Nomad Holiday chapter 2

There were few if any women of the Jewish faith who were beautiful, buff, busty and bisexual. Rebecca Hazel, Becky to her friends and lovers, was all these things and more.

Her face was hauntingly beautiful, which complemented an hourglass figure that consisted of a pair of perky basketball sized breasts that equally measured to her equally sized ass. Along with with her slim wait, toned abdomen, lean muscles and sculpted legs, Becky never had a problem with filling her bed with either men or women.

Becky chose the latter than the former a bit more frequently so that she wouldn't have to suffer her sisters insisting on the first meeting of her latest in a long line of lovers or nagging her about why she wasn't getting married like they did. As for the prospect of motherhood, she did not hate children but could not find herself willing to become a mother herself.

Tovah and Deborah both married respectable Jewish men from the Bronx and Brooklyn respectively. They both became frumpy with raising their children and keeping to the old traditions pushed upon them by their mother. Rebecca chose to break away from it all and find her own way. That led to her being shunned from the family. Her mother wouldn't even let her come to her house for the Sabbath.

One day, after having come home from a long work shift at the Empire State Building, Rebecca was welcomed home by one of her closest friends. She was an Italian from Chicago who moved to New York, where she fell in love with and married an Hispanic cab driver turned MC biker.

Angela Greco-Cortez, Angie to her friends, was Becky's closest friend.

"Angie Cortez. I must have done something right in my life to have a friend like you." Rebecca said as she embraced Angie. "Right back at you, Becky." Angie said as she looked over the tomboyish yet very busty Jewish girl from the Lower East Side. "You're keeping in good shape."

"Yeah. I think of your mountain range every time I lift weights, Angie. It makes for a great source of motivation." Becky said as she looked at Angie's huge breasts. Angie's breasts were just as round, perky and full as Becky's, only Angie's were much larger. "Did you come by just to shoot the breeze or did you want to show me how big your rack has grown since the last time we saw each other?"

"It's just been too long for me since I have seen you. A bit of the second reason if I'm to be honest." Angie replied with a smile. "For now, let's go inside. We ought to get more comfortable before we get to that."

"How's your man? Is he keeping you happy?" Becky asked as she set a shot of Amaretto in front of Angie before taking a pull from her bottle of beer.

"Emilio keeps me very happy, Becky, and I have kept him very happy if I do say so myself. How have you done for yourself, Becky?" Angie asked.

"I've done well. I'm never lonely. I can tell you that for certain. A while back, I met this young girl from out west who thought a change of pace would do her some good. It worked out well for me at least. It led her right into my bed." Becky said with a laugh.

Angie smiled. "Are you planning on bringing your girlfriend with you to my house for the Sabbath? Emilio and the kids would enjoy seeing you again."

After being thrown out of her mother's house, Becky thought she was all alone in the world until Angie invited her to honor the Sabbath day in her home with her family. Since then, Becky had become almost a fixture in the Cortez household. As well, it made her closer with Angie than ever before.

Becky nodded. "You have always been so good to me, Angie. If Emilio had not won your heart, would I have had a chance with you?" Becky said with a wink to Angie, who smiled and hugged her, their breasts pressed up against each other's. "Not for a one night stand or a frequent booty call though." Becky added in playfully before asking, "How are your girls and your boy?"

"Angelica is 10. Angelina is 8. Angelo is 7." Angie said as she looked into Becky's eyes. "They are going to start developing long before they turn 13."

"I do not doubt that at all." Becky said as she thought of Angie's children. "I'm sure your girls will grow huge breasts like the both of us. As for your boy, I'm sure he will draw in women from across all five boroughs."

At that very moment, a young woman of thirty walked into the living room wearing a bathrobe. From the way her soaked hair clung to her neck and face, it was evident that she just got out of the shower. She looked at the Italian woman with a raised eyebrow, especially at the cleavage she proudly displayed. "Becky, who is your friend?"

"Ally, this is Angie Cortez. She crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to invite me to her home for the Sabbath?"

"You're Jewish?" Ally asked.

Angie shook her head. "Roman Catholic. My husband is Christian. However, we know how to honor the traditions and customs of the Jewish faith. Emilio's sponsor was an Israeli."

Becky walked up to Ally and kissed her lips. "I'll join you in the bedroom in a few minutes. I need to talk with Angie for a while."

"It's been quiet here without you." Ally replied.

Becky smiled at her girlfriend. "In a few minutes, it will be anything but quiet."

Angie smiled at the flirting between Becky and Ally. After the young girl left them, Angie asked the obvious question.

"How long have you been together?"

"Since Halloween of this year. She crossed into New York on the 30th of October. A pack of Sons dropped her off while en route to Hunter's Point." For the most part, Becky never had any animosity or feelings against the MC. From what she heard along the way, many of them were former military.

"Does she know much about the club?" Angie asked.

"She's not in like you, Angie. I trust her." Becky answered before taking another pull from her beer. "Do you mind if I come by the house to see the family after Christmas?"

"Of course. Bring your girl over as well." Angie offered. "Speaking of, I don't want to keep her waiting. I'll see you later." Finishing her drink of Amaretto, Angie rose from her chair, embraced Becky and kissed her. "I'll see you both after Christmas."

Becky watched from the window as a pack of Sons and a handful of Prospects watched over Angie Cortez as she made her way back towards Brooklyn. Once the Italian woman was gone from sight, Becky walked into the bedroom to see Ally in bed, waiting for her beneath the covers.

Becky took her clothes off and joined Ally in bed where they made love to each other throughout the night.

For everything she did know about her, Becky had no idea that Ally's brother was a Son, much less that he would be arriving in New York for the holidays.

Neither did Ally.