Oh look, another Gamer/RWBY fanfic. Before you read, I'm sure you got some questions:

Is it AU? Of course, it is!

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What makes this different from the other 'Jaune is The Gamer' fics? Why, the 'implications' of the title of course!

*Edit: Changed dexterity to Constitution to avoid confusion.*

In his 17 years of growing up, Jaune Arc had come to a conclusion about the world of Remnant.

In this world, there are two kinds of gamers: the Professionals and the Casuals.

The Professionals are gamers who obtain their skill through hard work and countless hours of dedication. These are the gamers that are able to perform the unimaginable feats that create the fine line between the two types. Speed-running? Childs' play. One man army? They aren't the digital giants – they're the ones who slay them by themselves. Exploiting? It's practically on their ten commandments to never use them, let alone think about it. Professionals are the beings that come up with strategies and absolute builds that, by itself, can rival a military tacticians' line of thought. To them, it didn't matter if they had to grind for countless hours just for a simple item. As long as they achieve their end goal – they're willing to do anything regardless if the concept of "fun" was missing. But in the end, they're just ordinary people that simply exploit their passion into a careful craft of art.

The Casuals on the other hand; they're entirely the opposite. In a general term, Casuals represent the ordinary man that goes to work every day performing nothing more or less of what's expected of them. The only thing that matters to them is their enjoyment in life. Indeed, Casual gamers care nothing more about video games so long as they have fun. To them, it's all about the moment of laughter and cheer amongst themselves. No need to rush through a game – just play at your own pace and enjoy everything it has to offer. Tough boss give you trouble? Call in your friends and have a festival trying to end its life! Exploits? As long as everyone is enjoying themselves, who cares if you break the game!

Now where did Jaune fit between these two archetypes?


Through his perspective, Jaune viewed himself somewhere along the fence; a place in-between the boundaries. He played video games based on the sole purpose to enjoy himself. That meant that he was a Casual right? Wrong. Although Jaune played for fun, it was the dedication to spend an entire week of constant playing of doing nothing more than grinding for experience points that also made him a candidate for an ideal Professional. The worst part about this dilemma? He felt as if he was the only one who existed in this void-like space. Jaune sensed a feeling of loneliness every time one group of his online friends would discuss the best strategy while the other group would talk about trapping some poor noob in a corner.

If only Jaune just let go of his unorthodox belief about how video games were played, he would be able to define himself among the two groups. But what was this belief that alienated him from connection among gamers?

'Jaune's Theory of Glass Cannons'

No matter which video game he played, Jaune followed the self-belief of: "The best defense makes the WORST offense and all other stats are worthless except for offense!" That was what being glass cannon meant: to be able to dish out an absurd amount of damage at the expense of having little to no defense. Most gamers found that strategy to be completely stupid – why have so much power when you can die in one hit? Jaune simply laughed at their responses. For Jaune had spent the majority of his teenage years developing the solution to this issue. A solution so complex, yet so simple that it took a controller to his head for him to realize it: Don't get hit.

You may be extremely pathetic when it comes to taking a hit, but if that's the case, don't take a hit then.

That was where his "problem" lied. He enjoyed being able to steamroll through his enemies, to laugh as he continued his rampage. But to possibly perform a series of quests or repeatedly killing mobs to attain power – all while enjoying it? Yeah, he was clearly trapped within the separation line.

Despite this, deep down he knew that there was no point in escaping his ideals. Jaune Arc was a gamer. A dedicated gamer who enjoyed the implications of playing as a glass cannon. Now, he will become The Gamer as soon as he wakes up from his dream.

"Wait. . . WHAT?!"

Jaune's azure eyes jerked open as the sound of the alarm blared loudly into his ears. He groaned in annoyance as he lifted his head – from his desk? Oh Monty, he must have passed out last night when he was trying to finish up his essay. He let out a mental sigh for his blunder. 'This is what you get for procrastinating Jaune.' He thought to himself as he rose from his chair. He placed his left hand over his neck as he gave it a quick rotation; the sound of bone creaking was heard. Jaune felt extremely tired as he begrudgingly inched his lifeless feet to the beeping digital alarm clock that rested on his drawer across the room.

