Tales of a single mother

Chapter 2: Getting adventurous with a working Mother (Part 2 of 3)

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It had been a month since the Pinkette and the Blonde began their secret relationship, and they had been doing a pretty good job of keeping it that way. The only person who had any idea of what they were doing was Virgo, who had walked in on them, only to leave seconds later. Layla was kind of confused as to why the maid had kept her mouth shut, but she was still very grateful for it. In return for keeping her mouth shut, the pink haired maid asked if she could drop by and watch as she pleased. Wanting to keep their secret, Layla accepted the offer. She was half expecting for the perverse maid to ask to join in, but luckily, it hadn't come to that yet and she was able to keep her boyfriend all to herself. The pinkette was wondering why Layla wanted to keep their relationship a secret at first, but when she explained what could happen if another blonde found out, he knew it was probably for the best that they kept it to themselves.

The two secret love birds were currently in bed, simply lying together naked as the day they were born. Layla was currently resting on top of the younger man. She was enjoying the feeling of his muscular male body pressing against her much softer feminine one and the soothing heat he gave off whenever they were close. Layla also felt incredibly secure thanks to Natsu's strong arms wrapping around her slim waist and bringing her closer to him. "So how long are we planning to stay like this? Not that I mind." Natsu questioned the blonde, who look as if she didn't have a care in the world. This was made even more clear by how she wore her hair down rather than in its usual neat bun.

"Well if you don't mind, I think I'll just stay here since we have the house to ourselves for a couple more hours." Layla replied with a smile before nestling into the pinkette's chest. Seeing the older woman smile, caused the teen to join her. For the first time in a long time, Natsu felt completely at peace and happy with his life and he had Layla to thank for that. "I wish we could stay like this forever... don't you darling?"

"I do, but nothing lasts forever, I know that first hand." Natsu answered, sounding rather sad. Layla could understand how the pinkette felt, she was devastated when her first love died, and if it wasn't for her daughter, she might have given up trying to cope. The older woman decided to give the teen a quick but comforting kiss on the lips. But as she was going to pull back from the kiss, she felt Natsu kissing her back and she couldn't help but be sucked into the kiss. The two love birds quickly lost themselves in each other and a simple kiss turned into a full of make out session.

Although the pinkette wasn't on top, he was in complete control of the kiss. Over their time together, Layla learnt that it was pretty much impossible for her to dominate the pinkette and she had no problem with it since he knew exactly how to make her feel good. The blonde wasn't surprised when Natsu flipped her and she found herself on her back with the pinkette getting to work on her. "You really don't know how to hold back." Layla teased when she felt the teen's strong hands roaming her body.

"Who could hold back around you, you've got the body of a goddess." Natsu replied with a smirk. From the way Natsu was looking at her, she knew what the pinkette was going for first. The blonde was already getting wet at the thought of her boyfriend's masterful hands playing with her extremely sensitive assets. Luckily for her, the pinkette wasn't in a teasing mood and began work on her soft but firm breasts. Layla let out a joyous moan when she felt his warm strong hands caressing and fondling her bosom. "I can never get over how amazing these are." Natsu commented before he began to target the peaks. The pinkette's actions caused the busty mother to squirm and moan beneath him. This reaction only made the teen want to work ever hard to please his woman.

"More... play with them more..." She said between moans. Layla wasn't sure if she loved or hated Natsu knowing her weakness, since it allowed him to give her the most intense pleasure she had ever felt, but it also gave the pinkette way too much power of her. On several occasions, Natsu had came up behind the older woman and played with her breasts, which was quite inconvenient since it would always escalate and take her away from her what she was doing before. "Maybe you should put that mouth to better use." Layla suggested. Natsu instantly clued in to what his lover meant and engulfed one of Layla's nipple in his mouth, while still working away at its twin with his hand.

Both of them had the time of their lives, which was made obvious by how enthusiastic the pinkette was when he played with his lover's assets and how well received his actions were by the busty blonde. 'Everything about her is so perfect.' Natsu thought as he continued to suckle on the woman's peaks. The teen enjoyed every part of the blonde's body, from her perfectly formed breasts to her plump ass and her smooth flawless skin. Layla could tell that the pinkette was thinking dirty indecent things about how when she felt his enlarged member press harder against her toned stomach. Layla saw this as a chance to tease her boyfriend and gain a little control over the situation.

