Tales of a single mother

Epilogue: Wintertime loving

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Far away from most of civilisation, on top of a snowy hill, there was a small log cottage. It was around sunset and the weather was fairly calm. The snowfall was light for, but that wasn't going to remain the case, especially at this time of the year. Despite the impending bad weather, a man was actually outside this little log cabin. This man was Natsu Dragneel.

Now twenty-five years old, he'd grown into a fine man. He hadn't changed too much apart from becoming taller and further developing his already muscular build some more. Natsu was making full use of his improved build and to chop and gather wood. The task hadn't been too hard for him and he'd amassed a sizable collection of firewood. "Should be enough." Natsu thought aloud, looking over at the pile. With ease, Natsu picked up the wood and started making his way to the cottage.

He moved through a few inches of snow with just as much ease. Natsu was excited to get back into the cottage, not that he could be blamed. Today was Christmas day and he was spending it with his lovely wife of seven years, Layla Heartfillia. After getting his best friend's mother pregnant, he had swiftly proposed and married the MILF. Those seven years with Layla had been the happiest of his young life and he had managed to father two more children with his lover. As things were, his life couldn't get much better.

Natsu was extra excited this year because this was the first Christmas he was spending alone with his wife. This year was different thanks to Lucy Heartfillia, who'd volunteered to take care of her half-siblings while handling things for her mother's company. Despite how awkward their relationship should have been, Natsu was still very close to her. This was helped by the fact they decided to end the sexual aspect to their relationship. As fun as it was, it would have been too strange once Natsu and Layla had married.

His mind moved from Lucy and back to Layla. The older woman had made him the happiest man on earth, and he still couldn't believe their relationship started the way it did. He could still remember how he'd fallen for the seduction of the charming sexy woman he now had the pleasure of calling wife. The more he thought about, the more he realised never stood a chance against a woman like Layla. She was everything he wanted and more. So he was ecstatic when Layla had organised a week-long getaway away over Christmas.

Natsu's excitement had been very well placed as this week-long retreat had been heaven on earth. He loved being a father but getting to spend so much alone time with his wife something special. Even with her advancing age, Layla's libido hadn't died down. In fact, this getaway had confirmed that his wife had become even more amorous. "I wonder what she's got planned for today?" Natsu wondered as he reached the door of the log cottage.

Looking at it brought a smile to his face. This cozy little cottage was in stark contrast to the massive Heartfillia estate. It only consisted of four rooms. There was a tiny bathroom that was essentially just a bathtub. A rustic kitchen, which was one of the larger rooms in the cottage. There was also their bedroom, which was just a bed, closet and bedside table. Finally, there was their living room, and while it was the largest, the room was still very cozy. It was only large enough to fit the couch, wooden coffee table, a Christmas tree and the open fireplace. Natsu opened the door and scanned the quaint little living room.

Upon entering the room, Natsu was a little disappointed that he didn't see his wife in the living room. So he made his way to the fireplace, adding more wood to the dying flame before dumping the rest near the fireplace. "Might as well change out of this." Natsu said, looking down at his snow-covered clothing. The pinkette made it back to his bedroom and that his darling wife wasn't waiting for him. He changed into some lighter clothing, which was just a black tank top and grey sweats. "She's probably washing up or something." He muttered as he re-entered the living room. Upon entering, his eyes were drawn to the sight of his wife, and it was quite a sight.

"Good afternoon darling." Layla greeted in a low sultry voice. The older woman was currently in front of the now roaring fire, laid on her side and dressed in very little. Her lover half was only covered by green thigh highs and matching green crotchless panties. Her thigh highs hugged and accentuated her plentiful thighs and her long luscious legs. Her underwear did similar things for the woman's wide hips and heartshaped buttocks. Much like most of Layla's underwear, the panties she had on were quite racy, choosing ease of access as opposed to actually covering up the essentials.

Natsu's gaze travelled up scanning her stomach, which was so flat that it was hard to believe that she was a mother of four. His lustful looks eventually landed on the best pair of tits he'd ever seen. They were only partially wrapped up by a large red ribbon and bow. However, partially was the operative word since there was plenty of underboob and cleavage on display. Still being weak to the woman's endowments, his look remained on them for a while. He eventually stopped staring at the woman's tits and he landed on her immaculate face. Layla's long blonde locks were done up in twin tails by red ribbons, red lipstick decorated her plump pillowy lips and the look she was shooting him was doing all sorts of things to his libido. Heartfillia women aged very gracefully, and this was truly a testament to that. "Wow." Natsu managed to say while gazing at his wife. He was at the point where he could barely conjure a thought and the dumbfounded and slack-jawed expression on his face made that very obvious.