"~Soooooo faaaar . . . ~" the blond groaned. He was halfway before he tripped over something. Jaune let out a silent curse as he crashed onto the floor with a faint THUD. He had tripped over one of his controllers – again. For a dedicated gamer, Jaune's room was quite plain. Beside his desk was a television set that had an assortment of gaming consoles hooked up. The only problem was that one of said consoles was an artifact from the golden ages. As such, to use such a fossil required a certain type of controller that Jaune absolutely hated: wired. They were long snake-like abominations that would somehow tangle themselves moments after he would leave the room. He could never understand as to how his father was able to enjoy such a monstrosity.

Jaune really couldn't feel his body at the moment. Everything felt so numb and relaxing; the floor was practically inviting him to go back to sleep. "Not worth it Jaune, your roommate will kill you if you wake her up. . ." he whispered aloud as he forced himself back up. With one final push, Jaune lazily slammed the palm of his hand on the alarm clock – ending its ear-splitting beeps.

With the alarm off, the only sound left in his room was the soft symphony of a video game title screen that played through his TV. He must have forgotten to turn it off yesterday. He stared at the screen, the only light source that dimly lit his otherwise dark room. Remnant Fantasy I, the very first game where he discovered the truth of the glass cannon. The blond recalled fond memories of mere laughter and glee when he was one-hitting everything in the mid-game.

He sat down on the chair in front of the desk and looked upon a textbook and a white sheet of paper which he could only assume would be his homework assignment. What? When you stay up for 2 days without sleep, your brain begins to lag. When he glanced over at the sheet, he let out a chuckle before he smacked himself over the head. In poorly drawn scribbles, the only thing he saw on his paper was:

jAune'S TH3orY of GLaSs CaNNONz



"Ah . . . so that's where my dream came from." Jaune deduced as he cringed at his penmanship. "Ok, I learned my lesson, no more all-nighters playing video games." He was about to reach for the paper before the impossible happened.

Your brilliant deduction skill has increased your WIS by 1!

"WHAT THE HECK?!" he exclaimed. A loud crash echoed in his room as he fell backward with his chair. The impact had sent the boy's legs upwards; in response, the momentum had forced Jaune to roll backward off the chair and land on the floor once again. Jaune let out a shrill screech as his balls collided with the same wired controller that had caused him to trip. Pain rippled through his body; the shock had jolted his entire body alive and he could now feel his testicles on fire. He closed his body inward as he placed both hands over his damaged goods. "Why is it always me?!" he complained in a slightly higher pitch.

Ok, now he was definitely learning his lesson about his lack of sleep. For a moment, Jaune could have sworn he saw a floating sentence that had informed him that a "stat" had increased. 'Yeah, yeah, that's it. Too many video games and too little sleep. You're not going crazy Jaune, you just need sleep!' he desperately thought.

Moments later, once the pain subsided, Jaune slowly got up and carefully shifted towards the desk.


He rubbed his eyes to reassure himself.

Same result.

Jaune sighed in relief. Good, it was his mind playing tricks on him. He remembered what his history teacher had told him about lack of sleep. That it would cause hallucinations – imaginary figures that the brain, in an attempt to function properly, would create. Indeed, all he needed was sleep and this would be all over.

Your intelligent recollection of information has increased your INT by 1!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jaune screamed as he quickly grabbed the sheet of paper and crumpled it into a ball. He threw it onto the floor before he began to repeatedly stomp on it. "I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy, I'm not-

Repeated physical effort has increased your ATK by 1!

"I'M NOT CRAZY!" Jaune declared loudly.

That was when the strangest thing happened. Jaune suddenly felt a strange warmth enveloping him. It spoke a silent message: "Everything will be alright". He didn't know how to react to this entity. He knew he should freak out even more; heck Jaune was questioning whether or not he had finally undergone a mental breakdown. But right now, he felt calm, as if whatever problem in front of him had just disappeared. And like that, Jaune exhaled and he just calmed down.

He slowly picked up the piece of garbage off the floor and just dropped it back onto his desk. He picked up the chair and set it properly before sitting down. Jaune just stared at it aimlessly wondering if he was just barely hanging on to his sanity. "Do crazy people act calm?" he spoke aloud. "Hmm, pretty sure they don't. But talking to yourself kind of puts one's sanity into question. . ."