"Ah... It seems like you're as excited as I am." Layla managed to say through the pleasure. Natsu didn't seem to be effected by the woman's teasing and he continued to dominate the older woman, making her moan in a way that only he could. Layla didn't expect any less from her lover and she let him continue play with her body as he please, but not without fighting back a little. The blonde mother grabbed Natsu's member and began slowly stroking it, causing the teen to groan a little and making the woman smirk at the reaction. "I might not be able take control... but I'm... ahhhh!" Layla tried to say, but she was interrupted when she felt two calloused fingers enter her soaked womanhood. Layla cursed herself for getting too overconfident again, it was a mistake she had made a while ago and the result was a night of Natsu completely dominating her, and making her his personal toy. 'I still feel those strong sexy slaps of his.' She thought, recalling that very pleasurable night.

"If you keep up daydreaming, I might have to remind you of that night." Natsu taunted as he began slowly sliding his fingers inside her. Layla's excitement was more obvious than Natsu's, her maidenhood wasn't just dripping with her sweet essence, it was also tightening around her lovers finger to the point that Natsu thought he was fingering a virgin. "Should I stop teasing this sexy body of yours and just give it to you... no, I think I'm going to see how much I can make you beg and plead for it." The pinkette thought as he continued to slowly play with his golden haired girlfriend. It was times like this Layla wished that Natsu knew her body a little less mainly because she had absolutely no control in the bedroom anymore. Natsu knew every part of her body that would make her moan and scream, and he even knew exactly what to say to make her wet and horny. "Maybe we should move somewhere a little less private, I know how much the thought of getting caught excites you... I remember when Virgo saw us, you wanted to go non-stop after that." Natsu teased.

Layla didn't know how much she could take, the combination of Natsu's skill with his hands and tongue added with his teasing words were driving her insane, all she wanted now was the pinkette to ram his big thick member into her and fill her with his hot sticky cum. Unfortunately for her, Natsu wanted to play with her sexy curvaceous body more and the blonde couldn't even utter a word of protest. 'No one should be this good.' Layla thought as an overwhelming wave pleasure washed over her. Layla was trying her best to tell the pinkette to stop teasing her and just give it to her. However, she was only able to moan and Natsu took that as her wanting more. 'So unfair.' She thought, while failing to keep her eyes open as yet another climax ripped through her if the woman had been able to speak, the pinkette wouldn't have heard her and he would have just kept playing with her sexy body.

Natsu looked up and saw the older woman's beautiful face. He deduced that the woman was in a state of bliss and that she had probably had enough teasing. Natsu then turned his attention to Layla's lower region, and more specifically the sheets, which were absolutely drenched in her essence. The teen removed his fingers from Layla's snatch and began savoring the sweet taste. "I think I over did it." Natsu said as he watched the woman struggling to steady her breath. Seeing the woman's heaving breasts just turned the male on even more and he was finding it nearly impossible not to take the woman.

"I tried to tell you it was enough... but of course you didn't listen." Layla commented when she finally caught her breath. "Just for that, no sex for you." She added, shocking the man completely. He couldn't believe his lover was going to leave him high and try, but the look on her face told him she was going to follow through with it.

"Come on Layla, look at this! It's not going down anytime soon!" Natsu told the woman while pointing to his solid manhood. Layla just crossed her arms under her chest and pouted.

"Maybe this will teach you not to be so selfish and listen." Layla retorted in a slightly mocking tone. Natsu wasn't too sure if the woman was being completely serious at this point, normally she would have started getting dressed, but in this case, she was still lying below him ready to go. Then it hit him, Layla was teasing him as payback. He leaned in closer to the beauty causing her to blush and look away. Natsu smiled at the reaction, the older woman was pretty terrible at keeping her emotions a secret. "Why are you getting so- AHHH!" Layla asked before she was interrupted by the pinkette's entire cock sliding into her awaiting maidenhood.

"You should know that tricking me like that isn't a smart idea." Natsu said with his member buried inside his lover. Although the woman was caught completely off guard, she managed to maintain her composure. Layla was a little surprised that she had managed to do so, since she was usually moaning like a woman possessed at this part, but than again, she wasn't usually annoyed at her lover before sex.

"You should really ask a lady before just putting it inside." Layla said, as she slowly began to lose her calm and collected attitude. The feeling of her womanhood being forced apart by her lovers member, she sometimes wondered how she was able to take something so big, but she loved it. Natsu began to move his member slowly in and out of his beautiful girlfriend, resulting in her angelic moans.

