Tales of a single mother

Chapter 3: (Final)

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A week had passed since Natsu and Layla had enjoyed themselves in the blonde's office and the two were simply enjoying some time together. The two were not on some fancy date nor were they fucking like rabbits, yet. No, the couple were embracing each other in the living room and watching a bad romantic comedy. The two also didn't plan on doing much today either as both of them were dressed very casually. Layla simply wore a pair of grey sweats and black tank top, while Natsu wore a white shirt and a pair of jeans. "Why are we watching this, it sucks so much ass?" Natsu inquired.

"It's not like you've been paying attention to it, you've been staring at my tits the entire time." Layla reminded her boyfriend. The pinkette defended by explaining he was only staring most of the time, not the entire time. The blonde mother just giggled at her boyfriend's defense. "We had sex a few hours ago, you're such a horndog... but you're my horndog so it's ok." The busty blonde teased.

"It's kinda hard not to get horny when I'm cuddling with one of the sexiest woman I've ever met." Natsu told his girlfriend before bringing her closer and grabbing one of her marvelous melons. Even with a layer of clothes between her flesh and her lover, Layla could still feel the heat of her lover's hands. The older woman let out a small moan at the sensation, and she knew it was only the beginning. Natsu put his other hand to use and slid it down his woman's pants. "No panties, and you're wet already... It looks like begging to get it." He teased as he pushed the woman onto her back. The teen now had complete access to his girlfriend's mature body. Although he now had the power to do anything, the teen focused his attention on Layla's breasts.

"I'm impressed that you waited so long to do this." Layla told the pinkette. Natsu responded by using both his hands to squeeze the blonde's bust. The woman let out another moan, but this one was a little louder than the last. A smirk appeared on the teen face when he heard her sweet voice. "Ah~ That feels nice." The woman gasped.

"Keep it down a little, Lucy's home today." Natsu warned his lover. Layla gasped when she heard this. The mother had completely forgot her daughter was still around. The woman asked her lover if he knew where the other blonde was. "She's outside, the only one who's in the house if Virgo and she's see us doing it plenty of times." He replied before tearing open Layla's top, revealing her bare bust. "No bra either? Just how lazy were you this morning?" He questioned.

"Stop doing that, you're costing me a fortune in clothes." Layla told the pinkette. Natsu didn't pay the woman much mind and proceed to play with the biggest breasts he had ever set his eyes on. The teen was actually glad that his blonde bombshell of a girlfriend decided to forgo wearing a bra today since he could have as much fun as he wanted. "If we're really going to do it again, let's at least go to my room." She told the man ontop of her.

"But the risk is so exciting, don't you remember how hot it was in the office?" Natsu reminded as he moved closer towards the blonde beauty. Layla couldn't deny how arousing it was to make love in her office, but she also remembered how many close calls there were. The blonde woman decided to hold her ground and told the teen they were going upstairs. "Fine, but we're doing butt stuff again." He said as he got off the woman and picking her up. With the woman in his arms, Natsu didn't waste any time in making his way to Layla's bedroom. The mother clung onto her boyfriend and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"If you get there in less than twenty seconds, I'll let you use whatever hole you want." Layla whispered into her lover's ear. The blonde knew this would get her boyfriend going and boy did it. Before the older woman knew it, she was in her room. "My word Natsu, you're like a beast in heat." She joked while looking up at her panting boyfriend. The woman loved the look of lust and hunger on the pinkette's face, and she couldn't help but pull him into a lust fueled. 'This is my chance to get on top, I need to act quickly about this.' She thought as forced her tongue into her lover's mouth. Natsu was a little surprised by how aggressive the woman was being. The teen could only assume it was because of how docile Layla had been during the morning. Natsu knew something had been odd this morning when she didn't even try to get on top.

'Maybe I should let her have a little fun first.' Natsu thought as he stopped fighting back against the woman's tongue. Instead, the teen used his energy to play with Layla's body, and more specifically her heavenly endowments. It was fairly obvious that the pinkette was holding back against the woman. Normally his movements were rough and aggressive, but the pink haired man seemed to be idly groping her rather trying to make her submit. 'It's a little boring, but seeing her face when I take over will be great.' He told himself. The simple thought of dominating the blonde once more was enough for blood to rush south.

Layla's eyes widened a little when she felt her boyfriend's manhood press against her inner thigh. The woman didn't let up at all, when she felt her boyfriend's hardness and she flipped their roles after breaking from the kiss. Layla was now on top and Natsu was being straddled by her lover. "What a view." Natsu muttered as his stared at the blonde goddess on top of him. The pink haired teen was kicking himself for not letting the woman ride him more often. Layla always looked sexy, but there was something about the queen like aura she was giving off that was becoming too much for the pinkette.

"I've wanted to do this for so long Natsu, I'm going to show you how it feels to be dominated." Layla told the young man as she removed his shirt. Being a little curious, Natsu allowed the woman to do as she pleased. "You actually look cute when you're not railing me." She told the man beneath her. Natsu was about to retort, but he was silenced by the blonde, who proceeded to strip her lover of his pants and then her own.

"No foreplay?" Natsu asked the woman, who seemingly ignored him as she pressed her heat against the tip of his member. Natsu honestly had no idea what was going on with his girlfriend. Sure they both had very high sex drives, but he had never see her be this aggressive before. "Are you ok Layla?" He asked with legitimate concern in his voice.

"It just sounds like you're scared that you might like being dominated." Layla smirked before impaling herself on her lover's large throbbing member. The blonde moaned at the sensation of being completely filled by her pink haired lover. The feeling was made even better in the new position as it was a completely new experience. "I could get used to this." She said before she started moving. The mother of Lucy started off fairly slow so she could adjust to the new feeling.

Natsu was a little caught off guard by how great it felt to have the woman ride him. He liked the sensation so much, the thought of turning the tables slowly began to fade from his mind and he simply allowed the woman to enjoy himself. "I can see why you like having control so much, I feel so... powerful." She declared as she started to bounce a little faster. The increase in speed didn't only increase the pleasure for both of them, the view for Natsu became a lot better.

"Your boobs look so good when they bounce like that." Natsu told the sexy mother. The male found it nearly impossible to tear his eyes away from the mature woman's perky bouncing breasts. The view was so amazing, Natsu couldn't do anything but watch and allow the mother to dominate him. While her boyfriend found himself completely entranced, Layla was thinking of ways to make everything even better for him. The blonde figured out a plan and started to roll and shake her hips like the temptress she was. Natsu's attention quickly moved from Layla's melons, to her wide tempting hips.

"Like what you see Natsu... well I'm just getting started." Layla teased as placed her hands on around Natsu's wrists to better support herself and to pin him down. Now that the woman had the support she needed, the beauty was able to move a lot more freely while restraining her lover more. Natsu wasn't sure what to do, as much as he loved seeing the beauty ride him, he wanted to take back control and really show who was really in charge. Layla noticed her boyfriend's growing frustration and decided to play with him a little. "What's wrong Natsu? Can't deal with the woman be on top for once?" She questioned in a teasing manner. The woman increased her speed once more and became a whole lot rougher. While doing this, the mother noticed the defeated expression on Natsu's face and proceeded to taunt him about it.

As Layla continued to ride her man, the room was filled with the sounds of clashing flesh, moans, grunts and taunts from the busty milf. Although Natsu couldn't deny that the position felt amazing and Layla was incredibly sexy, the pinkette didn't take kindly to the taunts. 'Doing it like this is so much fun, maybe I should turn Natsu into my little pet.' Layla thought to herself as a lusty smile appeared on her face. Unfortunately for the mother, she sourly underestimated the pinkette. The younger of the couple, managed to free his hands. 'Maybe I got a little too carried away.' The blonde when she the look on her boyfriend's face. Now that his hands were free, Natsu was able to grab the woman by her waist and force her onto her back.

"It looks like you're getting a little ahead of yourself, let me remind you who's in charge." Natsu told the woman before forcing his entire length into her maidenhood. Layla let out a loud moan when she felt her maidenhood being invaded by her boyfriend. Although the position was familiar, the busty mother could never get sick of it and she was slowly reduced to being to a moaning mess. The pinkette didn't waste any time in the position and he began to vent the frustration from being dominated. "It was pretty fun seeing you bounce like a sexy little bunny... it gives me an idea." The teen said with a lustful look in his eyes. The woman didn't have to be a physic to tell how what the teen was planning, but she wasn't really thinking about it that at the moment. Layla's mind was currently becoming mush as she was pounded by her pink haired lover.

