Tales of a single mother

Chapter 1: A Mother's comfort (Part 1 of 3)

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"Put on your clothes"= Regular Talking


'Put on your Clothes' = thinking/ thoughts

*Smash* = Sound

Summary- It was a normal day for a Natsu Dragneel as he walked over to his best friend's house so he could hang out like they normally do. But what happens when he reaches the door and Lucy is not there and instead her single mother Layla is, who takes it upon herself to entertain the pinkette. What happens when Layla comforts Natsu after she accidentally opens up and emotional wound? Will Layla help Natsu move on and develop a serious relationship right under Lucy's nose?

It was late afternoon and Natsu Dragneel was walking through the snow in a red coat that covered his black shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans, he also wore a black pair of boots. Natsu was on his way to his best friend, Lucy Heartfilia's mansion, with the intention of hanging out like they usually did on the weekend or any other day for that matter. The two had been best friends since they met each other in grade school. During their first encounter, Natsu found the blonde haired girl a little weird, but her personality grew on him and they became almost inseparable.

Whilst growing up the two had constantly been teased about being a couple by many of their classmates, however the teasing stopped when Natsu began dating someone in the year level above his, who the pinkette had known even longer the Lucy. The big difference between the girl he had dated and Lucy was that Natsu had been harbouring a crush for the girl for as long as he had known her. Although it upset Lucy, who had a small crush on him at the time, she helped Natsu get the courage to confess to the girl. Since Lucy was such a good friend to Natsu she supported the relationship whole heartedly and even helped Natsu be a better boyfriend.

Natsu's first relationship seemed like it was going to last forever, but sadly the pink haired teen's girlfriend met an unfortunate demise, which devastated Natsu. The pinkette ended up locking himself off from the world for a week when this happened, but thanks to the support of Lucy and a few others, he eventually got over it and returned to his usual personality. Although Natsu seemed to have gotten over his lost first love, it was obvious it still affected him since he hadn't dated a girl since then and he always wore the scarf that he wore on the first date with his deceased girlfriend.

Even though they had argued about small things throughout their friendship, Natsu and Lucy still remained close friends to this date and Natsu popping by unannounced had become normal for them.

As per usual, Natsu was stopped at the gate of the Heartfilia estate by the household's maid, Virgo. "Who are you and what business do you have here?" Virgo said in her normal emotionless tone as her equally emotionless blue eyes seemed to stare into his soul. No matter how many times Natsu saw Virgo, he could never get how someone so cute could be so stoic one hundred percent of the time and the fact that she would always greet him in the same way.

"I've been visiting here since you were still training to become a maid, you don't need to do that every time." Natsu said in a slightly annoyed tone. Virgo was completely unfazed and handed Natsu a visitor's form to fill out and pen. The teen sweat dropped at the woman's blatant disregard for what he said. Natsu knew from years of experience that it was no use trying to get out of filling out Virgo's form. Natsu sighed and began to fill it out as quick as possible, before handing it to the maid, who examined it before stamping it.

"You filled this out exactly like another person who came by yesterday, you even have the same messy handwriting." Virgo commented as she showed Natsu the form he had filled out on his last visit. The pink haired teen couldn't tell if Virgo was just messing with him or if she was being serious, thanks to the expression on her face. "Just to make sure you're not a criminal and that you get were you need to be; I will escort you half way there." She said before opening the gate. Natsu was a little annoyed that Virgo had called him a potential criminal, even though he had known the maid since they were both young.

"What the hell Virgo, why are you calling me a criminal?" Natsu asked, making sure to over act how hurt he was. Unfortunately, Natsu didn't even get the reaction he wanted out of the maid. He only received a comment about how normal people don't wear scarfs all the time. Natsu retorted by saying that it was cold and that normal people don't just go around wearing maid outfits with shackles around their wrist. This was countered by Virgo saying that it was a fashion thing that he wouldn't understand. The pink haired teen was smart enough to know that arguing with the maid was a dumb idea and just walked in silence with the pink haired maid. Natsu had no idea why he had to go through this process every time he visited Lucy's house by himself.

"This is as far as I'm going to take you." Virgo said when they arrived in the mid-way to their destination.

"Why the hell did you go through all of this effort?" Natsu asked. Virgo just gave him a blank stare before bowing and walking off. "STOP IGNORING ME!" he yelled, which caused the pink haired maid to turn around and start walking towards Natsu. No matter how long he had known the maid, he could never really understand what went through her mind. Sometimes she would tease Natsu and sometimes she would completely ignore him when she got to the gate, leading to him having to climb the fence.

"Calm down Natsu-sama, I just wanted to try out a new personality." Virgo apologised with a bow before walking off again. Natsu would have asked why she always tries her personalities on him, but he decided against it since he knew he wasn't going to get a straight forward answer.

'There is something wrong with her, how come she hasn't gone back to the nice and cute personality since she was young?' Natsu wondered as he watched Virgo return to her station. Even though it annoyed him a little, Virgo's constantly changing personality was still very entertaining. 'I guess I should count myself lucky since she always lets me in.' he said to himself as he started making his way through the beautiful well-kept garden and to the actual mansion. A normal person would have gotten lost, but since Natsu had been over so many times, he knew exactly where he was going.

Now that he was by himself, he began to make his way to the house. Natsu decided to take the long way, so he could avoid the odd people who worked for Lucy's family. It's not that Natsu had a problem with the employees, but sometimes their 'strong' personalities could get a little too much for the teen to handle. "I wonder what if Layla-san is here, she makes awesome food." Natsu thought while remembering all the meals he had eaten at the Heartfillia's household. Natsu had always found the mother of his best friend to be a great and beautiful person, because of this, Natsu had a small crush on the woman. The pink haired teen never acted on it since he had been in a relationship until a few months ago and he loved the girl he had been with more than anything in the world. Although Natsu was now single, he still decided not to act on his crush since he thought of it as a crush and nothing more, even if she was one of the most irresistible women he had laid eyes on.

Although her face looked almost identical to her daughter, her body was a little more mature and certain sizes were bigger. Natsu surprised himself when he noticed he wasn't attracted to his best friend the same way he was to Layla, even though they looked similar. Natsu assumed it was because he had developed a thing for older women. 'Jeez, when did I become such a pervert?' he wondered while trying to rid himself of thoughts about Layla, who he had been avoiding for the past week since she had become the centre of his fantasies as of late because of a few accidents. Most of them involved Natsu tripping over and landing in compromising positions or accidently groping her large cushiony breasts.

"Forget what I said about wanting her to be here, I don't think I would be able to stay in the same room as her." Natsu said to himself while remembering how he ended up just grabbing Lucy and hanging out in her bedroom last time he saw the beautiful mother, just because he couldn't look at her without getting flustered. This was mainly because of prior events and the fact the woman was wearing clothes that made her assets stand out more than they already did, which was quite a feat considering how good even the most covering clothes made her look. Natsu began to remember the clothes Layla was wearing on his last visit. Judging from the clothes Layla was wearing, it was pretty obvious that she wasn't expecting Natsu to drop by. "If she's here, I really need to say sorry for all those mistakes." He told himself when the mansion came into view. Although he knew he had to apologise to Layla for some of the things he had done to her, but he really didn't want to have to confront her about it because of how embarrassing it was.

"Wait a minute, if I get there quickly and say sorry, that means I can get more food." Natsu realised. Natsu decided to run the rest of the way to house and in no time, he arrived in front of the door. Like he usually did, he rung the door bell and only had to wait a few seconds before the door began to unlock and open. When the door opened, Natsu was shocked with what he saw. Instead of being greeted by his best friend like he usually did, he was greeted by her mother, who was identical to Lucy, apart from looking a little more mature and had having bigger assets. Layla was sweating and wearing her most revealing outfit yet. Layla was only wearing a hot pink sports bra and tight blue running shorts. The outfit did absolutely nothing to hide Layla's sexy body, from her large breasts to her long sexy legs and toned stomach. After getting a quick glimpse of the woman, he quickly turned around. At first Layla wondered why the teen had done this, but then she realised what had happened, she quickly closed the door and became a blushing mess.