Layla smiled at the reaction she got and started getting up. Her husband didn't move an inch, he was far too busy drooling over her. She sauntered right up to her man. Though it was a short walk, she was going to make the most of it. Layla made sure there was just enough bounce in step and enough sway in her hips to keep the pinkette entranced. When she reached her husband, she took him by the hand and guided him to the couch. "Do you like your present Darling?" Layla questioned, pushing him onto the couch.

Layla then straddled her lover and waited for a reaction. "It's amazing." Natsu muttered, his mind failing to process the pure sexiness in front of him. She giggled knowing that even after seven years of marriage, she could still break his brain. As she settled into her position, she was happy to feel a certain something hard and excited pressing up against. Unfortunately for the mush that Natsu called a brain, Layla was only just getting started.

"I'm glad you like it, I made sure to include all the Christmas colours... I made sure there was plenty of red." Layla started, adjusting her ribbon and pouting her lips. "There's also plenty of green." The older woman continued. She began to buck her hips and really press up against the man's rigid manhood. "Oh my, it seems like I've forgotten white, but you can help me with that... right?" She continued, putting on the ditziest voice she could. If Natsu wasn't done already, he was now. The woman had discovered her husband loved it when she played the dumb blonde. She only added to the effect by pressing her soft voluptuous against her husband's solid one. "Maybe you could give me that shirt you're wearing... Unless you can think of another way to give me something white Natsu-kun." She continued, still playing dumb.

Natsu's brain eventually recovered from the lewd overdose so he could focus on giving playing along. "I've got a couple of ideas, but you're gonna have to get on your knees." Natsu instructed. The blonde-haired MILF maintained a ditzy expression and started making her way onto her knees. However, she did so slowly and made keeping her body as close to her husband's as possible. It was partly to tease and work up the pinkette more, but she did so mainly for her own enjoyment. Her husband's body was unnaturally warm, she always loved this about him and it was made all the better considering the weather and her current state of dress.

By the time Layla was on her knees, both of them were sporting strong matching blushes. Once the older woman was in position, she could see her husband's pants truly being put to the test. She couldn't stop herself from pulling them down, releasing the bitch breaking beast she'd become very acquainted with over the years. The blonde stopped from a few moments to admire the throbbing pillar of man in front of her and take in the musk coming from it. She couldn't wait until the pinkette fucked her with it, but right now, she had to focus on giving Natsu his first gift. "Oh, so that's how you're going to do it." Layla exclaimed, sounding as ditzy as possible.

"Yeah, unless you've got another idea." Natsu replied, leaning back on the couch. His wife shook her head before tugging on the bow binding her breasts. The woman's large milky breasts bounced a little as she freed them. Much like the rest of her body, her magnificent mammaries had only improved over the years, growing in size while maintaining their immaculate shape.

"Don't worry, I'm really good with dicks... Just makes sure to give me plenty, ok Natsu-kun." Layla claimed, perfectly playing the role of a blonde bimbo. Without another word, the woman enveloped a good amount of her lover's manhood, but not all of it. Even with her gigantic jugs, she couldn't completely smother the mammoth manhood in front of her. "Wow, you're so big Natsu-kun."

Layla had long since mastered the pinkette's cock at this point in their relationship. As she started rubbing her breasts along the man's length, enjoying the feeling of the long thick slab of man meat between her heavenly chest. Enjoying the act was an added bonus for Layla, who quickly hit her stride. Everything she was doing was perfect. She could have given Natsu a lackluster titjob, and her jugs were so perfect it'd be hard to notice. However, she put everything she had into it, with her speed and pressure being just right. "Damn you're amazing." Natsu muttered through his ever-increasing grunts.

"I already told you that I'm great with cock Natsu-kun." Layla reminded, looking up at her husband. There was a certain glimmer in her eyes as she did so and it only made things even more exciting for the man. Natsu's voice continued to come out more the longer she continued to work her goddess-like breasts.