The busty blonde wasn't too surprised that her lover had turned the tables on her. The woman would have been a little annoyed if it wasn't for the fact that it felt so much better when her lover was in control. Natsu decided to up the already incredible pleasure his girlfriend was feeling and grabbed a hold of the mother's large bouncing breasts. The beauty was once again unable to keep her voice under control when she felt her lover's warm hands massaging her endowments.

"What's wrong Layla, is this a little too much for you?" Natsu mocked as he moved deeper into the woman, causing her to break down and moan even more. The younger male would have loved to hear her pleasured moans, he knew she was making way too much noise and they would get caught at this rate. So he silenced the sexy blonde with a kiss.

Layla accepted the kiss without a second of hesitation in attempt to prove she hadn't given up. 'We've been dating for a while; I'm not going to give up that easily.' Layla thought as she brought the teen closer, in the hopes of removing his access to her massive melons.

Due to Natsu being so engrossed in the blonde's warm tight walls, her little plan worked perfectly and she was able to regain some of her composure. This regained composure allowed her to take control of the kiss. Although the women knew her control over their passionate kiss was simply because her lover allowed her to do so, Layla found a great amount of pleasure in dominating the teen again. The women's increase in pleasure was made apparent to Natsu when he felt the blonde's pussy tighten around his member.

The pinkette caught onto what the blonde was doing, but he didn't expect any less from his lover. While the teen took pride in knowing his lover's body better than anyone else could ever hope to, the older women took an even greater amount of pride in knowing exactly how to please her man. 'I'm never going to understand how she can get so fucking tight.' Natsu thought when he felt the blonde's already vice like grip tighten even more.

Although the tightening of Layla's walls did make it slightly harder for the pink haired teen to move, it also meant the already amazing feeling was made even better for the both of them. Not wanting to lose his pace, the pinkette tapped into his large pool of strength and quickly regained his former speed. "You're going to have to try a little harder than that." The pinkette claimed with a fake confidence. If he was being completely honest, Natsu was struggling to adjust to the mother's abnormally tight womanhood.

Layla may have picked up on this if she was so lost in the pleasure of her tight pussy being stretched and filled by her boyfriend's long thick cock. The pleasure had become so great to the point that she wasn't able to think about anything or anyone besides the man on top of her. Natsu took full advantage of the women's state and continued to act high and mighty. Since she was unaware of what condition her lover was really in, Layla let go of what remained of her inhibitions and she started screaming her deepest naughtiest desires.

"Keep going Natsu! Keep fucking me like no one else can you pink haired hunk!" Layla screamed shamelessly, completely forgetting there was people still around the large house. But honestly, even if she had remembered, she wouldn't have cared. All she really wanted to do was to show her passion for her pink haired lover and her lovely elegant voice was the best way to do so. The blonde continued to scream her deepest desires among other very encouraging things.

"Fuck's sake Layla, you're such a dirty mamma." Natsu declared as he moved the sexy mother onto her side and flung one of her long legs over his shoulder. Before the lovely blonde had time to even notice the change in position, Natsu re-entered her from this new angle and wasted no time getting back to work. Even though the pinkette enjoyed the intimacy of missionary position, he did find it rather boring and restrictive, unlike his current position, which gave him access to more of the busty blonde's wonderful body. Wanting to give his lover the most pleasure possible, the pinkette moved one his talented hands to the most sensitive part of the blonde's goddess like figure, which of course was her pearl. "I'm not going to hold back today, after that little stunt you pulled, you need to be taught a lesson." The lustful pinkette said as he began rubbing and teasing Layla's swollen clit.

"You're... playing so dirty..." Layla retorted breathlessly. The women was really in no shape to be making jokes at her boyfriend, mainly because he was in complete control of her delicate sensitive body. Not only was he using his mammoth of a member to give her the pounding of a lifetime, he was also targeting the weakest spot on her body. The only way the situation could get better for the blonde was if her breasts were receiving the attention the so desperately craved.

Instead of waiting for her boyfriend to take care of her swaying jugs, Layla decided to take the matter into her own hands. The bosomy businesswomen began to start massaging one of her huge breasts with one of her dainty hands. Since the women had spent so many lonely nights pleasing herself, she knew exactly how to pleasure herself. However, her self-pleasure wasn't doing it for her, mainly because she had gotten so used to her lover's larger warmer hands. 'I guess he's pampered me too much... that's unfortunate.' The blonde thought as her attention was moved back to the amazing her feeling around her maidenhood. Although she may have been disappointed that her breasts had become a little desensitized, that disappointment was overtaken by the unbelievable pleasure she was experiencing in her nether regions.

Whatever the blonde was thinking or feeling before was quickly forgotten as her mind was once again taken over by what could only be described as pure bliss. A huge smirk appeared on the pinkette's face when he saw the state he had brought his lover to. It was very obvious that the mother of his best friend was closing in on an orgasm. Which was good for the younger male since he was feeling the same way, even if he was keeping a fairly calm and confident outward appearance. "You're close aren't you, I'll have to give you a special punishment for being so easy." Natsu taunted his moaning mess of a girlfriend. Being in no position to deny the pinkette, the women accepted her impending climax and whatever he wanted to do afterwards.

Natsu could see that his sexy girlfriend had accepted her fate and he put his remaining strength into his last few thrust. "I'm going to cum Natsu! Give it to me!" Layla screamed as she reached a mind blowing climax. The pinkette could hold himself back when he felt the beauty's maidenhood attempt to wring his member of everything he had. Natsu gladly gave the women what she wanted and released his warm plentiful seed into the maiden's womb. "Keep filling me up." The climaxing women pleaded when she felt her insides being completely filled. Although he may have been in control the entire time, the pinkette wasn't able to do much in this situation thanks to the unbelievable tightness of the mother. All he was really able to do was give his lover what she wanted.

"That felt as great as always." Natsu claimed as he finished his climax and pulled out of his lover. The women could only reply with a blissful look and exhausted panting. The beauty was now basking in the afterglow of her orgasm and it was quite an erotic sight to behold. The lust driven teen took this time to admire her slightly sweaty body, from her heaving breasts to her maidenhood that was slowly letting out his warm seed. "Rest up a little Layla, I'm not going to hold back this time around." The pinkette told the blond. The older women silently thanked her boyfriend for allowing her some time to rest since she knew for a fact that she would struggle to keep up with what Natsu had planned for her. Although she tried to calm herself down a little, this proved to be impossible for a couple of reasons. The first was the incredible heat that she felt inside her and the second was the perverted thoughts that were running around in her mind.

"You must have something good planned if you're giving me a break, you're certainly never this nice unless you're about to really lay into me." Layla deduced as she rolled onto her back, allowing more of her lover's cum to escape from her tight trap. "So what do you have planned big boy? Are we going to try bondage again, that was pretty fun?" The woman wondered with a slightly perverse smile on her face. Although the blonde was the one being bound and fucked, she enjoyed her time with the teen.

"We have done this before, but it's going to be a little more exciting this time." Natsu told his lover before prompting for the recovering women to get up. Although she wanted to see what her lover was planning, she was still a little worn out from before so she requested her boyfriend's help. The teen causally flung the blonde beauty over his shoulder and carried her to a nearby glass door that led to be balcony before letting her down. Layla was about to ask, but the pinkette decided to let his actions do his explaining for him.

Natsu bent the blonde haired woman over, making sure to press her marvelous melons against the cold hard glass. The women was a little confused as to why the younger male was so excited about this situation. Sure she knew how much the pinkette loved giving it from behind, but she let him do that on the daily. Natsu noticed his girlfriend's confusion and decided to clear things up a little. "Look down a little." The pinkette instructed, causing the mother to spot her daughter, who was currently practicing tennis. The younger blonde was wearing a white tight fitting shirt that outlined her bouncing bust perfectly. She was also wearing a short matching tennis skirt that would occasionally flip up and reveal her shapely rear end, which was covered by a pair of light blue panties.

Layla was quite proud of her daughter. She had grown into a very attractive woman over the years and reminded the mother of herself in her younger years. The only thing the older women could criticize was how liberally she dressed around her man, but she couldn't really blame her since she was still unaware of their real relationship. Layla was about to keep admiring her little girl, but her train of thought was interrupted when she felt something very familiar re-enter her body. "You're extra tight this time... are you really that turned on knowing you're getting fucked by her best friend?" Natsu taunted with a grin as he began to move inside the women's tight cavern. "You better keep your voice down though, she almost caught us when we first did it in your office." He reminded to no avail.