"I'm sorry Natsu, I thought you were Lucy." Layla said quickly from the other side of the door. The woman wasn't expecting any visitors and had assumed that her daughter had forgotten something and returned home. Now that the woman really thought about it, she realised that Lucy had a key to the house and she would have no reason to ring the doorbell. This realisation only made Layla more embarrassed. Not only had she opened the door without thinking, she let Natsu see her in revealing clothes again. Layla quickly looked around for something to cover herself up with. It wasn't because she was ashamed about her body, Layla was actually very confident in her body, but she couldn't help but be embarrassed whenever she was seen by the pink haired teen. Maybe it was because she had seen Natsu grow into the man he is now or maybe it was because she had grown quite fond of him and his constant visits, either way Layla knew she was attracted to Natsu. 'He must think I'm an easy woman who dresses like this, even in cold weather.'

Whilst the blonde haired mother was trying to cover herself up, Natsu was on the other side of the door, trying to regain his composure. Natsu could only assume that Layla was wearing the clothes because she had just finished or in the middle working out. However, Natsu didn't really care to know the reason why she was wearing the clothes because he was trying his best to get the image out of his mind since he didn't want being close to the woman to be even more awkward than it was. It's not like Natsu hadn't seen girls in revealing clothes before, he was actually quite experienced with the female form thanks to his first love. However, Layla's body had a special effect on him, that only a few other women could give him. 'Why does she look so good in everything?' Natsu wondered before his mind flashed back to the image of Layla in a number of other clothes that were just as sexy, even though they didn't show as much skin. Not that he was complaining, but he wondered why he would always come over when Layla was wearing something that made her look even more attractive than she was.

Natsu was only alone with his thoughts for a couple of seconds before the door began to open. In the hopes of avoiding the same thing from happening again, he kept facing away from the door, no matter how tempting it was to get another look at Layla's body. "You can turn around, Natsu." Layla informed with a small blush on her face. Layla knew what she used to cover herself hadn't done a great job, but It would have been impolite to leave Natsu standing outside. As per Layla' instructions Natsu turned around and faced the woman, who was now wearing a black jumper over her clothes, which was big enough to cover her bust completely and some of her legs. Natsu quickly noticed that the jumper was his. "I'm sorry, but this is the only thing I could find, I will make sure to clean and return it for you." She said apologetically.

"It's alright Layla-san, you can keep it." Natsu said while looking away from the woman. "It looks good on you." He added, causing the woman to blush a little more. Natsu knew that if he looked at the woman in front of him, he would not be able to look away.

"T-t-thank you Natsu, come inside, it would be rude just to make you wait out here in the cold." Layla suggested before she moved out of the way. Natsu was hesitant at first, however, he couldn't say no to Layla, no matter how hard he tried. Natsu entered the warm house and made his way to the lounge like he usually did. Natsu made sure not to look back at Layla, who was still standing next to the door thinking about something. 'I should have looked harder, He probably thinks I'm the kind of woman who wears skimpy clothes all the time.' Layla though as she stared at Natsu. Layla began to make her way over to Natsu, who had already made himself at home. 'At least he doesn't look too bothered by it.' She said to herself as she watched Natsu lay on the couch while calmly watching the TV. 'I don't see why I'm so concerned; he looks so care free.'

Little did Layla know, all Natsu could think about was her. 'How can a woman be that sexy and cute at the same time?' Natsu wondered as he quickly looked back at Layla, who was heading his way. As she drew closer, he was surprised that she had regained her composure since he assumed that she was as embarrassed as he was judging from her reaction at the door. "Hi Layla-san." He greeted as he sat up. "Sorry about earlier." He apologised, while trying to remain calm.

"It's ok Natsu, and I told you to just call me Layla, there's no need to be so formal." Layla said in a slightly assertive tone. Layla didn't like how Natsu would always had the suffix at the end of her name, since it made her feel older than she would want. Layla had actually told Natsu not to do it on multiple occasions, but the message had never gotten through to Natsu. Natsu quickly said sorry to the woman again, but he still used the same suffix. Layla gave up and sat down next to the pinkette. "Never mind Natsu, so what brings you over?" she asked before turning to Natsu, who was a little uncomfortable since Layla was too close to him. However, Natsu managed to keep his cool and give her a response, which unsurprisingly was that he was here to pay Lucy a visits like he normally did. "I'm sorry to tell you, but Lucy is studying at a friend's house, you just missed her." She informed. Natsu mentally slapped himself when he realised that if he hadn't taken the scenic route to the house, he would have gotten to see he best friend. Layla could tell Natsu was disappointed when she said this and decided it was up to her to make it up to him.

"I guess I should get going, I don't want to bother you." Natsu said before he got up. He didn't get far because the second he started walking, he was grabbed by Layla. Since he was no expecting it, Natsu lost his balance and fell backwards. "Watch out Layla." He warned when he managed to turn himself around. As he fell, he could see that Layla was as shocked as he was. Little did Natsu know, she wasn't shocked because of the fall, but it was the shock of Natsu not adding –san at the end of her name for the first time in since they met. The two braced themselves and luckily they landed safely on the couch. Natsu was going to ask Layla if she was ok, but his voice was muffled and he couldn't breathe. Natsu wasn't too sure what was going on, but all he knew was that his head was in a comfortable location. Little did he know, but he was nested in between Layla's large assets.

"Ah… Natsu… please…" Layla moaned out. The blond woman cursed herself for having such sensitive breasts. Layla had only discovered this by playing with herself because her late husband had never paid attention to them when they made love. Layla would have tried to get Natsu off of her, but Natsu's voice was causing some very pleasurable vibrations that made her feel too weak to move. The woman could only guess she was so caught off guard because it had been over 17 years since she last felt the touch of a man. It's not that Layla wasn't able to find another man, it was quite the opposite since she constantly had men trying to put the moves on her, but she never gave them a second glace because all of them were rich old slobs aiming to increase their wealth marrying her and the others were just after her body and nothing else. Another factor was that none of them were her type, her type was energetic and fun, with pink hair and only one man fit the bill.

Aside from the men being no good, she was also too busy raising Lucy by herself because Lucy's father had died in an accident a few weeks before the birth. Even though Layla could have easily just hired someone to take care of her daughter while she managed the company, she decided against it since she didn't want to miss the opportunity to raise her daughter. Layla acted completely different to everyone else who had been in her situation mainly because she preferred to do things by herself rather than getting others to do things for them. Layla snapped herself out of the thought and tried to go back to the task at hand, which was getting Natsu off of her, who was still unaware of what was happening and probably suffocating. Unfortunately, the pleasure was still too much for her to handle

'What the hell is going on? Whatever it is I need to move or I'll die.' Natsu said to himself as he started to get up. The first thing he did when he was free was take a much needed breath. He then noticed where his head had emerged from and began to blush a crimson red. He then looked at Layla, who had a face he had only seen from his late girlfriend when they made love. Natsu quickly began to piece things together and grasped what had just happened. "I'm so sorry Layla-san." Natsu said before moving away to the other side of the couch.