"You don't seem to mind too much." Natsu replied with a smirk as he saw Layla's slightly angry expression turn into a lustful one. He loved seeing the woman normally elegant face turn into such a lewd one. Natsu began to thrust faster into his lover, making sure to go deeper, just the way Layla liked it. The blonde bit her lower lip in an attempt to stifle her moans, she knew she didn't have to hold back her voice since her daughter wan't around, but she wanted to make Natsu work for the sweet sound of her voice. The beautiful mother also deiced to tighten her maidenhood even more, making it more pleasurable for both parties.

Layla's actions caused her lover to move harder and faster inside while keeping a tight hold on her hips. The blonde was managing to keep herself for letting out even the slightest sound, but she wasn't able to stop herself from enjoying the pinkette's movements. 'I love this, but I really want some time on top.' She thought as her mind slowly turned to mush. The mother was happy that Virgo had caught them before things got really heated up because she knew the maid would never be able to look at her the same again.

"You're too sexy for your own good." Natsu commented as he watched her endowments move in time with his thrusts. Layla blushed a little at the complement, but managed to keep herself quite. The pinkette knew he had to work harder to make the woman stop being so stubborn, so he leaned in and planted his lips on hers and in her lust driven state, she returned it instantly.

'How come i can't have this effect on him?' She wondered as she melted into the kiss. Although she had learned that Natsu was the kind of man who loved to dominate in the bedroom, she had been longing to be the dominate party for once but she just couldn't figure out how to make the younger male submissive enough, mainly because she couldn't think about anything apart from being rammed by her lover at the moment.

Natsu could tell that his busty blonde girlfriend wasn't completely focused on their love making, so he decided to up his efforts once again. He moved one of his strong hands from her shapely hips and to her firm yet soft melons. The pinkette began to fondle the older woman's assets, making sure not to go crazy like he did last time. Wanting to see what kind of reaction he was getting, he separated from the kiss and Layla instantly let out the moan he had been waiting to hear for so long. "Isn't it better to stop holding back?" Natsu teased while looking down at the moaning blonde. Layla was able to weakly nod before the pinkette began to moving even harder and faster inside her warm dripping insides. No matter how many times he made love to the mother of his best friend, he could never get over how perfect their bodies were for each other. But it wasn't just the sex he loved about Layla, he also loved spending time with the blonde and just being around her. "I love you Layla." The teen confessed.

"I... Love you... too" The mother managed to say. She than proceeded to wrap her arms around her lovers neck and bring him in for yet another passionate kiss. Unlike their previous one, both of them had some degree of control over it. Mainly because the teen was too focused on getting deeper into his lover and breaching the barrier to her womb. The pinkette continued to thrust harder and harder until he found himself hitting the deepest part of the woman, causing her to snap and enter a lust driven state. Natsu broke the kiss so he could catch his breath, but Layla quickly restarted the kiss, catching the younger male off guard and taking control of their exchange. Since she knew her dominance was only going to be temporary, she made the most of it and even began to move against her lover's movements.

Natsu quickly realised that he was losing control of the situation and gave the woman's sensitive breasts a harsh squeeze, but instead of making her moan and stop fighting back, she continued dominating the kiss while at the same time tightening even more. This completely caught the pinkette off guard, and the older woman proceeded to take over the kiss with ease. Although the teen had no idea what had come over his lover, but he was kind of into it. 'Maybe I should give her a few turns on top.' Natsu thought, liking the feeling of Layla's tongue overpowering his. Maybe it was because he was too used to being in control and the new experience was nice or maybe it was something else, but he was enjoying it let the woman do a bit of the work.

The two continued like this for a while longer. Layla controlling the kiss while Natsu took control over everything else, and both were having the time of their lives. The pair was now nearing their climaxes. "I'm close darling." Layla moaned as she moved away from her lover and separated from the kiss. She could tell that her lover was as close as she was. "Let's cum together." she pleaded as she felt a familiar heat in her core.

"Always." Natsu replied as he felt increased his slowed down a little. The pinkette began to put even more power into his movements as he neared his climax. "I hope you're ready for it." The male said as he held the older woman even closer. Layla was only able to moan and hold onto her lover. Natsu gave a few more powerful thrusts before releasing inside the blonde. Layla let out a load lustful moan when she felt her already stuffed pussy being filled with Natsu's burning seed. The blonde haired mother could never get over how great it felt when Natsu came inside her, not matter how risky or how many it times it had happened. The pinkette knew that the woman wouldn't be able to take his entire release, so he pulled out of the woman's warmth half way during their shared climax and finished the rest of it on her stomach and breasts. The woman let out a moan when she felt her erotic body being sprayed with her boyfriend's hot seed.