Even though the mother had retained enough self-control to keep her voice down, that self-control was quickly slipping. It seems as if the combination of her hardened pink peaks rubbing against the cold glass and her insides being invaded by her boyfriend's huge hot member was too much for the sexy blonde. "Slow down a little Natsu, it feels too good~" Layla mewled while grasping at what little control she still had. Never being own to miss out on a chance to gain more power, Natsu increased his speed even more, causing his lover to press against the clear door even more. Luckily for them, the door was locked or they would have certainly burst through and ended up on the balcony, which didn't really sound too bad to either of them. "You're so unfair Natsu-kun." She moaned lewdly.

"I know it's a little unfair but doesn't it feel amazing?" Natsu asked with a cocky grin on his face. He was well aware of the power he had of his lover and the effect this situation was having on the women, mainly because it was having a similar one of himself. There was just something great about fucking the mother while also watching the daughter run around in such sexy clothing. "Fuck, you're sexy Layla." Natsu groaned before getting even deeper into his lover, who was once again reduced to a panting moaning heap. Seeing the women return to this state made the pinkette lose what little control he had left. Not only did his thrusts get faster and stronger, he also became a little rougher with her. The young male decided to grab a hold of Layla's golden locks and began to grope and slap her jiggling back end. While the blonde did enjoy the ass slapping, she knew that her boyfriend was holding back so she decided to fix that.

"If you're going to pull my hair, at least do it right." Layla demanded through her panting. Natsu grinned at his girlfriend's greed. Even when she was already in a state of euphoria, the women still wanted more from her him. Not wanting to disappoint the horny mother, the pinkette strengthened his hold on her golden locks and put even more of his seemingly endless strength into his thrusts. "That's perfect! Keep going you stud." The moaning blonde ordered. The pink haired teen could tell that his lover was getting a little too carried away with ordering him around, so he decided it was time to remind her who was really in charge.

The young man forced his beautiful girlfriend further against the glass door and started thrusting into the deepest part of the older women. The dark eyed man's plan worked perfectly. Layla was so caught off guard by the increased feeling of fullness, even though she had been waiting for it for quite a while. 'It's hitting the very back of my womb... this is amazing.' She thought as tongue rolled out of her mouth and her eyes roll into the back of her head. The added sensation was so great for her, the women began quickly losing what little strength her body still had.

Natsu noticed the state of the lovely blonde and he knew he had to start supporting the older women. The pinkette removed his hands from her locks and her plump ass, before he grabbed the women's wide child bearing hips. Even though he wasn't spanking or pulling the mother's hair, Natsu was still being very rough with the blonde. "Seems like your legs are about to give out, but don't worry, I'll take care of you." Natsu told the beauty, who was struggling to keep up with him. This didn't bother the blonde that much since she was too caught up in the moment. The pinkette could tell this was the case and it made him very happy. "I love you Layla." He declared as he leaned towards the women, turned her head and brought her into a passionate kiss. The couple became so lost in their kiss neither of them didn't noticed that another blonde entering the house.

~With Lucy~

Lucy was currently making her way into her houses main room after exhausting herself outside. The blonde women was planning to spend some time with her best friend, who had been coming to visit a lot more. Lucy didn't really question why since she got to spend even more time with her childhood friend. The young vixen arrived at her destination, but she didn't see the pink haired teen. "Where is he? Virgo said he was inside." Lucy wondered while looking around the room. The blonde scanned the room in hopes of finding some clue as to were her pink haired friend was. The beauty eventually spotted torn piece of clothing and recognized it as her mother's.

The blonde would have started to examine the discarded article of clothing, but her attention was taken away from it by an odd sound. This odd sound sounded very familiar to the young beauty as it was the same sound she had heard when she had almost unknowingly walked in on her mother making love to her best friend. Luckily for the older blonde and pinkette, they had somehow managed to cover up their naked sweaty bodies before the door had completely opened. Lucy was a little suspicious of the rather compromising position she had found them in, but the two secret lovers had managed to convince her otherwise. The young women may have been convinced by the duo at the time, however, she was still somewhat suspicious as what the two were really doing and this was her chance to finally find out what her mother was hiding.

Not wanting to miss her opportunity, Lucy began to follow the sound and she eventually found herself in front of her mother's bedroom. Now that she was in front of the sound's source, it became very obvious what was going on. However, she didn't want to jump to a conclusion, so the young women pressed her head against the door so she could hear better. This decision caused a bright red blush to quickly spread across her face. The young blonde could hear everything that was happening on the other side of the door from her mother's pleads to the lewd sloshing sounds and the sounds of their pelvises meeting.

'Oh my god, they're actually having sex... and it sounds rough.' Lucy thought as images of her best friend and mother going at it. The young blonde was fairly unsure what to think of the situation. Part of her was hurt and angry that the two people she loved the most were doing this behind her back, but the other part of her was very turned on by this revelation. She wasn't sure weather she wanted to storm into the room and demand an explanation or if she wanted to watch the two fornicate. In her curiosity, the young women unknowingly pressed her head against the door a little too hard causing the door to open and her to fall on her side.

The pinkette and the blonde were enjoying each other so much that they didn't hear the thud. Now that she was in her mother's room, she had an unobstructed view of Layla taking her secret lover's sizable member from behind. 'That thing is huge... I know she may have had me, but how on earth she taking the whole thing?' She wondered as she watched her best friend's member enter and leave the older blonde's cum filled pussy. The women's feeling of anger was slowly being replaced by a feeling of lust the longer she looked at the two.

Lucy could barely control her growing lust and she moved her hand down her criminally short skirt, while her other one slipped beneath her form fitting shirt. The golden haired maiden had played with herself to the thought of her best friend quite a lot, in fact, thoughts of the spiky haired pinkette had brought her an amazing amount of pleasure. However, the things she had imagined Natsu doing to her couldn't compare to what was happening in front of her. Considering her mother looked very similar to herself, it wasn't hard for Lucy to imagine herself in her mother's place. 'I wish that was me, it looks so good.' The women thought as a feeling of jealously began to rise. The blonde managed to stave off her jealously by replacing it with pleasure. The pleasant feeling originated when her digits entered her maidenhood and her hands cupped one of her large luscious melons. Since she was a little too turned on by what was unfolding in front of her, the golden haired vixen was unable to contain her cute moans as she played with her moistening folds. Not wanting any obstructions, the women removed her tight body hugging shirt and removed her dampening panties.

Although he was focused on the women in front of him, Natsu managed to pick up the sound of moans. However, since sex was the only thing on his mind, he wasn't able to tell the difference between the daughter and mother's moans and he instead thought that his partner was just getting louder. "You're getting even louder Layla, imagine what that sexy daughter of yours would think if she saw you like this." Natsu teased, completely unaware of the other blonde, who was currently pleasuring herself on the ground.

A crimson blush appeared on the younger women's face when she heard the teasing. Lucy enjoyed the indirect compliment, but she was also embarrassed since she could tell she was a constant topic in the couple's dirty talk. Her embarrassment continued when the pinkette continued to talk dirty. "I wish I could see the look on Lucy's face if she saw you like this, I bet she makes the same kind of face when she plays with herself." He continued in an effort to embarrass the mother even more.

"Oh yes Natsu, fuck this naughty mum senseless with that big fat cock of yours." Layla screamed, while also being completely oblivious of her daughter. The mother was getting clearly getting closer to her climax and so was her partner, so was becoming a lot more lewd and lustful. Although the blonde could barely keep up with the pink haired teen's incredible movements, she had managed to stave of her orgasm long enough that her's would be in sync with her lover's this time. "I'm going to cum Natsu, fill me up with that thick hot cum to me." The mother nearly demanded in her lustful haze as the heat in her core began to get unbearable.

Even though he was in complete control of the situation, Natsu decided to comply with the older women's order. The pinkette let out a low growl before he trust into the deepest depths of the women and released an exceptionally large load into her. This sudden influx of her boyfriend's hot thick seed triggered her impending climax. "GIVE ME ALL OF THAT THICK CUM OF YOURS!" She screamed as her eyes once again rolled to the back of her head. Wanting to give his lover exactly what she wanted, he tightened his grip on her hips and continued to pour everything into the women.

Lucy turned an even deeper shade of red as she watched her mother being filled by an ungodly amount of her best friend's seed. The amount Natsu was giving Layla was so much that the thick creamy liquid began to run down the women's inner thighs. This only amazed and turned the young women even more. 'I can't believe they're doing it unprotected, do they really not care if they get pregnant.' Lucy thought as she neared her own orgasm. All feelings of anger and betrayal had left the young women and all she wanted was to get exactly what her mom was getting. The younger blonde knew she had to act fast or the two lover's would somehow try to explain their way out of their situation. So Lucy got up and snuck up on the pinkette, who was still filling her mother. When the busty maiden was close enough to the other teen, she prepared to grab him, but she ended up slipping over the liquid on the floor and knocking over the couple.