Layla began to come to her senses and sat up. Even though Layla was equally as embarrassed as Natsu was, she knew she had to take ownership because it was her fault since she was the one who pulled him down. "It's not your fault Natsu, I'm the one who pulled you down." Layla said as she moved closer the teen, who was clearly uncomfortable. Layla didn't know why, but she had never been able to get close to Natsu, without him running off with Lucy or trying to get away from her. Layla didn't really understand why this was, at first she thought it was because Natsu didn't like her, but her daughter clarified that wasn't the reason Natsu avoided her. Layla was actually shocked when she found out when her daughter told her that Natsu admired her hard working attitude and her beauty. The woman still had a little trouble believing this to the day, however, now she had a chance to clarify it since Natsu had no escape. Layla began to crawl towards Natsu, who was at the edge of the couch. "Hey Natsu, do you really admire me?" she asked, in a shy tone that he would have never expected from confident blonde. "I don't mean to put you on the sport, but I'm starting to think you don't like me at all."

"It's not that I don't like you… I actually do admire everything about you, but it's just every time I try to talk to you, something happens, like everything that's happened so far today." Natsu clarified while looking away from the blonde haired mother, who was way too close for comfort. 'Why did Lucy tell her that, I just hope she didn't tell her about my thing for older women or she'll think I'm some sort of pervert.' He thought. Natsu wouldn't admit it in front of Layla, but she was the main cause to his attraction to older women. "I should get going." He said before he started getting up.

"No wait! I want to spend some time with you" Layla blurted out before she grabbed the back of Natsu's shirt. Natsu stopped in his tracks when he heard this and Layla began to blush when she realised what she had just confessed. "It's just that you've been visiting since you were young and we've never gotten to talk much." She continued. "I know it may not be cool to hang out with your best friend's mom, but I'm sure we can learn more about each other if you give it a chance." She added. Natsu could tell that Layla meant every word of her small speech and decided to give in to the woman. The teen just hoped he could avoid any more accidents with Layla, however something told him that wouldn't happen. "Plus, you came all this way and it would suck if it was for nothing."

"I don't mind getting to know you better Layla-san, but can you wear something else…" Natsu said before muttering something that Layla didn't hear. The mother was over joyed when she heard that Natsu had chosen to spend some time with her after avoiding her for years. She knew this was her chance to get closer to the man who had been the focus of her affection as of late.

"You stay here, I'll change into something a little more covering and come back." Layla said happily before running to her room. 'You can do this Layla; you have to make sure you don't mess this up.' She told herself as she made her way to her room Layla began to think about the lewd things she was planning to do with pinkette. 'I know it's wrong for me to seduce my daughter's best friend, but I can't pass up a chance with such a great guy.'

'What have I gotten myself into? Layla is way too sexy; I won't be able stay around her without thinking perverted things.' Natsu said to himself as he began to freak out. Natsu thought about running while he had the chance, but he knew that he would hurt the blonde's feelings if he did that. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Natsu only had a few minutes alone with his thoughts before Layla returned. Layla was now wearing a white button up shirt, with the first few buttons undone, which allowed Natsu an ample view of her cleavage and blue jeans that tightly hugged her beautiful butt. Layla had untied her hair and it now reached her lower back. 'She looks amazing.' Natsu said to himself as he stared at the woman.

"It's not nice to stare, Natsu." Layla teased before sitting next the flustered teen. Layla was pleased that even after all these years, her charms were still effective. Layla giggled when she saw how cute Natsu looked when he was embarrassed. Layla was doing her best to keep herself from trying something on the teen. 'Don't rush it Layla, you have plenty of time, you can't just force yourself on him.' She told herself before moving closer to Natsu. "So what do you want to do first, Natsu?" she asked sweetly.

Natsu began to think and ended up choosing what he was going to do with Lucy. "How about we watch a movie?" Natsu suggested.

"That sounds fun, what kind of movie do you have in mind." Layla asked.

"That's a surprise, I was going to watch it with Lucy so she told me to get the movie and give it to her after school on Friday and it should be in her room." Natsu replied as he got up. Layla asked why he had given it to Lucy in the first place, instead of bringing it himself on the day. Natsu answered by telling her that he would have forgotten it if he had done that, which made Layla laugh. "I'll be back soon Layla-san." He said before running out of the room and to Lucy's room.

'No wonder he's the captain of his team, he's quick, I should come and watch him at one of his games.' Layla thought as she imagined Natsu playing soccer. 'I shouldn't think about those things; I've already changed my panties once today.' She told herself before getting her head out of the gutters. 'I hope my little plan works or it's going to be another long lonely night.'

~Lucy's Room~

Because of how many times he had been to the house, he found the room in no time. However, he was having trouble getting what he needed from the room. "Where the hell did she put it?" Natsu said as he scanned the room for the movie. After not being able to find anything for a little bit, he deduced that it was because Lucy had put the movie in one of her dressers. Although he had been over many times, he had never been through Lucy's dressers because the blonde had forbidden him for doing it since he had found some very revealing underwear in one of her dressers. 'I wonder how Layla would look in those?' He pondered before imaging Layla wearing nothing but the black thong he found in Lucy's room. He quickly shook his head and tried to clear himself of his perverted thoughts. "I need to focus on finding that movie." He told himself before he began looking for the movie in the dressers. Since Natsu remembered which dresser he had seen Lucy's skimpy underwear in, he made sure to avoid it. However, Natsu was unable to avoid seeing Lucy's underwear, which made Natsu's search a lot longer because he would always take some time to examine undergarments and imagine Layla wearing them. 'This little crush for Layla is getting a little out of control.' He told himself before he closed another dresser. "There's only one more draw left anyway." He said with a sigh. "I hope Lucy doesn't get too angry."

When Natsu looked through the dresser, he had no problem finding what he was looking for. "She's going to love this." Natsu said excitedly as he grabbed the movie. Natsu quickly made his way back the lounge room, where Layla had been waiting for him. "Sorry for keeping you waiting Layla-san." He said before sitting next to the blonde haired mother.

"Don't worry about it Natsu, I don't really mind." Layla said "Let's just watch the movie." She added. Natsu gave a quick nod and put in the movie, before sitting back down. Layla looked over to Natsu, who looked very excited and tried to imitate the same excitement. "So can you tell me what kind of movie it is?" She asked.

"I'm actually not too sure, Lucy said that this would be great to watch with someone close." Natsu replied, with his eyes glued to the screen. "So I guess it would be good to watch if you're trying to get close to someone." He added.

"You really want to get close to me?" Layla asked before moving closer to Natsu, which gave him a good view of her large breasts and a little bit of the black lacy bra that she was wearing. Layla noticed the staring, but didn't say anything and let Natsu enjoy the view. Natsu managed to tear his eyes away from the stunning view and moved to Layla's equally stunning chocolate brown eyes. 'I don't know whether I should be insulted that he isn't falling for my charms or if I should be happy that he's enough of a gentleman not to ogle at my boobs?' Layla pondered as she stared into Natsu's dark eyes.

"Of course I want to get close to you Layla, you're an incredible person." Natsu complimented as he continued to stare into Layla's eyes. Layla could tell that Natsu was being sincere with his words and this caused a small blush to appear on the woman's cheeks.

"Thank you Natsu, it's really nice to hear those sorts of things." Layla said before she moved away a little. 'I can see why my little Lucy had such a crush on him, before he started dating that nice girl… I wonder if it would be okay for me to talk about her… no, that would be too much. I don't think he's gotten completely over it.' She thought before turning her attention to the white scarf that Natsu had wrapped around his neck. 'Maybe what I'm doing is the best way for him to move on.' She told herself.

"The movie is staring." Natsu said excitedly before pointing at the screen, causing Layla to turn her attention to the screen. "I've never seen this movie before." He said as the title appeared on the screen. Although Natsu had never heard of the movie, Layla knew it well.

'Nice plan honey, but where did you find such a naughty romance movie.' Layla wondered as she watched the title of the movie appear. 'Guess I should thank her since I won't have to work as hard.' She thought as the movie started. Layla had watched this movie on one of her many lonely nights. The movie was a nice fantasy romance, but it also had a lot of racy scenes. 'I really hope I'll be able keep a hold of myself, this movie is pretty good.' She said to herself as she hugged Natsu and leaned her head on Natus's shoulder.