"Keep it coming... cover me in it." The busty beauty pleaded, loving the heat his seed was creating. Natsu happily complied with her request and finished the rest of his release on the panting and gasping woman. After a little bit of time, Natsu finished his climax and now he was staring at the cum covered blonde, who was trying to regain her composure. "That was great... and thanks for the extra" Layla said, as she began cleaning herself of Natsu's seed and swallowing the white substance.

"Any time Layla, but you better hurry up and clean yourself up because I'm still ready to go." Natsu said as he looked down at the satisfied woman. The pinkette was more than ready to go for another round, but he knew it wouldn't be as fun if he didn't let his partner recover properly. Layla saw the inpatient look that Natsu was giving her and slowed down how fast she was cleaning herself up just to taunt him some more. Although Natsu picked up on the woman's antics, he didn't do anything, in fact he liked how the older woman always found away to fan his flames and turn him on.

After what felt like an eternity for the teen, Layla finished up and sat up. "Thanks again for the snack darling, but I think I'm done for now." Layla said as she climbed off the bed with a smile. Natsu instantly froze at the woman's declaration and actions. Unlike last time the woman didn't sound like she was joking at all. "Don't freak out darling, it's not like I don't want to keep going, but I have to do something for the company." Layla told the shocked pinkette as she slid on her panties.

"Come on Layla, just one more time." Natsu pleaded, making his lover giggle a little. "And I'm sure your company wouldn't mind if you were a little late."

"Well first off, whenever you say one more time, it always means until I'm walking with a limp." Layla started as she recalled the manly times she had fallen for that trick. "And how am I going to explain why I'm walking with a limp again, what am I supposed to say. My boyfriend fucked me too hard again." The blonde added sternly, making the man hang his head in shame. "Actually, you should come along today and can you help me with my bra?" She finished as she concealed her lovely mounds. Layla sometimes cursed her ancestors for being so well endowed since they regularly caused her a lot of trouble, in the form of finding proper bra, and putting them on.

"Really! I haven't been there since I was a kid, I'd be glad to go." Natsu said excitedly before assisting his lover with her undergarments. Luckily the pinkette had enough practice so he did it with ease. "But you're going to have to finish what you started with that kiss... and I know just the way to make sure you do." Natsu remained the woman. "However, it might be a little risky."

"What do you suggest? I've been wanting to get a little more daring than just outdoor sex, but no skimpy outfits I still have to be presentable." Layla said as she turned around and pressed her soft bra clad chest against her lover's bare muscular one. Natsu smiled at how compliant his girlfriend was.

"I wasn't planning on it, so lets start by getting those panties off." Natsu instructed as a devious smile spread across his face. The blond had no idea what she had just gotten herself into, but she knew that it was going to be both an extremely arousing and embarrassing experience for her. However, the thought of public embarrassment just turned her on even more.

~Heartfilia Konzern headquarters~

"Wow, it's bigger than I remember it." Natsu said as he looked up at the massive skyscraper. Natsu was dressed rather formally, clad in a white shirt, black blazer with white trimmings, matching black pants, dress shoes and a red tie. The pinkette deiced to keep his signature scarf at home so he could look a little more professional.

"The company has been expanding a lot recently... ah... I'm glad you like it." Layla replied with a blush on her face. The woman was currently wearing a tight black business suit, but it wasn't how tight the suit that was making her blush, it was something else. "Are you sure no one is going to find out?" She asked as she rubbed her thighs together, attempting to contain her rising arousal. The blonde business owner began to lose strength in her legs and she held onto her lover for support. The woman let out a small at time a faint buzz was heard near her nether regions.

"If I knew that, than where would the fun be." Natsu teased as he walked the woman into the building. "Maybe I should put the intensity down a little, people will start asking questions if I have to started carrying you." Natsu said before reaching into his pocket and turning the nob of a remote. This caused the vibration and buzzing near Layla's crotch to lessen. "I can't believe that you're actually doing this."

