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Bloom's POV

She offered me a hand and I hesitantly took a hold of it. She gave a firm pull and I went to standing up. She looked at me closely.

Then she broke out in a smile. "Bloom." How'd she know my name? Then she turned around. "Girls, she gave a firm look, Please all make your way into Ms. Griselda's room right now."

They glared but followed through with the orders. She then let my hand go and smile once again. "Are you okay Bloom?" I nodded.

Did I forget to mention that I don't talk much? She then took me to her main office. "Bloom. I know there's something special about you."

I was taken back for a moment. "Um… what?" She went into a drawer that needed a key and she took out some files, then she handed them to me. "Take a look sweetie."

I discreetly opened it and I nearly chocked. It held my birth certificate. As well as old photos, documents with the word 'Sparx' written on it.

And then… then… there was this one picture with a few under it. A picture of… the Winx… and I… playing tea party. I started getting many Déjà Vu's.

I looked straight at the headmistress."W..what is all this?" She motioned for me to take a seat. "Bloom my sweet." I saw tear drops in her eyes.

"We have missed you so very much." I looked at her with my no longer shining bright eyes but dull ones that have neither curiosity nor excitement.

"Why don't you see for yourself?" Suddenly out of her hands came… magic!? No… how does she have magic? She created a portal. Something I had never tried when I was younger.

I haven't used magic in for say, 7 years… "Principal Faragonda?" "Hush honey…" She took my hand and led me through the portal. "Alfea…."

The school I was going to attend with the girls. "Why did you take me here?" She gave me a gentle smile. "Come come."

I looked around me and saw girls everywhere. They were all so pretty… and their clothes are so cool… 'Wow Bloom. You sound like a little 5 year old.' Whatever…

She then took me into a dorm room and opened it before I could read the names. Right then I felt electric energy shock me and I froze hearing a few girls gasp.

I slowly looked up seeing- "Girls, this is Bloom. Although I'm sure you know that." I saw a girl with purple hair and turquoise eyes. "Tecna!"

She smiled and brought me into a hug. "It has been so long Bloom… you look wonderful… how has things been going for you?"

I step back. "U..Umm.." Suddenly another girl walks in with creamy beautiful dark skin the shade of chocolate. Her eyes were dark blue. "Aisha is that you..?"

She looked in my direction with a teasing smile. "You know it girl!" She then pats my shoulder and gave me a man hug.

Then comes in another with hair so black it looks blue and violet-blue eyes. "Omg… Musa!" "It's you! Do you know how much you worried us!? Huh!?" She gave me a hard squeeze. "Ahh… your song in the heart is still beautiful but a bit… sad… and… dull… Bloom… what have you been doing?..."

Before I could answer a sweet girl comes in with light bronze hair and green eyes. "Bloom…?" She gave me a gentle hug. "Hey Flora… it's so nice to see your sweet look once again.."

Then I go to a different room seeing a particular girl with sunny blonde hair and tanned colored eyes. She suddenly drops her nail polish and looks up at me.

"BLOOM!" She runs and knocks me onto the floor. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN OMG I'M GONNA KILL YOU, OMG ARE YOU HURT AHH-!?" She was cut off by the door opening.

"Stella…" The girls laugh at us. "Oh Stella. C'mon Bloom. We'll let Stella clean you up." I nod and stare at Stella.

My how things have changed….

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