"What are you doing Layla-san?" Natsu asked when he felt Layla's ample breasts pressed against his muscular arm. Natsu wasn't complaining because the feeling of Layla's soft twins, was incredible.

"I'm just getting comfortable, is there something wrong?" The blonde asked in a sexy voice, while looking up at Natsu and giving him an equally sexy look. Natsu only reaction to this situation was to quickly shake his head and tell the woman that it was alright for her to keep doing what she was, even though he was doing his best not to try something on the woman. Judging from the expression on Natsu's face, she could tell that Natsu was embarrassed. "You're really cute when you make that face." She teased.

"Let's just watch the movie." Natsu said as he turned his attention back to the screen. Layla giggled at Natsu's reaction to her flirting and also turned her attention to the screen, but she made sure not to let go of Natsu. 'Why is she acting like this so suddenly?' he wondered before taking a quick look at Layla, who didn't notice since she was focused on the movie. Natsu shook this though out his mind and tried to focus on the movie. 'All I have to do is watch the movie and my mind won't be in the gutter.' The pink haired male told himself, still unaware of what kind of movie he was going to be watching.

It was about mid-way through the movie and the movie had been like a normal romance movie with a little bit of action thrown in the mix. Throughout the movie, Layla swore she saw Natsu tear up during some of the more emotional parts on the movie, but she hadn't mentioned it since it would have hurt the man's pride. Layla was also surprised when she saw how engaged Natsu got with the movie, even the parts that weren't action packed or emotional. 'Lucy really knows him well.' Layla noted as a small feeling of jealously. 'It doesn't really matter though, because Natsu and I are going to get close to each other in ways you could never imagine.' The woman thought as she licked her lips lustfully before getting up.

"Where are you going Layla?" Natsu asked the older woman. Even though he was too embarrassed to say it, he was enjoying snuggling up to Layla in a warm room and watching a movie with the blonde woman next to him. During the movie Natsu had talked and the teen had found out somethings he didn't know about the blonde, like that she was in a lot of sporting clubs during her school, which included soccer, tennis and even cheerleading. Natsu was even more impressed when he found that she was the student council president on top of all of that. "I was having a good time." He added

"I'll be back soon, I just thought you would be hungry after all this time." Layla replied. As Layla said that, Natsu's stomach rumbled loudly. Layla giggled when she heard the noise. Natsu blushed at how cute Layla's giggle was and he was happy that he could hear it. "It seems like I was right. Don't worry I won't be long, I actually got the food ready when you were getting the movie, I just need to bring it." She informed before moving to the next room.

"I guess some food would be nice now." Natsu said to no one in particular before he removed his coat and turned his attention back to the movie. Natsu's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when he saw the two leads undressing each other on the screen. It didn't take much for Natsu to realise what was going to happen next and one thought quickly rushed to his mind. 'DID LUCY WANT TO WATCH THIS WITH ME!?' He mentally screamed before calming down. 'Jeez, I knew Luce was a bit of a perv, but I didn't expect this.' The pink haired man said as the scene in the movie began to heat up. 'I can't watch this with Layla, it will be too awkward.' he told himself before he got up so he could stop the movie. Natsu barely got off the couch before Layla entered the room with a tray of good looking food, which were mainly deserts. Natsu's attention quickly moved away from the movie and the beautiful woman holding a tray of food. "You made this all for me?" He asked excitedly. Layla began to move closer to Natsu while carrying the food.

"Well not all of it silly, I need to eat as well." Layla said as she sat back down on the couch. "Let's keep watching the movie together." She added before sitting down and placing the tray on the table in front of her. Natsu instantly forgot what he was doing before and returned to his seat next to Layla. 'I can't believe my luck, it's already that scene, better start making my move.' She said before she got a slice of cake. "Open wide Natsu." The blonde said before as she guided the cake to Natsu's mouth.

"What are you doing Layla-san?" Natsu asked before moving away a little.

"I'm feeding you of course." Layla said innocently, however Natsu still resisted. 'It seems like Natsu is a little bit of a tsundere, I guess I will have to be a lot more forward.' She noted before she moved closer to Natsu. "Open wide." Natsu was about to say something, but Layla put the cake in his mouth. As always Natsu was impressed by Layla's amazing cooking. "Now it's your turn to feed me."

Natsu was a little nervous at first because he hadn't fed a girl in a long time and the times he had done it involved some kind of spillage. Natsu steeled his nerves and picked up a smaller piece of the cake that Layla had given him. Natsu slowly moved the cake to Layla's open mouth, but due to the fact that Natsu's hands were a bit shaky, half the slice broke off and landed on the woman's bust. "Sorry." Natsu said as he gave Layla the cake.

"I'll forgive you, but only if you clean it with your mouth." Layla said before she unbuttoned her shirt a little more so Natsu could have better access to the cake and a view of her black lacy bra. "Don't be shy Natsu, or do you want me to be angry."

'SHE'S ACTUALLY BEING SERIOUS!' Natsu mentally screamed. 'You can do this Natsu, they're just boobs and you've felt and seen them plenty of times.' He told himself before he began to move closer to the woman's breasts. Natsu began to slowly eat the cake off of Layla's breasts. Natsu was trying to his best to keep his composure, however it was proving much harder because of the constant moaning Layla was producing as he cleaned the cake off of her breasts. The moan that was coming from the TV made the situation even more embarrassing for Natsu. Things became even harder for Natsu when he had to clean around the peaks of her breasts. Natsu turned beet red when he felt the stiffness of Layla's nipples through the thin material of her bra. 'Wow she is sensitive… WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING? I have to concentrate.' He told himself before he went back to the task at hand. Natsu managed to fight his way through the embarrassment and finish up with Layla.

"Thank you Natsu, you are forgiven, but you look like a tomato with pink hair." Layla said with a giggle before she began to button up her shirt and once again conceal her assets. 'Maybe I should have tried to hold back a little, but then again I would have missed out on seeing him blush like that.' The blond thought. "I think that's enough cake for now, how about a drink." She suggested as if nothing happened.

Natsu wondered how Layla had managed to keep so calm during this entire ordeal. "I think we should just watch the movie." Natsu said before he realised that there was a very steamy love scene going on. "Actually never mind let's keep doing this."

"Oh why is that?" Layla asked.

"It's because I don't think this is the kind of movie that we should watch together." Natsu said while pointing at the movie.

"But you thought it was fine to watch this with my daughter." Layla said slyly while staring at Natsu, who had turned bright red again.

"I had no idea it was this kind of movie, Lucy was the one who told me not to get it and not to look into it." Natsu defended.

"I'm just messing with you Natsu, now open wide." She said as she picked up a cup. Natsu didn't bother trying to say no to the woman and opened up his mouth. Natsu wasn't expecting the drink to be a hot one and moved away when the hot liquid touched his lips, which lead to the cup spilling onto Natsu.

"AHHH that's hot!" Natsu exclaimed as the hot liquid spilled all over his shirt. Luckily Natsu didn't get seriously burnt when this happened, but his shirt just got dirty.

"I'm sorry Natsu." Layla apologised quickly.

"Don't worry, its fine." Natsu said before taking his shirt off, revealing his developed body. Layla couldn't help but stare at Natsu, and she couldn't tell what she liked more, his abs or his pecs. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked when he noticed the little bit of drool escaping from the woman's mouth.

'I thought I was a good tease.' Layla thought before wiping away the drool from her mouth. "Sorry my mind was somewhere else, but how are you going to get home without a shirt?" She asked.

