I wasn't even sure I'd end up posting this.. But, I have had this in my head for around two years, and it seems a shame not to share it. Y'see, I'm adopted.. And I've always wondered who my parents were.. Hold on, let me explain something first..

OKAY, before we get to all that.. Have any of you guys ever considered that we all may have some real purpose in life, and all the little deja vu moments represent something that really happened in a past life? Well, this is kind of going to explore these types of things. Reincarnation, if you will. This is just some bat-shit crazy thing that I came up with, and my wi-fi's out… And my mom took away my iPod, which was my last connection to the outside world.. SO, instead of going completely crazy, I am typing this up.

What if Bonnie and Clyde got another chance? Multiple chances, in fact. One in the 60's, in the 90's, and they finally succeeded in 2014. But, during the first two 'second chances', they didn't know who the other was at first, just that they were already a couple. Now, I'm not going to go into detail what exactly happens just yet, I do want you to read this, after all..

ANYWAYS; I'm adopted. All I've known since I was really, really little is that my birthmother's name was Robin, (Robyn? Who knows exactly how she spells it, not me, that's who) and she was 18 when she had me. I also know that I was born by c-section, but I don't know the exact reason. And apparently, I was really early, too.. *shrugs* Who knows.. ALL OF THIS RANDOM INFORMATION WILL CONNECT EVENTUALLY, I PROMISE. IT'LL ALSO HOPEFULLY MAKE SENSE.

TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT (Too late..): The story starts in 1934, on an empty Louisiana road. A black Model-T Ford whips around the curve, unaware of the terror that awaits… (*whispers throughout narration* Thank you for putting up with my craziness! Some chapters will be third person, others in the view of either Bonnie, Clyde, myself, W.D Jones, who I will introduce much, much later in the story, or a mix of any of these. I hope you enjoy! As Robert Porterfield (look him up, founder of Barter Theatre, my local theatre) would say: "If you like us, talk about us! And if you don't, just keep your mouth shut." please read and review if you like this! Love you guys! And now, without any further delay, TheKatInTheHat presents: Through Space And Time.)

Through Space And Time

Louisiana, 1934.

POV: Third

The posse had been there for quite some time now. It was unclear whether their targets would show or not. Their leader, a man by the name of Frank Hamer, was poked in the arm by a young deputy, who used to be a postal worker. Ted Hinton, who had a severe crush on one of their targets, Miss. Bonnie Parker, whispered over at the much older man,

"When are they gonna get here, Hamer?"

"Not a clue, Hinton, just shut your trap and wait." The older man growled slightly as he spoke, whispering rather loudly. The younger man nodded, making sure his rifle was fully loaded. More time passed, and suddenly, one of the others whispered,

"There he is. There's Barrow.."

"Get ready, boys.." Hamer smiled wickedly. They were finally getting their man.

Clyde Barrow sped down the road, a thin, pretty girl at his side. His thin, pretty girl. Bonnie Parker, with red curls, blue eyes, and a smile that made his insides melt whenever it appeared on her face. Which, hadn't been lately, he realized. Currently, Bonnie was sitting quietly, one hand on her toned, flat stomach, reading a magazine. Clyde sighed, gently reaching over to take her hand off of her stomach, which was something that had become a habit when Bonnie had been pregnant with their first child. A little boy, born three months early. Their son hadn't survived his first hour of life, and for about a month, Bonnie had been completely consumed by grief. When he took her hand, the young woman looked up, the light from her blue eyes fading a little when she realized what she had been doing.

"I.." She whispered, tears filling her eyes. Clyde pulled over to the side of the road, shutting off the car for a moment.

"I know.." He said quietly, pulling her close to his chest as her curls began to shake. She was crying now. Not quite the broken, full-fledged sobbing that he remembered from merely days ago, just quiet, but still very heartbroken crying, a sob escaping her every now and again. "We'll try again, sugar…" He promised, trying to comfort her in any way he could.

"For a moment.. I swear I felt him kicking…" She sobbed quietly, even more grief ripping through her already damaged heart. Clyde felt his stomach and his heart clench with sadness. His poor Bonnie… To be so young, and having gone through so much.. He could see it whenever she woke up. Since their son had died, Bonnie had woken up screaming each morning, which her mother said was not uncommon for a grieving mother. But to Clyde, the screaming wasn't the worst part, nor was the crying that followed it. To him, the worst part of their morning ritual was the awful silence from the thin, pale girl in his lap. After the silence, he would ask her to look up at him, and when she did, he would wipe her tears with a feather-light, tender touch, being careful with his fragile woman. He would look into those bloodshot, yet still beautiful blue eyes, and see it all. A child, losing her father. Moving to a new place she hated. A teenager, trapped in a loveless marriage. A young woman, ripped away from her beloved mother to go with him, on what they both thought would be an adventure, but now would surely get them both killed. And worst of all, he saw a new mother, grieving her son.

He held her close until she finally calmed, and a small smile lit up Bonnie's face.

"I love you.." She whispered up at him, reaching up to stroke his cheek tenderly.

"I love you too, sugar.." He smiled, kissing the palm of her hand, making her giggle for the first time in a long time. Clyde grinned, that warm, dopey grin that made Bonnie's insides melt as much as her thousand-watt smile made his. The light returned to her eyes, and she smiled wider when he did, making him chuckle. "Like my smile, dontcha?" He said quietly, and she nodded.

"It makes me smile.." She said, squeezing his hand once more.

"Well, then… I'll have to smile much more often.." He said, tickling her sides. The woman squealed, laughing suddenly.

"Clyde!" She laughed, trying to squirm away. That only made him laugh harder, and tickle her even more.

"Let's go, Bonnie.. Gotta get to Methvin's house before sundown.." She nodded, settling back into her seat. The pair drove down the road, then slowed down when they saw a familiar truck in the road. That's when the gunshots began to sound. The first round killed Clyde instantly, and Bonnie's hand instinctively shot to her stomach, before looking over at him. He had slumped over the steering wheel, blood dripping down his lifeless face. Bonnie screamed, as more gunshots began tearing through the car, killing her as well.

In the morgue, later on, the undertaker took his first real look at the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde. He had been kidnapped by the two once, and he had noticed Bonnie was pregnant, but not very far along. They hadn't had a child with them, and according to his notes, she still should have been pregnant. He was sad when he realized what had happened to the baby that they both had been so excited about, and even sadder when he noticed a gunshot wound going completely through Bonnie's hand, and into her lower stomach. Where her child should have been.

I PROMISE THEY AREN'T ALL THIS SAD. Okay, who am I kidding, this is me we're talking about… But I can promise that there is happiness coming. Maybe not within the next two chapters, but it's coming. Also, I think this is the longest first chapter I've ever written.. Also, I forgot to mention this earlier: some of the chapters will be taking place in Heaven, some on Earth, and some flip-flopping between the two. Kinda-sorta a reference to Five People You Meet In Heaven, if you've ever read the book, or watched the movie.. It's on Netflix, people.. It's so sad, and adorable, and oh, my goodness… Also, the whole Bonnie-having-a-baby-boy thing.. It's a fan fiction that I have typed up on my iPod.. But, I'm never, ever going to post it, for pretty much one reason: the chapters are soooo short it hurts me.. So, if you're interested, drop me a PM, and I'll type all 13 chapters up and send them to you! Thank you for reading, and I promise I'll update soon!