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Through Space And Time

Time: 1934

Place: Heaven

Current POV: Clyde.

After seeing my brother, I sure as hell felt empty. Spilling my guts about Andrew's birth took a lot to do.. So did dealing with Bonnie when we buried him.. She held onto him for days, and after the first initial episode of crying right after he passed, she was pretty calm.. Real quiet, but calm. It was a blessing in disguise, the quiet… We decided to go to her momma's, so she'd have someone to take care of her during this time, who wasn't me. The man who had helped her make that baby boy.. Who had probably caused it to come way too early.. I felt consumed with guilt just thinking about it.

I spent a lot of time alone then. Once we got to her momma's, I put Bonnie to bed and went to my folks', crying my eyes out. Ma came out, and pulled me close without another word.

"Emma called… I'm sorry, son." She said quietly, rubbing my back.

"She's so sad, ma… I've never seen her this damned quiet since I've known her.. She won't hardly talk to me about anything but Andrew.. She won't let him go, either.." I told her, crying once more. My mother sighed.

"It's probably a good thing she's quiet.. Means she's still in shock. I would hold off burying him as long as you can.."
"Can't do that much longer, ma.. Baby's already been dead two days.."

"Your pa's building a little coffin for him.. And I made a christening gown.. For when the baby was supposed to come.." I gasped, realizing far too late that we hadn't gotten our son baptized.

"Goddammit!" I yelled, raking my fingers through my hair, before punching a hole through an already weak wall.

"Clyde Chestnut!" My mother scolded, both for the language I had used, and the violence. I sobbed into my hands, the pain of it all hitting me. Ma wrapped her arms around me, sighing quietly. "Oh, my poor baby…"

"I forgot, ma.." I cried. "He only lived an hour… It happened so fast.. The birth, his death.. Bonnie was terrified when her water broke… Beaming when she held him.. The look of horror in her eyes when she realized he'd stopped breathing.. I'll never forget any of it…" My mother nodded, and I sighed shakily. "She won't let him go.."

"How about I go over with you.. You hold her, while Emma and I take the baby.. Bathe him, dress him.." I shook my head.

"Bonnie wants to do all that.. I want her to do that.. He's her son, ma… She shouldn't have to bury him… He should'a been burying us…"

"I know, honey… Let's just go see Bonnie, okay?" I nodded, numbly getting back into the car. Ma and I drove back to the house, and Emma met us at the door.

"Hey, Cumie.."

"Hey, Emma.." Our mothers hugged, grieving the loss of their grandchild. I went to Bonnie, and found her still asleep, thank god. Our son was still in her arms, wrapped in that damned towel. I reached over and gently brushed a wisp of red hair from her face, trying desperately not to wake her. Her mother walked in, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Your ma brought over the gown.. When she wakes up, you two can bathe him.. Want me to get rid of the towel?" I shook my head, knowing Bonnie would want to keep that.

"Bonnie wants it.." I said softly, not looking up at her. I knew that her mother hated me with every fiber in her body, but I didn't care.. She could do whatever she wanted, I wasn't leaving Bonnie's side. I felt Emma nod, and she sat beside me on the bed.

"She woke up for a spell.. While you were gone.. I heard a noise, and came to check on her.. She was just staring at him… Humming." I nodded.

"Yeah.. She did that when he-.." When he died. I couldn't bring myself to say that word. I had seen it all. Bonnie hunched over our son, whispering something I couldn't hear.. I could hear him wheezing as he desperately fought to live. Then, I heard her singing. I heard her sing when the awful wheezing stopped, and saw our son close his little eyes. She sang for quite some time afterwards, just holding him in her arms. I didn't think she'd ever notice he was gone, but when she did, it was like it hit her all at once. Her hands started to shake, and she looked up at me. I shook my head, and said, "I'm so sorry, Bonnie.." A wail came from her small body, and she sobbed unlike anything I'd ever heard before.

"My poor Bonnie…" Emma said quietly, and I nodded slowly. She looked over at me. "Our poor Bonnie.." She corrected herself, and I found myself hugging the woman, who I knew absolutely hated me, but for her daughter, she was willing to give me a chance, and that meant the world. Bonnie began to wake, and I looked down at her.

