Happy New Year, guys! 2015 was a pretty good year for me, I had fun, but I'm excited to see what 2016 has in store! How was everyone's holiday breaks? Mine's still going on.. *eye roll because PARENTS ARE DRIVING ME BATTY.*

Bonnie: Now, Kathryn…

Me: Whaaaaaat?

Bon: They're your parents…

Me: True..

Bonnie: I'd give anything to hear momma's nagging right about now..

Clyde: Aw, baby…

Bon: But I've got you…

Me: *drools, a stupid/goofy grin on my face* D'awwwwwwwww…

AAAANYWAYS…. So, I was reading this thing about ten minutes ago, (1. Yes, I'm still awake.. It's my ritual now to get shit done right before bed. 2. Ten minutes ago, I met you.. And we murmured our 'how do you do's.. I wanted to ring out the bells, and fling out my arms, and sing out the newwssssssss.. Sorry.. I had to.) about Bonnie and Clyde, (DUH. What else do I read about? Just kidding, I read a lot.) and it had some really interesting stuff. If you've ever rped with me, you know that I always make Roy abusive and a drunk. Well, turns out HE WAS! Poor Bonnie..

Bonnie: Well, thank you, honey…

Me: *Cuts her off, still babbling on* and the undertaker really did get kidnapped by Bonnie and Clyde, as mentioned in Chapter 1 of this very story. Now, Bonnie obviously wasn't preggers, nor had she been, ever.. I think.. But it's still kinda cute.. OH. And she really DID die with her head on his shoulder! Who knew?! (Actually, I did because I'm such a nerd, baha.) Anywho, here goes nothing, hot dogs!*

Through Space And Time.

Time: 1934/1960

Place: A mix of Heaven and Earth

POV: Mostly third, but may switch.

Thirty years flew by in the blink of an eye for the two, and they spent every moment of it together, or with their son. Not terribly long after their deaths, Emma, Bonnie's mother, joined them, much to her daughter's delight, and was followed by Clyde's parents. One fall afternoon, Bonnie and Clyde were called into the great throne room, where they were greeted by God himself. He told them that they would be given another chance.

"To make things right. To raise children of your own, on Earth." He had said. They readily agreed, and were sent down.

They became Emily and Harold Thomson, and lived in an apartment in New York City. They were, naturally, hippies, and tried not to get into the drugs that was going around the city. Bonnie became pregnant, and delivered a healthy baby girl, named Sadie. A mere three weeks after her birth, Sadie fell asleep, and simply didn't wake up. Bonnie, naturally, was heartbroken. The two began doing drugs, and died from an overdose. They were holding hands when they died, much like the first time.

Once back in heaven, they were reunited with their little girl, and continued to live in peace as a family of four.

I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD BE A REALLY SHORT CHAPTER. And it kinda sucks.. I wrote the top part on New Year's, and it's now January 13th.. Oopsies.. I GOT DISTRACTED OKAY? Between the parental's, going back to school and all that jazz, I've been so busy.. Classes started yesterday, and I'm playing Dr. Billeoux (or however you spell it) in Urinetown, and rehearsals start TODAY! So updates for all of the fanfics will be few and far between. Also, I've had maaaaaaajor writers block lately… Which explains the sucky-ness of this chapter.. Well, I have to go take a shower. Byeeeeeeeeeee love you guyssss!

*Indicates movie reference. Bonus points if you get the reference!