"I was just planning on waiting for my shirt to dry up." Natsu replied.

"But it's still going to be dirty." Layla said as she grabbed the shirt. "I'll take care of it and then we can finish up the movie." She stated before pausing the movie.

"I don't want you to do anymore work for me than you already have." Natsu said before he tried to take back the shirt. Layla didn't give up and insisted that she could do it before pulled back, however Natsu didn't let go and since he was stronger, he managed to get the shirt. Upon losing the shirt, Layla lost her balance and fell forward onto Natsu, which knocked over the table and the food.

"You jerk, I was trying to help you and now we're both dirty." Layla scolded. Natsu was unable to take the woman seriously since she was covered in food and began to laugh. This caused Layla to pout angrily before turning away from the man below her.

"I'm sorry Layla, how can I make this up to you?" Natsu asked the woman above him. "Do you want me to eat it off you or something?" he asked mockingly, which caused the blonde to pout more and blush.

"No, you don't deserve to eat this food anymore, instead you're going to clean me up the normal way." Layla said as she off of Natsu.

"Wait what?" Natsu asked. Natsu was completely shocked with what Layla had just said and froze.

"To put it simple, we're going to have a bath together." Layla said with a wink. 'Time to go in for the kill.' She said to herself as she began drag Natsu to the bathroom.

"Don't you think it's weird for us to be bathing together at this age?" The pink haired man asked. 'I don't think I'll be able to control myself if I see her naked.'

'He won't be able to control himself when he sees me naked.' She told herself before looking back at her daughter's best friend. "Don't worry about it Natsu, baths are still fun at this age." She stated happily as she got most of the food off of her, however there was still quite a bit left.

~A few minutes later~

Natsu and Layla had arrived in the bathroom and both were a little unsure what to do. Although Layla had been the one to suggest the bath, she was finding it hard to go through with it, whist Natsu was finding it hard to figure out what to do. Natsu decided that he would make the first move. "Let's start with the clothes." Natsu suggested as he began to remove his remaining clothes, excluding his boxers. Layla followed suite and began to remove her own clothes, starting with her shirt and bra, this instantly got Natsu's attention and the teen was unable to look away from Layla's beautiful breasts. This action didn't go unnoticed by Layla, who chose to let the teen enjoy the view since she was getting something in return anyway.

'Come on Natsu, let's see what you're packing?' Layla thought lustfully when she was the bulge on Natsu's boxers. Layla wasn't disappointed when Natsu pulled down his boxers and revealed his half erect member, she was actually shocked at the size. 'Holy crap it's way bigger than his and he's not even hard!' Layla thought while trying to contain her excitement and arousal.

"Isn't it unfair that I'm the only one naked?" Natsu said as he pointed to the woman's jeans.

"Natsu you pervert, I didn't think you were so bold." Layla said jokingly. 'I guess he's finally gotten used to being around me.' She deduced

"Maybe I should just take them off for you..." Natsu said as he moved closer to the sexy blonde. Natsu was glad that he had learnt how to act casually around Layla since it meant he could tease the woman now. 'Maybe it's time that I move on from her, but let's just see if she's willing first.'

"That's quite a claim, are you sure you can really do that?" Layla teased. "Come here and do it… if you're man enough." She continued before bending over a bit and presenting her ass to Natsu. Although she could tell that Natsu had shown her the confident side of his personality, she wasn't one hundred percent if he was going to do something as bold as undressing her. Natsu moved behind Layla and unbuttoned the woman's jeans and slowly began to pull them down, while making sure to leave her panties on.

"I wouldn't be much of a man if I let a chance like this go." He whispered into Layla's ear as he finished removing Layla's jeans, leaving her in a black thong. When Natsu saw that undergarment, he recognised it as one of Lucy's. The teen decided to tease his crush. "These panties look a little small Layla; they barely cover anything. Are you sure they're yours?" he questioned as he started to remove the small amount of material and began to reveal Layla's well-kept slit. 'She really takes care of herself.' He said to himself when he caught a glimpse of the woman's soaked nether regions. Natsu got the thought out of his mind and resumed his teasing. "Do you just have similar tastes or are you the kind of woman who likes to wear your daughter's skimpy underwear." He continued before he finished removing the panties. Natsu mustered all of his courage and let his lust take over before he moved one of his hands to her womanhood and he slid two of his fingers inside her. Natsu figured that this seemed to be the right move when he heard Layla moan out and become wetter. Natsu began to move his finger slowly in and out of Layla.

'I was the one who was supposed to be in control.' Layla said to herself. 'But where did he learn how to do this to a woman… it must have been from his time with her.' She deduced, while trying her best not to let out another embarrassingly loud scream. However, that proved impossible when Natsu's thumb began to gently massage her clit. "Please… let's just bath first then we can continue this." She pleaded as she looked back at Natsu. Layla knew that if things kept going the way they were that she would reach her climax in no time. Natsu decided he was going to tease the woman a little more to pay her back for all the teasing he had received because of Layla, so he made his other hand useful and grabbed one of the woman's sensitive breasts. The pinkette continued to play with the blonde's large assets, while enjoying the sound of the soft moans she would produce every time his fingers would enter her or his hands would squeeze down on her breasts. Layla was having the time of her life, even though she kept denying it. Fortunately for Layla, Natsu saw through her façade and continued to please her in a way no other man had in a long time.

Natsu didn't know what had come over him, but he didn't care since he was too caught up in the feeling of Layla's breasts. Not only were they large, they were firm yet soft at the same time and didn't sag, Natsu couldn't hope for a more perfect set of breasts and the fact that they were in his hands was almost too much for him to handle.

"What's wrong Layla, are you surprised it feels this good?" Natsu whispered in a sexy tone before gently nibbling on her ear. "I can make you feel even better if you're honest with me." He continued which made the woman blush harder and moan louder. As Natsu played with Layla, she started to feel something hot and hard pressing against her back. Although she couldn't see it, she could still feel how big it was. Not only was it long, but it was also very thick. Layla had read her daughters diary once and she had seen something about the size of Natsu's manhood before, but she had trouble believing it until now and much to her shock, it was even bigger than Lucy had said it was.

"I didn't know they could get that big, I bet this thing would tear a girl in two." Layla thought out loud as she felt Natsu's rock hard cock press against her back. Natsu was caught off guard when he heard this confession and stopped pleasuring her because he had never expected Layla to say something so dirty. The blonde saw this as her chance to take back control of the situation. "Natsu you naughty boy, I can't believe you took advantage of me like that." She said before turning around and did her best to give Natsu an upset look. As much a Layla enjoyed the feeling of Natsu's talented hands exploring her insides, she had her priorities in place, even if she was robbing herself of the first real orgasm she had had in years.

"You looked like you enjoy it." Natsu retorted with a sexy smirk.

"I actually can't believe that you would do something that perverted with me." Layla said before grabbing Natsu's girth. "Now let's go bath or do I have to force you." She continued before she tightened her hold Natsu to the point that it was painful. 'It's even bigger now that I'm seeing it.' She thought before licking her lips, luckily Natsu didn't notice this.

"Ok ok, just let go." Natsu said. Since she wasn't as cruel as Natsu, she decided to let him go and walked into the bathtub, which was more than big enough for the both of them. Natsu took the time and began to look around the large marble tilled bathroom. Although Natsu constantly bathed at Lucy's house, he could never get over how big it was, it was probably bigger than two of the rooms in his house combined.

"Hurry up Natsu, you've got a lot of cleaning to do." Layla said in a demanding tone while she sunk into the warm water. Layla's words snapped Natsu out of his thoughts and he quickly moved over to the tub and entered it with Layla.

"What do you want me to start with?" Natsu asked as he moved behind Layla.