The pinkette wasn't alone in that heightened excitement. Seeing her stud of a husband grunt and moan at her touch made her feel so unbelievably sexy. She knew for a fact that her current efforts would have been more than enough to get what she wanted. But it was Christmas and she wasn't going to half-ass anything. "Your cock is being super stubborn Natsu-kun, I wanna finish my outfit."

Layla opened up wide and used her mouth the capture the parts of Natsu's manhood that were alluding her breasts. Her lips created a perfect seal around the pinkette's solid length. Plenty of practice made what used to be a difficult task as simple as breathing from the woman. With that being the case, she started bobbing her head in perfect rhythm with her breasts. Natsu gripped the couch tight when he felt Layla's tongue lash at and tease his helmet. "Damn." Natsu muttered.

The pleasure he was feeling was written all over Natsu's face, who didn't bother trying to hold himself back. The younger man was in heaven at the moment. Luckily enough, the pinkette wasn't the only one that was enjoying himself. As dirty as it was, Layla enjoyed sucking her husband's dick for a lot of reasons. She mostly loved the reactions she got the from the man in front of her, seeing her manly lover moan and make such a cute expression brought her back to when they first got together.

There was also the sensation of her lover's piping hot manhood invading and violating her mouth. There was just something so intimate about having the pinkette's cockhead and shaft filling every inch of her mouth. Being able to feel her husband in such a way was something she could never tire from. Finally, there were the flavours and smells that radiated from her meaty invader. With every lick, she could taste more of the manly taste she'd grown addicted to and her nostrils were constantly filled with the man's somewhat overpowering musk. Both encouraged her to work harder and within a few moments, she was completely in the zone.

Natsu was quick to realise that he wasn't going last much longer against his wife if she was working this hard. The combination of Layla's world-class titfuck, her flawless valley girl impression and the feeling of her mouth was sure to make short work of any man. The pinkette was no exception. While he held out as much as he could Layla was simply too good. Minutes felt like mere seconds for the pink-haired man as he raced to the heights of pleasure. "Layla." Natsu grunted.

The woman started to pull back as she felt the younger man's cock pulsing and quivering in her mouth. While she continued to smother and tease the pinkette's cock with her breasts, she released the mammoth from her mouth, resulting in a loud audible pop.

"Give it to me already Natsu-kun~." Layla mewled, anticipation completely lacing her voice. Unable to deny the older woman's lewd request, the dam broke. Natsu instinctively bucked his hips as he released everything he could. The blonde mewled as she was splattered by ropes of her lover's hot thick cum. Some landed on her face, some landed in her hair, but most of it landed on her massive mammaries. By the time Natsu was done, her breasts were completely glazed.

Both husband and wife found themselves needing some time to recover a little bit. With the former needing to take a longer breather. Layla recomposed herself fairly quickly and quickly started clean herself of her lover's seed. Natsu's manhood instantly sprung back to life as laid back on the couch and relished in his post-orgasmic bliss. He could have watched her do this for hours, but a timer went off in the kitchen, getting the attention of both of them.

Layla stopped cleaning herself up and stood up almost instantly and she rushed into the next room. Natsu found himself a little confused by this, but he was still recovering from a world-class blowjob-titfuck combo. This would clear up soon, but they would have been clear had of he noticed the sly smirk on his wife's face as made her escape.

Natsu took a few moments to himself, but he perked up when heard his wonderful wife calling for him. "Natsu, the food is ready." Layla called out. Hearing her angelic voice call out to him was already enough to make him want to break the door down and fuck her silly. But now he was even more motivated. He wasn't going to pass up the chance to enjoy the rare treat that was his wife's cooking.

Natsu swiftly moved into the kitchen and he was once again met with the sight of his wife being unbelievably sexy. Her expression was no longer one of a ditzy blonde, but rather of a predator that'd trapped its prey. She was sat atop the kitchen table. Her tits were still out and her legs were spread, exposing the green article that did nothing to hide her sopping flower. It was pretty obvious she'd dropped her character and she was ready for something else. "So no food? Not that I'm complaining." Natsu said, unable to advert look away from the glorious sight in front of him.

Layla blushed as she felt just how intense her husband's gaze was. However, she couldn't let herself get carried away just yet. "Oh no, I think you misunderstand Natsu." Layla replied, before reaching for something behind her. The blonde pulled out a mistletoe and opposed to dangling it above her head, she aimed further south. She smirked when she saw her husband's eyes widen at where the mistletoe ended up. "There's plenty to eat, now come here and enjoy your snack." She continued, her voice akin to succubus drawing in her prey.