"What the hell just happened?" Natsu wondered when he found himself on his back while being smothered by two pairs of very large breasts. The pinkette knew that women of the boobs belonged to his blonde lover, but he didn't know who the slightly smaller pair belonged to. Letting his curiously take control, the teen moved his face further into the foreign pair of endowments, causing their owner to let out a cute moan. 'Either Layla's boobs got a little smaller and softer or these are someone else's.' The pinkette thought as nestled his head into the new bust.

"Natsu~" Lucy moaned when she felt her best friend basically motorboat her. Now that he had calmed down enough, the teen could tell that the moan wasn't from his girlfriend. Natsu froze when he realised his situation and freed himself from the maiden's endowments. Now that he was free, he was able to look around and assess the situation. From what he could see, Lucy mostly naked and lying on top of him and Layla was to his side, recovering her mind blowing climax, with his seed slowly seeping out of her. Natsu wasn't sure how to react since his girlfriend was in no condition to help him explain what ha been going on.

The situation was made even more difficult because his member had once again returned to it's hardened state due to the sight of the mother-daughter duo and the feeling of the daughter's soft rear end pressing against it. "What's poking my butt?" The younger blonde wondered before looking back. Lucy fainted when when she saw her friend's monstrous member pressing against her rear end. Although she had seen the pinkette's manhood entering and leaving her mother's maidenhood recently, she had never seen it so up close and in it's full glory, so the sudden shock was a little too much.

"Layla, snap out of it!" Natsu said in a panicked whisper. The women remained in her dazed state for a little while longer before she eventually snapped out of it. Layla was confused as to why her boyfriend was in such a panicked state, that was until she saw her fainted daughter on top of him. "It looks like she caught us this time." He told the women, who also getting a little panicked. The older women cursed herself for getting so careless and allowing this to happen since she knew their was no way they would be able to talk their way out of this. However, it wasn't like she didn't have a way to fix the situation and make it good for all parties.

"Hey Natsu, how do you feel about having a threesome?" Layla suggested, making her boyfriend's eyes light up with lust. The older blonde didn't expect any other reaction from her boyfriend. The beauty knew he was very loyal to her and she was grateful for it, but she would have been concerned if someone with his libido turned down a chance to have to busty blondes have fun with him. Before he got too excited, Natsu asked why she suggested it. "Well I was planning on getting a close friend of mine for a threesome for your birthday, but I think sharing you with my little girl will help with out current predicament... Its too bad though, she's probably got the best ass in the country and she's also a milf." The blonde beauty told the teen, making him even more excited. Layla giggled at the reaction she got from her lover and the look of lust.

"Are you sure Lucy will be up for this?" Natsu asked when his mind moved away from this perfect ass that the older women spoke of. Layla reminded him that the younger blonde had just tried to join in on their fun and directed his attention to the pair of damp discarded panties. "I guess you're right, but let's get cleaned up before we start." Natsu told his lover as he got the blonde teen off him.

"That sounds like a good idea, and you better not try anything when we're bathing, I don't know how long she'll be out." Layla reminded her hormonal teenage boyfriend.

~Ten minutes later~

"I thought I told you no funny stuff." Layla complained as she left the bathroom with a angry expression her face. The women was a little annoyed that her boyfriend was a little too touchy in the shower. This didn't really surprise the women that much since her boyfriend's arousal had been through the roof since she suggested something many men dreamed of. 'If he's this excited just thinking about it, I wonder how he's going to be when we actually start, my little Lucy isn't going to stand a chance against him.' The mother thought lewdly as a giggle escaped her lips.

"What's so funny?" A stark naked Natsu asked while following his blonde haired lover back to her room. The older women replied by telling him that it was nothing. Natsu didn't buy this for a second, but decided not to demand an answer from his lovely generous girlfriend. Layla knew pinkette was only staying quite because of her promise to let him have his way with his both her and her daughter.

"Wow Natsu, you must really want to fuck my little girl... but you better not go rough to quickly, this will be her first time and she won't be used to it like I am." Layla reminded her boyfriend. The pinkette replied by saying he couldn't make any promises. The teen knew it would be nearly impossible if control himself Lucy's maidenhood felt even half as good as her mother's. Layla sighed at this reply and just accepted the fact her lover would leave the younger blonde in a very sorry state after he was done with her. As a mother, the blonde women knew she had to look out for her child and try to make everything easier for her. "Just remember she won't be able to take that cock of yours as easily as I can." She sighed when they arrived in front of her room."You stay out here and I'll explain everything and get a few things set up." The older women instructed before entering her room and shutting it behind her lover. Since he was in such a great mood, Natsu was more than happy to wait for whatever his partner had planned.

Natsu waited a few minutes for the women to finish up preparations and somehow convince her daughter to share with her. From what Natsu could hear, things went surprisingly well and his fantasy of having two sexy blondes all to himself was close to becoming a reality. "Come in Natsu, we're both ready for you." Layla told the teen, who didn't hesitate to open the door to what was essentially haven on earth. When Natsu opened the door he was not disappointed with what he was greeted with. On his left was his beautiful girlfriend dressed up like playboy bunny. Seeing the older women in the tight revealing costume a dream come true for the pinkette. Layla saw the intense look of lust of her boyfriend's face and another giggle escaped her mouth. "My my Natsu, you sure are excited, but don't ignore Lucy, she also got dressed up for you." The mother teased, promoting the teen's eyes to land on the other blonde.

Lucy was currently rocking what could on be described as a sexy cop outfit. The costume consisted of a black micro skirt, which did very little to hide the tiny black thong underneath, a matching low cut top, that like her mother's costume, exposed a very generous amount of her cleavage. The costume was complete with a pair of cuffs that were attached the maiden's belt. Natsu knew he would definitely find a use for those in a near future. "How do I look Natsu?" Lucy asked with a seductive wink. While the younger blonde did look a lot like her mother, she lacked the same elegant charm she had, but her seductive body more than made up for it.

"You two looking amazing!" Natsu declared before picking both busty blondes up and taking them to bed. When the teen arrived when he arrived at the bed, he placed both the women down on the comfortable bed. The spiky haired male planned to have fun dominating the duo, but the two had very different plans. What Natsu didn't know was the fact that the mother and daughter duo had a little chat before they let him in. "I'm going to have fun with you two." He stated with a look of lust in his eyes, causing both women to let out a little giggle. The pinkette was a little confused at this and he was even more confused when the beauties turned the tables on him. He now found himself on his back with his hands cuffed behind his back. "How the hell?"

"Sorry Natsu-kun, I still want to have a little fun on top." Layla told her boyfriend before giving him a peck on the cheek. Natsu really should have seen this coming from the blonde's earlier actions. The pinkette knew that try to fight back would be a fruitless endeavor and would incentivise the mother to keep him restrained just so to see him struggle. "What's wrong Natsu? I thought you were going to have fun with us?" The blonde asked in a teasing tone. Unfortunately for Layla, Natsu managed to stop himself from giving her the reaction she desperately wanted from her boyfriend. "I guess I'll have to work a little harder if I really want to break down your pride." She admitted as she moved around to face her boyfriend's member. Lucy was a little confused what she should be doing, so she decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and turned around to face her best friend's member.

"It's so big." Lucy said with a look of awe when she reached the same place as her mother. Layla responded by telling her daughter to simply follow her lead. The younger blonde didn't hesitate and followed her mother's instructions. The blonde duo didn't waste any time and began to lick the sides of the pinkette's raging erection, causing him to let out a small grunt. "It tastes better than I thought it would." She thought out loud as she moved her tongue up to the sensitive tip. The maiden was slowly getting better at pleasing her friend and this was fairly impressive, mainly because apart from playing with herself and reading a few dirty books, the younger blonde had no sexual experience. Lucy knew she couldn't take credit since her ability pleasure the pinkette was mainly because of her mother's help. 'Mum is pretty good at this, but I bet she's done this for him plenty of times.' The young vixen thought as she continued to drag her warm tongue along her best friend's shaft.

While the women were enjoying the manly scent and taste of the pinkette, Natsu enjoyed the view that was before him. On one side he could see his girlfriend's ass raised high in the air with her moistening maidenhood in clear view and on the other side he could see Lucy's rear end being barely covered a tiny tight thong. The view was so great that Natsu didn't mind the fact that he was unable to move his hands. 'These two are so fucking hot. It's going to be heaps of fun when I get rid of these stupid cuffs.' Natsu thought as he stared at the two large round asses, which would occasionally bump together and create subtle but sexy ripples. The only thing that could make things better for the teen would be if he could get his hands on the two of the best bodies he had ever seen. 'Layla's really going to get it for doing this to me... no she'd like that, maybe I should let Lucy have it instead.' He thought as a devilish smile appeared on his face.

