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Tim was more relaxed than he had been in a long time. The fear of being revealed as a mutant had been wiped out since his talk with Scott. Even if some people might already know from the way he had acted. But not of what he could do. He sure as hell didn't want to change that. The ringing of his phone interrupted his thoughts. "Turn on the TV, watch the news", Scott told him calmly. They arranged it so they both watched the same channel and Tim couldn't hold back a giggle. "...mass-fighting under the influence of alcohol fortunately didn't cause any further harm. However, the damage done to various properties was a lot higher than anyone could have thought. It is still unclear, how such an amount of people managed to get this drunk..." Tim noticed the speakers voice sounding a bit slurred. "I think she was somewhere close to us, eh?" Scott started laughing a bit uncontrolled. "And seemingly you too."

Tim hesistated. "If someone ever discovers that I am the one who caused this..."

Scott sighed. "It's not exactly unheard of. If you knew how much destruction I caused before Xavier brought me to the institute... don't think to much about it, okay? You may have caused it, but what they did is not yor fault."

"Hm. Ah, I just remembered. I wanted to ask you if Bayville High participates in some sport events?"

"Don't know how you catched on to this thought now. Well, we have a really good football-team. If they were as nice as they are good in it, they would be angels. And last year, our girls soccer team won the championship."

"If the word if wasn't there...", Tim said grinning.

They talked a bit about nothing much, just to keep themselves occupied, when Scott announced he would go to his room, and it wasn't that improbable that their connection would break off.

Instead of that, there was another sound of Scott inhaling sharply.

"Hey?", asked Tim, "everything alright? Is there a corpse on the bed? If it is, bring it to the next room before-"

"No, there's something else.

"Come on, now I want to know."

Scott hesitated. "Apparently my team left while I was away to gather some new mutants..."

"You think they now what I did?"

Scott negated. "Wait a sec."

Tim was sure he could hear the sound of a mobile being turned on. "Hey, how are you talking with me if you...?"

"Wireless ph- Man, I'm so dead. 473 missed calls, 91 text messages. On the bright side, it was before your little... demonstration."

"That's good. Hey, you're goona hate me, but I will just leave you to figure it out. Goota start swoting."

"Why do I have difficulity in believing this?"

"Don't know. I'll see you tomorrow."

The Blackbird touched down in the hangar. The other vehicles and their drivers would follow shortly after. Professor Charles Xavier was more than a little disturbed by the recent development. Cerebro had definitely shown the presence of some mutants, but couldn't give any details about them, only that each of them had unbelievable and destructive powers. But nevertheless, none of the locations showed any kind of damage or tracks. Nobody knew anything. Seemingly calm, the telepath sheeled himself to the room eith the world's most fascinating computer and double-checked the information. Since they left, there had been a few more alerts, one only a few miles away from the institute. But none of those activities could be validated nor denied. Xavier decided to let it go and have Hank check Cerebro out as soon as possible.

Scott unintentionally aproached Xavier a lot quieter than he had intended. His 'father' was deep in thought and didn't notice his presence until Scott spoke up. "Did you find what you were searching for, professor?"

Xavier turned around. "Sadly, no. It seems to be only a malfunction of Cerebro's hardware."

He looked pointedly at Cerebro. Some of the energy signatures disappeared, only to reappear again almost instantly halfway across the globe. "I will ask Hank if he can discover the source of the problem. And afterwards, the two of us will have a talk about how to operate a mobile phone."

Feeling a pang of guilt, Scott only nodded curtly and left the room, his thoughts already set on analyzing the problem.


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