Natsu didn't waste any time and positioned himself in front of his wife's crotch. Seeing as the damp article did nothing to cover his wife's womanhood, the aroma coming from Layla's flower was quite prominent. The alluring sight was already enough drew the pinkette in, so the scent was just the nail in the coffin for him. "You're excited, don't tell me you liked sucking me off that much?" Natsu said teasingly as he started to remove the soaked piece of fabric.

"You don't understand how hot it was seeing you split those logs... But focus." Layla admitted, sounding rather flustered about the whole thing. She'd almost messed up her little plan by getting caught up in watching her husband work. Watching her young stud of a husband did all sorts of things to her. She could have watched him for hours.

"But how am I supposed to focus when there's so much to choose from." Natsu retorted teasingly before discarding his wife's green panties. While Layla's sopping sex was now completely defenceless and waiting, he didn't want to let other parts of her go underappreciated. "Look at these thighs, they're so nice and thick." He questioned. Natsu began to pepper his wife's thick supple thighs with kisses, slowly making his way up to her weeping womanhood. His wife mewled and quivered as he did so. Knowing it would be easy to make his wife cum brought a smile to his face. He was tempted to tease her, but after what she did to him, he owed her something special.

After peppering the woman's ample thighs with kisses and the occasional bite, he finally reached Layla's lovely lower lips. His hot talented tongue gently traced around the blonde's maidenhood in a truly teasing manner. While his wonderful wife seemed to enjoy this for a bit, it was obvious she wanted something more direct. "Darling please~." Layla moaned before she felt Natsu drag his talented tongue along her slick slit. This simple action made the woman quiver as her flower continued to moisten with anticipation. She took some solace that the pinkette wouldn't be able to hold back much longer, but it didn't make Natsu's teasing any less agonising. Something that Natsu knew very well, and he continued to tease her for close to a minute.

He only decided to get down to business when the woman's panting and moans became rather obvious. Holding back had been rather hard for Natsu considering just how tantalising her essence was. It became even harder when he noticed the small puddle of vanilla-scented essence on the counter. His wife was very much pleased when his tongue started to dance around and work on the many sweet spots he'd discovered in their time together. 'Never gonna get sick of this.' Natsu thought, grabbing the woman's thighs and burying his head further in.

Layla let out a squeal as her husband started working his magic. Her husband didn't simply eat her cunt, he feasted on it. Before Layla knew it, her voice was ringing throughout the kitchen of their small wooden cottage. She made no attempts to control her voice, she knew for a fact that was futile. Seven years together had allowed Natsu to master the art of cunnilingus. For Layla, the only thing that could beat Natsu's tongue was the third leg she'd sucked off early. "Fuck! That's fucking perfect!" Layla screamed, instinctively wrapping her legs around her lover's head.

The blonde's leg lock was a rather tight one, with the pleasure seemingly amplifying her strength to a nearly inhuman degree. She didn't want Natsu to stop and her pleasure raptured body was doing its best to keep her lover right where he was. Her mature motherly demeanour was blown apart as her husband continued enthusiastically to lick, prod and suck on all the right places.

She cried out in pleasure as her ever-tightening leglock only seemed to encourage the pinkette's efforts. Part of her was worried that she'd suffocate her husband, but that part had been pushed to the depths of her mind by the constant waves of pleasure. Pleasure completely wracked her body at this point and the only thing she cared about was keeping her hunky husband in place and keeping this freight train of pleasure going. One hand was now tightly gripping her husband's pink locks while the other was massaging one of her massive mammaries. She was honestly being rather rough with both herself and her husband.

Luckily enough, Natsu loved servicing his wife. Her flower produced the most delectable nectar, he could lap and slurp the seemingly endless flow of her vanilla-scented essence. The feeling of Layla's thick thighs smothering him could only be outdone by her amazing funbags. Even her rather rough grip on his hair added to the experience for him. He loved it when the woman got a little more assertive with him.

Somehow, the husband and wife stayed like this for the next ten or so minutes. Layla had completely lost herself to the pleasure of her lover's tongue. She was widely moving and thrusting her hips to the point that she was face fucking the pinkette at this point. Despite her age and experience, the mother was reacting as if she'd only discovered what sex was. However, it's not like she could be blamed, her loving husband was just a little too good at this. She was now preparing for yet another mind-blowing climax. Each of them had been great on their own, but the fact she'd had them in such quick succession was really making this a real ride for the mother of four. As she built up to the next one, she knew it'd likely be the last one her body would handle.