Luckily for his little plan, both women were in their own little worlds as they proceeded orally pleasing him. Lucy was quickly growing addicted to the unique flavor, texture and smell. The young blonde could understand why her mother wanted Natsu all to herself and she herself was growing increasingly greedy. This was made obvious by how the younger blonde would do her best to try to run her tongue along more of her partner's member just so she could get more for herself. Layla noticed what her daughter was trying to do, but she allowed it because it made her job easier.

"You seem to really like licking my boyfriend's dick, why don't you put it in your mouth." Layla suggested, making her daughter blush a little. In all her life, she never expected to be in this situation especially with her own mother and she certainly never expected her to say something so lewd to come out of her mother's mouth. However, she fought through the embarrassment and did as the older blonde suggested. Natsu silently cursed his inability to move since it meant he missed out one seeing the cute expression on Lucy's face when she heard her mother's sexy suggestion. The pinkette didn't have too much time before dwell on the fact since he got distracted when he felt the younger blonde's hot breath on the tip of his member right before she put it between her soft luscious lips. The daughter of Layla may have been a little nervous when she first since she wasn't sure if she could even get something so thick into her mouth. But now that she had, she found herself being turned on by having such a naughty object in her mouth. "How does my boyfriend's cock feel in your mouth?" The busty mother as she continued to work her lover's shaft.

While Lucy wasn't able to give a proper response, but her enjoyment of the act was made apparent by the perverse blush that had appeared on her pretty face and the liquid running down her thighs. The young women never though she would be enjoying performing such a naughty act on her mother's boyfriend, so she decided to take a little more of her lover's member into her inexperienced mouth. "How does my little girl's mouth feel around that big fat cock of yours?" Layla asked while watching her daughter envelope the tip of the pinkette's manhood. It was obvious that the teen was enjoying what the young maiden was doing, but it was also obvious that it would take forever for the pinkette to get off from Lucy's amateurish skill. So being the wonderful lover she was, Layla moved down to her boyfriend's family jewels and took one of them into her much more experienced mouth. Another grunt escaped Natsu's mouth when his lover began to play with one of his most sensitive areas. 'It looks like I have to do all the heavy lifting.' The mother said to herself when she saw her daughter's inability to take anymore than just the tip.

Layla wanted to give her daughter so advice or words of encouragement, but she knew that she had to focus on the task at hand. However, the women didn't have to worry since Natsu was more than happy to voice his opinion. "Come on Lucy put more in your pretty little mouth." Natsu instructed the younger women. Although the daughter of Layla thought she was doing a pretty good job for her first time, she was happy to comply and attempted to get more in down her tight throat. The pink haired teen gritted his teeth to stifle another grunt when more of his member disappeared down his friend's throat. Now that she was getting a little better, the women began to slowly bob her head up and down the length of her friend's member. While her added effort did make him feel better, Lucy couldn't compare to how great Layla was at sucking him off. He really couldn't blame his best friend and decided to help her out just a little more. "Use your tongue a more." He told the maiden, who instantly went to work.

Lucy began to twirl her tongue around the sensitive head of her friend's manhood, causing another grunt to escape Natsu's mouth. This was a huge confidence boost for the blonde and she began to move her tongue around a lot more vigorously, while increasing the speed of her head movements. The couple was impressed by how much the scantly clad blonde had stepped up her game. Layla could barely contain her pride and arousal when she saw her daughter's increase the amount of pleasure she was giving her boyfriend. The pride came from how quickly her daughter had managed to adapt and the arousal came from the fact she was pretty much watching a younger version of herself blowing her boyfriend. 'This is great, not only Natsu under my thumb, my little girl is sucking cock like a champion.' Layla said to herself as her lust kept increasing. If the lewd expression on her face wasn't a dead give away to how much she enjoyed the situation, the ever increasing wet patch around her nether region made it very obvious.

Although the mother-daughter duo were having the time of her life, it didn't compare to how much Natsu was enjoying himself. While the pinkette loved the view on in front of himself, it didn't compare to how great the feeling of both blond's hard working mouths licking and sucking different parts of his manhood. While Lucy's skills were still not that great, the amount of effort she was putting in and her mother's help was more than enough to compensate for her lack of skill or experience. The young male was loving right now and wanted to show the two women how much he appreciated what they were doing for him, so he stopped trying to hold back his impending climax. Both women was instantly realised that the pinkette was getting close.

Lucy was alerted when she felt her best friend's member begin to throb and enlarge in her perfect untouched mouth. Layla got her warning when she felt the teen's family jewels heat up and swell in her talented mouth. Having this warning allowed the older women used this as a chance to enact the little plan she had thought of before. When she knew her lover were mere moments away from a climax, the older beauty grabbed the back of her daughter's head and forced the younger women to take even more of her lover's thick lengthy member. Since she knew that the beauty wasn't as talented as her, she only made her take half of it.

Lucy's widened when she felt her throat suddenly being invaded by something so large. The maiden's surprised was increased when she felt Natsu's hot thick seed flood her unexpecting throat. The young beauty attempted to get the pinkette's member out her mouth, but her mother had other ideas. "Now now honey, make sure to drink up all of my boyfriend's tasty cum and don't let a single drop go to waste." Layla said as she forced her daughter's head down. Seeing as she couldn't do anything about it, the golden haired teen did her best to swallow her friend's essence, which continued to pour down her throat. The younger blonde somehow managed to do an excellent job swallowing her friend's seed, this was mainly because she loved the taste a lot more than she thought she would. "You like the taste of Natsu's thick hot cum don't you? I can't believe I have such a naughty daughter." The mother continued to tease as she watched her daughter expertly swallow. Lucy's enjoyment of the new flavor by was made clear to her mother by the dazed and pleased look on her face when she finished.

Natsu's climax eventually subsided and he finished cumming inside his long time friend's mouth. The pinkette may have enjoyed the amazing feeling of Lucy's virgin mouth, he was still annoyed that he had been robbed of the site of the women gulping down every last drop. The spiky haired male began to struggle in a fruitless attempt to get free of his restraints. The older women noticed this feeble attempt and a perverted look appeared on her face. Layla quickly whispered something into her daughter's ears, causing her to snap out of her dazed state. Though he was unsure of what the women were exactly planning to do, he assumed that the mature beauty was planning to do something that would let her on top as that had been her goal the entire day. Both mother and daughter eventually finished their little talk and they began to move. 'I need to get these things off, so I can get my hands on those huge boobs.' Natsu thought as he began to think of ways he could get the cuffs off of him. He knew that it would be impossible to get them off with pure strength as they were real cuffs. The pinkette began to think of ways he could coax the duo into letting him free.

While Natsu began formulating a little plan, the two blondes moved into their new positions. Both beauties were both about to straddle the pinkette, Lucy was hovering her maidenhood above her best friend's mouth and Layla had lined up her crotch above her lover's erect member. The pinkette realised what the two wanted to do and an idea sprung to his mind. "If I make you two cum first, you'll let me go, but if make me cum, I'll do anything you two want for a week." Natsu challenged, knowing that his lover would never give up a chance like this.

Lucy was a little skeptical and was about to deny the offer, but her mother accepted the challenge before she could even utter a word. The older women didn't waste anytime and impaled herself on her lover's long thick manhood. This act surprised her daughter a little. The inexperienced blonde found it incredible that the mature women was able to take the entire thing in one go since she barely able to get half of it in her mouth. The younger Heartfillia began to get a little worried that she wouldn't be able to keep up with her mother's example, but that worry was disappeared when her mother pushed her and brought her sopping snatch to her boyfriend's face. The pink haired male instantly got a taste of the maiden's vanilla like essence. Natsu was happy to find out that there was another thing that the Heartfillia duo had in common. The pinkette knew it would be a bad idea to admit it, but he thought the younger maiden's essence tasted just a little sweeter than her mother. He knew that admitting this would anger the women and he probably never get to have another threesome.