"Hey, sugar.." I said softly, and she looked up at me, those big blue eyes so sad. She sat up, wordlessly pulling herself against my chest. I held her close, running my hands up and down her back, trying to calm her. But she wasn't even crying, so what I was doing was completely useless. "Bonnie.. We gotta bury him, honey.." She shook her head, her eyes pleading with me.

"No." She said, her voice slightly raspy. That had been her first word in two days. I was somewhat overjoyed that I had gotten her to talk, but sad that this was what it was about.

"Baby.. We have to." I told her, firmly, but oh so gently at the same time. She shook her head again, and I saw tears welling up in her eyes. Oh no.. What have I done.. I pulled her close again. "Okay.. Okay.. We don't have to, sugar.. We don't have to." I murmured into her ear, trying to soothe her. Her mother sighed softly.

"Bonnie, I know it hurts… But we do have to bury him.. Clyde was right.." She said softly, taking Bonnie's shaking hand in her own.

"No, momma.." She whispered. "Please don't make me.." I held her closer.

"Nobody's making you, sweetheart.." Emma said quietly. "You can bathe him if you'd like.." I felt her nod slowly.

"What do I put him in?"

"Did you two buy anything?" Bonnie nodded again.

"Blankets, little outfits.." Her mother nodded, going to the suitcase, then to my mother in the kitchen. They both came back, ma cradling the gown in her hands.

"I made this, Bonnie…" She said quietly, and I felt her take a shuddering breath. I held her tighter. "It was supposed to be a christening gown… But we can use it for the baby.." We both nodded, and I waited for it to dawn on Bonnie that we hadn't christened our son. It didn't take long, and she looked up at me, her face a mask of pain.

"No.." She said quietly, not crying. "We forgot… We didn't…"

"I know, sugar…" I whispered softly, stroking her cheek gently. "Do you wanna do that? Bury him in that?" She nodded slowly.

"Stay with me."

"I will." I promised her, holding her closer than ever, ever before. She nodded, then looked up at me again, taking one hand off of the baby to stroke my cheek, before kissing my lips gently. I smiled softly, sighing. "I love you, sugar…"

"I love you too, baby…" She whispered.

"Ready?" I put one hand on the child in her arms, lifeless and cold. She nodded slowly, taking a deep breath.

"Yeah…" I helped her out of bed, walking with her to the bathroom, where she gently bathed our son. Her hands shook, and I could tell the shock was wearing off. I sighed deeply, gently taking the baby to towel him off, and Bonnie dressed him in the simple, white dress. "I'll let you hold him for a moment, baby.." She said softly, gently handing the baby to me. "I'm gonna talk to momma a minute." I nodded, kissing her forehead as she left the room.

"Well.. This is it, buddy.. I had imagined this moment coming when you were old enough to drive, had a girl, maybe even a little one of your own or two.. And I had imagined you doing this to me.." I sighed, wiping tears from my eyes. "Your momma and I love you… A whole lot.." I murmured quietly, sighing. There was a soft knock at the door, and I could hear my father's voice. He was here with the coffin, no doubt. He walked in, prepared to take my son from me, far too soon. "No, pa. Not yet."
"It's time, Clyde.." He said quietly.

"No! Bonnie hasn't even said goodbye yet!" I held the baby closer. Bonnie needed this. She needed to say a final goodbye to her son.

"Son…" My father said quietly, and ma came up behind him.

"Let him hold him, Henry…" My mother said quietly. "Then Bonnie will want to hold her son."

"Well, if she holds him, we'll never get him in the ground." Bonnie's eyes turned to ice.

"What did you say?" She said, her voice low and dangerous.

"I said that you're too attached to him, Bonnie. He's dead." My father spat, and I saw Bonnie wince, then her eyes flashed with anger. "He ain't coming back, so you shouldn't hold him like he'll come to life any second."

"Shut up." Bonnie said. "Do you have any idea what we've been through? Do you know how it feels to give birth to a baby three months early, hear him cry, then watch him die in your arms?!" She practically exploded, and her mother held her back so she wouldn't strangle my father. Pa looked taken aback. Bonnie had hardly ever said three words to him, nevertheless exploded on him like this. I looked at the girl who had stolen my heart, probably more proud of her than I had ever been. My father, never a strong-spoken man, sighed softly.

