A/N: this story was a collaborative work between Me (Stormez The Wolf) and TehZach1993. Neither of us own Lucasfilm, BLEACH or Disney. This story was written before The Force Awakens was a thing, so the events of that movie never happened in this.


Soul Reaper meets Sith

Ichigo, Rukia, and Toshiro didn't know where they had ended up. They had been separated from the new tag along… what was her name? Either way it didn't currently matter, what did matter was that they had not ended up in Karakura town. But somewhere strange, some sort of underground temple structure which appeared to have been here for quite a long time.

What appeared to be a silver cylindrical trash can with a dome-head and a lens-eye rolled into the large room It was making panicked beeping and booping noises as its dome swirled around frantically. The doorway it had come from was blasted through with some sort of burst of pressure that scattered bits of rubble everywhere. A man wearing a hooded cloak backflipped out of the cloud of rubble and landed in the center of the room.

His right hand was covered in a black glove, and his hood was blown off to reveal he was a man with dirty blond colored hair and a goatee covering the lower half of his face. A shadowy figure spoke from the cloud of dust:

"So you finally decide to reveal your face; Jedi Master Skywalker?" A red blade sprung to life in the cloud seemingly out of nowhere, and made out of pure energy.

This was confirmed when the Skywalker person clicked a button on a chrome rod he held in his hands and a green blade of energy sprung out of its end.

"Rukia. That man's spiritual pressure. Can you sense it?" Toshiro asked, tensing at the enormous amount of power the man named Skywalker was giving off.

"Yes Taicho. It- it's enormous!"

The third person in the group of soul reapers scowled as the two blades clashed. clearly they were outclassed if they used their current blades… maybe if there was a way to even the odds, but he couldn't see an evident one. "Get down! we don't stand a chance if those blades are made of what they appear to be!" Rukia scolded Ichigo. He frowned, but complied, remembering the kick in the gut he received last time he had disregarded an order from the short female soul reaper.

"I hate to leave a battle unattended, but is there an exit from here that seems a rational decision?" Toshiro asked as the two blades of Plasma got closer to each other. as the dust from the previous explosion settled, the three soul reapers gasped. a man cloaked in black appearing to be holding a cross guard blade made of red plasma sporting a mask that covered his entire head was revealed.

"Well he's not dead… but he is wearing a black hakama..." Ichigo said, mistaking the man's clothing for a stylized soul reaper uniform.

"You're right, he's not dead, but his energy seems more like that of a hollow's. Do not compromise our position. We don't know who to side with… Yet."

"Yes Taicho!" Rukia acknowledged.

"Tch." Ichigo grunted. He hated just sitting around helplessly.

The trash-can cylinder-dome-head thing rolled over to the trio, instantly compromising their position by bumping into Ichigo's knee and beeping rudely. It shone a bright light into the shadows..and directly into Ichigo's eyes and booped curiously.

"AH! Damn it!" Ichigo shouted as he was temporarily blinded by the light.

"You IDIOT! What don't you understand about "Don't Compromise our position!"?" Rukia yelled as she kicked him in the shin.

"Hey! don't blame me for a walking trash can's inability to keep from blinding people!" Ichigo shouted back.

Toshiro sighed. "Keep your lover's quarrel to yourself, and find a way out of here before-ACK"

He was suddenly lifted into the air by some unseen force and couldn't seem to free himself, as if grabbed by the throat.

"Taicho! What-what's going on?!"

Luke pulled himself out of the crater in the wall he'd been blasted into and heard an unfamiliar female voice screaming. He looked up and saw his mysterious unnamed opponent, using the force to choke a white haired boy. He ground his teeth together as he used the force to increase his speed and ignite his lightsaber at the last moment to gain a surprise attack.

No such luck, the masked villain ignited the single blade of his lightsaber and blocked the attack easily. Luke grunted and gazed into those dark masked eyes as the evil man continued to strangle Toshiro.

"You have grown old and weak, Jedi. Your father, Lord Vader...would be so disappointed." The masked figure's voice said mockingly.

Luke's eyes flashed and his mechanical gloved hand shot out from the lightsaber hilt, gripping past the blade of the man's saber and clutching the mask's mouth guard.

An explosion of blue-white electricity blasted from Luke's fingertips and shattered the lower part of the mask. The man was sent flying back and Toshiro was freed.

Ichigo stared at the phenomenon of sheer power this… Skywalker fellow was exhibiting.

~Looks like you have some competition… King!~ Ichigo heard as the corner of the whites of his eyes started to darken. Ichigo shook his head and willed himself to focus on NOT letting his hollow take over. He might be insane, but that didn't mean he was plasma proof.

Toshiro took in as much air as he could muster in his half choked state. "Thanks… I think..." He breathed as the air around him seemed to get colder like it was preparing a defense mechanism. he didn't seem to notice, having never really cared about the cold.

Rukia, now armed with the knowledge that she and her comrades were in danger, drew her sword. "Some no mai, Tsukishiro!" she shouted as she slashed at Kylo Ren with her blade, which formed a trail of ice, then a circle on the ground of ice before encasing him in it.

"I doubt the will hold him. Let's get out of here!" she said, noting his blade hand was trying to ignite the blade from inside the ice prison. As they ran out the only available exit, Toshiro turned to Skywalker. "I don't suppose I have to tell you what happens when he gets free do I? then again… I do not know the full extent of that myself." and he too turned and ran out the door of the room, followed by a beeping "walking trash can".

Luke ran out with them, despite his instincts telling him to stay and finish off the threat. They arrived on the surface of a large desert and were revealed to have been in the depths of some sort of ancient temple ruins.

"I'm Luke, by the way. This is R2-D2, my ship is over there...we should leave like you said." Luke ran towards a large spaceship that was shaped like a sort of disc.

A ramp extended down into the sand and Luke began to lead them up into the ship's cockpit, the ramp pulled back up and closed them in after R2 rolled in last.

Starting up the engines, Luke soon had them, to their utter astonishment, cruising through outer space!

R2 beeped at Luke, who seemed to understand what the droid was saying. "Yes, I got what I went in there in the first place for, Artoo." Luke held up a strange looking cube with a blue glow coming from within.

Toshiro was staring out the window in awe. "Shouldn't we be… lacking oxygen?" he asked, ever the logical one of the trio of soul reapers.

Luke blinked, "Uh...the ship provides artificial oxygen...you uh..have been in a ship before haven't you?" Luke asked curiously.

A unanimous "No." resounded as the three of them just kept staring out the window as the ship went into hyperspace, which just further astounded them. "We… are definitely not in soul society anymore." Rukia said absentmindedly.