"Start with the hair." Layla said before she passed Natsu the shampoo. "And don't try anything funny… yet." She added. Natsu gave a quick nod and began to clean the woman's golden locks, while making sure to be very careful. Layla was surprised at how good a job Natsu was doing. "How do you know how to clean hair so well, is it because of Lucy?" She asked in a teasing tone.

Natsu stopped moving, but didn't reply, which surprised Layla and caused her to turn around. Layla was even more shocked when she saw the saddened look on Natsu's face.

"What's wrong Natsu?" Layla questioned.

"I don't really want to talk about it." Natsu replied swiftly.

"Come on Natsu, I'm here for you." The blonde replied. Natsu knew that Layla was very stubborn and that she wouldn't let the issue go. The pinkette let out a sigh and decided to tell the woman.

"The person who taught me how to take care of hair was Erza." Natsu said sadly. Layla instantly regrated making Natsu talk about it since she knew how painful it was for the teen when someone brought up his lost lover.

"I'm sorry Natsu." Layla said before embracing Natsu.

"It's ok Layla, I know you didn't mean it." He said before returning the hug. "It's kind of pathetic… I should be over her by now…" He continued as he tried his best to hold back the tears. This made Layla feel even worse since she had reopened an emotional wound for Natsu. All Layla could do was hold the man closer. She didn't like how weak Natsu sounded and how much his body was shaking, it reminded her too much of herself when she lost her first lover.

"You're not pathetic, It just meant that your love for her was strong and you know that nothing could have prevented what happened." Layla retorted in her best attempt to stop Natsu from breaking down. She didn't know if her words were getting through to him, but she was willing to do whatever it takes to keep Natsu from going back to the way he was when Erza died.

"But every time I think about her it hurts so bad and I can't get her out of my head." Natsu confessed. "I can't even sleep without thinking about her first." He continued as he remembered how he would always think about the good times he had with the scarlet haired girlfriend, which would always result in him fighting back the tears because it just reminded him how he would never have any more good times with her.

'I have to fix this.' Layla told herself before separating from the hug and looked Natsu in the eyes. Layla knew that there was only one thing she could do to help Natsu move on. "Let me help you forget."

"What do y-" Natsu said before he was cut off by Layla's soft lips pressing against his own. Although he was shocked at the older woman's action, he knew what she was trying to do. 'If she thinks she can help me forgot, I'll let her.' He said to himself before he closed his eyes and accepted the caring woman's kiss. Natsu moved his hands down to Laya's submerged waist and brought her closer, while Layla draped her slender arms around Natsu. Now the two were much closer and their bodies were pressed against each other's. Natsu loved the feeling of Layla's much softer body, especially the identical globes of flesh that were against his muscular chest. Being as close to Layla as he was now made him feel a warmth in his heart that he hadn't felt since Erza died. Layla was also feeling a familiar warmth and she was loving it. Both parties were enjoying the feeling, but they both wanted more and they both knew how to get what they wanted.

Layla slightly parted her lips and allowed enough room for Natsu's pink organ to enter her awaiting mouth. The teen happily took the invitation and deepened the kiss with Layla. Even though Layla had experience with kissing, she was a little rusty and she allowed Natsu to take control of the kiss. As she let Natsu explore her mouth she felt an overwhelming heat build in her core. 'How is he this good.' She thought as she started to lose herself to her lust. Layla was unable to hold back anymore and began to fight back against Natsu's tongue with her own in an attempt to make the kiss even more intimate.

Natsu was a caught off guard when he felt Layla's tongue enter his own mouth, but he quickly got used to it and the two began a battle for dominance. The two became so lost in their kiss, that they forgot why they were in here, however, neither of them seemed to care because all they cared about was each other. The two continued their lip lock for what felt like an eternity and neither party managed to get ahead of the other, which made it even more enjoyable for both of them.

The passionate kiss eventually ended because of their shared need for air. The two opened their eyes and slowly separated from the kiss with their tongues still sticking out, leaving them connected by a small string of saliva. Both Natsu and Layla were out of breath, panting and flustered, but they both still wanted more. They looked into each other's eyes, Natsu stared into Layla's beautiful chocolate brown orbs, while Layla stared into his lustful black ones. "Let's take this somewhere more comfortable." Layla suggested as she got up, giving Natsu a perfect view of her womanhood and breasts.

"Are you sure you want to go all the way with this?" Natsu asked. This was a quality that Layla really liked about Natsu, even though he was the one who was in pain and needed comforting, he was still concerned for the woman.

"You seemed to be pretty eager to play with me when you stripped me." She teased as she looked down at the clearly aroused teen. Natsu muttered something and looked away with blush. Layla giggled when she saw Natsu's reaction and she was also happy that Natsu was acting like himself. "I'm just teasing you Natsu, but I'm serious about having sex." She confirmed with a sexy smirk, causing Natsu to blush crimson red.

"You'd really do that for me?" He questioned.

"I told you I would make you forget and there's no better way to do that than giving you something else that you will never forget." Layla replied. Natsu understood Layla's logic, but he already had one unforgettable night since it was the last one he spent with Erza which he wasn't willing to forget, however he did have some other things he was willing to forget. "Don't just sit there, let's go." She said before extending a hand to Natsu. The teen just gave a quick nod and accepted the help. "I'll go ahead and get ready, I'll tell you when you can come in." she instructed.

"What about the bath?" Natsu inquired.

"I don't see the point in getting cleaned up know since we're going to have to do it again later." She answered swiftly before leaving the bathroom.

'How did I get so lucky? I've found another incredible woman; I just hope I don't lose this one as well.' He thought with a sad smile. 'I wonder how you feel about this Erza, is it really ok for me to do this?' He contemplated as he got up and grabbed a towel. 'I shouldn't think about her, it would ruin what Layla is trying to do for me.'

~Layla's room~

Natsu had finally walked to Layla's room which had taken a surprisingly long time because he hadn't been to the older woman's room before and he had no idea where it was. The only reason he managed to find his way there was because he bumped into Virgo, who told him where it was, but not before grilling Natsu on why he needed to know and why he was only wearing a towel. Natsu managed to get by the maid by lying, even though his reason was a little dodgy, Virgo gave him the information he needed. 'I wonder why she told me even though she knew I was lying?' he pondered as he waited outside Layla's door.

"You can come in Natsu." Layla called out. Natsu took this as his cue and opened the door to Layla's room. Upon doing this, he was greeted with one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen. Layla was laying on her side, posed sexually on her king sized bed wearing nothing but purple lingerie, which consisted of lace bra, matching panties, a garter belt and a pair of black stockings. Even though he had seen Layla naked a few minutes before, he was having a hard time containing himself at the wonderful sight in front of him. "Like what you seem, you naughty boy." She said before doing the come here gesture with one finger. Natsu couldn't tell if it was the underwear, position, gesture or a combination of all them, but Natsu found that he was already hard and finding it almost impossible not to jump on the bed with Layla and have his way with her. However, Natsu knew that he couldn't just tear off Layla's clothes and just go to town with her, he had to be smart about it.

Natsu got on the bed and began to make his way to Layla, who had a look on her face that was pretty much begging him to take her. Once Natsu got close enough to Layla, he went in for the kiss, but before he could, he was forced on to the bed and pinned down by the woman. "You teased me enough in the bath, so I'm going to be in control here." Layla said seductively before moving one of her arms and grabbing his length through the towel. "Let's see if you can take as much as you can dish out." The sexy blonde said before she moved her body out of the way so she could gain access to the teen's cock and started moving her hand up and down the length of the thick member. Though she was unable to wrap her hand around the man's overwhelming girth, Natsu still felt a great amount of pleasure as the woman's slender fingers messaged his member with great skill. The pinkette was unable to contain a moan, which Layla found adorable. "I didn't know you could make such a cute sound Natsu. I quite like it, so do it again." She teased before increased her pace and planting her lips against Natsu's again. Unlike the last kiss the two shared, this one wasn't kind and comforting, this one was driven by a lust the two shared for each other.