"Natsu!" Layla screamed at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm had hit her even harder than she thought it would. Her body began to spasm, quiver and convulse as her husband finished her off. Her leg lock tightened at first before she fell back a little as her grip loosened completely. The woman was left a breathless quivering mess as she laid down on the counter. Her eyes were somewhat glazed over from just how intense it was. "That was amazing darling." She managed to mutter.

Natsu was more than happy to take the compliment while he tried to catch his breath. "Glad you're happy." Natsu joked, doing his best to recover. Layla always got carried away when he ate her out, something he took as a compliment to his skill. He enjoyed the stroke to his ego and the act itself, even if it did result in many near-death experiences. They were intense titillating near-death experiences, but they were near-death experiences nonetheless. "Well let's get onto the next part." He declared, standing up. He eyed the blushing and panting blonde-haired mess he called his wife with a hungry eye.

Layla smiled, spreading her legs a little wider and preparing to deliver a sexy one-liner. However, the older woman's legs quickly shut when a very loud alarm went off. Layla cursed under her breath and sat up rather quickly. She was still in the process of coming down from her high, but she did her best to sound mature. "As much as I want to keep going, I really don't want to ruin our dinner again... You can be difficult when you're hungry." Layla reminded as she struggled to get up.

As much as the pinkette wanted to screw his wife right then and there, he found himself showing a restrained that had been very much absent in his teens. "Fine, but I'm taking these with me... Gonna need to sort the whole being rock hard situation out." Natsu said, grabbing the previously discarded panties. Layla smirked before branding her husband a pervert. He just shrugged and started making his way out. "Can't wait to see what you cook up." He said excitedly as he exited the room.


The storm had finally come through, but that didn't matter for the happily married couple. After their little encounter in the kitchen and dinner was served, the two had been able to calm down somewhat. After sharing dinner, they'd called to check in on Lucy and the kids before exchanging some non-sex related gifts. None of the gifts given were particularly expensive, but all of them were quite sentimental. Their little cottage was now fairly quiet and the two currently just cuddling on the couch and demonstrating a great deal of self-restraint.

Now, they still wanted to tear each other's clothes off and then tear into each other, but they also wanted to simply enjoy some time together. Both were now dressed in matching ugly Christmas sweaters and Layla had even done her hair up in her usual elegant bun. Natsu didn't quite understand why the woman had done this, but he wasn't going to complain. To Natsu, the woman looked great no matter what she wore or held herself.

The blonde woman was now laying onto of Natsu, once again enjoying the heat her husband seemed to radiate. Natsu was simply enjoying his wife's soft body squishing against his solid one. "So how are you enjoying this so far?" Layla asked, hugging her husband harder.

"It's been great, you've been extra freaky since we got here." Natsu replied as he started running his hands along her back. Layla giggled a little bit and she was clearly quite proud of herself. Natsu couldn't blame her for that considering how their week had played out. The pinkette couldn't figure out what he enjoyed the most. Unsurprisingly, Layla made an amazingly sexy Mrs Clause, which the couple had gotten plenty of mileage. It was made all the better by the fact Layla gave their little sexcapades names. "I loved raiding Mrs Clause's cookie jar, not sure how you're gonna top that on." He declared, his hand reaching the beauty's jean-clad ass.

Layla let out a small moan when she felt her husband's hand softly squeeze down on her bountiful booty. She was honestly surprised that her man was only getting grabby now, but she wanted to enjoy cuddling a little bit longer. "Really? Stocking Stuffer really good, but then again Naughty to nice was something special... I never really get to use the dom gear that often." Layla reminisced, getting a pretty sizable reaction from Natsu. She this made her smile even wider. They'd really run the gambit this week and while their sex life definitely didn't need reinvigorating, this certainly didn't hurt things.

"I guess you've got a point, but you're right, we've really gotta bring that out more often... You look great in leather." Natsu replied, not even trying to be subtle with his groping. At this point, he'd pulled the woman's leggings down and exposing her delightful derriere. "No panties, I like your thinking." He commented before getting back to the task at hand. Her breasts were amazing, but he'd be a poor lover if he didn't take some time to acknowledge just how grand her ass was. "Seriously though, how are you gonna top what you've done so far?" He questioned. The woman's smirk became rather smug as she heard the question.