His line of thought was broken when he heard the faint sound of footsteps approaching the door to his room. Aw Dust, he woke her up. The door slammed open as a petite girl marched into his room. She was about a head shorter than him, but her large ego compensated for that. She had white silk-like hair that hung over her delicate shoulders. Her sky blue eyes were giving him a piercing glare as he stared – slightly terrified – back. She wore nothing more than a white oversized T-Shirt that extended all the way to her thighs, revealing a rather ample view of her milky legs. Even in the dark, Jaune regarded her appearance as an angel. Unfortunately, her personality was as cold as ice. The lovely Ice Queen and his roommate – Weiss Schnee.

"Do you have any idea how much noise you're making?!" Weiss demanded as she walked up to confront him. This felt weird to Jaune however. He knew that his roommate wasn't a morning person and he was especially aware that he should be horrified whenever he does wake her up. That was one of the many ground rules that was established when living with Weiss Schnee: wake her up and expect either a cracked game disc or a one-way ticket to the hospital. Most of the times sadly, Jaune chose the hospital over his precious video games. But this scenario just felt off. For some reason, Jaune's fear just wasn't present right now. He still felt calm even though his brain was telling him to feel scared. Yup, Jaune had definitely gone crazy.

His roommate must have noticed the lack of fear as well since she began to rub her eyes and stared at him with an even greater venom-like look. "Have you gone deaf Arc? I asked you a question!" She was standing over him as she was interrogating him; a sudden thought had emerged in his assumingly insane mind.

'This is an intimidation tactic.' After three whole years of living with her, he finally came to that realization. Whenever Jaune would accidentally wake her, Weiss would always make sure that she would be in a position where she would literally appear taller than him; it was to make him feel smaller, inferior to her. Right now, she was trying to prevent him from getting out of his chair. 'Well, I'm either going to be declared dead or crazy by the end of the day. Might as well get it over with.' Jaune concluded in his mind.

"Well? Don't make me repeat myself-

Taking his chance, the blond gamer rose from his seat and stared back at her. Aside from the quiet music playing from the TV, there was nothing but silence between the two. "Well . . . this is awkward" Jaune said a couple minutes later. 'So far so good.'

"E-Excuse me?!" Weiss yelled back trying to regain her footing against the blond. She appeared to be surprised – shocked if anything – that the harmless boy actually stood up against her after three whole years of being in the same apartment. 'Alright, she seems a bit disoriented. Let's see if I can further her mental disposition.'

"Um. . . well, you see . . . ah Weiss . . . I sort of was sleeping on my desk trying to finish up my history report last night." Jaune began in a fake nervous tone, "And my alarm startled me to the point where I fell off my chair and somehow managed to hit myself in the groin with one of my controllers. You know how us guys are – we're practically glass cannons down there." Weiss' eyes widened and her cheeks turned ever so slightly red. It took a moment before he realized his messed up metaphor. "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that! What I meant was that it's very delicate down there! You know, l-like glass – they're fragile and can break really easily!"

"W-Which controller?" she demanded. Jaune looked down and pointed at the one beside her feet. Weiss immediately let out a squeak as she kicked the wired controller away from her. It took her a brief moment before she regained her composure. "W-Well . . . considering the f-fact that you got hit in the – well down there, I think I'll be nice and let you off the hook just this time."

'Whoa, for once I actually won a battle again We-

Your decisive decision making has increased your WIS by 1!

Your clever reasoning has increased your WIS by 1!

Upon seeing the floating text, Jaune immediately stumbled back.

"Arc? Are you alright?" Weiss suddenly asked with a semi-concerned look in her eyes.

"Um . . ." Jaune was actually considering telling his roommate about the randomly appearing text about his increase in stats. But judging from her reaction, Jaune concluded that he was the only one who can see them. Oh Monty, this only further proves that he has descended into the realm of madness.

"I-I'm just . . . um . . . surprised! Yeah, that's it! I'm just totally surprised that you were nice to me . . . moments after I woke you up." He quickly lied.

Weiss simply responded with an icy glare. "Are you trying to tell me that I'm some sort of monster in your video games?"