While Natsu was enjoying the blonde's amazing taste, the virgin blonde was enjoying the feeling of her friend's tongue invading her insides. The young women had assumed that Natsu would know what he was doing, but she hadn't expected the pink haired man to be nearly as good as he was. Something about the pinkette's hot talented tongue exploring every inch of her tight untouched cavern was slowly driving her insane. "That feels amazing Natsu, please keep going." Lucy moaned with as she began to move her sexy hips, which allowed the man beneath her access to more of her tight wet walls. This of course caused the beautiful blonde to move even more for the pinkette. Now that he knew that he had the younger women under his thumb, he put his efforts into pleasing his other lover. Unlike her daughter, Layla was large and in charge, expertly ridding her boyfriend's large member. If Lucy wasn't too busty enjoying the amazing new feeling, she would have been in awe at her mother's skill. This awe would have been justified as the mature beauty was bouncing up and down the very sizeable length of the pink haired stud like the horny bunny she was dressed as.

Natsu knew it would be hard to fight back against the women's quick but strong movements. Fighting back was made even harder due to the fact that his hands were still restrained and he wasn't able to use his talented hands to massage the women's bouncing breasts or tease her engorged pearl. He knew if he could gain access to these sensitive areas, he would be able to turn the tables on the women and win the little bet he had made with the two women. The teen also figured out that if things kept going the way they were; he would be forced to do whatever the mischievous older women had planned for him. "Come on Natsu, I know you're enjoying eating my little Lucy's pussy, but I thought you would give me more of a challenge than this." Layla teased with a gleeful smile.

Even without being able to see her, Natsu could tell that the women had an incredibly smug smile on her face. Right now, the teen wanted nothing more than to wipe the smile off the women's beautiful face and show her who was really in charge. However, Layla had very different plans and the thought of losing her power didn't really appear to her right now. "It's just like before Natsu, but you're not getting away from me this timeā€¦ When I win, I'm going to pay you back for all of the times you dominated me." She continued in a lower, sexier tone. The sudden change in his lover's tone was a major turn on to the teen and he was tempted to let the women have her way with him. However, he didn't get as good as he was by becoming the woman's pet. He was always the one the charge and he loved it, so he began his counter strategy.

The younger male waited for his chance and thrust up to meet the women's downward movement. This proved to be very effective as Layla's maidenhood clenched around his manhood and her body stiffened up, she also let out a moan, very similar to the one her daughter was letting out every few seconds. If Natsu wasn't too busy eating out the younger Heartfillia, he would have given the older one the biggest grin. Although the women saw this coming, she had no idea how to fight back against his movements but she realized her movements would be enough to make the pinkette peak before her or her daughter. This realization made the women more confident, but maybe just a little too confident. The beauty began to move her experienced child bearing hips with a lot more vigor. Natsu made sure to keep up with the women's lightning fast movements, since it was obvious the second he stopped moving would be the second the women on top of him would gain the upper hand on his and he simply could not let that happen. 'She's fucking great at this, she's a lot better than before.' Natsu thought as the pleasure continue to increase for him.

Though she was in a lust fueled haze, Lucy decided to turn her head and check how her mother was doing. Even before she looked, the maiden could tell that the older woman was enjoying herself, judging from the loud slaps of flesh and the angelic moans that would erupt from her mouth. While it was a little awkward to hear Layla making such lewd noises, it didn't stop her from turning around and checking on her mother. The young women instantly turned a bright red when she saw the expression Layla's face.

Although she had spoke fairly confidently before, she had quickly been reduced to the state her daughter had saw her in when she was pressed up against a wall. The blonde's mother figure had the lewdest expression she had ever seen on another women. Her mother's usually elegant and loving face had been replaced with that of an animal in heat. 'I can't believe she's making such a face, it's the same face she made when they were doing it earlier.' She said to herself as her face became even more red. The younger women would have never imagined that her mother would make such a perverted face, but than again, she never though she would see her mom having sex with her best friend so up close. Lucy let her perverted curiosity take control and her gaze traveled south, until it landed on the privates of her loved ones. The maiden's eyes became glued to the sight Natsu's large thick lengthy member disappearing into Layla's tight pussy only to reappear mere moments later in its full glory. 'She's really good at this, but how? It's so huge.' Lucy thought, before picturing herself in the same position.

Layla noticed where her daughter's eyes had landed and decided to have some fun at the younger women's expense. However, for this to happen she needed to regain her composure, which meant she had to slow herself down a little. "My my Lucy, it's bad enough that you're humping my boyfriend's face, but now you're drooling over his big fat cock." The older Heartfillia mocked as her voice began even more low and seductive. Due to her all her brain power was voiced on resisting the urge to cum, Lucy wasn't able to give her mother a proper retort. Seeing her daughter's inability to fight back, the mature women decided to tease her even more. "I can't believe how much of a slut my innocent little girl is, I bet all you're thinking about Natsu's dick right now." She continued which oddly enough aroused both her lover and her child.

"Please mom, stop talking like that." Lucy pleaded in an attempt to save face. This only made the busty bunny girl want to tease her more since her reactions were priceless. Layla was a little surprised at her own fascination of seeing her daughter in a flustered state, but she assumed she had picked it up from her lover, who also relished in seeing her embarrassed and erotic expressions. Now that she was seeing it for herself, the older women could understand why the pinkette loved seeing her in such a way. Lucy saw the expression of joy on her mother's face and she realised that she wasn't going to stop teasing her. 'I can't do anything, these two are too good.' The young blonde thought as she realised her situation. She now knew that she was greatly outclassed by the the lovers and all she could really do was enjoy herself. Lucy didn't really mind this set up since it allowed her to get used to the new experience.

"That right honey, don't fight it, I'll take care of Natsu all by myself." Layla told her daughter before she started to speed up her movements once more. The women fully expected that her virgin daughter wouldn't be keep up with her, especially with Natsu beneath her. However, she didn't expect Lucy to hold on nearly as long as had been. Natsu was also a little surprised that he hadn't made the inexperienced women climax yet, so decided to pick up his game once more. The pinkette began to reach deeper into the golden haired maiden's tight entrance in an effort to find even more weak points. This simple action proved very effective against the young maiden and she found it infinitely harder to maintain her composure. She knew that struggling was pretty much useless at this point, but she was determined to keep up with her mother and best friend. Layla found it admirable that her daughter was trying so hard, but since she had been on the receiving end of the pinkette's talented tongue, she knew that the inexperienced teen would peak at any second. "I've seen a lot of things, but I never thought I would see my little girl have her first orgasm at the hands of man... I wonder what kind of face you will make?" The proud perverted mother wondered as she began to lose what little self control she had left.

The younger Heartfilla let her voice out as she reached her first orgasm at the hands of someone else. Lucy's climax was further confirmed by how she let out sweet essence onto her long time friend and due to the strength of the feeling, the young blonde fell forward before being caught by her mother. 'God dammit, I'm going to make her pay for making me miss this.' Natsu thought as he was robbed of seeing his best friend's orgasmic face. This slight feeling of anger caused his thrusts to become a lot more vigorous, which caught Layla completely off guard and made her hug her daughter harder in an attempt to brace herself.

The women's attempt only worked for a few seconds before the pleasure caused her arms to lose strength and made her drop her daughter onto the comfortable bed. Lucy was more than happy to take the chance to rest from the mind blowing feeling and Natsu was also pleased since it meant he could put all his focus onto the women on top of him. While he did enjoy the taste of the younger women's essence, nothing could beat the view in front of him. Even though he didn't like the not having complete control of his lover, the fact that Layla was fulfilling his fantasy from earlier. The pinkette figured that he had enough of a grip on the situation, so decided to start doing something he hadn't be able to do thanks to his other partner, talking dirty to the sexy mother. "You're such a naughty mom, I can't believe that you ridding my dick in front of your daughter... you must be some sort of pervert." Natsu taunted with a grin on his face. The teen was happy he was finally able to see Layla's breasts bouncing in their tight confines. The pinkette's view was made even better by the fact that the beauties endowments looks as if they were going to escape the sexy outfit at any moment.

"Don't get too cocky Natsu, I'm still the on top and you don't have much left in you." Layla retorted in an attempt to save face. Although it was true that Natsu was getting close, it was obvious that Layla was struggling to hang on almost as much as her boyfriend. This was manly because the two knew the other's body so well. 'I wish Lucy could have kept him distracted a little better, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to win.' She thought as a strong feeling of pleasure began to take over her mature but sensitive body.

The two continued at their standstill for what felt like an eternity before they found themselves seconds from a climax. Lucy had recovered from what she described as the best feeling of her life and she once again found herself watching her two loved ones. The young vixen wasn't sure who to support in this situation. She wanted to support her mother since they were supposed to be working together and the thought of owning Natsu for a week sounded pretty good. However, from what she had seen, Natsu could do amazing things were he was completely free and she honestly wanted to feel the same thing her mother did. 'What am I going to do, they're going to cum any second?' The younger blonde pondered as watched the couple. The women decided that she would let the two go uninterrupted and let their bodies decide the winner.