"My my, it seems like you have forgotten that you never finished opening your present." Layla reminded before she started sitting up to straddle the man. As the woman raised, the woman removed her sweater, once again exposing the motherly body beneath. Her smile only broadened when she saw and felt her husband's reaction. "Come on Darling, let's get back into the bedroom so you can tear open your present nice and wide." She instructed, her voice dripping with lust. She was being strangely assertive, but it's not like he was going to complain about it.

The woman fixed up her clothes a little before she started making her way to their bedroom. Sure she could have waited for the pinkette, but she was in a bit of a teasing mood. As she made her way to the door of their bedroom, she made sure to sway and swing her wide child-hearing hips. The blonde-haired woman only managed to get near the door before she felt herself being pressed against the hard wooden walls of their cottage and the hard body of her husband.

"Fucking tease." Natsu whispered, before pulling back a little. He only did so to give himself enough room to rip open the woman's sweater. Layla was audibly and visibly surprised by this, but she wasn't going to stop him. In fact, she encouraged it by backing her ass up and grinding a little. However, she only got to do that for a short time before she was turned around by her husband. She didn't have much time to react and she now found herself with her back to the wall. Her husband established a firm grip on her backside and used it to lift her, bringing her to his eye line. "No more teasing from you... I'm gonna take you into that room and I'm putting another baby in you." Natsu declared.

Layla felt a shiver go down her spine and a perverse smile snuck onto her face. Her lover's voice was deep, sexy and determined. The older woman instinctively wrapped her legs around Natsu's hips. For all her teasing and mature demeanour, she'd barely been able to keep it together. Though she'd played it off, she'd been wanted a long hard fuck since the kitchen. "Well then, don't keep me waiting." Layla replied teasingly.

Without so much as another word, Natsu kicked down the door of their bedroom and rushed into the small cozy room. Layla took the opportunity to steal a kiss from the pinkette. It was a little dangerous considering how fast they were moving, but she knew her husband would keep her safe. Her trust was well placed and the couple was now finally together on their bed.

Neither of them wasted any time when once they found themselves on the bed. They separated from their short but incredibly heated kiss just so they get rid of their remaining clothing. The room was filled with their panting and shuffling as both of them desperately tried to disrobe as quickly as possible. The moment their clothes had been discarded, they promptly got back kissing. Their tongues duelled, but not so much for the sake of dominance. Both of them were completely overwhelmed by their love and lust and were simply listening to their bodies.

Neither of them could get their hands off their significant other, nor did they want there to be any space between them. Not even so much as an inch was between the frisky husband and wife. Layla clung tightly onto her husband as their passionate kiss continued. She relished in the feeling of Natsu's larger well-built body pressing against her. The older woman was so glad that her lover never stopped working out.

Meanwhile, Natsu's hands started to roam his lover's soft motherly body. His large calloused hands ran along and grabbed every bit of Layla's soft inviting skin. To him, it didn't really matter what he was grabbing, just that he was grabbing something. Both wanted each other and they continued to indulge themselves in their shared kiss.

Their kiss only ended when their air finally became a problem. When the two pulled back, both of them were greeted to the sight of their other half panting like a beast in heat. Layla's elegant bun had come completely undone at this point and her long blonde locks were completely sprawled on the bed. "Layla." Natsu said breathlessly.

"Natsu." Layla replied, staring into her husband's fiery onyx eyes. She gasped when she felt the head of her lover's cock press against her sopping sex. All the teasing and all the build-up had certainly made her far more sensitive than usual. Natsu once again captured her plump pillowy limps as he plunged himself into her. She moaned into the kiss and dug her nails into her lover's strong back.

Natsu grunted when he completely buried himself inside the wet velvety walls of his wife's mature pussy. He'd fucked the woman countless times, but he never tired of it. Despite being a mother of four, her sex was still as perfect as the first time he'd been with her. It remained nice and tight, while still being able to take someone of his girth and length. He could have stayed like this for a while longer, simply immersing himself in this unparalleled feeling, but he had a wife to impregnate.