"It's not like you gave me much of a choice." Layla retorted as she finally regain her composure. The blonde would never fully admit it, but this was a sexual fantasy of hers, so she didn't really know if she was going to last the entire day with the sex toy inside her. "Let's just get this over with, we only need to be here for a few hours."

"What's the rush Layla, I think you should stop by every floor and give me a little of the company or I could just turn the setting back up." Natsu suggested with a sly smile. The blonde knew better than to think her boyfriend was bluffing, this threat was made even more effective by the fact that the pinkette knew which level he had to put it on to make the woman a moan mess.

"Let's just get this over with." Layla said as she walked into the building clinging onto her younger companion. "You better fuck my brains out when we get home." She whispered into Natsu's ear, instantly exciting the hormonal teen. Natsu honestly thought that he was going to be denied sex for week for this little stunt, it actually seemed to turn Layla on more. Little did Natsu know but Layla had a little plan of her own. 'Actually, I might be the one in control tonight.' She said to herself with a giggle.

"I feel like you're up to something, but I don't really care, I probably deserve it for this." Natsu admitted before turning up the setting on the toy. If it wasn't for the pinkette holding her up, she would have probably fallen down. The love birds entered the building, Natsu had a huge smile on his face, while Layla was trying her best not to show her arousal. The two were instantly greeted by the workers and Natsu introduced himself to each of them, while also making sure to keep Layla close to him.

The secret lovers continued like this for a few hours, visiting every floor and greeting different people. Layla was slowly losing it and Natsu was having the time of his life playing with the blonde. It may have seemed a little sadistic, however, the pinkette couldn't get enough of seeing the normally elegant and self reliant woman, flustered and clinging on to him like a school girl with a crush. He could only guess what kind of rumors were being started in the workplace about their boss.

The horny blonde and the equally horny pinkette had finally arrived in Layla's office, at the very top of the building. "Finally." Layla moaned as she locked the door to the office. The blonde was now being carried by the pinkette since her legs had finally given out thanks to Natsu turning the vibrator on max twenty minutes ago. Natsu was honestly surprised that the working woman had managed to keep herself from a climax. The teen quickly placed the panting and heaving woman down onto her large wooded desk. "Get these clothes off me and fuck me... I'll take care of the business later." Layla almost demanded as she tried to free herself of her clothes. Natsu could not only see how much the older woman needed it, but she could also smell the wonderful scent. Natsu crawled on top of the woman and ripped the clothes clean of the woman's body, aside from the bra and her completely drenched panties. "Don't worry about those, they were getting too small anyway, just get the fake out of me and give me that long, fat cock inside me." The lustful blonde demanded as she slide her panties down, revealing the pink vibrator going crazy inside her.

Natsu was beginning to think had gone a little too far with his teasing, the only time he had heard the blonde talk in such a tone and say such perverse things was when they were really getting into it. The pinkette pulled the essence covered toy out of the woman's dripping snatch and his rock hared member took its place almost instantly. Layla let out a sigh of relief as she felt the toy finally leave her, and she let out scream of pleasure when she felt Natsu enter her. "The real thing is so much fucking better." Layla claimed as she felt her boyfriend stuff and spread her maidenhood again. Although she had spent almost the entire day being pleasured, it couldn't begin to compare to the pleasure. The pinkette quickly flipped the woman onto her hands and knees before he began ramming into his girlfriend into at top speeds. Layla wasn't the only one who was fighting his urges, Natsu had been struggling to hold himself around his girlfriend, thanks to how close she was, the cute moans she would produce because of the toy and the fact that the older woman had left him high and dry. "As much as I've played it off... my body has been pretty much begging it since this morning." Layla confessed as her man fucked her from behind like a supper powered piston.

The room was soon filled with the sound of Natsu's solid abs slapping against the woman's large soft rear end, along the loud moans of the receiver and grunts of the provider. However, Natsu wasn't the only one doing the work this time, Layla was also contributing by moving her hips back in time with her partner's mighty forward thrusts. "I sometimes forget how great your ass is... let's try something new, but we're going to have to prepare first." Natsu said as he picked up the pink vibrating toy, which was still dripping in his lover's sweet essence. Layla didn't manage to hear her lover since his voice was being drowned out by her own moans and the sound of their sexes coming together and creating the most pleasurable friction in the world. Natsu smirked before forcing the vibrator into the woman's untouched back door.

