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I looked around me and all I saw was darkness. The darkness that would soon consume me. Little did I know that my life would change in that very second.

Bloom's POV

"Bloom… Bloom…" I slowly opened my eyes and saw a gold figure. She was reaching out for me… I reached out for her too. I caught the 1st feeling of calmness from her.

She was unknown to me. Nor did I know why I felt so safe. But she was reaching out, and I would follow…

Suddenly I felt a pull on my long mid thigh length sunset red hair. It was a strong pull at that. The world around me faded and became once more how I know it.

I looked up and saw my pet bunny Kiko looking down on me. Above me was the dawn of the day. But the day held no treasure to me.

I lived on planet Kan'na. (That's actually a Japanese name which means "God of Nothingness. Actual Nothingness.)

You could mistake it for Mars. But it's much worse. I hold a secret here in this world. Only 8 beings know. I don't talk about them much. But I sure miss them dearly.

Kiko knows. He has known since the day I found him. 7 years ago. I am 16 years of age right now. That mysterious woman in my dreams seems to know.

And 6 other friends. We were a group called the Winx. We have known each other since we were 4 years old.

They live somewhere in this solar system, just not with me. I got separated from them during the war between planet Earth and planet Mars.

My best friend was named Stella; being in the sun was her top priority. Always so cheerful and loved being the center of attention. Then there was Flora; nature was her best friend. So sweet and kind. Always stops our fights.

Next is Musa. She loved music. It was her heart and soul. She was our ocean for song. And an awesome friend. Tecna was our walking computer and dear friend. She was the smartest. Dry at times but always means well.

Finally Aisha. We had some fights along the way. She would go for everyone of my crushes. But she was always there. In hard times we had her.

As I sat up I could feel the orange dust/sand rubbing against my skin in my ripped sweatpants. My shirt was very worn down and very dirty.

My hair had lost its shine and was flat and dull. My cyan eyes have lost faith on now go on with life. I've been on this planet for many years. Since I was 10.

Yes I'm not the only person on this planet. It's actually a largely populated planet. Surprisingly I do go to school, I do it so one day I can make my dreams come true.

But no. That won't happen. I'm stuck on this miserable place forver… I finally stood up at my 5'2 height, grabbed my worn down backpack, and went on to start my semester at high school.

Kiko hopped on my shoulder and as I was walking I saw many students stop to stare at me. I kept my head low and continued on to Havan High.

I found my locker and I was late so there weren't many students in the halls. I found my homeroom. Language Arts.

I knocked on the door and the teacher looked me over and shook her head. As I walked in I could feel everyone's eyes glue to me.

Classes went by the same until these couple of girls came up to me during study hall. "What's a rundown ugly Hoe doing in our school!?" I looked up but still kept my eyes hidden.

"Yeah. She needs to be taught a lesson… that ugly no good bitch!" I closed my eyes and put my hands over my head as if waiting for impact but when I opened them I saw a very kind look old lady.

On her name tag was the name Principle Faragonda. Where have I heard that name….?...

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