of her and blocked it.

"Nothing! Just a staircase to the attic. Nothing's up there, only some old Christmas decorations."

Merida could hear the sounds getting louder. It sounded like… a voice. A moaning girl's voice.

"Step aside. I want tae see," Merida ordered.

"You can't," Lady Tremaine insisted, and before she knew it, Merida had pulled forth her bow and arrow and was aiming directly at the old lady's head.

"Step aside, peasant," Merida said sternly and looked intensely into Lady Tremaine's terrified face.

She gulped and took a step away from the door. Merida lowered the bow and put the arrow back in her quiver as she opened the door which did lead to a long staircase. Once she had opened the door, there was no denying it: at the end of the staircase, the sound of a moaning girl was heard loud and clear.

As Merida was about to climb the staircase, Lady Tremaine hurried up behind her.

"I assure you, Your Majesty, she's just our housekeeper. She's a no one. Just an imaginative child. She's out of her mind!"

Merida turned around on her heel.

"Shut up," she said and looked angrily at her. "And stay down here, you peasant scum. You make me sick."

Lady Tremaine was distraught but didn't dare to say anything more.

As Merida got closer to the end of the stairs, the sounds of the moaning girl got louder and sounded like a beautiful symphony. It felt so familiar to Merida. When she reached the door to the attic, she took a deep breath and stepped inside.

Cinderella was on the bed, humming with pleasure, Jaq filling her pussy, Gus sucking her clit. The moment she saw Merida in the doorway, her moans turned into a startled scream. She rubbed her eyes to check if she was dreaming.

"Oh my god," Merida said and stared mesmerized at her. "It's you, isn't it?"

Jaq and Gus jumped out and down from Cinderella's sex and hurried under the bed. Cinderella quickly closed her legs embarrassed. She was completely speechless.

"Wur those mice?" Merida asked.

"I… they… I mean… yes," Cinderella stammered.

"Hot," Merida said and sat down next to Cinderella on the bed. "Have we met before?"

Cinderella was shaking and her heart beating like a drum.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"Ah knew it," Merida said. "I guess there's only one way to find out." She got closer to Cinderella. "Can I lick your pussy, missy?"

Cinderella couldn't help but smile. She couldn't believe this was actually happening.

"Of course."

Merida's hands lifted Cinderella's skirt and she felt like she was having an out-of-body experience as Merida dipped under it. Cinderella couldn't see what she was doing, but the anticipation of having her mouth on her pussy again had her quivering.

She knew how wet she was already as Jaq and Gus had just jerked her off.

Merida started making her way up her thighs. First, kissing and squeezing them, then planting a trail with her tongue that led all the way...

"Oh, fuck!" Cinderella said in a soft voice when Merida's breath hit her clit.

Finally, her tongue touched her pussy.

Cinderella sighed. Heaven, pure heaven.

She closed her eyes and relished in the heightened sensation of Merida's tongue dancing with her clit. She took it between her teeth gently, pulled it, sucked it, and licked it all in a sequence that felt rehearsed. Cinderella was so far gone. She was so eager to cum on Merida's face that she tried to wrap her legs around her head. Merida kept her in place though. Instead, she pressed her face against Cinderella's pussy and stuck her tongue as far into her as she could.

"Oh my god, yesyesyes," Cinderella moaned and cupped her own big breasts through the fabric of her maid outfit.

She gritted her teeth, gripping Merida's head tightly as she licked her way through her thin barrier. As Cinderella's heart rate picked up, she became aware of the fact that she was about to cum. And she was about to cum hard.

"Uhhh, yeah! Merida, don't stop!" Cinderella said and her legs wiggled uncontrollably.

Cinderella let go and came into Merida's mouth. She wondered how much fluid came out of her, and the answer came when she stopped and Merida sat back up, swallowing the contents of Cinderella's orgasm. Her eyes went into her skull and she hummed loudly by the taste.

Merida crawled on top of Cinderella and kissed her. Her body still trembled, slowly calming down. Merida looked into her eyes.

"It really is you," she said overjoyed. Neither of them had ever felt happier.

"I was sure you had forgotten about me," Cinderella admitted.


They made out for minutes, with Cinderella's juices almost replacing their saliva.

Merida suddenly exited the kiss. "I'm not gonnae forgoat this time. What's yer name, missy?"


They both smiled. Merida kneeled down on one knee.

"Well, Cinderella, will you marry me?"

Cinderella's jaw dropped to the floor. "Are you serious?"

"One hundred percent," Merida said.

Cinderella jumped down from the bed and embraced Merida.

"Yes! Yes! A hundred times, yes!"

"We will move to DunBroch castle at once. You will never have to do chores again and will never see those dreadful people downstairs again. I will make sure that they will never get anywhere near high society."

Cinderella noticed Jaq, Gus and a few other mice crawling cautiously to the bed.

"Oh, can I bring my mice friends?" Cinderella asked.

"Of course!" Merida said and their little faces lit up. "They'll get a room each! And I want to try that thing they did when I entered. That looked fun."

"I'm sure you can, right Gus?"

Gus looked lovestruck at Merida.

"Duh...uh... yes-yes-yes. Absolutely."

They went downstairs, passed a moping Lady Tremaine and entered a big carriage that was parked outside. From the moment they left the property of the château, Cinderella never looked back.