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Luke ushered Rey into the depths of the stone temple, leading her down a stone staircase that was lit by artificial lights, but even that failed to keep away the darkness that seeped into the stonework of the ancient ruin.

The elderly Jedi was mostly silent during their trek through the stone temple, only ending the silence with a gruff "Watch your step", which she was glad for. The Jedi who had build this place, wise they may be, appeared to have never heard of something called a Level.

The stopped in the doorway of what looked to be a training room, a few ancient looking terminals lining the far wall. There were a few stone chairs that seemed to be part of the room itself, and small wooden table in front of them with an out of place data pad placed carelessly on top of it, a mug of caffa laying forgotten next to it.

Luke strode over to the items and grasped the cup in his metal hand, downing the tepid liquid in one gulp before turning to face Rey, who returned his gaze with renewed nervousness.

" managed to somehow get your hands on each piece of the star map that lead to me, and found my father's Lightsaber in the process." He mused, stating it rather than asking it. For her part, Rey remained silent, recognizing that he had a point to make.

"Maz Kanata held that saber, and that star map was in the hands of several different individuals, not to mention my R2 unit was with the resistance...So, either you're with the Resistance, or you're with the First Order, and if you were with the First Order, then this entire temple would be stormed by Ben Solo's stormtroopers." He finished, sighing as he sat down in a stone chair, gesturing for Rey to sit in the one next to him. "'re what, a force sensitive with the Resistance in need of training? Or am I getting a bit senile in my old age and you just want to bring me into the Resistance?"

The intensity of Luke's gaze was a bit overwhelming at first for Rey, but she dug deep and met his eyes with confidence. "I need training. I fought with Kylo Ren...managed to scrape by and even mark him up a bit, but...I need to learn the ways of the force, Master Luke." She said, making Luke scowl a bit and wave his hand dismissively.

"I am no Master, not any more..." He said, his eyes going a bit distant from the memories of Kylo Ren slaughtering his initates. "Not since Ben left me with no one to teach." He grunted, clearly a bit uncomfortable from the memory. "But, you fought with him and lived, eh? No training..." If he was impressed, it didnt show. "Well, if you're dead set on getting in the way of the Knights of Ren and their Sith master, then I might as well do my best to keep you from getting yourself killed. Perhaps you'll even learn a thing or two about the Jedi along the way."

"Why?" Rey blurted out before thinking, making Luke look at her curiously. "Why...why train me?" She elaborated, making the older Jedi think for a moment, choosing his words carefully.

"'Why?', she asks? You're the one who sought me out for training, and yet you want to question why I'm doing it? Hmm, you're a thoughtful one." He said, now appearing a bit more interested in Rey than he had been before. "As to why, well...I can sense you have a purpose. The Force is acting through you, that much is certain. I would be a fool to ignore the calling, no matter how painful it is or how many reservations I have about teaching you. You can't get a much higher recommendation than the one you have now."

The way Luke called attention to the darkness in her heart without calling attention to it made Rey squirm in her seat. She would gladly take ten Kylo Ren trying to poke around in her mind than one astute Luke Skywalker.

Luke leaned forward a bit in his seat, threading his fingers together in front of him, peering at her. "Show me what you can do. Open yourself to the force."

"I can tr-" Rey began to say anxiously, but Luke gave a deep bellied chuckle, shaking his head at her.

"Do, or do not. There is no try, as my old Master used to say. Open yourself up to the force, or don't. Those are your two options, young one." Luke said, the mirth leaving his eyes as he waited for her to embrace it.

Rey took a deep breath and closed her eyes, searching for that elusive feeling once more. At first, her tenative attempts left her fruitless, but then she seized upon the feeling of frustration, that anger at her own helplessness and the will she had to be in control of herself. The force sang her praises, responding with a warm rush of power that left her feeling completely sure of herself. But unlike last time, she delved further into it, reveling in the power she could feel. She had to keep herself from laughing at the sense of being, of belonging and enlightenedment that she could feel.

The Force flowed through her entire being, and she felt like it could do anything, like she could do anything. "More!" She told it, and more the Force gave her. It felt like the universe was unraveling around her. She could feel the room, the temple, the island, even the planet full of life and energy, creatures living and dying in a nexus of energy that was hers to mold as she saw fit.

'Is this what the Jedi of old felt like?' She wondered 'Like they lived in a world of cardboard?'. It was a wonder, and a testament to the power of the Emperor that they had ever been defeated if that was the case. Suddenly, Rey felt a sharp 'knock' on her awareness, and a faint sound. She listened a bit harder, until she heard a loud 'Enough!' that broke her out of the trance.

Rey blinked, gasping and breathing heavily as Luke looked at her, a stern but worried expression on his worn face. "That was...something." He said at last, letting Rey fully come back to her normal senses. "You definitely have an interesting grasp on the force, but you lack temperment and control. But, ah, before we continue." And here, Luke had the decency to have a bit of a sheepish look on his face. "What is your name again?"

Rey gave him an exasperated look that dissolved in a fit of giggles, still a bit euphoric from opening herself to the force in a situation that wasnt life or death. " name is Rey."

"Rey..." Luke sounded out to himself, rolling the letters on his tongue as if to test her name for any faults, before giving a nod. "A good name. Names say a lot about a person, or so I've read." He rose from his seat suddenly, Rey following suit in a scramble. "I suppose I should show you to a room. You might be living a bit of a rustic life style until we can get more supplies for a second guest, but I'm sure you brought things with you and there is plenty of space."

They walked out of the training room, where unnoticed to both of them, the stone chair that Rey had been sitting in had faint cracks crisscrossing the surface of it.

Luke had Rey put her things in an unused room that had been used by a former Jedi Master, back when the temple had been inhabited. It was a large room with a stone slab for a bed, one which she did her best to cover up with a few pieces of bedding that she scrounged from the Millennium Falcon. She had gathered her things after Luke had shown her the room, giving Chewbacca a heartfelt goodbye, telling him that she needed to stay here for training. Chewbacca had been sad to let her go, giving a mournful little yell in goodbye before hugging her in a bone crushing embrace.

She had returned it and sent him on her way, taking all her meager possessions with her. Luke had eyed her things and gave a little nod of approval. "Traveling light is half of the Jedi way." He joked, making her smile a little.

She returned to the present, glancing up at the gray stone walls, a single electric lamp providing the only illumination in the room. In a way, the gloomy surroundings reminded her of home, the metal walls of the AT-AT matching the stone almost shade for shade. She felt a bit comforted, but she knew now that Jakku held nothing more for her, not even the dim hope for a family again.

Rey had to look forward, and the way forward was through training with Luke Skywalker, the great Jedi hero so she could...what, exactly? Become a Jedi herself, destroy the great and terrible Kylo Ren and his shadowy master? Did she had it within herself to become a hero?

As she laid down underneath the coverings to get warm and sleep, she knew one thing. She knew that she would find out what she was capable of soon enough.