"I'm sorry, Bonnie.. He was supposed to be my grandson.." He murmured, still grieving my brother in so many ways. Ma wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Me too… I never should've reacted like that." Bonnie said quietly. "He's still your grandson.. Do you wanna hold him?" Pa looked surprised, and he nodded, smiling a little. I handed my son to my father, going to Bonnie's side. She looked up at me, a soft, sad smile gracing those pretty lips. My father held our child, cradling his little body close to his chest.

"He looks like you, Clyde.." He said quietly, and I nodded, pulling Bonnie closer. The baby was passed around, until he finally got back to Bonnie and me. We had all sat down on the couches in Emma's living room, and Bonnie had watched as her son got passed around from person to person, in complete silence. The others told stories of the two of us as children, as they passed around their grandchild. Bonnie's mother handed the baby back to its mother, who's hands were shaking badly. My poor baby… She got up, the baby in her arms.

"Just.. Give me two minutes.." She whispered softly.

"Take your time, baby.." Emma said quietly, and I watched her walk out of the room with our baby. I looked at my hands, and my father reached over and put his hand on my shoulder.

"He wasn't supposed to come, pa…" I said quietly. "Not for three more months.. What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing, son.. Some things just happen.. And we can't explain why they happen, they just… Do." He said, and I nodded. I heard soft crying from the back bedroom, and sighed.

"Should I go in there?" I asked Emma quietly, and she shook her head.

"She probably wants to be alone.." I nodded, and we all fell silent, listening to the soft, broken sobs from the bedroom behind us. I knew the shock had worn off, and I hated it for her. My girl was in so much pain, it hurt me to hear. After what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes, Bonnie walked back out, her eyes red from crying. I stood instantly, walking over to her.

"Baby…." She whispered, and I pulled her close.

"I know…" I whispered back, holding her tightly. "I know…" I stood there with her, rubbing her back slowly. She pulled away, walking over to my father. She pressed a kiss to our son's forehead, then handed him over. Pa walked over to the little coffin, laying our child inside of it. I couldn't watch, so I looked at Bonnie instead. She was just staring at the baby, not looking away for a moment. She was just fine, until my father closed the lid of the coffin, and brought out the nails and hammer to seal it. Bonnie started shaking, and I went over to her, reaching her just as she started screaming.

"My baby! My baby!" She cried, reaching desperately towards the coffin. "No! No!" I picked her up, holding her back. She struggled in my arms, the shock of it all finally wearing off. I held her tightly.

"Bonnie! Baby, please!" I said, cradling her tearstained face in my hands. "He's gone, sugar… Ain't nothing in that box but a body, okay? He's not here anymore.." I said, trying to calm her down. She nodded slowly, but threw herself into my arms, sobbing. "I know, baby… I know.." I said softly, rubbing her back gently. She jumped every time a nail hit the small wooden coffin that our son was in, and I held her closer. She cried into my chest, heartbroken. "Oh, babe… I promise, honey.. Everything's gonna work out okay… I promise you." I said. Honestly, I would've said anything at that point. Anything to help soothe her aching heart. Soon enough, pa was finished, and he nodded over at me. Bonnie was hugging me still, her head rested against my chest. I couldn't tell if she was calm, or just plain cried out. I helped her walk outside, and my father and I dug a small grave. I heard Bonnie start crying again when I started to lay him down, and I handed the box to my father, holding her close to my chest as our son was buried.

I had wandered off to some random place.. A movie theatre? No.. Damn, what was that thing? I walked around, searching for any sign of familiarity. I heard a voice, soft and sweet, and a child's giggle accompanying it. I followed the sound, and I saw her. She was in what looked to be a white slip, looking as beautiful as the day I first saw her. It was here I looked down and realized I was in all white as well.. I looked good in white. Anyways, back to Bonnie. I smiled over at her, then realized she had a child in her lap. The boy was little, with dark curly hair coming to the tips of his large ears. I felt so sorry for that kid. He noticed I was there before she did, and glanced over at me. Those blue eyes. My breath caught.


"Daddy!" He jumped off of his mother's lap, and ran over to me. Bonnie looked up, as I knelt on the ground, and he hugged me tight.

"Hey, buddy.." I chuckled softly, holding my son close. "You got big, little man!" I laughed, and the little boy giggled, hugging my neck again. Bonnie stood up, kneeling down beside of both of us. "Hi, sugar…" I said, so happy to see her that I could cry.

"Hi, baby.." She leaned over, and kissed me gently. We were a family again.. Finally.

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