Due to her only being a spectator, the blonde teen had no idea how close the two were, but she could tell it would only be mere seconds before one of them did. Luckily for Natsu, the pinkette's added efforts had really paid off and he managed to push the women over the edge. "FUCK NATSU! I'M CUMMING~!" Layla screamed as her already tight pussy clenched around her lover's twitching cock. The sudden sensation was a lot stronger than the women had anticipated and her soft delicate body dropped onto her lover's strong muscular one. Now that he knew that he had won, Natsu accepted his release and started pumping everything he had into the women on top of him. Layla mewled when she felt the pinkette's warm seed filling her awaiting womb. The feeling wasn't as great as her actual orgasm, but it was still amazing and she couldn't wait to feel it more. "Keep cumming inside me, it feels so good." The women moaned as she held onto her restrained partner.

"Of course Layla, but I won so you better free me when I'm done." Natsu told his older exhausted girlfriend. The women was completely fine with the pinkette being freed from his restraints now that she had her fun being on top of the younger man. However, she need a little time to recovered her strength. The women had greatly underestimated the amount of energy it took to ride her energetic lover. Natsu knew the women needed some time, but he didn't and he was getting very impatient. The pink haired teen looked over to Lucy who had been quietly waiting for her turn. "Can you get these off me Lucy?" He asked as he sat up, exposing the cuffs. The young women pulled the key out of her bust and freed her best friend. "Finally, It's time to have some fun." The pinkette said before he started his little plan. He started by moving the older women off of him before carrying her to the opposite side of the bed. Now that he had positioned the mature blonde, he cuffed both her hands on the bed post and due to her current state, Layla had no idea was happening and only noticed the lack of her lover's muscular frame against her soft one. Natsu smiled when he saw the restrained blonde.

Lucy was a little confused by the pinkette's actions, but she stopped caring when her eyes landed on her first love's raging member. "I thought it was supposed to go down after you came, but it looks even bigger now." Lucy said with a look of awe, and arousal clear in her voice. This just stroked the pinkette's already huge feeling of pride and he moved towards the virgin blonde. When the teen arrived in front of the young maiden, the teen instructed her to clean his member. "You want to me to do what?" A very flustered blonde asked. The women of course knew what the pinkette had requested from her, but she wanted to make sure she heard it right.

"I clean it with your mouth." Natsu ordered in a powerful tone. Lucy had never expected her childhood friend to speak in such a way to her, but it didn't mean she did like it. The inexperienced women didn't know why, but she could resist the man's order and she moved her head down so she could once again wrap her lips around the teen's member. As she neared the large tip, her arousal began to rise. It was not only because of the thought of sucking off her mother's boyfriend again, she was also turned on my the manly musky scent. Lucy began to pant in excitement resulting in the spiky haired teen letting out a small growl. The feeling of the of the women's hot breath was fairly pleasurable for the teen. "Let's see if you can do it without Layla helping out." The male said as he looked down at the young women. Natsu was determined on making this women in front of him as good as the one tied to a bed post. It would be quite a task considering her current skill, but he had plenty of time to teach the maiden.

Lucy opened her mouth wide up and drew closer to Natsu's huge twitching member. The women engulfed the head of her first lover's member and instantly got to work. Unlike before, the virgin didn't waste any time moving her head in an attempt stuff as much of the pinkette's manhood down. However, just like before, she was struggling to get more than half of it down her throat. 'How does mum do this, it's way too big.' Lucy thought as she attempted to force more of the large phallus down her inexperienced tunnel.

Natsu could see that the women was struggling, but he decided not to help since it would only make it harder for her. The young male was eventually going to start helping her out, but he found it amusing to see her struggle so much. The teen was wondered were his slightly sadistic side came from, but he didn't really mind since it made dominating his beauty all the more enjoyable. While he waited for the young women to pick up her slack, another idea popped into his mind to incentivise her a little more.

His tactic may have seen as a little mean, but he knew that it was a sure fire way to make her work harder for his pleasure. "Come on Lucy, your sexy mum can do way better than this, she was swallowing my entire dick on her second try." Natsu taunted with slightly smug grin on his face. The young woman was obviously a little irritated at her best friend's comment. Although she knew that she could never match up to her mother's skills at this rate, she didn't like being reminded of that fact. Not wanting her fragile pride to be shattered, she increased her efforts. Natsu smirked at how effective his taunt was. However, the added pleasure wasn't quite enough for the lustful beast known as Natsu and he decided to finally help his friend. "Come on Lucy I know you can do better than this... let me help you out a little." He said before grabbing the women's head and forcing her to take more than she was prepared for. Despite this fact, Lucy somehow to take the new invader and very well at that. This feat greatly boosted the maiden's confidence and she decided to work even harder.

'I bet I can get all of it my mouth now.' Lucy thought as she attempted to take her lover's entire length. Surprisingly, the women managed what she thought would be an impossible task. The young blonde was quite proud of her achievement and so was Natsu. Now that she had swallowed the entire length, the busty women began to bob her along the entire length of her new boyfriend's cock. This was both shocking and pleasurable for the teen. Natsu wasn't sure if he was happy about this revelation, mainly because he had planned on teasing the inexperienced beauty even more. On the other hand, Lucy was quite happy with her achievement, and her confidence as well as her arousal began to build even more. 'Who knew giving pleasure could feel this good.' The blonde thought as her core began to heat even more. The young women couldn't tell whether it was the act itself or who she was performing the act on that was turning her on so much. It didn't really matter that much though, all that really mattered to the women was satisfying the man before her.

Feeling that his control over the young women was slipping away, Natsu decided it was time to issue a new order. "Hey Lucy, why don't you give your mouth a rest and use your boobs instead." Natsu suggested. Wanting to please her lover, the blonde went with the suggestion. The women quickly undid her top and discarded her bra, exposing her large well shaped melons to her friend. The pinkette wasn't given too much time to enjoy the view as the women didn't waste anytime wrapping her soft breasts around his raging member. Lucy began once again move her head up and down the immense length and this time she also had her exceptional breasts helping up. "Fuck Lucy, you're better than I thought you'd be." The older teen grunted. Although the maiden's endowments were a little smaller than her mother's, she made up for it by having the softer pair. Now that her breasts were doing most of her previous work, the women focused her energy on the head of her lover's member.

While the Natsu enjoyed the blonde's titfuck and Lucy relished in the feeling the pinkette's cock in her mouth, Layla finally managed to recover from her state of bliss. The older women wasn't surprised when she saw the scene in front of her, but she was impressed by how well her daughter was pleasing her man. The mother wanted to congratulate her offspring, but when she tried to move she found herself restrained. 'It figures that he'd do something like this.' Layla thought as she continued to struggle from her restraints. This attracted the attention of the pinkette, who turned around and grinned when he saw his girlfriend was awake. "So are you going to let me go yet? I want to get my lips and tits around that big cock of yours again." The temptress said while licking her luscious lips, in an attempt get herself freed.

"Nah, you're going to watch me make your daughter my bitch." Natsu told his lover with a devilish smirk. Layla was a little annoyed that her attempt at seduction had failed so badly. This was a huge blow to her pride since her charms had never failed. The pinkette knew the effect the situation he was having on the older women, and he was kind of liking it. He had never seen the women in such a desperate and weak state when he wasn't fucking her brains out. "Don't worry Layla, it's not going to take that long... Lucy is already an amazing cock sucker." The pinkette said before looking back down at the younger blonde, who was still hard at work. The younger Heartfillia was so engrossed in what she was doing, she hadn't noticed her mother's awakening or Natsu's lewd declaration. The pink haired male was glad she did hear what he had said since he wasn't completely sure how she'd react to it.

Natsu continued to enjoy the feeling of Lucy's breasts and mouth a while longer until he found himself nearing the edge. Due to her earlier experience, Lucy was able to tell that her lover was getting very close. The young women wanted to fulfill a certain fantasy of hers and she removed her mouth from her friend's member, allowing her to speak once more. "Hurry up Natsu, cover my face and tits with your cum." Lucy begged lewdly as continued to move her breasts along her lover's manhood. Not wanting to deny the women of her wish, he stopped resisting his urge to peak. The younger women was getting increasingly excited as she felt her lover's manhood heating up and twitching between her endowments. Lucy stuck her tongue out in anticipation before once again begging for her best friend for his seed.