Even though he was enjoying the kiss and the feeling of Layla's hand on his member, he didn't want to be out done by the woman above him. The teen used his free hand to grab Layla's perfectly shaped ass and began to grope and play with her soft doughy ass. Layla moaned into Natsu's mouth as Natsu continued to caress and play with her soft rear. This allowed Natsu to take a little more control over the kiss, however, when Layla felt herself losing control of the kiss, she began to jerk Natsu at an even faster speed. Natsu decided to get more evolved and used his other hand to caress the woman's well-toned thighs. Natsu cursed that he couldn't reach Layla's womanhood in the position that they were in. Although he wasn't able to have the control he wanted, he was still able to enjoy Layla's talented hands playing with his member.

The two eventually separated from the kiss, but this separation was one brief as the two reconnected again. This time, the kiss was even more intense and the fight for dominance over the other had turned one sided in favour of Layla. This was because Natsu was unable to bear the feeling of Laya's soft hands. Layla loved the effect she was having on Natsu and once again increased her pace, however she knew she could make the teen feel a lot more if she used a different part of her body. Layla reluctantly separated from the kiss and let go of Natsu's manhood, which bewildered the man below her. "Don't worry Natsu, I'll give you something way better than a kiss." Layla said before turning her body around so she was faced with Natsu's throbbing member and Natsu was presented with her maidenhood. "And you can give me something just as good." She continued before she lowered her hips onto Natsu's face, giving him a taste of her essence through her panties, which was oddly tasty to the pink haired teen.

Wanting more of Layla's essence, Natsu quickly slid the undergarment out of the way before he began to eat the woman out, which not only produced what he wanted, but also some of the cutest moans he had heard in his life. Layla could tell that Natsu had some experience from the way his tongue attacked the weak spots inside her, while he used his thumb to tease her clit with enough pressure to make her feel a large amount of pleasure, but gentle enough that it didn't cause pain for the woman. "Mmmm… Let's see… if you can… keep that up when I work my magic." Layla said seductively through her own moans. Although Layla sounded confident, she was a little worried about if she could take all of Natsu's member. However, she didn't want to disappoint and opened up her mouth as much she could before wrapping her lips around Natsu's cock. She slowly started to take as much of Natsu's member as she could, even though she was only able to get a little past halfway before it became too much for the woman.

Although she had reached her limit, it didn't discourage the woman and she began to move her head up and down Natsu's member, making sure that the parts she could fit in her mouth were getting the attention they deserved. Natsu was once again unable to contain a moan when he felt Layla's tongue begin to wrap around the tip of his manhood while bobbing her head at an increased speed, she also made sure to give a nice powerful every time she pulled away from him. Natsu could feel himself losing to the feeling of Layla's warm mouth engulfing his member and decided to up his own game and moved his tongue further into Layla. This action resulted in Layla moaning against his member and producing even more pleasure for the teen.

Layla would never wilfully admit it, but she enjoyed the feeling of Natsu's member invading her mouth and hitting the back of her throat. 'He would think I'm some sort of slut if I said that.' Layla thought as she gave Natsu a rather harsh suck, resulting in Layla getting a taste of Natsu's salty pre cum. 'that's what you get for making think such perverted things.' She thought as she made sure Natsu got what he deserved for making her feel this way.

'She's too good, I don't know if I can hold on much longer.' Natsu said to himself. Natsu was finding it impossible to restrain himself thanks to the combination of a number of things, such as the vibrations from the woman's moans, Layla's skilled tongue coiling around the head of his cock and the wonderful feeling of his member inside Layla's tight oral. Natsu wondered how Layla was as good as she was considering she hadn't had any action in a very long time. The teen knew he wasn't going to last much longer, but he was going to make sure that Layla would get to experience a climax as well, so he grabbed Layla's hips and brought her core even closer to him, which would allow his tongue further into the woman.

Now that he was able to reach further into the woman, he was able to find another one of Layla's weak spots and began to attack it, in an attempt to make the blonde reach her peak quicker, as he was barely holding back from releasing inside the woman's mouth. Layla noticed that Natsu was doing his best to make her climax quicker, which told her how close Natsu was. This was not only a boost for the woman's ego, but it also told her that she didn't have to hold back anymore. 'Natsu you naughty boy, you shouldn't try to rush a woman, but you're lucky this time since I was already close.' Layla thought as she slowly moved her mouth away from Natsu's member. "You don't have to hold back anymore Natsu, let it all out." Layla told him before engulfing as much of Natsu's member into her mouth again and giving one last power suck. Layla's actions proved to be very effective and Natsu came the instant he felt the blonde's tight oral cavity wrapped around his member.

Layla's eyes widened when she felt her mouth being invaded by Natsu's hot seed. Now that the blonde knew she had satisfied Natsu, she stopped holding back and allowed herself to reach her first climax at the hands of a man. Even though he knew the woman had been satisfied, he didn't let up and kept exploring Layla's tight insides, while making sure to savour the blonde's essence. This just prolonged Layla's already mind blowing orgasm. While Natsu was greedily lapping up her sweet juices, Layla was hard at work trying to swallow the absurd amount of cum that Natsu was expelling into her mouth. Eventually it became too much for the blonde to swallow and she pulled back from Natsu's member, which resulted in her getting a face full of cum.

"That was a lot of cum Natsu." Layla purred as she cleaned herself of Natsu's seed. She than decided to sit up so she could tease Natsu a bit. "Maybe I should stay like this so you get a taste of your own medicine." She said jokingly before she began to gently grind her hips against the teen's face. Natsu couldn't complain about the situation since he got to taste Layla's sweet essence as much he wanted, however, the fact that he couldn't breathe anymore. So Natsu decided to assert his dominance over the woman and grabbed Layla's hips and lifted the sexy blonde off of him, before sitting up and putting her back down. 'I see those muscles aren't just for show.'

"You've had plenty of time in charge Layla. Now get on your hands and knees." Natsu demanded. Layla wasn't used to having anyone speak to her in the way Natsu did and she chose to comply with the teen's words. Once she assumed Natsu's desired position, she gave her perfect ass a little wiggle. "I can't believe that you turned out to be the kind of woman to allow herself to be seen in such a shameless position." He mocked before he moved behind the sexy blonde. "Maybe I should teach this naughty mum a lesson before I give her what she wants."

"What could you be suggesting?" Layla asked before looking back at Natsu. Layla had once overheard Erza and Lucy talking about how Natsu had an odd ability to bring out a girl's masochistic side. At first Layla though that it was ridiculous and that the scarlet haired beauty was just using it as a way to hide that she was a hard core masochist. But now that she was experiencing it first hand, she could see where Natsu's former lover was coming from. "I'm a really naughty mum, so you're going to be extra strict with me or I won't learn my lesson." She taunted. Layla really didn't know what she was about to get herself into, but her mind was clouded with lustful thoughts to notice.

"You might regret saying that." Natsu said before giving Layla's rear a quick slap, causing the soft flesh to ripple just the way he liked it. Layla let out a cute yelp when she felt Natsu's hand make contact with her rear. "I never expected the mother of my best friend would make such a cute sound." He teased before giving the woman another slap, but this one was harder and left a faint mark. As he hoped, the woman let out another yelp, which was much louder than the last. Natsu also noticed that Layla's maidenhood was becoming even more wet than it was. "Maybe I should just keep doing this and see how long it takes for you to cum."

"Please don't do that Natsu, I don't want to cum like that." Layla pleaded. Even though she was losing her pride, she was happy that she had moved Natsu's mind away from Erza.