Layla moaned out in surprise and her nails dug into her desk when she felt her other hole being violated. The blonde had never really thought about anal, so she had never even experimented and she was loving it so far, mainly because it was so well lubed up and she was also taking it from her lover. 'Thank god I started off small, I don't think I would ever be able to walk properly if he put that monster into me without warning.' Layla told herself as she felt both her holes being toyed with, one more than the other. The pink haired teen was honestly shocked that his lover hadn't completely lost it, but in truth she had, all she could think about was how great sex with her boyfriend felt. The blonde was struggling to keep herself from screaming and begging for Natsu to go harder, she knew it would be pretty bad for her image if someone heard her screaming profanities. "Keep going darling... this feels so much better than the fake."

"I know." Natsu replied before giving the older woman a hard smack on the ass. Layla was loving all the different stimuli and there was only one thing that Natsu had to do to make her go insane from pleasure. "I've never tired anal before and judging from your earlier reaction, neither have you, so let's give each other our first time." Natsu whispered into Layla's ears as he leaned against her.

Layla turned her head and gave her lover a quick kiss before giving him a reply. "I'd be glad to darling... only if you fill me with that thick hot cum of yours first." The pinkette was more than satisfied with the conditions and went back to the task at hand, making sure to work even harder than before. His efforts were rewarded by Layla tightening her already crushing grip around the pink haired teen's manhood even more. "Do you like that honey?" She teased as a little bit of drool escaped her mouth. Even though Layla's vice grip was tighter, Natsu was still able to move at the same speed thanks to how wet the woman's maidenhood was.

"I'm going to show you just how much I like it." Natsu answered as he strengthened his grip on the woman's hip. The pinkette continued to pleasure his lover, while occasionally slapping her large peach shaped ass. "I really can't get over how amazing your body is, it's almost as great as you." He compliment, making the woman blush a little. The woman knew that the pinkette loved her for more than just her body and amazing sex, but getting reminded of it made her feel warm and fuzzy inside it.

The pinkette kept up his incredible pace and strength, for a while longer. The blonde had reached her peak multiple times, and she was so weak that she couldn't even support her own body weight. The busty blonde mother was now being fucked face down from behind by her energetic pink haired boyfriend. "I'm so close darling, but I think you should calm down a little, we're going to break the desk." Layla said through her moans. At this point the golden haired beauty didn't care about who heard her and what effect it would have on her reputation, all she cared about was expressing her love for the pink haired teen.

"Don't worry about it Layla, I'm sure you can replace it and I'm pretty sure you're just trying to cover up the fact you're going to cum again." Natsu teased, catching the woman off guard. She knew that her ulterior motives were a little obvious, but she expected to get the pinkette to calm down a little. "Don't worry Layla, I'm close as well." He confessed, making sure to reach deeper into his lover. This time, the male was going to make sure that the woman got every last bit of his seed inside her. "I hope you're ready for another one." Natsu warned before unloading his seed into the woman in front of him. Layla gasped and tried to regain proper control over her breathing, which was proving to be nearly impossible. It seems as if the feeling of climaxing and having her womb being flooded by her boyfriend's cum was way too much for the woman.

"Keep going Natsu, fill me!" Layla screamed as she came with her boyfriend, tightening her already crushing grip on his member. Natsu felt as if the woman trying to drain every last drop of his seed, Layla's maidenhood was so tight to the point that it was almost painful for the teen's large size. The pinkette eventually finished his release and due to the volume and lack of space inside, a lot of it spilled out onto the the desk. "Don't waste anytime darling, put it in here." she moaned as she pulled the toy out of her puckered hole and tossed it to the side, she knew she wasn't going to need it again anytime soon. Luckily the pinkette didn't need any rest or recovery time, so he pulled out of her abused cum filled pussy and aimed the head of his throbbing cock at Layla's back entrance.

"It should be loose enough and you should be lubed up enough, so shove that whole thing in there." Layla outright commanded, the pinkette really loved when the blonde got like this, mainly because this was when they could get really freaky. Natsu smirked and without a second of hesitation rammed his entire member deep inside the busty blonde, causing her to scream out in pleasure as Natsu's hips slammed against her reddened backside. Both parties instantly loved this new feeling, Natsu loved the nearly unbearable tightness and heat of her backdoor and how it hugged his member in a different way, while Layla loved the feeling of another one of her holes being violated and stretched to new limits by her lover's girthy member. Both participants were going to enjoy the experience so much that they wouldn't notice their uninvited guest for quite a while.

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