Even though his movements were somewhat restricted by the fact Layla was clung so tightly to him, they were still more than enough to get the job done. Each of Natsu's thrusts were fast, powerful and just what Layla wanted. He could already feel the blonde's womanhood contracting and coiling around him. Her reactions only escalated when they eventually broke the kiss. Much like the kitchen, his wife started crying out as pleasure coursed through her body with every thrust. The woman's grip on his seemed to loosen up a little. "More." Layla moaned, her face becoming increasingly more flushed.

Natsu used this chance to make some distance between them and slightly adjust. The pinkette moved his hands to the woman's hips and slowly started to speed himself up. Layla certainly wasn't expecting the pinkette to turn things up so quickly, but then again she had left Natsu very high and dry. The blush on her face got deeper as she saw the expression on her lover's face. The look Natsu was giving to her was that of a beast who'd captured its prey and she was more than happy to be said prey.

She could have tried to take the reins back from her husband, but she honestly prefered this. In preparation for the pounding of a lifetime, the blonde desperately gripped the sheets of their bed. She also wrapped her long legs around the pinkette's waist. "Good... You better hold on tight." Natsu told the woman, strengthening his grip on her hips. With a cocky grin on his face, Natsu kicked things up to full gear.

Moans, meaty slaps and grunts completely flooded their small cozy room in a matter of seconds. Layla struggled to keep her pleasure wracked body in place as her husband gave her the fuck she had been needing all day. She simply couldn't take her eyes off her husband as he trusts in and out of her. He was a beast that wanted nothing else but to put a baby inside her and she was completely at his mercy. However, it was pretty clear that Natsu had no mercy from the way he used his monstrous manhood thoroughly fuck every single one of her sweet spots.

While Layla lost herself in the feeling of having her pussy completely torn asunder, Natsu found himself completely enthralled by his wife. From the flushed and pleasured expression on her face to the way the blonde's milky breasts bounced and jiggled with his movements fueled his already insane lust. If that wasn't enough, she'd also completely lost control of her voice. All the usually elegant matriarch of the Heartfillia family could do was scream, moan and beg for him to fuck him harder. It was music to the pinkette's ears who just kept going hard and harder until his hips were essentially just a blur. Both knew that this was going to be a fairly quick round, which only encouraged them to enjoy themselves even more.

Once again, the concept of time became completely lost on the couple. They could have been fucking for hours, minutes or even seconds. It honestly didn't matter for either of them. The only things that mattered were each other and the indescribable pleasure ripping through both of them. Layla had already lost track of how much she'd cum, and she could tell she was once again racing for another climax.

Luckily enough she was certain that her husband was going to be along for the ride. She could feel his cock throbbing and expanding inside her. The younger man was only moments from erupting and her body was more than ready for it. "Fucking take it!" Natsu ordered, through gritted teeth. Natsu gave his wife one more powerful bitch breaking thrust, burying himself in the deepest depths of the woman before finally cumming inside her. The feeling of having her waiting womb being flooded by her lover's potent seed instantly triggered yet another orgasm for the mother.

Both of them road out their shared bliss. Layla's back arched and her body became a quivering and quaking mess as she let out a silent scream of pleasure. Natsu simply held his position, completely taken in by the velvet vice that his wife called a pussy. The woman's body demanded that he give her everything he had to offer. His earlier load paled in comparison compared to what he was letting out.

His climax took more out of him than he expected and he almost fell onto the woman but managed to catch himself a mere inch from Layla's face. "Fuck, you really weren't kidding about trying to knock me up again." The breathless blonde said. Even though it was far from the first time they'd been together, she was still taken aback by what her husband was doing.

"Look, I ain't stopping until I make you a mother again." Natsu claimed, getting a quick peck from the woman.

"We do have to leave rather early tomorrow Darling, so you better get to work." Layla said with a giggle. She knew her husband wasn't going to hold back against, but a little bit of encouragement never hurt.


Natsu stayed true to his word and he did manage to knock the woman up during their first Christmas alone together. Much to everyone's shock, especially Layla, that wasn't the last time Natsu managed to get his wife pregnant. Her husband had managed to make her a mother of seven by the time pregnancy was biologically impossible for her. The couple couldn't be happier about this seeing as they'd both dreamed of having a large family.

Other than a small squad of children filling the Heartfilia estate, not much else changed in the couples life. The couple spent the rest of their lives together, loving each other and watching their children grow. They lived a truly happy life together. Neither of them expected this to be the end result of a horny single mother seducing her daughter's best friend. However, they wouldn't change anything. They were happy and in love and in the end, that's all that mattered.

The end

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