Nomad Holiday chapter 3

A/n: It may have taken a (long) while to get this chapter done but it finally got done. I was not certain how to advance the story at the time. Now I have a better idea how this story will end.

December 26, 2015

Ally was almost suffocated by Angie's bear hugs, as was Becky, when they arrived at the Cortez household the day after Christmas. That wasn't enough to deter her from coming in though. Especially since she'd been led to believe there would be a late Christmas present for her.

"Just be yourself, and you'll be fine," Becky had told her. That had eased her mind greatly.

Introductions were made, and Coyote proved to be better spoken than she expected. And the three kids that he had were a welcome distraction from the dark thoughts that often entered her mind.

But while they were playing together in the living room, she excused her to get some fresh air...

Only to see her brother, working on his motorcycle.

"Chris?" She asked softly.

He turned around, and confusion came to his face as he asked, "Ally?"

Without another word, he walked up the porch and the two siblings embraced each other for the first time in years.

When the time came for lunch, the mood was warmer, brighter and up beat as Ally and Nick sat together at the Cortez table.

After a tame yet stern questioning, Nick and Becky took a liking to each other. To his surprise, she had a cousin who was disowned by his parents because he became a Marine instead of a rabbi. "Eli, or Elijah, chose to take decisive action than to talk boldly and do nothing."

The three kids were very close, which reminded Ally of better days in her childhood with her brothers. Angelina and Angelo seemed to challenge each other on the basketball court and in their workouts. Meanwhile, Angelica looked up to both her homemaker mother and biker father. As the first born, she wanted to be the best parts of her parents.

That desire to be better and to make good in the eyes of others was not lost on Nick.

It wasn't lost on him either than Coyote's son and daughters were just a few inches taller than most children of their ages.

Then Nick made the big announcement. "Coyote, after dinner, I'm going to reach out to Quinn and let him know that I'm making the jump to the New York Crew on New Year's Eve."

While Becky and the Cortezes raised their glasses in celebration, Ally hugged her brother, elated at his announcement.

A/n: The next chapter will have a time jump.