And following my longest one shot ever, here is my shortest one shot ever!

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It wasn't that he was smart- because he wasn't. He would never be as book smart as his nerdy older brother. And he wasn't faking either- he would never be able to act as well as his devious older sister. But Max Russo wasn't an idiot.

Well maybe he was. He never really got good grades even when he understood what was happening, and he never really seemed to understand what exactly what was happening. But Max knew this.

It wasn't that he was pretending to be stupid, because he honestly didn't think he could muster the effort to even try that, but that he was aware of it. He could probably keep himself from zoning out in class if he really wanted to. He could stop suggesting things that were literally impossible if he started thinking before he spoke. He could even probably stop doing random things all the time if he just willed himself to.

But that wouldn't be fun. Listening to teachers, thinking before he speaks, doing normal things- it just didn't sound like fun.

Justin was book smart. He could memorize facts and store data in his head like no one else Max knew. Alex was people smart. When she tried, she could get literally any one to like her, and she was the best manipulator Max had ever met.

But the problem with Alex and Justin was that they didn't know how to create their own fun.

Max was self smart. He knew what made him happy, what was fun, and he did it, sometimes dragging other people along and sometimes going it alone. But he knew how to have fun and he did. Constantly.

The youngest Russo just didn't understand why everyone was so not-happy all the time. Why Justin was so uptight and Alex so bored. Being happy wasn't that hard.

It wasn't that he was smart- because he wasn't. It wasn't that he was acting- because he wasn't. He we just aware. He was aware that he could change and become smarter, but at the price of his own happiness.

Ignorance is bliss, Max once read. After asking Justin what ignorance was, and what bliss was too, Max decided that he didn't understand why the context he read the saying in was negative.

He was oblivious- a self imposed naivete really- and he was happy.

Was that such a bad thing?