'More like a beautiful princess . . .' he thought, but there was no way he was going to say that to her face. Weiss was the kind of person that didn't need to be rescued; instead, it was you that needed to be rescued from her.

". . . You already suffered enough. No need to beat a dead horse" – she looked away from him – ". . . you peasant." She continued. Ah yes, Weiss' "nickname" for him. Jaune wasn't exactly poor; his family was actually part of the middle class. The problem was where his roommate lived in society's spectrum of wealth. Weiss Schnee was part of the family that was one of the biggest companies in the Dust industry. It wasn't a surprise to him that she could have anything she could ask for growing up. Unfortunately, it was only due to unforeseen circumstances or his ridiculously dumb luck that these two had become roommates.

Weiss looked over to the television before she suddenly fixed a scowl on the boy. "You've been playing video games for the entire night haven't you?!"

"Wha – no! It's just that . . . um . . ." Jaune paused and looked back with a sheepish smile. "Taking a break?" Weiss flicked him on his forehead in response.

She ran her dainty hand through her hair and began, "So what are you going to do to make up for this?"

'Seriously, how demanding are you? I'm going through a mental breakdown and you actually want me to do something for you . . .' Jaune deadpanned. Really, he just won a battle against his roommate for the first time. There was no doubt in his mind that he could create a snowball effect and get off scot-free against her. But that look in her eyes made his resolve falter. Those brilliant blue eyes gazing at him; the luminescent light given off by his television had made them even more noticeable. All while she stared at him with the most adorable hint of a pout on her pretty face. He let out a sigh in defeat, "Fine, fine. I'll make breakfast for you, alright?" The corner of her lips curled into a subtle smile.

"I'm going to the bathroom. Breakfast better be done when I'm out." Weiss said as she walked out of his room. Everything seemed to be returning to normal until a transparent screen had abruptly appeared in front of him.

Quest Available!

Morning Nutrition! : A morning meal is required for everyone, especially for annoyingly cold roommates! Make breakfast for Weiss Schnee!

Time limit: 60 minutes.

Completion Reward: 10 EXP. Increased relationship with Weiss.

Failure: Decreased relationship with Weiss.

[Accept] [Decline]

Jaune's right eye twitched upon reading the screen. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, expecting for the randomly floating text to disappear. He grunted in annoyance when the screen remained. Cautiously, Jaune raised his finger towards the screen. 'Ok time to test if I'm hallucinating or crazy'.

When he touched [Accept], the screen disappeared. "Crazy, I've definitely gone crazy," he muttered to himself. Creating a better relationship by making scrambled eggs for his cold-roommate? "Yeah, I've definitely gone crazy," He answered to himself as we walked into the kitchen.

It was a rare occasion that Jaune cooked for Weiss. Normally, they would make their meals separately – Jaune actually using the cooking appliances, while Weiss . . . just took whatever he made. Ok, so it was a rare occasion that Weiss asked Jaune to cook for her. Cooking was relatively easy for Jaune; growing up with seven sisters has its perks. It was only when he set down the plate of scrambled eggs on the table that his sanity slipped again.

A skill has been created through special interaction! Cooking meals has created the 'Cooking' skill!

Current level: 1. Increase level to improve efficiency in creating the fine art of food!

Jaune shook his head in disapproval. Even if he was crazy, his cooking level should be higher than 1!

"I suppose scrambled eggs will do," a soft voice called out from behind. Jaune turned his head over to gaze upon his roommate – all prepped and ready in her Signal High uniform. She wore a white blouse underneath a black blazer followed by a red plaid skirt that extended to her mid-thigh. Her white hair was tied into an asymmetrical ponytail that bounced ever so slightly every time she took a step-

Quest Completed!

Received Reward!


You leveled up!

Would you like to edit your stats now?

[Yes] [Later]

"Stop staring at me like that. You're acting really creepy right now." Weiss interjected, breaking the blond's chain of thought. Jaune's face flushed red in response, "Ah . . . I'll just go get ready now." He walked in the bathroom. "Crazy . . . I've gone crazy" he muttered again.

Jaune couldn't feel his face anymore as he splashed cold water on it for the umpteenth time. No matter how many times he threw the sink water at himself, that damn message wouldn't go away!

Would you like to edit your stats now?

[Yes] [Later]

"Arg, leave me alone!" he groaned at the message.

