So I am just going to have to explain something here...

This story has at the most three to four more chapters already written that were not posted due to a falling out with TehZach1993. I am considering posting them to continue the story, but the quality of any future chapters will depend on whether or not I can spend time researching Star Wars EU lore, and watch Bleach at the same time

Alternatively if someone wishes to continue this as a partnered story and help me with the Star Wars lore, I would be able to continue the story without doubting whether or not I was doing the two series justice.

As you all know, the story's chapters were VERY grammatically correct and in depth, explaining things that were in the Star Wars EU, such as Mandalorians and the metals they use/different meats they hunt, along with force abilities being explained/hinted at. HOWEVER, that was mostly TehZach's work, and I was the Bleach fanatic. I DO own all the Star Wars movies, but as I realized I know little to nothing of the EU and all lightsaber types and inter-workings of the species present in the series, it will be difficult, if not impossible for me to continue this story.

I am kindly asking anyone with extensive knowledge of Star Wars lore who enjoyed the begginning of this story to contact me if they are willing to write an ending to this with me. I will be glad to finish this with someone.

-From the desk of Stormez the Wolf