"Here you go Lucy." Natsu grunted before releasing. The pinkette let out spurt after spurt of his hot sticky essence over his best friend. Lucy mewled when she felt the substance make contract with her soft supple breasts and her pretty face. While she found the feeling alluring, the strong scent of her lover's seed was intoxicating to the point that she did hesitate to start cleaning herself off. "That right Lucy, drink my cum while your mum watches." He said in his lust filled haze. The younger blonde was once again too involved with her task to notice the second part of the teen's statement. Natsu watched as his childhood friend drank his seed, making sure to leave any trace of the substance.

"How was that Natsu?" Lucy asked as she freed the pinkette's member from her breasts. The young maiden knew that her friend had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but she wanted some verbal confirmation and praise from the man. Natsu obliged and gave her the reply she was hoping for. The older male had to admit he was quite impressed at the women's increase in skill. Even though she was still nowhere near as good as her mother she managed to make him cum, which was all he could really ask from the virgin. Being the more experienced one of the two, the pink haired teen decided to once again take charge of the situation. He ordered the young vixen to turn around and get on her hands and knees. "O-ok Natsu." The half naked women replied before getting into position. Her current position was very embarrassing for the blonde because she was not only exposing her behind to her best friend, but also because she was facing her restrained mother. "Mum? Why are you there?" The younger Heartfillia asked as the man behind her tore off her remaining clothing.

"My lovely boyfriend is just getting some payback." Layla replied with a slight blush on her face. Lucy wasn't entirely sure what her mother meant, but before she could ask, she felt something familiar pressing against her untouched pussy. The young beauty realised what her mother meant and she looked back at the teen. "Please be careful with my little girl Natsu, she's not as durable me." She told the pinkette, making the younger blonde a little annoyed. She didn't like her mother's doubtful words and she planned to prove the older women wrong. The maiden wiggled her ass at the other teen and backed so the head of Natsu's member was almost breaching her entrance. Even without entering her, Natsu could tell it was going to be a very tight fit. 'She's going to regret teasing him like that.'

"It doesn't look like she wants me to hold back and if she keeps wiggling her ass like that, I don't think I'll be able to." Natsu told his older lover before grabbing a hold of her daughter's wide hips. A confident smirk appeared on Lucy's face when she heard the pinkette's statement. She was so confident that she began to wiggle her ass even more. Lucy was pretty much begging Natsu to ravish her and he was very happy to do so. The pinkette slowly slide his cock into her weeping womanhood until he bottomed out. The blondes confidence instantly disappeared when she felt the new sensation. It was clear to her that she had greatly underestimated just how great the simple act of penetration could feel.

"You're so goddamn tight Lucy." The male teen declared as he began to pull of the teen's tight tunnel, only to move his length back inside. The younger teen let out a lewd loud scream at this simple action, causing the pink haired man to continue at a fairly slow speed. "It looks like I have to hold back or I'll break your little girl." The pinkette told his older lover. Natsu wasn't lying when he said this, the young girl's womanhood was so much tighter than her mother's, who had the perfect pussy for the size of his member.

"You're too big Natsu~ slow down a bit." Lucy pleaded as she felt her warm insides being torn in half by her best friend's huge member. Much like his first time with her mother, Natsu planned on teaching her body how to handle his exceptional size. So instead of slowing himself down, he sped himself up. This obviously resulted in the recently deflowered women to scream his name. It was clear that the young women wasn't ready for the new feeling and her earlier confidence was sorely misplaced. Natsu wished he could see his friend's face when she came to this realisation, but he was way too entranced by her giggling rear end and the slightly aroused expression on Layla's face.

"Sorry Layla, I can't hold back, her pussy feels amazing." Natsu apologised while looking his lover in the eyes. Layla just sighed and looked away. She was hoping that man would be able to control himself for more than a few seconds, but that was just wishful thinking. The restrained blonde really wished she could help out her daughter, but she knew that even if she was free, she would only be able to distract the teen and keep him at a slightly slower speed. Natsu saw desperate look on the mother's face and decided to have some fun with this fact. "Don't look sad Layla, Lucy is starting to enjoy it more... just like you always do." He added before forcing more of his manhood into the younger Heartfillia's maidenhood. This of course resulted in another scream from the inexperienced, which only acted as an incentive for the pinkette to keep going.

Just as Natsu had said, Lucy was finding more and more enjoyment from being pounded from behind. The blonde maiden was finding out her friend viewed sex completely different from how most people did. From what she had heard from a certain redhead, the pinkette saw love making as a competition of domination rather than anything else. She had first doubted it when her fallen friend first told her about it, but today's events had really opened her eyes, among other things. Lucy was also quickly learning how her mother could make such shameless and perverse expressions from such a simple and primal act. "More Natsu~ don't stop fucking me." Lucy moaned while her body began to lose all strength. Seeing that the women would barely be able to hold herself up, Natsu grabbed a hold of the women's arms before pulling them back for leverage and the increase how deep he could get.

"Don't quit on me yet Lucy, you're not getting a break until I cum." Natsu claimed. He was planning on giving the young women the best night of her life, and her mother was going to get a front row seat for most of it. 'Blondes are amazing!' He cheered internally as he continued to plot the evening and long night a head of him.

~Next morning~

Natsu and his two golden haired lovers were currently resting from their romp. All participating parties were exhausted from their nightly actives and rightly so. The pinkette had gravely underestimated the amount of energy it took to please both women. He knew that the older women could be quite a handful, but he never expected the younger women to be as resilient as she turned out to be. Although the pink haired teen was still a little tired, he was the first one to awaken and looked to his sides. On one there was Layla and on the other was Lucy. Both women were sleeping peaceful and holding onto his bare body. "I really need to thank Layla for letting me do that, I should take her on another date soon." Natsu thought aloud as he pulled the two closer him.

This woke the Layla up, while leaving her daughter asleep. "Morning Natsu-kun, last night was amazing, we're definitely going to do that again... but don't get carried away with Lucy again." Layla said before hugging her boyfriend back. The women was fine with sharing her boyfriend with her daughter due to the younger women's obvious attraction to her pink haired man. However, the women wasn't fine with her boyfriend sleeping around, Natsu was still her man and she wanted to keep it like that. The pinkette was fine with his new situation. He now not only had one busty blonde for a girlfriend, he now her had sexy girlfriend thrown into the mix. Natsu already considered himself very lucky to have Layla as a lover and the fact that she was happy to share with her daughter made him feel even luckier.

"So what do you feel like doing today?" Natsu asked with a large grin. After last night, he was pretty much happy to do whatever the older women wanted him to do.

"I'm still a little sore from last night so sex is a no go for now, and I doubt Lucy will be waking up anytime soon." Layla replied as she moved on top of her lover. Natsu noticed something a little odd about his mature lover. His lover had never been so sore that they didn't start the morning with having a little bit of fun. It was made even weirder since he focused the night on introducing Lucy into the world of sex, rather than anything else. The older women's complexion didn't look as amazing as it usually did.

"Is something wrong Layla? You don't look so great." Natsu asked as he pressed his head against the older women's head. He instantly noticed the unnaturally high temperature, causing the women to move her head away and turn away. This action was made the teen even more suspicious. "Now that I think about, you've been acting weird for the past couple of days." He said as he looked sternly at the women. The older women tried to look away as long as possible, but Natsu didn't look away from his lover.

The blonde knew that trying to hide something from her boyfriend was pretty much useless and she decided to come clean. "I've been meaning to tell you since it happened, but it looks like I'm going to be a mother again." Layla confessed with a worried look on her face. The older woman didn't doubt the pinkette's faithfulness, but she didn't want to force the stress of fatherhood on the young man and she was worried that this revelation would put a strain on their perfect relationship. However, the women's worry disappeared when she heard the teen cheer and hug her.

"I'm going to be dad!" Natsu cheered with what could be described as his biggest grin. Layla didn't expect such a positive reaction from the teen, mainly because he seemed to enjoy his lax lifestyle and being a father didn't seem very high on his priority list. Natsu look of joy quickly turned into one of confusion. "How come you were so worried about telling me this? We're finally starting our own family." The pinkette asked as he let go of his beautiful girlfriend. The women started mentally kicking herself for begin so nervous about revealing her pregnancy. "We should do something to celebrate this... are you ok?" He questioned as his lover turned away, only for the blonde to throw up seconds later.

"Please get me to the bathroom." Layla requested weakly. Natsu didn't waste anytime to pick up the beauty and carry her to the bathroom. Although one of his lover's was currently extremely exhausted and the other was about to spill the contents of her stomach, Natsu was happy about life. Not only did he have an amazing pair of blonde girlfriends, but he also had his first child on the way. Natsu really couldn't really ask for anymore out of life at the moment.

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