This might come out as bias, but what he believed what the worst part about being crazy was? He didn't feel crazy at all! He actually felt normal! It felt as if having random messages popping up was part of his daily life – what the heck?! That isn't normal at all!

He shut off the rushing tap water in defeat. If Jaune pressed [Yes], would it go away? It already happened with that absurd "quest". So it should go away, right? Taking a gulp of air, the blond slowly tapped on the button in mid-air. The message disappeared.

"Oh thank Monty-

Name: Jaune Arc [Conditions: Normal]

Title: N/A

Class: The Gamer

Lien: 100

Level: 1

Exp: 0/ 25

HP: 50/50 (+)

MP: 10/10 (+)

ATK: 5 (+)

AGI: 7 (+)

CON: 6 (+)

INT: 10 (+)

WIS: 7 (+)

LUK: 1 (+)

Points: 6

. . .

Jaune blinked once. Then he blinked again. He just . . . couldn't comprehend what he was seeing. It actually made sense now. Everything added up. The stat messages, the Quest pop-pops, the status screen– his entire life got transformed into an RPG! Heck, the fact that he only had 1 point in Luck further proves that he was still in reality; he was known to have horrible RNG after all.

Of course, it's also the fact that he accepted this so easily that still made him question his sanity. "Might as well go along with it. . ." he calmly announced.

He observed the status screen.

Name: Jaune Arc [Conditions: Normal]

Jaune couldn't help but chuckle when he read his condition. "Normal". Apparently his mind had accepted its loss of sanity. What a cruel joke. He was currently missing a title. When he clicked on N/A, a blank list appeared beside him. He probably had to earn them through quests or something.

The class he was assigned was labeled, 'The Gamer'. Jaune wasn't sure what that meant aside from the common definition of a person playing video games. He wondered if he had the ability to change classes. Like if he decided to change his class to 'The Fighter', would he suddenly become the greatest martial artist in all of Remnant?

His currency was telling the truth, he did have 100 lien on him. Perhaps this was his subconscious's doing? Nah, reality turned into video game sounds cooler. He noticed his level was at 1 right now. That meant that he was at level 0 the moment he woke up. Yeesh, he woke up as a scrub and he's still a scrub.

His HP stats appeared normal – normal enough for an ordinary human being that is. What surprised him was that he had MP. He remembered one of his video games telling him that everything in the world possessed magic; it just took time to unlock its potential. Did that mean his friends and family possessed mana as well? Regardless, Jaune sold that game when he realized that he couldn't build a glass cannon character – stupid game mechanics forcing him to invest in armor.

Aside from his mediocre luck stat, all his other stats appeared to be reasonable. Agility and constitution made sense. His thin build allowed him to move quickly and allowed him to run for an above average amount of time. Though, it was because of this that Jaune couldn't exactly take a hit. Intelligence involved how much information he could process. He was a high school student and a gamer; his mind was trained to absorb information. Wisdom involves thinking and reasoning right? That would mean that his wisdom had gone up by 3 today. He noticed at the bottom of the screen was "Points". They were probably skill points that were awarded to him when he leveled up.

These stats didn't matter that much to Jaune however. All he cared about was the main stat: ATK, which to his opinion appear below average by his standards. "We'll have to fix that won't we?" He grinned to himself as he reached for the plus symbol beside the glorious attack stat. However, the status screen suddenly disappeared and another message popped up.

A skill has been created through special interaction! Constant observation has created the 'Observe' skill!

Current level: 1. Increase level to increase the amount of information received!

"Huh?" was all he could blurt out before another message appeared before him.

Would you like to enable Observe's Passive?

[Yes] [No]

Curious about this passive ability, Jaune pressed on [Yes]. The message box disappeared. Jaune suddenly felt a slight itch in his eyes; he gave them a quick rub. When he opened them he realized that something was off. Jaune Arc was currently staring at himself in the mirror. Or rather, he was staring at the entity floating above his head:

Jaune Arc

Lv 1

"Having your entire reality transform into a video game certainly does have its implications," Jaune announced as he turned away from the mirror.

You know something? Eventually, this class system is going to get absurd the moment I start adding more abilities and passives. Might have to start putting my high school level programming skills to good use now.