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Title: One of the Last
Summary: The world as Dabria knew it had ended long ago. Eventually, it was its end that led to the birth of Middle Earth and she always watched as battles and wars ranged on between the new races, the new people, the new world. She, along with the other two last reapers left, vowed to never get evolved… Until one day, she finds herself wandering through the thick trees of Mirkwood Forest. (slow-burn)
Genre: Mystery/Romance
I do not own nor claim Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). I do not own nor claim anything Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/Simarllion or anything else of Tolkien.
Notes: Chapters will be longer than prologue. Slightly AU regarding LotR/Hobbit universe. Eventual Thandruil/OC, slow-burn


She had seen many things throughout her years. She had seen the Victorian Age come and go, bringing many ages to come. She had seen the invention of computers, electricity, among many other things. She watched the humans progress. The invention of contact lenses led to reapers getting their own as glasses had become a hindrance in battle. Eventually, the lenses were replaced with just a simple gel that repaired eye sight- one single use of the gel had a reaper set for the rest of their days as a shinigami. Though, many older shinigami like herself preferred to keep the glasses in a safe spot; usually for the memories they held. She saw mankind go to the stars. She learned the advanced healing of men. She saw many things she never even dreamed of.

She had lived to see even the twenty-second century of Earth and beyond… And she saw when mankind came to an end. She watched the fires and the wars tear apart the human race until there were none left, bringing the war between her kind and the demons. People she had loved, people she had cared for... She had seen so much death, fitting for someone with the name that meant angel of death. She fought hard with her fellow shinigami for just over a thousand years until the war was partly won in a draw. Both sides of the war had lost thousands, nearly a million, and to each his own.

She was among the few shinigami that survived; herself, Undertaker, Grell, William, a female reaper named Audrey and a young reaper named Evan were the only other ones to survive. They were few in numbers, but took it in stride, knowing that the world no longer needed death gods. Retirement came easily to them and for another few hundred years, there was nothing but lonely peace and much needed mourning. Wandering through the lands with no purpose other than just...relaxing.

Then came the second Ice Age. By then, only the experienced reapers were alive- herself, Undertaker, Grell and William. Everything was frozen and it became hard to survive. She clearly remembered just how cold it was. Shivering on the edge of death. Tired without any energy. Sick at times. There came a time where she thought if the demons had survived and if it would have been much easier if they were. Then they could have came and killed her where she stood. She wouldn't have fought them.

William didn't make it, another name added to the list of the dead.

It was took a long time, longer than she thought she would ever live, before finally there were signs of life again. Plants grew. Animals evolved. New life began, bringing hope with it. For a short time, she even considered herself happy. She split off from the surviving shinigami, exploring this practically new planet. She kept in touch, of course, but her visits became less and less until eventually Undertaker didn't expect her to visit at all.

Then came something new. He called himself Eru and he named the world Middle Earth. He took a liking to them and blessed them, taking away their chances of dying of illness and their skin hardened like marble, only able to be pierced by their very weapons. She was still unsure if it was a blessing or a curse, but thanked Eru for she knew he had the best intentions in mind. She watched from afar with the other shinigami as Eru created the Valar, the Maia, Istrari, dwarves, the elves and men. They watched as orcs were made. She listened and learned the languages that were created- they were a breath of fresh air in her mouth when she spoke them. They just watched the world begin completely anew with a new name and new species.

For the most part, they remained hidden and only a handful even knew of their existence. Among this group was a wizard named Gandalf. She became friends with him- he was interesting and his abilities were fascinating. He was just as fascinated with her- her past, her kind. She was eager to make a new friend; millions of years in isolation made her desperate for new company that didn't think themselves superior. Though even she kept secrets from him- secrets about herself and of her kind. He knew she was older than Middle Earth and of its species, but he never knew the exact number of her age. Nor did he know the last two personally; he only knew of their existence through brief mentions of them from her.

Gandalf had even asked her to help with the wars, the darkness that was coming across Middle Earth like a disease. She refused. She was just a retired reaper- she still had her deathly skill, but she didn't bother to use it among more war.

She was not a warrior. Not anymore.

She was just Dabria: one of the last ancient shinigami.