"Then tell me how you want to cum." Natsu replied before giving Layla a slap on her other cheek.

"I want you to use that huge cock of yours to make me cum." Layla said quietly, which resulted in her getting another slap on the ass.

"I think you should say that a lot louder." Natsu said as he caressed the red mark he had created on Layla's perfect rear. "Or should I spank this naught mum's ass again?"

Layla could tell from the lustful look in Natsu's eyes that he wasn't going to hold back on her. So she swallowed her pride and gave Natsu what he wanted. "I WANT YOU TO USE YOUR HUGE COCK TO MAKE ME CUM LIKE THE BITCH I AM!" Layla yelled at the top her lungs. She didn't care that someone might have heard her, all she cared about was getting what she had been craving since her bath with Natsu.

Although Natsu was a little shocked at the last part of the blonde's declaration, he decided that she had enough teasing and gave the woman what she wanted. "Here It comes." Natsu said before he grabbed Layla's his and lined his member with Layla's soaked heat. "Ah! How are you so tight?" He asked with a groan, as he struggled to force his cock into Layla's surprisingly tight snatch inch by inch. Due to him being bigger than most, he found it a little hard to get all of his member into Layla without causing the woman pain, so he quickly apologised before he mustered all of his strength and slammed his entire length into the mother.

Layla let out a scream when she felt her womanhood being torn in two by Natsu's manhood, the woman was happy that the room was soundproof or the whole household would have heard them. However, the scream wasn't one of pain, it was one of pure ecstasy and Natsu could tell this from the expression on Layla's face. "THAT'S FUCKING AMAZING!" Layla screamed as she came and sprayed her love juices all over Natsu's member. The blonde was surprised that she had allowed herself to climax so easily, but she didn't really care, all she wanted was for Natsu to start moving and really let her have it. The teen's job became even harder when he felt Layla's pussy tighten around him even more than it was before. However, Natsu wasn't discouraged by this, it actually motivated him and he pulled out until only half remained, before thrusting back into her, which prolonged Layla's already intense orgasm. Natsu's member felt even bigger inside Layla since her pussy was constantly getting tighter as she came. Natsu used all the strength he could and began to move in and out of Layla.

"You look so sexy Layla." Natsu announced as he watched Layla's bra clad breasts move in time with his thrust, while her ass rippled every time they met with his hips. Natsu's movements became more wild as he watched Layla's body react to him. The pinkette couldn't decide what he liked more, Layla's rear turning redder with each thrust or the lewd sloshing sound their union created, since both were both turning him on.

"Stop holding back! And give it to me harder!" Layla demanded as her mind became over taken by her lust for the man behind her. In less than a heartbeat, Natsu increased the power of his thrust and went even deeper into the woman. Natsu managed to thrust deep enough to penetrate the entrance to Layla's womb, and since she had never felt this kind of stimulation before, it triggered another mind blowing orgasm for her. "OH YES NATSU! DO IT AGAIN!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, before her arms gave out. Natsu was more than happy to comply and also increased his pace until his hips almost became a blur. Layla had no idea what had come over her, maybe it was because her late husband had never made her orgasm when they made love or maybe it was because Natsu was giving her what another man had never given her and more.

"You look so good like that Layla." Natsu complimented as he stared at Layla's ass, which was raised high in the air, just waiting for another slap. Acting on instinct, he did just that and caused the blonde to let out yelp, which was just muffled by her mattress. "Let's get these free." He said before undoing the clasp of Layla's bra, making it fall onto the bed below her. Since Layla's breasts were mashed against the bed, Natsu didn't get to see Layla's breasts moving in their usual hypnotic fashion, he grabbed Layla's wrists and pulled her up so he could enjoy the fantastic view once more. Even though the blonde found this position extremely embarrassing, she was fine with it since it aroused Natsu, which was great for her since it meant Natsu pounded her at full force.

"THAT'S THE SPOT NATSU! TEACH MY SLUTTY BODY A LESSON!" Layla moaned out as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue left her mouth. Natsu could tell that Layla's mind was long gone and he was loving the shameless expression on her face. The teen continued to pound Layla into oblivion for roughly fifty minutes, but them, it felt like an eternity of pleasure. Natsu had no idea how had managed to last as long as he had since Layla's pussy was trying its best to crush his thick member in its soft moist walls. Layla's shameless expression stayed with her the entire time and her breaths had turned into panting. Natsu didn't think any less of the blonde mother's expression, since he could tell that she was truly enjoying sex for the first time her life.

"Your pussy is amazing Layla! I think I'm going to cum." Natsu declared as his thrusts slowed down and became more powerful. Layla didn't even need to be told this because Layla could feel Natsu's member heating up even more than it already was. "Where do you want it?" He asked as his climax drew even closer. Luckily Natsu's words managed to reach the lustful blonde, who currently had an expression that proved how much she was enjoying herself.

"Inside Natsu, I want to feel that hot cum filling me up." Layla replied instantly as she started to move her hips backwards to match Natsu's movements. Natsu thrust into her a few more times, before he reached his limits. With one final thrust, Natsu reached his peak and began to release copious amounts of cum into the woman in front of him. When Layla felt her womb being filled for the first time in forever, she couldn't hold on and she reached another mind blowing orgasm. 'This feels so good, I could get addicted to this.' She thought as she felt more and more of Natsu's seed enter her to the point her stomach had begun to swell a little. "Don't you dare pull out Natsu, this feels amazing." She demanded. She didn't really have to tell Natsu since the teen was also developing an addiction to the incredible tightness of her womanhood. The two stayed like this a little longer and waited for their climaxes to die down.

"That was amazing Layla." Natsu admitted before he let go off Layla's wrists and pulled out of her abused maidhood, causing her to fall on her face and let the large excess of cum leak out of her and onto the bed sheet. Although he was a little out of breath, he still had plenty of energy to go many more rounds, and this was made clear by how his cock had remained rigid. This didn't go unnoticed by Layla, who just muttered some incoherent nonsense, while she tried to recover from Natsu's relentless assault on her. "Tell me when you're ready for another round." He said as he tried to catch his breath.

'I can't believe he's still ready to go, I better not disappoint him.' Layla told herself before she regained her composure and moved herself onto her back before spreading her sexy legs for Natsu. "This naughty momma will go as many rounds as you want Natsu." She said in a sexy voice while staring at Natsu's hardened member. "And before you came, Lucy called to say that she was going to spend the night at her friend's house, so we have the whole weekend with each other."

"I guess we should keep this from her." Natsu said as he imagined Lucy's reaction to what they were doing, while lining his member up with her soaked entrance.

"Smart idea Natsu." Layla replied. "Now stop wasting that energy and give me what I need." She continued before Natsu pushed his member into her awaiting maidenhood. Unlike last time, Layla wasn't caught off guard and she was able to enjoy sex with Natsu the entire night.

~Next morning~

Natsu woke up after what could only be described as magical. Natsu and Layla had spent the entire night making love in every position they could think of. He had no idea how the woman had managed to keep up with him, but he really didn't care since it meant he got to enjoy the blonde's body as much as he wanted.

The teen turned and looked at the woman beside him, who was sleeping peacefully. Looking at her know, he never would have guessed she could get as dirty as she did last night, even though the memory was still fresh in mind. The longer Natsu stared at the woman the more he began to wonder how she managed to stay so perfect even in her sleep. "Thank you Layla." Natsu thanked the sleeping beauty.

"Anytime Natsu." Layla replied in her sleep. Natsu was a bit shocked at Layla's sleep talking and looked away from the woman since he didn't her to know that he was watching her sleep.

'Do I really deserve her Erza?' Natsu wondered as he took another quick look at the woman. Although Layla had helped him move on from his departed love, her memory and influence still lived on. 'I just wonder how long this will last before Lucy finds out?'

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