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Through Space And Time

Time: 1934

Place: Heaven

Current POV: Bonnie

When I opened my eyes, I wasn't in that car anymore.. I wasn't anywhere. All I heard around me was soft music, and a voice calling to me.

"Bonnie Elizabeth, is that you?" Said the familiar voice, the faint smell of cement wafting towards me.

"Daddy..?" I turned around, and there he was, my father. Grinning at me. I ran over, crying quietly as I reached him. He pulled me to his chest, holding me in his arms, much like Clyde once did. Speaking of which… "Daddy, where's Clyde?" I asked him quietly, and he shrugged.

"He's doing his own thing, I suppose.."

"Will I see him again?" Daddy shrugged again, and I sighed. "I love that man, daddy.. more than anything or anyone I've ever loved in my whole life.."

"I know, baby-cakes… And I'm sure if it's meant to be, you'll see him again.. But now, you've gotta move on, there's someone else who wants to see you." I nodded, and moved on.

Current POV: Clyde

I slowly, cautiously opened my eyes. The last thing I had heard before the gunshots was Bonnie giggling. Bonnie! Where is she?! I looked around, panicked. "Bonnie!" I shouted into the emptiness around me. "Bonnie!"

"Shut up, you idiot.. Bonnie ain't here.." Said a voice, rough and very familiar.


"Hey, brother.." I ran over to my brother, pulling him into a hug.

"Hey, Buck.." I said quietly, hugging him tightly. He patted my back gently. I was crying, something I hadn't done since the day after Andrew, our son, was born.

"Aw, don't cry, you wuss.." He said quietly, joking, of course.

"The baby's gone, Buck.."

"I know… I watched Bonnie deliver.. I'm sorry, brother.. You were both so excited.." I nodded quietly, sniffling.

"Y'know.. She was scared to death.. I was too stupid to notice that she was in labor 'till her water broke all over the damn car.. I got mad at first.. Thought she'd spilled her soda or something.." I said softly, remembering.

We had been driving for a long time now, around four hours.. It was getting real dark, and I had just stopped to get us some food. Bonnie, as usual, was starving. I handed her her Coke, and kept driving. It wasn't thirty minutes after that I heard a soft splash, and heard her say.

"Shit…" I sighed.

"Dammit, Bonnie.. There's a towel in the back, wipe it up before it gets sticky.."

"Clyde.. I didn't spill the Coke.." She whispered softly, her voice shaking. A sob shook her body, making the seat quiver beside me. "My water broke.." I squealed to a stop.
What..?" I said, not believing.

"My.. My water broke.."

"Bonnie.. How long have-.." I was cut off by a soft moan coming from the form beside me, as she doubled over in pain. Hard breathing followed, and I could see tears rolling down her cheeks in the moonlight. She relaxed, and I placed a hand on her cheek. "How long?" I asked again, quieter.

"Since I woke up.. I didn't think it was labor.."

"Bonnie, you've been hurting since five this morning and didn't think to say?"

"I didn't know, Clyde!" She cried, panicking now. "I didn't think it would be this early!" It broke my heart to hear her crying like that, and I pulled her close to my chest, rocking her heaving form.

"I know, baby…"

"I'm scared, daddy…" She whispered into my neck, then groaned in pain once more, one of her hands clawing for mine. I readily gave it to her, and she squeezed tightly.

"I know, sugar.. Me too. Let's get outta the car, get you into more comfortable clothes, okay?" She nodded once the contraction ended, and I helped her from the car, and her soaking clothes. I helped her into a nightgown, just as another surge ripped through her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I swayed from side to side, rubbing her lower back as she moaned against my chest. I bit my lip. This baby's coming three months early.. Normally, babies this early don't survive long. Hours passed, and I lit a lamp. Bonnie paced around in slow circles, stopping whenever the pain hit, and I'd go to hold her. "Bonnie.. We can't stay much longer, sugar.."

"I can't control how fast this baby comes, honey.." She murmured, sweating a whole lot. Damn, her whole face was soaked with the stuff. I took my sleeve, wiping her brow and upper lip gently. "Thanks.." She smiled weakly, then her face contorted again, her moan louder than before. I rubbed her lower back again, and she gripped the fabric of my shirt tightly. She moaned again, then breathed hard, almost panting.

"Baby?" I asked softly, and in return, I received only a grunt. I looked down at her, and she looked deep in concentration, her face twisted into a mask of pure pain. "What's the matter, sugar?
Pain's different.. Worse.." She mumbled, and I figured it out real fast. This baby was coming. Now.

"Alright, let's get you laid down…" I said gently, trying to move her. She cried out in pain, loudly.

"No! I can't, Clyde.. It hurts to move.." She sobbed, and I had no choice.

"At least kneel, sugar…" She nodded, slowly getting to her knees. "Okay, baby.. Hold my hands, alright? When the pain comes again, I want you to push.." Bonnie nodded, knowing what I meant. I moved the lamp to where it was almost between her legs, where I could see the baby as it came. I knelt behind her, letting her lean against me. Taking both of her thin hands in my own, I waited for her first push. She looked up at me, sweat dripping down her face, her nose, practically everywhere.

"I love you, baby.."

"I love you too, sugar." I smiled softly, kissing her forehead. She groaned, stiffened, and began to bear down. "Good girl…" I murmured into her ear, trying not to wince as her grip on my hands tightened. "Good girl, baby…" She pushed as long as she could, then stopped, breathing hard. "It still hurt?" She nodded. "Alright, push again." She did so again, and I watched for any signs of our child. "Good job, Bonnie.." I praised her quietly, as she breathed heavily once it was all over. "You're doing so well, honey…" I said, wiping the sweat from her forehead once more. She stiffened, and the cycle continued. After what seemed like an eternity, Bonnie's moans turned to sobs, and grunts, and I knew the baby wasn't far off. Sure enough, there was a tiny head starting to crown, coming more and more with each push. "I see him, sugar!" I said, fear turning into excitement. "You're almost done, baby!" I saw her smile, and she pushed again, throwing her head back on my shoulder in pain.

"Oh, god!" She yelled into the darkness, sobbing.

"Just keep pushing, baby.. You're so close.. God, Bon, I'm so proud of you.." I murmured into her ear, kissing her temple as she pushed again. I let go of one of her hands, cradling the tiny head emerging between her legs. She cried out, as the head gently popped out into my hand. "Good girl.. Head's out, honey… Almost there."

"I can't wait.." She smiled, then pushed once more. The shoulders slid out easily, and the rest of the baby followed. It was a boy, and crying quietly. Tears rolled down my face, and I gently laid the new mother down, gently picking the fragile little baby up. "Hey, son…" I said quietly. "Hey.. I'm your daddy.."

"About an hour later.. Bonnie was trying to feed him, but he wouldn't eat.. He died in her arms a few minutes after that.. I never saw her so sad in my life." I said quietly.

"He sure was beautiful.."

"She wouldn't let him go.." My brother nodded.

"Well, you'd better move on, there's someone else who wants to meet you." I nodded, hugging him once more, before walking away, feeling empty.

I DID NOT MEAN TO MAKE IT ALL THAT DETAILED. WHOOPSIES… I hope you guys liked it, though! I cried writing it.. Also, the smell of cement that Bonnie got when she saw her father again, is based on something I read in a book, and it said that whenever
Bonnie smelled that smell, is when her memories of her father were the strongest. If you want to read it, it's called On the Run with Bonnie and Clyde, and it's by John Gilmore. It's so good… Like- he calls her sugar and everything. There's also a part in it that reminds me of the fanfic on here based on Take Me to Church, and ahhhhhh it's just fantastic..