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My first fanfiction in this language, so- be nice, please.

I wrote this story on german and started translating it shortly after. As you can see, I didn't get that far. The original story was on hold now for a few months, and I just recently picked it up again. Enjoy it, and I really love reviews ;)

X-Men Evolution

08:30 AM, the headmasters office, Bayville High.

Tim was watching the headmaster, Edward Kelly, who sat at the other side of the table and read the pupil's file. The man rose his eyebrows a bit at some points.

„... not looking too good, Mr Flurtle. There's enough of trouble here with that much mutants..."

He continued reading and missed, more like ignored, the annoyance at the young mans face. „Mutants?" Kelly looked up. „14", he said, „too much."

Tim hold back a disparaging snort. „In that case, wouldn't you be able to take him in?", asked Tim's mom. "He's not that much trouble." Everyone could tell she was worried, but a school with so many mutants simply had to take her son in, right? And this talk took enough time already.

Kelly thougt for a moment and nodded. „Mrs Flurtle, we should fill in these formalities now. Mr Flurtle, you can look around the school until we're finished. You'll get your timetable and your pass at around 1 PM at the office."

Tim was more than bored. The school was nice, but not more.

He was looking forward to meeting the mutants. He had heard of them on TV... and then noticed he was one himself. Nobody knew. Well, some of his old classmates told of strange things happening when he was around, but they were only rumours.

He packed some of his belongings in his new locker when he heard some voices coming his direction.

„Genetrash", a female voice told, sounding very angry, „genetrash he called us!"

„Well... that's no excuse for you threatening him, I mean, they hate us already that much, don't they?"

She let out a deep sigh of anger. „You're right, fuzzy elf. Just- don't let Scott, Jean or the professor hear that. Gah! Genetrash!"

Tim turned around and watched both of them coming around the corner.


The girl was blond, had a daring clothing style and and a look on her face that told the whole world „Fuck you."

The boy looked somehow asian, but his voice had had a strong german accent. Although he had a serious and worried look, his eyes looked...mischievous.

„Oh, hi! You're new here, aren't you? I'm Kurt Wagner, and this is Tabitha Smith."

„Yeah, and you, sweet one? What's your name?" Tabby smirked.

„I'm Tim Flurtle. Nice to meet you." He turned to Tabitha. „Genetrash?", he asked.

The two threw a short look at each other, hesitating.

Then, Kurt rose his voice: „Well, we're mutants. And most people here don't like us. Some really hate us. But, it doesn't have to be like this, I mean, I've got a girlfriend who's-"

He interrupted himself, his eyes widening. „Oh my god! I told Amanda I'd meet her directly after maths! See you later!"

A strange sound, a cloud of sulphur and he was gone.

Tim stared at the place where the younger one stood only a few seconds ago. „How...?"

„Well, he's just doing it, okay? I'll go get something to eat, you wanna come along?"


„Well, then not."

She let Tim stand there and went off. He needed a little bit of time to understand what just happened. Kurt could teleport himself? That was amazing! He didn't even know such powers were possible. Were there probably some even stronger mutants? Probably some who could control fire? Or were able to fly?

Oh, lord in heaven, he needed to know!

He cooled down a bit. Tabby has mentioned 3 persons...

Maybe they were even more interesting. He would see. Tim threw a look at the clock and turned towards the schools office.

Around 01:30 PM, Tim let himself fall on a chair in the somehow empty hall. He was suddenly really disappointed that he didn't came here together with Tabby. The hall looked like... well, like each place would look after 200 children have a food fight there. Or more. His thinking was suddenly interrupted when sumeone bumped into him from behind. Wait a second. He leaned at the wall!

Mutant number 3.

He stood up from the ground and faced the other. A girl, around 15 years old. „Sorry, I just need to grab something..."

She took a bag from the ground and left the room- through a poster at the wall. And the wall. Just- passed through it. Tim felt a little sick. Maybe, he thought, so many mutants weren't as good as he thought.

Although he had met only 3 of them.